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Nancy Beesley HCB Health Timmy Garde Star Group Communications Shannon Hartley Rosetta Mike Innaurato Purdue Pharma Scott Richardson Pfizer Jeff Spanbauer Healthcare Regional Marketing Christopher Tobias, Ph.D. Dudnyk Saru Wade Vertex Pharmaceuticals Steven Walker MedImmune The Marketers Brand Champions In today’s multichannel marketing environment, these innovative communicators are using their multifaceted talents to create new and exciting marketing messages. Jeffrey Spanbauer Local Health Hero Jeff Spanbauer is that rare person who is individually exceptional in his­ thinking and focus yet creates an environment where people thrive collectively. As a left-handed shortstop for his softball tournament team in Charlottesville, Va., Jeff ­Spanbauer won the national ­championship. The vision that Jeff Spanbauer has for changing the landscape of healthcare and regional marketing is clear and focused. He is bringing to life a regional view of pharma success that inspires a targeted plan with greater ROI. Through Healthcare Regional Marketing (HRM), which he co-founded in 2007, Mr. Spanbauer has created an entire organization dedicated to making regional marketing a core part of the marketing mix. In fact, his pioneering development of regional marketing systems, disciplines, and processes led to a U.S. patent on the HRM method. As the chief operating officer for HRM, Mr. Spanbauer is a hands-on innovator. He leads the operations of the company and manages 30-plus account services and creative team members. He plays a lead role in all aspects of the business, including product and business development, operations, finance, and people development. He has an acute awareness of the current fractured nature of healthcare delivery and his ideas are intended to profoundly change the nature of healthcare delivery worldwide. Mr. Spanbauer’s customer-centric approach fuels this passion by identifying marketing resources that maximize customer engagement and incremental sales for clients. He has been able to take the regional marketing concept, and with the help of a great team, extrapolate it to large pharma. This is not an easy task in a world steeped in bureaucracy and a restrictive med/legal process. He is committed to the idea that healthcare at its best is a local business. His significant business and industry contributions are driven by the characteristics he exhibits on a daily basis. A man of honesty and integrity, Mr. Spanbauer values family, friends, and business colleagues and believes in respect and loyalty. His vision, innovation, dedication, and conviction are what has helped him become successful. But more than that is his sincere concern for his fellow human, which is why he is an inspiration to so many. The right thing is seldom the easy thing to do yet Mr. Spanbauer consistently does the “right thing” for people and in business, and the results speak for themselves. Not only is Mr. Spanbauer committed to learning and growing as a person, he strives to provide opportunities for his employees to do the same. Those who work with him describe him as a respected mentor, very supportive as a manager, and offering great direction. Above all, they have absolute confidence in Mr. Spanbauer because he lives by his word. He shares his knowledge without expectation for anything in return, and genuinely enjoys helping others to succeed. He maintains that not only is it important to help support the development of others, but that as a mentor he typically receives more than he gives. Focused. Optimistic. Name: Jeffrey A. Spanbauer Current position: Chief Operating Officer and ­Principal, Healthcare Regional Marketing (HRM) Date and place of birth: June 1971; Woodstock, Ill. Education: B.S., agribusiness, B.S., horticulture, North Carolina State University; MBA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign First job: Family rose farm in North Carolina First industry-related job: Marketing Director, Pfizer Alternative profession: Financial/health coach Professional mentors: Bill Goldberg, HRM; Pat ­Andrews, Incyte Corp. Professional associations: Entrepreneurs’ ­Organization Awards and honors: 2011 Inc 500; 2011 Cincinnati Business Courier Fast 55; 2011 Rising Star, Deloitte, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, and Enquirer Media; 2011 Best Place to Work Finalist in Greater Cincinnati; 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist for South Central Ohio and Kentucky; 2012 Finalist in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization John F. Barrett Vision Award Giving back: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, ­Appalachian Service Project (ASP) Words to live by: Living the Dream Connected via: LinkedIn Steven Walker The Executive Family Man Steven Walker is viewed as an innovator and leader — professionally and in civic endeavors. Serving as MedImmune’s director, cross franchise initiatives and marketing strategy, he is infusing his innovation and tenacity into the personality of the organization, while serving on the board of directors for community organizations and raising a young family. Mr. Walker excels at issue resolution and opportunity maximization, which requires him to factor in multiple variables and understand the medium and long-term implications of his decisions. He is also tenacious and very goal-oriented. He will remain focused on the task at hand and persevere through the challenges until a successful outcome is obtained. The combination of his professional tenacity and his selfless efforts to help and mentor others is truly inspirational. His peers say his is a testament to the executive family man. He is known as a great motivator and mentor. And although he is busy professionally, he always has time to inspire others. At most sales meetings, he can be found exchanging ideas and sharing his perspective with aspiring professionals. His perspective is that no one has reached significant levels of success without the assistance of others and the provision of opportunity; his goal is to serve as a motivator to help others to accomplish their goals and to inspire their greatness in the face of adversity or lack of resources. Recognizing that he has been fortunate to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others by providing access and education to therapeutic options, he loves to mentor others to help guide them and identify opportunities to also contribute positively to others. He says his time and contributions are investments in both their and the industry’s future. He also is a motivator outside of work with children; he is very active in community organizations. Steven Walker wants to climb Mount ­Kilimanjaro. Strategic. Tenacious. Name: Steven M. Walker Current position: Director, Cross Franchise ­Initiatives and Marketing Strategy, ­ MedImmune Place of birth: Philadelphia Education: B.S., neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh; MHA, University of Pittsburgh; MBA, University of Pittsburgh First job: Bavarian pretzel stand First industry-related job: Neuroscience ­Marketing Analyst, Merck & Co. Alternative profession: Comedian Professional associations: American ­College of Healthcare Executives, 100 Black Men of America Inc. Giving back: Organizations addressing ­underserved communities and mentoring Words to live by: Make it