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Kim Boericke Quintiles Tami Klerr-Naivar PRA Joe Martinez Optimer Pharmaceuticals Chuck McLeester Roska Healthcare Advertising Linda Rosenes Pfizer The Mentors Leading Through Excellence In addition to leading their organizations to reach new heights, these individuals take great pride in fostering the development of the next generation of industry game changers. Joe Martinez Taking a Personal Interest Joe Martinez says it’s important to be positive, believe in what you’re doing, and be interested in the other person. People are more inclined to listen and consider taking action if they understand the why and what it means to them. These are some of the leadership principles Mr. Martinez imparts to his team members and, in turn, those who work with Mr. Martinez in his role as national field director, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) liaisons, Optimer Pharmaceuticals, know that he cares about them as much as improving the care for thousands of patients. In his new role, which he took on in October 2011, he is providing leadership and tactical direction to the field-based HEOR liaison team; developing the overall direction, strategy, deployment, and operational integrity of the field-based HEOR team; and ensuring effective HEOR support of field-based teams in market development and market access activities. Mr. Martinez is noted for his excellent interpersonal and communications skills. In all interactions, Mr. Martinez treats people with respect, drawing them into the discussion so they feel that their ideas and feelings are validated. He is dedicated to building a successful team of outcomes liaisons. Mr. Martinez says the expectations of the position are evolving and to help the professional and personal development of the people who will impact the profession and others for many years to come is extremely important to him. He would like to see the industry evolve beyond the silo mentality, so healthcare decision-makers can make appropriate value decisions that are in the best interests of the patient and for which the decision-maker is not penalized. Mr. Martinez is not only valued by his team members, his clients also cite his consummate professionalism and warmth. He is never too busy to lend a hand to those in need of a sounding board, advice on career development, or moral support. Mr. Martinez was named as a PV 100 honoree in 2009 while he was at Amylin in the role of managed care liaison/medical affairs, managed markets. In all interactions, Joe Martinez treats people with ­respect, drawing them into the discussion so they feel that their ideas and feelings are validated. As a teenager, Joe Martinez enjoyed working on cars and owned a 1967 Chevy Camaro that went 140 mph in a quarter mile. Engaging. Passionate. Name: Joe Martinez Current position: National Field Director, Health ­Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)­ ­Liaisons, Optimer Pharmaceuticals Date and place of birth: December; Newark, N.J. Education: B.Sc., RPh., Rutgers College of ­Pharmacy First job: Recycling scrap metals First industry-related job: Scientist, ­Pharmaceutical Technology, Squibb Alternative profession: Biomedical ­engineering Professional mentors: Dean John Colaizzi, ­Rutgers College of Pharmacy Professional associations: American Diabetes Association; International Society for ­Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Awards and honors: President’s Award with ER Squibb; Amylin Pharmaceuticals ELITE Award; PharmaVoice 100; Centers for Business ­Intelligence (CBI) Elite Speaker Council; Health Industries Research Center (HIRC) Managed Markets/National Accounts Service Award Giving back: Habitat for Humanity Words to live by: It’s a great day to be alive; do something of value for someone before going to sleep Twitter address: @jomart37 Connected via: LinkedIn, Twitter Chuck McLeester Coach Chuck Problem solving comes naturally to Chuck McLeester. He can take the most complex issue, break it down, and make a recommendation that leaves others scratching their heads wondering how he did it. His philosophy is simplification. His years in direct marketing have taught him that learning what doesn’t work is as valuable as learning what does. Mr. McLeester is a recognized thought leader and a driving force behind Roska Healthcare’s rapid growth and achievements in recent years. Long before the industry placed a premium on measuring the impact of marketing initiatives, achieving ROI, and increasing compliance to build brands, Mr. McLeester was developing data-driven models to answer these industry challenges. While pharmaceutical marketers were counting NRxs and TRxs, Mr. McLeester was counting the revenue in unrealized customer lifetime value, and calculating how to use the motivational techniques that direct marketers have used for decades to get patients to take their medication longer. Mr. McLeester doesn’t give up when he knows success is possible. He is also optimistic, noting that without hope it’s impossible to remain