How to Succeed in Marketing’s New Golden Age

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Jim McDonough, VP, Marketing and Customer Advocacy, Frontline Medical Communications

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It’s not your father’s marketing that is practiced today
Though digital is key there is much more at play.
For doctors and brands, marketing’s new golden age –
Is less about “product” than “how you engage”.

It still starts with customers – and assessment of need
How they do their jobs and what they wish to achieve.
If you can truly add value and communicate well
Your clients will quickly fall under your spell.

Be a “trusted advisor” and reap the reward
The guidance you offer is never ignored.
It’s not transactions, but relationships you build
With a knack for solutions, your customers are thrilled.

Enter digital marketing with channels of choice –
That it’s relevant and compelling is cause to rejoice.
In whatever device users choose to employ
Using behavioral data is an invaluable ploy.

With classic marketing, the 4 P’s are what’s taught
In the digital world, the 5 S’s are sought.
Science, substance, story, simplicity and speed:
It’s the new reality that marketers must heed.

Science explains why customers behave as they do
Substance brings insights to the company anew.
Stories make ideas stick – with emotional appeal
Simplicity allows speed to achieve its ideal.

Storytelling is vital with massive impact
Data can persuade but can’t inspire to act.
Apt content is crucial to best stir the soul
A well-crafted story is what needs to be told.

Earn “deep” brand connections and loyalty’s your fate
For their favorite journals, Docs hardly can wait
Media pros and marketers have brand associations too –
Follow the above roadmap and each will reward you.

What Are the Regulators Saying about mHealth Technology?

The FDA has issued several recent guidance documents that touch upon mHealth.   Tealth apps and devices have not gone through medical device review. Yet no one should defer to Apple and Google as surrogate regulators.

Security and Confidentiality:
Ensuring the security, confidentiality, and availability of data captured is key to compliance with GCP. Sponsors must take into account preservation of patient confidentiality and ption and protection that the data (and the patient) deserves.(PV)

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