happen Nancy Beesley Forward Looking Nancy Beesley is relentlessly ­focused on her clients and ­providing brilliant insights to the ­industry. At 43, Nancy Beesley can still do a decent back flip off the diving board. Aconsummate professional, Nancy Beesley is relentlessly focused on her clients, providing brilliant insights into the industry served by HCB Health. Her knowledge of the disease categories in which her clients work is astonishing. For example, when working with one client, she wowed them with her understanding of the wound care category, how reimbursement was a factor, and how direct competition would come sooner rather than later. Ms. Beesley is widely respected for her ability to build insightful, strategic, and measureable campaigns that push boundaries in the healthcare advertising landscape. She doesn’t respond to change; she drives change. An example of this was when she took a bold stand, and with her partners, HC&B was transformed into HCB Health. Since then, they have never looked back. As a global-minded forward thinker and advocate for excellence in healthcare information, she inspires her clients, her agency, and all those who come in contact with her. As partner and chief marketing officer, she has helped many C-level executives lead their companies in crafting smart campaigns with measurable success, and it’s her scientific brain and innate passion for medicine that make her truly an inspiring leader. Her team members believe that there is no one in healthcare advertising who understands the business like she does. Ms. Beesley’s goal is to make HCB Health the de facto thought- leader agency in medical device advertising. Rather than simply conduct and drive strategy sessions, Ms. Beesley has a rare talent for inspiring others to step up and in doing so, making the sum of her team better than each member would be individually. She leads by example, developing and sharing ideas, collaborating on projects and generating ideas that are well thought-out and beautifully crafted; motivating others and giving them all the leeway they need to do their jobs; and being available to those who need guidance. Loved by her creative team for her willingness to fight for them if need be, those who work with Ms. Beesley say she’s someone they always want on their team. Her commitment to mentoring and development expands beyond HCB Health directly into the lives and teams of top executives within the healthcare industry. In fact, mentoring is what Ms. Beesley enjoys most about her job, coaching people out of their blind spots and into the light. She wants those who work for her to eclipse her, saying that’s how she knows she’s doing a good job. Strong. Enthusiastic. Name: Nancy Byrnes Beesley Current position: Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, HCB Health Date and place of birth: Oct. 28, 1968; Rockville Centre, N.Y. Education: B.A., English Literature and art ­history, Loyola University First job: Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlor First industry-related job: Receptionist, Rubin Reid Noto & Ehrenthal Alternative professions: Surgeon, personal trainer Professional mentors: Bill Butler; Steve ­Girgenti; Dana Maiman: Professional associations: Healthcare ­Businesswomen’s Association Awards and honors: One to Watch, Austin Business Journal; author of two blog’s De-Vice Advice on and Left to My Devices at; worst bowling score at HCB Bowling event Giving back: GEMS Words to live by: I’ll sleep when I’m dead Connected via: Facebook Timmy Garde Brand Builder Timmy Garde was part of a small team that went jogging with President Clinton in April 1993. Timmy Garde’s passion for what he does — no matter how large or small the task — inspires those he leads and he ­expects that same passion from his team members. Timmy Garde is considered one of the most earnest and sincere people in healthcare marketing today. He adds integrity to a real passion for healthcare communications. His focus on always doing what is right for the patient and client makes him a role model for aspiring professionals in the field. Mr. Garde constantly pushes himself and his team to think outside the box, to embrace challenges, and to participate in opportunities that push the envelope. His passion for what he does — no matter how large or small the task — inspires those he leads and he expects that same passion from his team members. He leads by example and lends encouragement to those who are struggling. Mr. Garde has spent his entire career in the life-sciences industry. He has helped clients build brands, fostered communications to consumers, mentored many, and given freely of his time to help support the industry he loves. He is sincerely dedicated to those who surround him, understand him, trust him, and respect him. Everything he does is with the intent of delivering more than he promises. Mr. Garde has also consistently inspired, motivated, and influenced scores of students in marketing at Penn State. He is a guest speaker at advertising and honors marketing classes. He also takes the time to meet with students one on one. Several students have gone into the pharmaceutical industry and commented on the importance of Mr. Garde’s role in teaching them about the ins and outs of the industry. Mr. Garde enjoys being able to pass along the knowledge and experience he has picked up during his time in the industry and he loves working with young people. He says they are the future of business and he respects the “anything is possible” attitude they have. In an industry where service providers are prolific and not as client-focused as they should be, Mr. Garde breaks the mold and helps his clients become the innovators and leaders they should be. He sees the potential in not only the product offering, but his clients as well. He’s passionate about the business, the industry and the brands that he works on. He’s a true partner and that’s what gives him the edge. Those who know him well say Mr. Garde is a wonderful human being. He’s a friend, a partner, and someone who can be relied on to do the right thing. Loyal. Passionate. Name: Timmy Garde Current position: Managing Partner, Star Group/Star Life Sciences Date and place of birth: Oct. 16, 1956; Philadelphia Education: B.S., accounting, Penn State University; The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Executive Business Program First job: Staff accountant, family company First industry-related job: Marketing strategist Alternative profession: College professor on ­healthcare marketing because he would like to help students apply real-world scenarios Professional mentors: His father, Joseph Garde; Philip P. Gerbino, President Emeritus, University of the Sciences; Donald Phillips, Vox Medica Professional associations: HMCC (now defunct); AAAA; Smeal Alumni Society, Board of Directors; ­Convenience Care Association, Board of Directors; ­University of the Sciences, Board of Visitors Giving back: Health-related charities, especially ­ocular/ophthalmology Words to live by: Do what you love, love what you, and deliver more than you promise. Twitter address: @tbone1016 Connected via: Twitter, Facebook Saru Wade Brand Dedication One of the most intelligent and driven marketers in the business, Saru Wade has worked in multiple product and disease categories. At a time when marketers are facing increased regulatory and