persistent. He is a respected mentor, and while Mr. McLeester sets the bar high for those who work for him, he will go out of his way to help colleagues achieve those goals. He is always looking for opportunities to nurture and teach everyone around him. He has taken countless young professionals under his wing to guide and motivate them to achieve their personal best. He has coached them through pitches and taught them the art of writing persuasive proposals. And while he teaches those around him about crucial aspects of the business, such as marketing strategy and analytics, he also teaches them to believe in themselves and recognize their strengths. He enjoys sharing his “lessons-learned” stories and practical advice, and introducing talented young people to seasoned experts and the concepts they should know to accelerate the trajectory of their personal development. In addition, Mr. McLeester teaches advertising at Temple University, spreading the gospel and mentoring the next generation of creative greats in the industry. He works tirelessly with his students, in groups and one-on-one, to help them break problems down in order to find answers. His students agree that his teaching methods are nurturing, empowering, and inspiring. He led a team of Temple University students to a third place finish among hundreds of entries in the Direct Marketing Education Foundation’s prestigious Collegiate ECHO competition. One of those students ended up joining Roska Healthcare and leading an integrated consumer campaign to pull through sales for a medical device. The impact of his lessons play out not only in the classroom, but also in the workplace and in life as he helps develop confident, capable, results-driven leaders. He builds cohesive teams dedicated to giving back to the community. Mr. McLeester is a powerful force behind Roska’s philanthropic initiatives, including the Annual Toys for Tots Drive; the Dress for Success Program to help women get a step up in the workforce; local food bank donation drives; and the agency’s annual Take Your Dog to Work Day fundraiser for a local animal shelter. Clients, peers, staff, and students recognize Coach Chuck’s intelligence, insights, and out-of-the-box thinking as the drivers that put the pieces of the puzzle together. At the age of 9, Chuck McLeester was the designated Cub Scout speaker at all of the district and council level scouting events in Philadelphia. Chuck McLeester has a rare gift for simplifying the most complex puzzles and transforming ­obstacles into opportunities. Persistent. Hopeful. Name: Chuck McLeester Current position: Senior VP, Planning, Metrics and ­Analytics, Roska Healthcare Advertising Date and place of birth: September 1951; ­Philadelphia Education: B.A., English, Rutgers College; MBA, ­marketing, Rutgers University First job: Supermarket cashier First industry-related job: Ad agency Alternative profession: Working on a new road ­construction crew; bicycle messenger in a busy city; caterer Professional mentors: Steve Lember and Nate Rosenblatt; the late Chris Goodrich; Jay Bolling; Arly Iampietro Professional associations: Direct Marketing ­Association, ECHO Institute Awards and honors: Benjamin Franklin Award, Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association Giving back: Local dog shelters Words to live by: Keep going. There is no finish line. Twitter address: @cmcleester Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Linda Rosenes Keeping Colleagues Connected In 2002, Linda Rosenes worked as a­ ­contractor training TSA workers at local airports on baggage X-ray machines used to check for explosives; one of the bags she had to check by hand was the actor William Defoe. Witty. Creative. Name: Linda Rosenes Current position: Senior Manager Technology Trainer, Pfizer Inc. Date and place of birth: January 1967; ­Huntington, N.Y. Education: B.S., business management, ­University at Buffalo First job: Rickles Home Center First industry-related job: Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Alternative profession: Professional poker player Professional mentors: Cal Austin Professional associations: Toastmasters; NY Pfizer Chapter; VP Public Relations; Women’s Leadership ­Network, NY Pfizer­ ­chapter, Communications Committee; ASTD member; Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech ­Trainers Giving back: American Cancer Society Words to live by: What you do today is ­important ­because you are exchanging a day in your life for it Twitter address: @LRRoses Connected via: LinkedIn, Twitter Linda Rosenes helps her colleagues believe they can accomplish anything. With a firm focus on the connection between patients and the pharma industry, Linda Rosenes reminds her colleagues why they do what they do. She was instrumental in creating a grassroots campaign called See the Difference When You Feel Connected. The main message of this campaign is to remind colleagues that the work they do every day could potentially save lives and that the end goal is to work together for a healthier world. Her team hosts quarterly