The Commanders & Chiefs

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Taren Grom, Editor

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Adrian Adams    Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
Rich Altus    PDR Network
Matt Baker    Compass IRB
J. Martin Carroll    Boehringer Ingelheim
Leo Francis, Ph.D.    Publicis Healthcare
Communications Group
Lisa Costantino    EMD Serono
David de Graaf, Ph.D.    Selventa
Asaf Evenhaim    Crossix Solutions
Karen Ferrante, M.D.    Millennium:
The Takeda Oncology Company
Kelly Gratz    inVentiv Commercial Solutions
Mark Hanley    Clinical Research Advantage
Rick Keefer    Publicis Touchpoint Solutions
Ian Kelly    Red Nucleus
Roger Korman, Ph.D.    DMD/Aptilon
Laurent Labrune    Cegedim Relationship Management
Sanjit Singh Lamba    Eisai Pharmatechnology
Jeffrey Litwin, M.D.    eResearch Technology
Tina Nova, Ph.D.    Genoptix, a Novartis company
Jim Ogle    INC Research
Michael Parisi    Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
Adelene Perkins    Infinity Pharmaceuticals
Jack Phillips    Roche Diagnostics
Robert Previdi    PSKW
Michael Rutstein    Strikeforce Communications
Ed Seguine    Clinical Ink
Todd Sherer, Ph.D.    The Michael J. Fox
Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Donato Tramuto    Physicians Interactive Holdings
Steve Viviano    ICC Lowe
Anna Walz    Medisys Health Communications
Stephen Wray    Cadient Group

The Commanders & Chiefs
Performance Leaders
These life-sciences C-suite executives are leading their companies and groups
with tenacity, determination, and courage amid myriad market challenges and opportunities.

Richard Altus
Contagious Enthusiasm

s a forward-thinking leader dedicated to advancing patient care, Rich Altus is spearheading efforts to drive patient safety through the use of electronic health records (EHRs).
Innovation has been the hallmark of Mr. Altus’ management style at every phase of his career. That continues at the highest level at PDR, where he is charting the company’s next phase of growth, expanding its digital product offerings, and accelerating the integration of its content and services into EHR systems, all with the goal of advancing patient care.
Mr. Altus’ passionate belief in EHRs as the agent of radical change in the way healthcare providers care for patients is contagious, and his expertise in healthcare makes it relatable to practicing physicians.
A strategic team builder and leader, Mr. Altus also has a zest for life and improving health. Comfortable in his own skin, Mr. Altus is gregarious, and his leadership style is genuine, smart, and positive. He believes in being held accountable to both business associates and family.
He says his toughest task to date was managing and motivating a 100-person workforce through the last economic crisis, which required balancing his desire to provide job security while ensuring the ongoing viability of a business concern.
Mr. Altus works hard and yet always seeks to balance work and family, encouraging others to do the same. When he’s not leading PDR’s growth opportunities, he is spending time with his wife and two teenagers, both honor students and star athletes, biking, or skiing. In addition, he is a gourmet cook and wine hobbyist.
He gives back extensively to his community, including to Penn State University, where his son and daughter are studying, and to Chester County Futures, which provides underprivileged students an opportunity to take advantage of a quality secondary education.
Mr. Altus would one day like to work as a college professor, to give back and help the next generation learn from real-life practitioners and leaders.

Rich Altus has been to more than 25 Bruce Springsteen concerts.

Gregarious. Accountable.
Name: Richard Altus
Current position: President, PDR Network
Date and place of birth: Sept. 18, 1958; ­Philadelphia
Education: B.S., business administration, Drexel University
First job: Lifeguard
First industry-related job: Auditor, KPMG
Alternative profession: College professor
Professional mentors: Barry M. Abelson, partner in the Commercial Department of Pepper ­Hamilton LLP; Per Lofberg, Executive VP, CVS Caremark Corp. and President of Caremark Pharmacy Services
Giving back: Penn State University, Chester County Futures
Words to live by: Work hard/play hard
Connected via: Facebook and LinkedIn