internal hurdles, Ms. Wade, senior marketing manager, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, is always solutions-oriented and fights for what she believes is best for the brand. She sets goals and works tirelessly to achieve them. Ms. Wade is an intense negotiator, while also understanding the art of compromise. Ms. Wade provides excellent brand management and leadership in both professional and consumer marketing initiatives. One of Ms. Wade’s greatest strengths is her ability to understand her audience and create messaging and tactics that motivate action. She has the unique ability to create salient, impactful messaging and materials even within today’s challenging regulatory landscape. Ms. Wade is an out-of-the-box thinker who values data. She also has an instinct to create successful strategies. Ms. Wade values teamwork as well as individual contributions; she respects and truly listens to those she works with. In turn, she is valued by colleagues and agency partners alike. Her ideas are always cutting-edge and tactical, and she has demonstrated herself as a valued player within the industry. At the same time, she has grown strategically by spending time on the new product planning and strategy team at Vertex. At first it was an adjustment to feel accomplished at the end of the day without tactical output. But she embraced her role and now enjoys the strategy and planning, especially in the pre-launch phase, the most. Saru Wade is an intense ­negotiator, while also ­understanding the art of compromise. Passionate. Determined. Name: Saru Wade Current position: Senior Marketing Manager, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Date and place of birth: November 1977; Elmhurst, Ill. Education: B.S., business administration, Carnegie Mellon University First job: Sold Cutco knives First industry-related job: Content coordinator for Amevive, Biogen Alternative profession: Voiceover actor Professional mentors: Virginia Carnahan, Vertex; Alpna Seth, Biogen Idec Giving back: Community Servings Words to live by: Happiness equals reality divided by expectations Connected via: Facebook Scott Richardson A Market Innovator Scott Richardson once took a stand-up comedy course; part of the ­graduation included a five-minute routine at a major comedy venue in New York. Scott Richardson has successfully bridged the gap between marketing and sales and commands respect from both constituencies. As senior director/regional marketing lead for Pfizer, Scott Richardson is committed to patients. He is driven to ensure that he and his team think about every aspect of what they do every day and how their actions impact millions of patients and customers. Mr. Richardson’s peers and colleagues say he is a phenomenal marketer. In his current position, he is leading the development of innovative marketing concepts to help drive Pfizer’s primary care portfolio of products in the north regional business unit. Thus far in his role as the marketing lead, he has helped pioneer differential deployment of resources, the development of multi-channel campaigns, and has consistently developed his direct reports who have then been promoted to take on larger responsibilities within Pfizer. In addition to leading the business unit’s marketing strategy and marketing team, Mr.?Richardson has also led other corporate initiatives that were critical to Pfizer. One of the more recent initiatives included the rollout of tablets to the company’s national salesforce. Moving 4,000 colleagues to embrace a new way of doing business and engaging customers was a game changer. Mr. Scott says developing this closed-loop marketing effort was the one of the most challenging and most rewarding assignments in his career. This new capability for Pfizer has allowed new marketing concepts to be developed and used to improve the communication between the representative and physician. In addition to all of Mr. Richardson’s business accomplishments, what makes him inspirational is his positive attitude, creativity, solid business acumen, and interest in finding new ways to innovate to improve healthcare. Fiercely Loyal. Competitive. Name: Scott P. Richardson Current position: Senior Director/Regional Marketing Lead, Pfizer Inc. Date and place of birth: October 1965; Queens, N.Y. Education: B.A., sociology, Cornell University; MBA, general management and healthcare administration, Adelphi University First job: Delivery of newspapers First industry-related job: Cigna Healthcare Alternative profession: Comedy Professional mentors: Advisors within and outside of Pfizer Giving back: Housing Works Words to live by: Live with no regrets Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook Shannon Hartley Breaking New Ground Being named vertical leader of healthcare at Rosetta was not just a milestone for Shannon Hartley, but for her company as well; she is the first woman to achieve a vertical leadership position at the agency. Ms. Hartley, who is also a managing partner, has made significant contributions to Rosetta’s success by tirelessly working on behalf of her clients to help drive their business and by coaching and developing her team members. Those with whom she works say Ms. Hartley will approach her new expanded role as she does everything else, with grace, tenacity, and success. She is an inspirational and rare leader, who fosters loyalty and admiration among those fortunate enough to work with her. Ms. Hartley’s dedication extends to her work and her clients. She starts by gaining a central understanding of what a client’s core needs are and coaches her teams to think through and ask the key questions that will uncover those needs. She has an unwavering commitment to deliver unsurpassed client value and she has an unfaltering can-do attitude that pushes her teams to excel and be creative if a solution does not currently exist. Ms. Hartley began her career at Procter & Gamble, where she developed consumer insights to drive flagship brands Pampers and Tide. She also created the first approach to linking consumer shopping needs, attitudes, and behaviors with P&G brand insights to drive profitable growth for both retailers and brands. In addition, Ms. Hartley’s is committed to advancing women’s careers and serves as the executive sponsor and advocate for the new Rosetta Women’s Network. She is also an active member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) as well as a member of the steering committee for Publicis’ Viva Women, a group dedicated to providing mentoring, career advancement, and sponsorship opportunities for women across agencies within the global Publicis Groupe. Shannon Hartley grew up on a farm in a small town and showed pigs in the 4-H fair for 10 years. Driven. Compassionate. Name: Shannon Hartley Current position: Managing Partner, Healthcare ­Vertical Leader, Rosetta Date and place of birth: October 1969; Muncie, Ind. Education: B.S., education, Miami University First job: Bank teller First industry-related job: Market Research Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb Professional associations: Healthcare ­Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Giving back: National MS Society Words to live by: Be present Connected via: Facebook, Twitter, PatientsLikeMe Shannon Hartley truly embodies the values of excellence in leadership, both professionally and personally. Dr. Christopher