meetings where colleagues get to learn about different departments in Pfizer, see product information from each of the business units, and even meet new colleagues. This empowers and engages Pfizer employees and gets them excited to come to work. In addition, Ms. Rosenes created a sales repository of information for the Pfizer field force. This repository includes information about incentive compensation and goal setting. More recently, she has been challenged to develop a training curriculum around launching the iPad as a single device for field representatives. This is a new approach and the company is moving quickly to develop the technology and training reps at the same time. It has been a great learning experience, Ms. Rosenes says. Next on her list of accomplishments is to take the Feel Connected campaign global. Ms. Rosenes concerns her that the industry is now forced to do more with less and she hopes that when resources are decreased companies don’t skimp on the value they deliver. Always there for her colleagues, Ms. Rosenes makes them believe that they can ­accomplish anything. She is considered a great mentor and is admired for her willingness to go the extra mile for her team members and others who are in need of guidance or a helping hand. Kim Boericke Kim Boericke is second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and taught self-defense classes to women. Kim Boericke can break boards with her bare hands. It’s true, ask her. She began taking Tae Kwon Do with her son when he was 6, and she continues to support the demo team in Raleigh, N.C. Ms. Boericke’s energy and discipline have driven her career in clinical research too. She is widely recognized by her peers as a strategic problem solver who can lead and build teams. Ms. Boericke doesn’t measure success by delivering clinical development programs on time or integrating entire regions into an organization or being promoted into executive leadership positions — all of which she has accomplished time and time again — but by taking a group of individuals and creating a high-performing team. The ability to motivate and lead a team of experts and have them exceed the expectations of the sponsor or management team continues to be her goal. Colleagues say when they start their day, perform their job duties, and interact with colleagues and customers they think of Ms. Boericke and strive to achieve greatness. They say she is the most dynamic person they have worked for in the pharmaceutical industry. In her role as VP, customer operations, customer solutions management group, at Quintiles, it would be easy to be completely metrics-focused, but her attention to the human aspect of the business versus recruitment numbers in an excel file crystallizes for her team members why their roles make a daily impact. She is the consummate professional and never compromises her moral or ethical philosophies before her personal aspirations. Colleagues strive to go the extra mile when working with her. Customers believe in her and know that she is accountable and will always get the job done regardless of the challenge. She says what she means and means what she says and delivers. She truly inspires people because they believe in her and they strive to be better than they are and more than they thought they could be. Beyond her excellent team management skills, Ms. Boericke is very involved in change management with suppliers and sponsors and is an agent of progress and innovation. She is a visionary in the field of data analytics and patient recruitment and has been integral in advancing the integration of data assets and analytics to innovate and streamline country/site selection distribution by integrating evidence-based data from dozens of disparate sources. The most critical of her vision and contributions is the integration of data from a variety of sources as well as developing the means to collate this data into a format that can be interpreted to create an integrated operational plan. She recognizes that data are only valuable if the user can draw the correct conclusions and then create and incorporate an achievable strategy. Furthermore, Ms. Boericke is working to expand upon this model on a global scale. Ms. Boericke is a steering committee member for the U.S. Researcher of the Year award and was a founding member of this award in the United States. This commitment to recognizing talent is exemplified in her personal commitment to mentoring. She says she has received so much support from her mentors over the years and values their insights that she believes it is important to share the knowledge with the up- and-coming leaders. She enjoys working with young talented individuals and watching them grow into successful leaders. Her mentees energize and motivate her to keep growing and pushing herself. Partners, colleagues, and team members admire Ms. Boericke for her demonstrated intelligence, flexibility, and skillful ingenuity across the full range of management and human challenges that are inevitable in the activities and services