Donato Tramuto
Transforming Lives

Donato Tramuto studied for seven years to become a Roman Catholic priest.
Leadership, passion, commitment, and expertise sum up Donato Tramuto. He sets an example across the industry, not only in his leadership of Physicians Interactive (PI), but through his philanthropic commitment to better healthcare and his community.
At a time when the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, Mr. Tramuto actively anticipates industry needs and is leading Physicians Interactive to become one of the top providers of digital health solutions that connect and create new value between healthcare professionals and life-sciences companies.
Under Mr. Tramuto’s leadership, PI is transforming and enabling physicians and life-sciences companies to better connect using the latest in mobile, Web, and electronic health record resources. The end results of these efforts lie in improved care delivery and patient outcomes.
He has created an entrepreneurial environment with a focus on strategy and execution. Each team member is empowered to drive change and contribute to the development of organizational goals and commitments.
Since suffering hearing loss at age 7, which left him without hearing for almost 10 years, Mr. Tramuto has learned to never give up on any dream and goal. It’s the reason why simply running a healthcare company is not enough to feed his appetite to make a difference in the world.
To that end, he works tirelessly to give back to the community and create opportunities through his generous philanthropic efforts.
Mr. Tramuto serves as chairman and founder of the Tramuto Foundation, a non-profit organization he created in 2001 to help disadvantaged youth reach their educational goals. The foundation also helps young people in the United States and developing countries learn English and prepare for career opportunities. He has made healthcare a priority for the foundation through the support of several projects, including initiatives at orphanages and HIV/AIDS clinics. Since its inception, the foundation has helped more than 40 young people attend college and made more than $500,000 in charitable contributions.
Last year, Mr. Tramuto founded and launched another nonprofit organization, Health eVillages in partnership with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. This organization empowers physicians to improve the quality of medical care delivery in the most challenging clinical environments, anywhere in the world, by providing the latest in mobile healthcare technologies.
To date these efforts are raising care quality in remote locations in Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, China, as well as at home in places such as rural Louisiana.
Mr. Tramuto also has made notable contributions to the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) where he is a valued member of the Dean’s Advisory Board. BUSPH actively sought his time and counsel in evaluating strategic plans developed by the school’s leadership team, and his business acumen is the type of cross-disciplinary talent that the school tries to cultivate in its students. Mr. Tramuto also serves in honored appointments that further the advancement of quality healthcare, serving on the Governor’s Economic Council in the State of Maine, the Board of Trustees for Regis College, the Duke University Fuqua Health Sector Advisory Council, and the Leadership Council for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. And most recently, an appointed board member to the RFK Center in Europe.
Mr. Tramuto also seeks to guide BUSPH students as they seek career paths. He has served as a career seminar speaker, and he has taken the time to follow up on his meetings with students in the health policy and management track to advocate and network on behalf of their placements in both practicum experiences and jobs.
Mr. Tramuto also finds time to serve as an elected official in the town of Ogunquit, Maine, having won his first term as a write-in candidate in 2006 and reelection to a second term in 2009. He has been re-elected five consecutive years as chairman of the board of selectmen.
Ultimately, he would like to be governor of Maine, in the hope of addressing the challenges of affordable healthcare and the economy. He believes his experience and knowledge could be beneficial in supporting healthcare reform in a way that repairs not only the system, but also the economic metrics that would help make healthcare affordable.

Donato Tramuto is an exceptional leader and visionary who consistently exhibits a tireless dedication to ­improving the lives of others.
Energetic. Grateful.
Name: Donato J. Tramuto
Current position: CEO, Vice Chairman, Founder, ­Physicians Interactive Holdings
Date and place of birth: July 30, 1956; New York
Education: B.A., philosophy/psychology, Wadhams Hall ­Seminary College
First job: Professor at Gannon University
First industry-related job: Marion Laboratories
Alternative profession: Governor of Maine
Professional mentors: Jeannine Rivet, UnitedHealth; Glen Tullman and Lee Shapiro, Allscripts; Norman Selby, Perseus Private Equity
Professional associations: Maine Municipal Association; Duke University Fuqua Health Sector Advisory Board; Boston University School of Public Health Dean’s Advisory Board; Regis College Board of Trustees; Physicians ­Interactive Board of Directors; Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Leadership Council;
Chairman of Health eVillages; Chairman of the Tramuto Foundation; Governor’s appointment to the State of Maine Economic Growth Council
Awards and honors: 1992 Leadership Award, Caremark, for launch of HIV in the Workplace Program; 2005 Most ­Innovative, UnitedHealth Group for launch of I3 Drug ­Aperio; 2005 ­PharmaVOICE 100; 2009 PharmaVOICE 100; 2012 Boston Globe, 1 of the 12 Innovators for Massachusetts
Giving back: RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights
Words to live by: Everything in moderation, including moderation
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Robert Previdi
Consumer Activist