Tobias Left Brain, Right Brain Dr. Christopher Tobias has a unique blend of skills; he is bench scientist turned marketer, all of which provides ­dividends for his clients. Dr. Christopher Tobias was a ­nationally competitive gymnast as a young child through college. Chris Tobias, Ph.D., has the mind of a brilliant scientist — a mind similar to those of many of the specialists his agency targets in its marketing. Yet, colleagues say his mind is also attuned to the subtleties of marketing, and therefore is a secret weapon. Dr. Tobias’ intellect is that of a left-brain and right-brain — working together on a very high plane. Dr. Tobias, executive VP, chief scientific officer; director of business development, has inspired the entire team at Dudnyk as well as many of the agency’s clients who rely on him to translate deep science and tackle strategic marketing challenges, sometimes all wrapped up in the same Gordian’s knot. He has the unique ability to cut through the tangle of data and regulatory red tape and identify the strategic business opportunities within. Dr. Tobias has shown many industry veterans, who have seen and heard it all, new ways to think about communicating with physicians and patients. Dr. Tobias began his scientific odyssey at Michigan State University, where he received a BS in medical technology. He then went on to Georgetown University, where he received a master’s of science degree. After Georgetown, he worked in a molecular biology and an oncology lab and then went on to Drexel University College of Medicine, where he earned a doctoral degree in neuroscience. He worked for a time as a medical writer and publications planner, and eventually came to Dudnyk where he assumed his current role. Dr. Tobias keeps his hand in the area of biomedical science, acting as a mentor to a couple of doctoral students. He helps them navigate the difficulties they face in thesis proposal development, committee selection, and timing for thesis defense. He also advises them on nontraditional career opportunities that are available to biomedical scientists in the industry. He provides networking opportunities and will assist in helping new doctoral graduates get interviews if they are interested in leaving the laboratory. He also gives back to the community. Dr. Tobias, who is a new father, provides support to the March of Dimes. Driven. Logical. Name: Christopher Tobias, Ph.D. Current position: Executive VP, Chief Scientific Officer; ­Director of Business Development, Dudnyk Date and place of birth: August 1971; Ashtabula, Ohio Education: B.S., medical technology, Michigan State ­University; M.S., physiology, Georgetown University; Ph.D., neuroscience, Drexel University College of Medicine First job: Paper route First industry-related job: Scientific Writer, Trinity ­Communications Alternative profession: Scout or general manager for a pro baseball team Professional mentors: Frank Powers, Dudnyk; Barry Schmader, Dudnyk; Lois Trench-Hines, Meniscus Ltd. Professional associations: The American Association for the Advancement of Science Giving back: March of Dimes Words to live by: Excess in moderation. Connected via: LinkedIn Michael Innaurato As a teenager, Michael ­Innaurato was on two episodes of the Philadelphia television show Dancing on Air. An award-winning marketer, Mike Innaurato’s ­leadership has helped position Purdue’s flagship brand OxyContin as the most successful opioid ­product in its class. Marketing Champion Mike Innaurato is an award-winning marketer, with more than 24 years of pharmaceutical experience encompassing all aspects of the sales and marketing process. Mr. Innaurato has had roles that have included new product development, new product launches, disease management program development, global marketing and sales initiatives, licensing and copromotion agreements, and the leadership of a 142-person specialty salesforce. Most recently Mr. Innaurato was appointed as the group executive director of marketing at Purdue Pharma. In this role, Mr. Innaurato’s current responsibilities are to lead, manage, direct, coordinate, and harmonize all marketing activities for prescription and OTC product management, including all marketed products, products in development, products acquired from other companies, and help establish objectives for the company’s discovery efforts. While in the role of group product manager, Mr. Innaurato spearheaded the launch of Purdue’s flagship brand OxyContin, the most successful opioid product in its class, and was his company’s liaison with copromotion partner, Abbott Laboratories. He has led the charge on a range of initiatives to ensure the appropriate use of OxyContin, and he and his team’s efforts to combat abuse have led the industry in setting the standard for safe use. Some of the programs have included abuse-deterrent formulations and numerous patient, pharmacy, and HCP initiatives, including Purdue’s Partners Against Pain Program. The program is designed to expand the knowledge about pain management among healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. The data show that these efforts have improved the appropriate use of the brand, and Purdue, in large part to Mr. Innaurato’s leadership, is committed to ensuring the proper use of OxyContin. As the director of international business development, Mr. Innaurato was responsible for strategic and tactical recommendations for the launch of OxyContin in major markets globally. In addition, he led the efforts for the acquisition of licenses for two new products, a non-opioid analgesic and an anesthetic, Chirocaine. Mr. Innaurato served as the sales liaison on the joint marketing committee for the launch of Chirocaine. This international business development responsibility was a great experience for Mr. Innaurato, who had to learn how the licensing process worked, which involved the intersection of public equity markets, clinical/regulatory processes/risks, scenario-driven market forecasting, and risk-adjusted financial modeling all converging to value a given opportunity. At the same time, he was assisting the sales and marketing departments for Purdue associated companies with launches around the world for OxyContin. This global assignment provided him with the opportunity to learn the regulatory, pricing, etc., requirements for various markets around the world. Mr. Innaurato also led the team launching Butrans, a pain medication delivered by a transdermal delivery system to ensure smooth and continuous pain relief for patients who need around-the-clock coverage. Industry experts say Butrans’ release has gone relatively unnoticed as one of the most successful pain drug launches of all time and one of the most successful launches of the past several years. In addition, Purdue recently launched Intermezzo, for middle of the night awakening. This is another novel product that addresses an important unmet need as it is the only product approved to be taken in the middle of the night for individuals who wake up and cannot get back to sleep. The launch is in its earliest stages, but the early signs look very promising. The results for OxyContin, Butrans, and Intermezzo are impressive and their success is due in large part to the efforts of Mr. Innaurato and his team. Colleagues cite Mr. Innaurato as being a strong leader, but low-key in his manner and not one to seek the