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James Brown, CEO and Co-Founder, Zinc Ahead

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PV0915_JamesBrownThe rising prominence of rich media and digital content is creating new challenges in what has historically been a very conservative marketing environment within the life science industry. Today we operate in a truly global environment, with social and digital outlets connecting life-sciences companies with their customers and the public in a completely new way. This allows the dialogue about healthcare products to become a two-way conversation, taking place in real time and with total transparency.

The upsurge in digitally rich materials and channels has displaced traditional marketing methodologies, as personalized communications are moving beyond face-to-face contact. As such, the implementation of integrated sales and marketing campaigns has forever shifted within the pharma setting, with an increasing need for direct patient engagement through digital communications.

The requirements of modern marketing campaigns are virtually unrecognizable from those 10 years ago, and so too are the methods and processes by which those campaigns are delivered to market. Company and product content are immediately connected through the Internet and available to the global community.
This means pharma-marketers need to adapt to a new way of thinking in order to reach their audiences, while managing the three key challenges presented by the digital revolution — quality control in a dynamic environment, compliance accuracy across global regulatory bodies, and delivery to market timeframes.

Digital Asset Management

PV0915_VerifyWebsiteDigital is now at the very heart of any marketing, and overall business, strategy. Digital content cannot be seen as an add-on but rather a central priority for message delivery. Zinc Ahead recognizes that managing digital assets holistically through development, review, and approval is key to achieving total assurance that content is not only effective, but also fit for purpose from a regulatory perspective. By implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system into marketing workflows, pharma companies can maximize the time and resource embedded in marketing campaigns, while ensuring compliance throughout the development stage.

It now takes a lot longer for marketers to verify a website or mobile app via the necessary review and approval lifecycles than a traditional e-detail aid. As such, it is essential that companies re-engineer their processes to facilitate this shift and embrace a new infrastructure that enables better conversations and collaboration to deliver tactics to the various web, social, mobile, and print channels.

A cloud-based content compliance and DAM solution will provide a platform that allows marketers to share and approve digitally rich media content designed specifically for global roll out to healthcare audiences, via online and social channels. Zinc Ahead’s product suite, comprised of Zinc Telescope and Zinc MAPS, serves this need. Zinc enables users to efficiently plan and review content in real-time with colleagues and partner agencies across the globe. From review and approval in Zinc MAPS to storing, searching and sharing approved digital assets via Zinc Telescope, Zinc’s intuitive product suite is designed to improve efficiency and consistency at every stage of the commercial content lifecycle. (PV)

Zinc Ahead is the leading enabler of content compliance and rich media management for the life-sciences industry. More than 2 million digital assets have been approved through the Zinc cloud, transforming the digital media development and compliance community in 170 countries. More than 50,000 marketing, medical, and legal professionals are using Zinc daily, and its products are widely recognized as the gold standard in life sciences compliance software and rich digital media management. Zinc empowers users to collaborate, approve and share content in real-time with colleagues and third party agencies anywhere in the world. Combining best-of-breed functionality with an intuitive interface, Zinc enables fast, secure approval of all types of materials including print documents, rich digital media files, apps and websites. Zinc has headquarters in the United Kingdom and operations in the United States, Central Europe, and Asia.
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