that comprise global clinical trials oversight and conduct. Passionate. High EnergY. Name: Kim McLean Boericke Current position: VP, Customer Operations, Customer Solutions Management Group, ­Quintiles Inc. Date and place of birth: January 1967; Jersey City, N.J. Education: B.S., Biology, Duke University First job: Assistant Manager, Dunkin’ Donuts First industry-related job: Research ­Technician, Duke University Medical Center Alternative profession: Meeting/events ­planning because she likes to organize and plan things Professional mentors: Her father Professional associations: DIA; ASCO; PMI; HBA; US Clinical Researcher of the Year Awards and honors: President’s award at Quintiles and i3; nominated to attend 100 hours of leadership training at Quintiles; part of a team that won the customer services of the year award while at Ingenix (i3 Research) Giving back: Make-a-Wish; St. Balderick’s; ­children’s charities; cancer organizations Words to live by: Find humor in your everyday life. Laughter keeps you young at heart and happy. Connected via: LinkedIn Kim Boericke is widely ­recognized throughout the­ ­industry as a strategic ­­ p­roblem-solver who can lead and build teams. Tami Klerr-Naivar Balancing Act With an inclusive leadership approach, Tami Klerr-Naivar consistently strikes the right balance for her team members between providing direction and vision and enabling autonomy. In her role as head of global business development at PRA, she also provides balance, ensuring solutions meet the needs of business development and the company as a whole. Her effective leadership has encouraged both veterans and newcomers within the sales organization and throughout the company to meet ambitious goals, reach new customers, and facilitate PRA’s mission to provide innovative drug development solutions. Ms. Klerr-Naivar has a track record of success in CRO business development, relationship management, and clinical operations. She joined PRA’s executive team in 2008 and since that time she has continued to grow the company’s sales with strong performances each year. But it was a challenging time to start a new position — just one month before the economic collapse that forever changed the CRO/partnering environment. Not only was she thrown into a new CRO paradigm, but she also had to rebuild a business development team and meet new sales goals during this uncertain time. As executive VP of global business development, Ms. Klerr-Naivar has six direct reports from VPs to those who are on the ground managing the important field logistics. She never overlooks anyone who works with her, no matter their level, and always maintains a strong appreciation for all who contribute to the success of the team and ultimately the company. She is thoughtful and never fails to add a personal note to her people to let them know of her appreciation for their efforts, no matter how humble the task. A role model to other women in the corporate world, Ms. Klerr-Naivar is a mentor who has helped those she guides to progress up the corporate ladder. She provides guidance on leadership, execution, excellence, collaboration, the value of relationships, and how to navigate the corporate world as a woman. She thrives on bringing people together to get results. She maintains that she has been fortunate in her own career to have people who have looked out for her and have provided her with opportunities to learn, perform, and advance. She in turn tries to pay it forward and help others advance their careers. Tami Klerr-Naivar discovered clinical research in college by being a healthy volunteer in a Phase I trial for a liquid formulation of Motrin. Tami Klerr-Naivar is a brilliant leader who pushes the limits of her abilities as well as infusing her teams with passion. Connector. Organized. Name: Tami Klerr-Naivar­ Current position: Executive VP, Global Business ­Development, PRA Date and place of birth: May 1969; Reading, Pa. Education: B.S., University of Pennsylvania First job: Working at a nursing home First industry-related job: CRA, Norwich Eaton ­Pharmaceuticals Alternative profession: News broadcaster or news show host Professional mentors: Ed Connor, M.D.; Colin ­Shannon Giving back: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; Make-a-Wish Foundation Words to live by: Know what you know, know what you don’t know; pay it forward. Connected via: LinkedIn Joe Martinez Providing Optimal Results Joe Martinez’s attention to detail extends to thoroughly ­understanding his customers to provide the best possible service as well as to understanding the needs of his teams so they can ­perform at the highest level. Getting Personal with joe martinez Family: Wife; three sons Hobbies: Woodworking; writing; all products Apple Reading list: The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia; The Business of Being the Best by Molly Fletcher; Locked On by Tom Clancy Favorite movie: Casablanca Bucket list: Take a picture of the sunset in Key West; drive a Formula 1 race car; go deep sea fishing and­ ­actually catch and release a sailfish