limelight or personal accolades, yet all the same deserving of the recognition. He is passionate with a good sense of humor and enjoys spending time with his teams. Mr. Innaurato also gives back to his community and is involved with the Dream Come True charity, which raises funding to allow chronically and terminally ill children realize their dreams, as well as The Food Kitchen and Habitat for Humanity, because they provide people in need with two of life’s most essential requirements. Passionate. Humorous. Name: Michael A. Innaurato Current position: Group Executive Director, ­Marketing, Purdue Pharma LP Date and place of birth: June 4, 1965; ­Philadelphia Education: B.S., finance and management, LaSalle University First job: Cutting lawns and caddying First industry-related job: Sales representative, ­Stuart Pharmaceuticals Alternative profession: Venture capitalist Professional mentors: Jim Lang Awards and honors: Regional District Manager of the Year Giving back: Dream Come True Words to live by: Live, laugh, love and work hard Connected via: LinkedIn Jeff Spanbauer A Regional Approach Jeff Spanbauer co-founded HRM in 2007 in his basement and has grown the company to 50-plus employees with $17 million in revenue. Getting Personal with Jeff Spanbauer Family: Wife, Heather; children Stewart, 15; Calvin, 13; Jocelyn, 10 Hobbies: Softball; racquetball; coaching soccer/ baseball; gardening; real estate investment Reading list: Grow by Jim Stengel; The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business by Patrick M. Lencioni; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; the Bible Favorite books: Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey; The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan Favorite movie: Naked Gun Bucket list: Throw out the first pitch for the Cincinnati Reds; tour the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone with his family; visit the Galapagos Islands; walk the ­Appalachian Trail Favorite smartphone app: MyFitnessPal Inspired by: His wife Life lessons: Know where you are going; always have a goal and plan Most unusual place visited: Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York Under the cloak of invisibility: To Washington, D.C., to understand why politicians can’t get anything ­accomplished Time travel: To the future 500 years to see the progress and to bring back some new breakthrough ideas around improving health through new cures Through his energetic and creative leadership, Jeff Spanbauer has led Healthcare Regional Marketing (HRM) to become the regional marketing solution to the healthcare industry, which has led to significant growth and recognition for the firm. Mr. Spanbauer co-founded HRM in 2007 in his basement and since then he has grown the company to 50-plus employees with $17 million in revenue. In 2012 the company earned 160th position on the Inc. 500 and in 2011 Deloitte recognized HRM as a Rising Star. Mr. Spanbauer’s drive and determination has led HRM to work with six of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies and three of the four largest pharmaceutical brands. Mr. Spanbauer maintains that it’s important to find an opportunity and stay focused on it. He remains optimistic in all he does, saying as both an entrepreneur and marketer it is important that he is able to learn, adapt, and motivate. Being able to identify, tackle, and solve problems is also critical, and having an optimistic attitude can make all the difference. He says one of the toughest professional challenges he has faced was developing a coalition to create and execute an integrated campaign in Dayton, Ohio, to raise the awareness among women about the importance of knowing their cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. The coalition included employers, insurance companies, hospitals, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies. While he and his colleagues had great success screening more than 15,000 women, it was very challenging because all of the stakeholders had different interests and agendas. The experience helped Mr. Spanbauer understand why healthcare is the most complex, fragmented, and inefficient, yet important, industry in the world. He also drives a philanthropic approach at HRM, and encourages support of TeamHope. In his personal life, he is committed to improving the lives of those less fortunate. He contributes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, noting that health is one of the most important assets anyone can have, and the kids that St. Jude serves deserve the best opportunity for great care and, hopefully, a cure. He is also a strong supporter of the Appalachian Service Project (ASP), because he believes that helping low income families maintain and repair their homes is an important service. Were he not in healthcare marketing, he says he would be eager to work as a financial/health coach for young adults, helping them to better understand and leverage their finances and health to be able to accomplish their dream. Steven Walker Making an Impact Getting Personal with Steven Walker Family: Wife; daughter, Hobbies: Aviation; fishing Favorite book: Democracy Matters by Dr. Cornel West Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting Bucket list: To climb Mount Kilimanjaro, complete ­aviation certifications; take his family on an African ­Safari Favorite smartphone app: Flipboard Inspired by: His wife; President Barack Obama; his ­father Life lessons: Always add value to your organization and be an expert in a specific area under the cloak of invisibility: Area 51 Time travel: To the future to visit Africa to see how mankind has progressed with maximizing its ­incredible untapped potential and diversity of ­resources Whether he is helping to shape the marketing strategies within MedImmune’s portfolio of products or sitting on the board of directors for the local chapter of the 100 Black Men of America Inc., Steven Walker is devoted to increasing his level of contribution to strategic endeavors that will have a profound impact on others. He says the ever-evolving economic and regulatory environments continue to be key areas where executives must operate pragmatically, but innovatively. In such a dynamic work industry, Mr. Walker believes organizations must be structured to efficiently stretch across competing priorities and exhibit operational agility. With no signs of slowing, industry change and reinvention will continue to be major challenges for organizations. He says some will adapt quickly; while others will stumble due to rigidness. As director, cross franchise initiatives and marketing strategy at MedImmune, he is dedicated to making sure his organization is well-positioned to succeed in the changing ecosystem. Working within the commercialization of products, he acknowledges the importance of a product’s clinical profile and the need for patient access to appropriate therapies, but also stresses the need for efficient educational engagement of payers and healthcare decision makers. He knows that the industry has had to change sales and marketing tactics; while healthcare professionals have had to manage expectations and manage patient education differently. On that note, one of his biggest career highlights to date was helping to lead the hiring of an entirely new salesforce, for a product launch at his former biotechnology employer. One of his biggest career challenges in the spirit of expanding patient access to therapeutic solutions was bringing a specialty biologic for moderate-to-severe allergic asthma into the local retail setting. The challenge was identifying the appropriate retail locations, reimbursement coverage for the new sites of delivery, and HCP training/administration. After strategically aligning with leadership of a major national retail pharmacy chain, he and his team began to build an infrastructure that would support the access, reimbursement, and administration model within the appropriate patient group. Because this endeavor was the first of its kind, they had to overcome the challenges faced by most trailblazers. As a result of tenacity and strategic alignment, he was able to demonstrate a successful model and expand to multistate locations around the country and provide additional patient access to the product. In addition to his innovative thinking, Mr. Walker is admired for his willingness to give back to his community and to others as a mentor, guide, and friend. Civic and ­community-minded, Steven Walker ­believes in giving back and ­providing opportunities to others. Nancy Beesley Strength and Fortitude With an attitude that life is too short not to have fun, Nancy Beesley remains ­enthusiastic about everything. The go-to person for many people — at work and in her community — Nancy Beesley lights up any room she enters with her warm smile and wit. Her determination and fortitude are remarkable. After she lost both her parents and a brother, she left a Ogilvy Healthworld and a tight knit family in New York to start a family and a business in Austin, which at the time was a no-man’s land for medical advertising. She is now partner and chief marketing officer of HCB Health. Another example of her strength followed the birth of her daughter Marlo (one of her twin daughters), who was born with a rare disorder, EA/TEF. When she realized something was wrong, Ms. Beesley researched the disease, wrote, and spoke to parents all over the world to obtain -– and share -– information about the condition. Almost 12 years later, her daughter is happy and healthy, thanks in part to Ms. Beesley’s determination to find information anywhere and everywhere that led her to the right doctors, diagnosis, and treatment. She remains enthusiastic about everything, saying life is too short not to have fun. And if she’s involved in a project, she’s going to try to enjoy the experience. Loyalty and friendship are important to Ms. Beesley, and friends from her childhood still go to her for support and insight. A well-rounded, civic-minded professional, Ms. Beesley is an active member of her local community. She appreciates all those who work for and with her. Two years ago, a client gave the partners at HCB Health a bonus as a thank you for the work the team had done for his group. After receiving the check, Ms. Beesley and her partners distributed the money evenly to every member of the staff to show their appreciation for the people who helped win that client’s gratitude. Getting Personal with Nancy Beesley Family: Husband, Brent; son, Bryan, 14; daughters, ­Audrey, 11, Marlo, 11 Hobbies: Fitness; nutrition; cooking Reading list: Damn Good Advice by George Lois; Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect ­Science by Atul Gawande; Van Gogh; S**t My Dad Says Favorite book: Anything by Tom Wolfe Favorite movie: Moonstruck Bucket list: To stay curious; live long enough to enjoy her grandkids; and have six-pack abs in her 70s Favorite smartphone app: ESPN Score Center Inspired by: Her parents, who both died relatively young of diseases that slowly robbed them of the things they loved most but never complained Life lessons: You never learn anything when you are talking. Most unusual place visited: Chiang Mai, Thailand Under the cloak of invisibility: To school with her kids Time travel: To the past to the Tudor Empire to be a lady-in-waiting in King Henry’s court, but not one of his wives Saru Wade Champion for Hep C Patients One of the largest barriers to reaching and empowering patients facing potentially life-threatening diseases is the stigma erected around those diseases. This has been particularly true in hepatitis C. Saru Wade understands this, and has worked tirelessly to break down these barriers. Ms. Wade is unyielding in her commitment to patients and healthcare professionals in the hepatitis C community. As a leader of the patient marketing efforts for the launch of the blockbuster hepatitis C treatment Incivek, Ms. Wade has tackled the stigma of hepatitis C on two fronts. The branded initiatives she’s spearheaded have focused on building awareness of the importance of treating hepatitis C and staying adherent, using the experiences of real patients who have successfully cleared the virus. And her unbranded initiatives have forcefully tackled the danger of hepatitis C as a hidden killer, urging people to look past the stigma of the disease and get educated. From her position as senior marketing manager at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Ms. Wade has led the charge in launching the Hepatitis C Mentor Program and as a part of this process, has turned a group of 35 patients and caregivers affected by, and who have cleared the hepatitis C virus, into a leading word-of-mouth initiative. She has also launched the Fighter Campaign for Incivek, bringing health-literate education to patients considering starting therapy. During this time, Ms. Wade and her team also worked assiduously on the BetterToKnowC campaign, a disease education Website — — aimed at hepatitis C education and awareness. Consequently, Vertex received an industry award for this accomplishment in 2011. In addition, Ms. Wade was key in creating a patient advocate network in the psoriasis marketplace to bring a voice to a debilitating and misunderstood condition. Saru Wade is driven to help peel back the myths and misconceptions surrounding hepatitis C to empower patients to fight the virus. Getting Personal with Saru wade Family: Husband, Justin; sons Ryan and Dylan Hobbies: Singing; food; traveling; watching football Favorite book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Favorite movie: Almost Famous Bucket list: Eat strawberries and cream at the ­Wimbledon finals Favorite smartphone app: Starbucks Inspired by: Her children Life lessons: You can’t get what you want if you don’t ask Most unusual place visited: The glowworm caves in New Zealand Time travel: To the future 200 years to see what the world is like. Timmy Garde An Extraordinary Gentleman Timmy Garde has proven his talent, drive, and creative know-how in ­transforming obscure future trends into original, actionable marketing ­advances. Inspirational, innovative, professional, and pioneering are just a few of the adjectives that describe Timmy Garde. His peers, colleagues, and friends say their lives are better for knowing Mr. Garde and the life-sciences industry is better for having his personal contributions, his passion, skill, and experience. Mr. Garde has proven his talent, drive, and creative know-how in transforming obscure future trends into original, actionable marketing advances. His razor-sharp thinking has those sustaining inspirational tones that leave those in his presence saying “why didn’t I see that or wow what a clear