or marlin Favorite smartphone app: Flipboard Inspired by: John Wayne and Steve Jobs Life lessons: People do things for their reasons, not yours; the answer is only important if you’re asking the right question; if you listen and pay attention, people will tell you exactly what they need in order to take ­action. Most unusual place visited: The Mayan Ruins at Tulum Under the cloak of invisibility: To the White House, Senate and Congress to hear the different stories ­behind what’s happening and why the decisions are being made Time travel: To the past to the days of Leonardo da Vinci to see what the creative genius was really like; to the future to see if a banana peel can really fuel a ­nuclear reactor on a car Kim Boericke A Dynamic Force The clinical development industry has seen an explosion of new studies initiated as well as a greater concentration in specific therapeutic areas. This has led to greater competition for patients on a global scale. Kim Boericke, VP, customer operations, customer solutions management group, Quintiles, has identified analytics as a means to provide evidence-based decisions in creating a novel strategy and plan of execution versus the current methodologies that have yielded increased costs and slower enrollment times. Ms. Boericke is also a thought leader in the development and implementation of global functional outsourced models and has implemented processes for start up, regulatory, project management, site management, pharmacovigilance, biostatistics, and data management. Beyond her operational expertise, as evidenced by her numerous publications and speaking engagements, Ms. Boericke stands out as a true mentor. She positively influences everyone she meets along the way — peers, colleagues, partners, and even competitors — to strive to do more, to do better, and to go the extra mile on behalf of patients. She also gives back to the community, raising money for St. Baldrick’s Cancer Fund. Team members say Kim Boericke is one of the strongest leaders they have met or worked with in the industry. Getting Personal with kim boericke Family: Husband; children, Chris, 17; Megan, 14 Hobbies: Tae Kwon Do, dance, reading, cooking Reading list: Game of Thrones series Favorite book: Cookbooks Favorite movie: A Knight’s Tale Bucket list: Go back to all the places she traveled to with work and actually see more than a restaurant, a ­conference room, and the hotel Favorite smartphone app: Scrabble Inspired by: Her mother Life lessons: Maintain your integrity; our industry is small and your name and reputation mean everything. Most unusual place visited: Saba, Caribbean Under the cloak of invisibility: Meetings not invited to, to be a fly on the wall Time travel: To the past to the Scottish Highlands when the castles were still standing on the Isle of Mull Tami Klerr-Naivar A Balanced Approach Getting Personal with Tami Klerr-naivar Family: Husband, Charles Naivar; daughters: Madison, 9; Morgan, 7 Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends; ­running, exercise; playing golf Reading list: The Essential Drucker; What Got you Here Won’t Get you There; Mind Mapping for Business Favorite book: The Da Vinci Code Bucket list: Ride in a fighter plane; take children on an African Safari; visit Bali Favorite smartphone apps: FaceTime; Amazon ­Window Shop Inspired by: Bruce Cleland, founder of Team N Training Life lessons: Maintain a balance in life otherwise nothing feels right. Most unusual place visited: The oncology unit of a hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, where a patient was smoking a cigarette Under the cloak of invisibility: The Situation Room of the White House during a crisis Time travel: To the future to 2060 to see how far we have come in curing cancer and advancing medicine Tami Klerr-Naivar’s organizational skills allow her to give the ­appropriate time to ­family, work, friends, fitness, and charity. During her nearly 20 years of working in the clinical trials industry, two career highlights have stood out for Tami Klerr-Naivar. The first, while in clinical operations, was playing an integral role in bringing Synagis and Numax to market, drugs that provide critical treatment benefits to high-risk infants and that help increase their chance of survival. It was, she says, the most important and satisfying research she has ever done. She found it incredibly rewarding to lead such a large project team and coordinate the global aspects of the pivotal trials. The second was when she joined PRA a few years ago and for the first time was responsible for building a global business development team and creating a dynamic and collaborative relationship between business development and operations, virtually from scratch. To establish a strong foundation for this sales and marketing group, she brought her background in clinical operations to the front end of the sales cycle, understanding that to best serve clients it was important to have the right team members aligned with the right opportunities. For Ms. Klerr-Naivar it has been very rewarding to