crisp view or solution.” Noted for being an extraordinary gentleman, he has that quality often seen in inspirational leaders who lead by example. He is a mentor and is willing to put himself out there so others can learn the way too. He is one of the industry’s rare finds, and uses his creativity and experience to motivate and inspire others to achieve more than they had expected, while at the same time transforming the most difficult challenge into an achievable learning experience. Mr. Garde listens to clients, works hard to understand their needs, clarifies their position, and then responds with brilliant, motivating, clear, and inspirational solutions. His enthusiasm for what he does is infectious, and because he is so inspiring and caring, others find themselves pushing beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving. He has futuristic ideas and a sharp mind. However, his humility and compassion make it all seem normal and easy, making him a joy to work with and be around. In addition to his role as managing partner, at the Star Group/Star Life Sciences, he is involved with many health-related charities, especially ocular/ophthalmology as he is blind in his left eye. The ocular work includes the Wills Eye Institute, and a foundation that his family started through his synagogue called the Joan and Joe Garde Fund to Support Better Vision, which helps to provide care for underprivileged families and specifically kids who have corrective eye issues but no means to pay for help. He also works with The Pennsylvania State University, University of the Sciences, and Jewish Federation in the Philadelphia area. Getting Personal with Timmy Garde Family: Mother; father; sister; two nieces Hobbies: Golfing; running; biking; skiing; movies; ­reading; good wines; a good debate Reading list: Never Die Easy by Walter Payton; My Life by Bill Clinton; Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson; In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters; The Five ­Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni; The Art of War to Sun Tzu Favorite books: Never Die Easy; The Art of War Favorite movie: Field of Dreams Bucket list: Going to the Final Four, Round of golf at St. Andrews; Attending Academy Awards Favorite smartphone app: Starbucks Inspired by: His father Life lessons: Never make a decision based on ­emotion; never leave any place of employment on a bad note Most unusual place visited: A cave below the ­Western Wall in Jerusalem Under the cloak of invisibility: Heaven Time travel: To the past to the Civil War era Scott Richardson Moving the Needle Scott Richardson is a phenomenal marketer who is a brand leader and innovator. The speed of change and leading transformation are two of the biggest challenges the industry faces, according to Scott Richardson, senior director/regional marketing lead at Pfizer. And this consummate marketer is doing his best to keep himself, his team members, and his company at the forefront of innovation to positively impact the health of millions of patients. Mr. Richardson has led many innovative initiatives for Pfizer in recent years, including truly understanding the differences in markets and leveraging local market opportunities while still moving the brand needle. He has successfully bridged the gap between marketing and sales and commands respect from both constituencies. Most recently, he was instrumental in changing how Pfizer’s sale representatives interact with physicians through the use of handheld tablet devices. This game changer will help improve communications and positively impact how physicians treat their patients. Competitive by nature, Mr. Richardson plays to win at everything he attempts. He is also fiercely loyal; his family, friends, and co-workers are very important to him and Mr. Richardson believes relationships are earned through loyalty and trust. His warm demeanor and positive attitude are admired by many and have earned him the trust of advisors within and outside of Pfizer who provide their insights on critical decisions. Likewise, Mr. Richardson provides mentoring to many within and outside of the company. He finds it extremely rewarding to play a part in someone achieving his or her potential. Mr. Richardson is also generous with his time. When not strategizing about new marketing opportunities, mixing it up with one of his seven siblings and his 17 nieces and nephews, or doing home repairs as part of a home renovation project, Mr. Richardson devotes time and effort to Housing Works, which helps HIV/AIDS patients with all their daily living needs. Getting Personal with SCOTT?RICHARDSON Family: Recently engaged to partner, Robert Miller Hobbies: Travel; flea markets Reading list: Books on remodeling a bathroom and fixing the house. Favorite movie: Silence of the Lambs Inspired by: His mother Life lessons: Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it. Most unusual place visited: Cuba Under the cloak of invisibility: To a corporate boardroom to hear and see how leaders address issues and make decisions Time travel: To the future to vacation on the moon Shannon Hartley Driving Results As managing partner, healthcare vertical leader at Rosetta, Shannon Hartley is focused on driving results for clients, her team members, and the charities she supports. She is a compassionate leader, believing that the most important goal in life is to make a difference. Ms. Hartley demonstrates compassion in small ways by helping individual employees through challenging personal situations by flexing the work schedule and compensation to supporting them in larger ways through her focus on volunteering time and money to support organizations such as the National MS Society, teaching science to inner city pre-schoolers, or building a house in Africa so a family could send their children to school. Diagnosed with MS in 2008, Ms. Hartley says she is fortunate to work for a great company with great health insurance that covers the cost of treatment and monitoring required for this disease. She counts herself as one of the lucky ones, and she is passionate about using her talents and resources to help others who are dealing with the challenges of MS and to support research to help find the cause and hopefully a cure for this disease. She raises money and awareness through annual MS Walk and MS Bike fundraising events and is a volunteer Gilenya Guide, which allows her to speak with others who have MS. Her friends have joined her in support of this cause, and together they have raised more than $50,000 for the national MS?Society. As a boss, mentor, and friend, she has invested a great deal of time and energy ensuring that others receive the professional development needed to grow within the organization. Before joining Rosetta, Ms. Hartley was with Bristol-Myers Squibb where she led global market research teams in the neuroscience, cardiovascular, and consumer medicines businesses. She was instrumental in the launch of the blockbuster antipsychotic drug Abilify. Advertising and marketing are part of Ms. Hartley’s DNA. During a volunteer assignment for Habitat for Humanity in a remote village in Madagascar, she was part of a team that built a two-room house for a family. One of the most unusual parts of the visit was that they were honored to be able to participate in a ceremony called Turning of the Bones, which occurs every seven years. The ceremony entails opening the family tomb and removing all of the remains of the loved ones, dancing with the wrapped bodies above their heads, and then reburying them. She thought it was curious that when the tomb was opened the bodies weren’t labeled. Ms. Hartley was holding a Sharpie and one of the woman asked if she could borrow the pen and then wrote on the wrapping the name of her loved one. Others watched and then they all started yelling “Sharpie, Sharpie” and each took turns writing on the coverings. As someone in advertising, she kept thinking this had to be one of the most unusual uses for a Sharpie and would be a great endorsement, but she didn’t want to disrupt the ceremony to video tape the event to share with the Sharpie Pen company. As a boss, mentor, and friend Shannon Hartley invests time and energy to ensure others ­receive the professional development needed to grow within the organization. Getting Personal with SHANNON?Hartley Family: Son, Connor, 11 Hobbies: Cooking; cycling; traveling Reading list: Home by Toni Morrison; The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee; Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman: What Men Know About Success that Women Need to Learn by Gail Evans; Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain; Value Space: Winning the Battle for Market Leadership by Banwari Mittal and Jagdish Sheth Bucket list: To see the seven wonders of the world with her son before he goes to college; to run a ­nonprofit agency that supports the development of women leaders; to complete a 100-mile bike ride; to volunteer in Africa with an agency that supports girls’/women’s education; to take cooking lessons and live for a few months in Italy Favorite smartphone app: Starbucks Life lessons: Be present Most unusual place visited: Remote village in ­Madagascar as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Michael Innaurato Mike Innaurato is a model for business excellence and ­personal leadership that many in this ­industry can look to with admiration. A Model for Business Excellence Because Purdue is a private company, many of the company’s marketing efforts go unnoticed. However, Mike Innaurato and his team have led the company to achieve stellar results for the brands in its pain franchise and beyond — OxyContin, Butrans, and the recently launched Intermezzo. Mr. Innaurato is a model for business excellence and his prowess extends to roles in sales, sales training, sales management, licensing and business development. Most recently Mr. Innaurato was appointed as the group executive director of marketing. In this role, Mr. Innaurato’s current responsibilities are to lead, manage, direct, coordinate and harmonize all marketing activities for prescription and OTC product management. He also provides leadership, direction, and support to the marketing business development team, by being a liaison with department heads and all related departments, including sales, medical, law, regulatory, manufacturing, etc., to ensure that each brand’s potential is maximized. In addition, he serves as the commercial liaison on the research and development executive committee and the research and development innovations team, both of which provide guidance to the company’s discovery and clinical development of new molecules, devices and services. Mr. Innaurato is a distinguished leader and is quick to share the credit for success with his team members. He provides the tools and insights that allow his teams to deliver and achieve their own personal goals. Mr. Innaurato is clearly a force within Purdue and his award-winning marketing programs are making industry news. Getting Personal with michael innauruto Family: Wife, Terri; daughters, Bria and Sophia Hobbies: Ice hockey; golf; car enthusiast; home ­projects; foodie Favorite book: Moneyball Favorite movie: Caddyshack Inspired by: His mother and children Life lessons: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right; work hard and trust your instincts Most unusual places visited: Rome, Italy; Santorini, Greece Dr. Christopher Tobias Agility and Balance Dudnyk’s Christopher Tobias, Ph.D., is charged with overseeing all medical, clinical, and scientific content communicated by the agency; scientific strategy for business development opportunities, KOL development; and medical/scientific writing That’s just the science side of his job. When he puts on his business development hat, he is the lead on pitch teams, provides pharmaceutical and corporate strategic positioning and message development, and contributes to strategic creative concepts. And, finally, he is a member of the Dudnyk Healthcare senior management executive committee. Juggling all of these responsibilities takes a great deal of agility and balance, which he learned from his days as a hall-of-fame high school scholar athlete and top Division I NCAA competitor. Dr. Tobias can perform strategic and mental gymnastics, moving effortlessly from chief scientific officer to director of business development. Colleagues say his ability to pull off a feat like this is like performing an Iron Cross, a complicated and difficult strength move that not many people can accomplish. And to borrow another phrase from his gymnastics background, Dr. Tobias can stick it, a specialty that he has mastered across multiple disciplines. His team members and colleagues say they are better professionals for having him in their presence. The credentials that follow Dr. Tobias’ name are as impressive as the man himself. According to his colleagues, Dr. Tobias may be the only dyed-in-the-wool bench-scientist-turned-Ph.D.-neuroscientist-brilliant marketer-successful-business-development leader in the industry. Not only is Dr. Tobias smart, as evidenced by the dozens of peer-reviewed articles he has written that have appeared in medical journals, he is also a really nice guy. His colleagues and team members gravitate to Dr. Tobias for advice, counsel, strategic insights, or a friendly conversation about his beloved Cleveland Indians or baseball in general. He would like nothing better than see The Tribe win another World Series. With a mental agility that is only second to his strategic insights, Dr. Christopher Tobias has a unique combination of skills that can solve any marketing ­challenge. Getting Personal with Dr. Christopher tobias caFamily: Wife, Lori; son, Grayson, 22 months Hobbies: Keeping up with Cleveland Indians baseball; collecting signed sports memorabilia Reading list: Beyond Outrage by Robert Reich; Remedy and Reaction by Paul Starr Favorite books: The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled ­Hosseini Favorite movie: Star Wars series Bucket list: Visiting the pyramids in Egypt; taking a flight in space Favorite smartphone app: Thomas the Train, Day of the Diesels Inspired by: His grandfather, Ken Loomis Life lessons: Aim high; you never know what will happen unless you try Most unusual place visited: Ephesus, just east of Kusadasi, Turkey Under the cloak of invisibility: To every Cleveland Indians baseball game Time travel: To the future 50 years to see how the world had changed, then take those learnings back to the present to encourage our politicians to appreciate the gravity of decisions they make (or decisions they don’t make) today.

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