build such a strong BD team, which works very closely with the operations and delivery teams. An active and driven individual, Ms. Klerr-Naivar’s organizational skills enable her to dedicate time to things that matter to her, allowing her to give the appropriate time to family, work, friends, fitness, and charity. Despite a very demanding job, Ms. Klerr-Naivar still finds time to devote to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Not one to approach anything half-heartedly, she was one of the top two fundraisers for LLS at the Disney Half-Marathon this January. It’s not the first time Ms. Klerr-Naivar has run to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She and her husband ran the inaugural San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon in 1998. She says it was a humbling experience, not simply because of the physical demands of the 26-mile run, but because of the success she had with fundraising and knowing the impact it has on helping people. When Ms. Klerr-Naivar heard her nephew had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she dusted off her sneakers and started training for the next LLS marathon. Over the next four years, she used her connections and was a top fundraiser at every race. In January 2012, she was recognized as the No. 2 fundraiser in the country at the Disney marathon. With friends, family, and a nephew now in complete remission, there to cheer her on, it was, she says, one of her proudest moments. It’s this type of caring and commitment that help to make Ms. Klerr-Naivar stand out. Ms. Klerr-Naivar also organized a holiday giving effort at PRA last year, which inspired fundraising events for LLS across numerous PRA offices. Her passion for giving inspires others both inside and outside the company to join the effort and get involved for meaningful causes. Through both her professional and personal achievements she demonstrates her commitment to making a difference. Chuck McLeester The Metrics King Chuck McLeester created the ground-breaking 30-day free Rx trial, which is now a staple in pharma. Chuck McLeester is a pioneer in measuring the value and efficacy of healthcare marketing communications. His identity as a metrics freak is built into his DNA. He was schooled in direct marketing early in his career, and ROI is his raison d’etre. His innovative approach creates world-class solutions for clients. He is passionate about raising the bar for the industry and for his clients by being fully accountable for what he does. He holds himself and others to a higher standard that has not only increased profits for his clients, but has helped to redefine how the direct marketing industry in general measures results. While pharmaceutical marketers were counting NRxs and TRxs, Mr. McLeester was counting the revenue in unrealized customer lifetime value, and calculating how to use the motivational techniques that direct marketers have used for decades to get patients to take their medication longer. Developing ways to measure marketing efficacy is only one piece of the puzzle. Mr. McLeester also tackled the challenge of changing the way brand managers think about problem-solving in building brands. He carefully laid out the complex pieces of the pharma marketing puzzle so brand managers could see the value, and necessity, of applying innovative measurement tools to achieve greater ROI and increase market share. Through mentoring and coaching, he succeeded in getting brand managers to try something new to get better outcomes. Mr. McLeester created ROI models to justify and sell through some of the industry’s first compliance programs, even before the inception of DTC advertising, developing programs with the agency team that increased the average length of therapy for a patient by 18% to 25%. When DTC came on the scene, he seized the opportunity to introduce another direct marketing concept to the pharmaceutical industry: allowable acquisition cost. Back in 1993, working with the team at the agency, Mr. McLeester developed what was then considered a ground-breaking “30-day Free Trial” as a way to measure conversion from DTC respondent to patient. This innovative thinking is now an industry staple. Turning his attention to the professional side of the business, Mr. McLeester analyzed ways to exploit the potential for using non-personal promotion (NPP) to increase sales. Shrinking salesforces, no-see physicians, white space territories and rarely called-on mid-decile physicians all looked like opportunities for measurable marketing initiatives. Analyzing brand and category prescribing data at the physician level gave him and his team the information to customize communications and optimize message content and frequency. He measured ROI of these efforts using a combination of pre-and post-campaign prescribing levels and control cells of physicians whose prescribing habits were matched to those who were exposed to the NPP. Mr. McLeester is currently working to create a model to optimize the mix of available NPP vehicles for a given brand in a specific market scenario. He hopes to develop a predictive tool using applied information economics to forecast ROI from nonpersonal promotion. His goal is to build a quantitative model that predicts the best nonpersonal physician promotion mix for a brand given its target audience, life stage and level of sales support. He remains committed to finding new ways to engage patients in a meaningful dialogue that creates a win-win situation for both the patient and clients’ brands. Today, consumers’ media consumption habits are changing yet the gap between the content vehicles consumers access and the ones industry is serving up is widening. He maintains it’s important to engage consumers in a dialogue about their healthcare and insert the brands that save and prolong lives into that dialogue in a relevant and timely fashion. According to Mr. McLeester, patient adherence remains the greatest challenge for pharmaceutical industry: getting patients to participate by engaging them with relevant and timely information rather than pushing brand messages at them. A career highlight was being part of the team that landed the Patient AOR assignment for Yervoy, BMS’s metastatic melanoma treatment. The fact that BMS chose an agency that had no knowledge of the company’s internal processes, no master service agreement in place, and so on, demonstrated BMS’s trust in the Roska team’s insights into cancer patients and the knowledge and passion for building strong patient relationships. Getting Personal with Chuck McLeester Family: Wife, Betsi; son, Chris, 30; daughter, Madeleine, 29; daughter, Peggy, 27 Hobbies: Guitar playing; cooking and BBQ; throwing parties; bicycling; beach camping Reading list: The Upside of Irrationality: The ­Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and Home by Dan Ariely; Show Me the Numbers: ­Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten by Stephen Few; Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike by Grant Petersen; The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Search for a Perfect Meal in a Fast Food World by Michael Pollan Favorite book: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John ­Irving Favorite movies: The Godfather; The Commitments; The Blues Brothers Bucket list: Dance at his granddaughter’s wedding; take a food and wine tasting tour of Italy; go to Jazz Fest in New Orleans; spend three consecutive nights in blues bars on Beale Street in Memphis; do a century bike ride Favorite smartphone app: TripIt Inspired by: People who aren’t afraid to try new things and fail Life lessons: Never let them see you sweat Most unusual place visited: Backstage at the circus Under the cloak of invisibility: Oval Office Time travel: To the past to Hamburg, Germany, in the early 1960s to see the Beatles play as a bar band Linda Rosenes Progressive Training In her role as senior manager technology training, Linda Rosenes has very broad responsibility for many aspects of Pfizer’s training programs. She is the training lead for the iPad as a single device pilot launch for oncology and is working in cross-functional teams to plan, prioritize, and deliver information, tools, services, and applications to support the complete cohesive user experience. She is also the project training lead for the rollout of CRM software and she has been instrumental in developing course materials and leading the training for the launch of the iPad to established products field forces. In addition, she liaises between vendors used for course material and works with subject matter experts to design and deliver hands-on training presentations. She also develops elearning courses for field forces on system enhancements, policies and procedures, incentive compensation plans, and reports. All the while, she is responsible for managing project budgets and financial processes and applying metrics to training programs to determine their effectiveness. Ms. Rosenes has a strong background as a trainer, both in healthcare and in other industries. She is a member of Toastmasters, New York Pfizer Chapter; is a volunteer for the Women’s Leadership Network, NY Pfizer chapter, communications committee; and received a recognition award from Mayor Bloomberg for volunteering with NY Cares for the first anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Linda Rosenes has a strong background as a trainer, both in healthcare and in other industries. Getting Personal with Linda rosenes Family: Five nieces; two nephews Hobbies: Bike riding; movies, travel Reading list: Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail Favorite book: Invisible Thread Favorite movie: Beaches Bucket list: Hang gliding; travel to Australia Favorite smartphone app: Around Me Inspired by: Fran Maiden Life lessons: Do not let people see what your triggers are; keep your emotions in check Most unusual place visited: The Dead Sea in Israel Under the cloak of invisibility: Oval Office Time travel: To the future to a time when she could travel in space and walk on the moon

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