Bob Previdi won an ­Italian cooking contest.
An innovator and visionary, Bob Previdi has a read on the industry, the ever-changing pharma landscape, and consumers’ needs. He has the uncanny ability to identify and develop innovative technological and support vehicles for consumers to start on and maintain therapy.
Since PSKW’s inception, Mr. Previdi’s ideas for multiple channels of co-pay assistance have revolutionized the prescription co-pay market. In fact, he has been dubbed the founding father of co-pay.
His foresight provided the foundation for pharmacy-based adjudicated co-pay processing, allowing pharma companies to efficiently and financially control benefit programs to patients.
Against stiff competition in this space, ever-changing government regulations, and intense payer pressure, Mr. Previdi has been unrelenting in building processes for successful use of these unique patient benefits.
He listens to brand teams and develops creative solutions that address both their business objectives and financial challenges. For example, he developed an enterprise pricing model for pharma companies that reduces costs across brands that share the same offering; this changed the way that companies think about pricing structures and provided pharma with tremendous program savings.
His perseverance and innovative focus are inspirational to all those who work for him, with him, and against him on these programs, not to mention the patients who continue to stay on their medications longer due to these pro-adherence based programs.
Before PSKW brought the concept of additional co-pay assistance to light, this was an untapped resource for most patients in need. Now, co-pay programs can be obtained by virtually any physician, pharmaceutical representatives use them as a sales tool, and patients can even download them and print them from the Internet.
He continues to think about things differently and has developed strategic partnerships to take advantage of technology that provides his clients with solutions in new and growing channels, such as creative payment options, e-prescribing, smart apps, and tailored consumer and physician messaging.
Despite his innovative approach, he leads through quiet determination, never making snap decisions or assessments as he steers his company into the future.
Inside the company, Mr. Previdi encourages each employee to become an expert in his or her role. He provides unlimited autonomy yet is extremely accessible, approachable, collaborative, and encouraging when advice and feedback are needed.
Fair in everything he does, Mr. Previdi says this is not only the right way to do business but it’s the only way relationships and agreements can thrive. He also delivers a personal touch, encouraging employees’ outside interests, their children’s development, and local community service projects.

Bob Previdi has tirelessly ­prototyped solutions that ­transcend the usual ­adversarial approaches
and address the causal
level of problems.

Fair. Creative.
Name: Robert G. Previdi
Current position: Chairman and CEO, PSKW LLC
Date and place of birth: Aug. 20, 1960;
Passaic, N.J.
Education: B.S., marketing, Rowan University
First job: Restaurant dish washer
First industry-related job: Pharmaceutical ­representative, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Alternative profession: U.S. senator
Professional mentors: His father; Steve ­Freeman, PSKW
Professional associations: Alpha Phi Delta ­National Fraternity; Rowan University Alumni Association
Awards and honors: ?No. 1 Fastest Growing Company in New Jersey, 2010; Fastest Growing ­Company in New Jersey, 2011; Inc. magazine Fastest Growing ­Private Companies; Ernst & Young ­2012 Entrepreneur of the Year New
Jersey, Marketing and Advertising
Giving back: USO
Words to live by: Think big, be big
Connected via: LinkedIn

Matt Baker
A Steady Force

Matt Baker is a consistent force in the global IRB community. As president and CEO of Compass IRB, the company he founded almost six years ago, Mr. Baker is not only well-respected by his U.S. colleagues, but he is making his presence felt globally.
In the past year, he has been invited to speak in China at the 2011 International Conference on Ethical Review on IRB responsibilities and the importance of informed consent. In turn, Mr. Baker hosted a delegation of individuals from China who came to America to attend the annual AAHRPP conference where he joined them again to speak and to attend educational sessions regarding human research protection programs. He plans to make another trip to China in late 2012 to travel to several different hospitals and IRBs to provide IRB training and work with the institutions to provide advice on human subject protection.
With a passion for protecting the rights of human subjects and upholding the highest ethical standards and the desire to create meaningful and empowering relationships with his team of directors at Compass, clients, peers, and colleagues, it’s no wonder he continues to acquire new fans each year.
Mr. Baker was instrumental in positioning Compass to receive full AAHRPP accreditation. This accomplishment is a testament to his and his team’s hard work and commitment and he is proud to carry the gold seal of AAHRPP accreditation.
Always on the look out for ways to improve clinical processes, thereby making trials safer for humans, Mr. Baker believes improving efficiencies is the greatest challenge facing the industry and also the greatest opportunity.
Mr. Baker strives to create an environment that allows his staff members to think outside of the boundaries of their own comfort level. And with an uncanny ability to sense when his staff needs to be praised and reassured, he motivates with a thoughtful perspective toward the most appropriate path to follow and inspires those around him to take the higher road.
A leader by example, Mr. Baker says it’s very important to share what he considers to be strong qualities, including trust.

Matt Baker strives to create an environment that allows his staff to think outside of the box.
Energetic. Compassionate.
Name: Matt Baker
Current position: President and CEO,
Compass IRB LLC
Date and place of birth: February 1974; San Diego
Education: B.A., Weber State
Giving back: Boy Scouts
Words to live by: Work hard.
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Anna Walz
A Focused
Anna Walz was the lead singer in a college rock band called Delight in Disorder.

Leading her company with innovative thinking and planning, Anna Walz staged a successful relaunch of Medisys in 2011 by radically downsizing the company.
She eliminated more than three-quarters of its revenue-generating service and product offerings and streamlined the company to focus on the development and implementation of ISIS, an innovative methodology for scientific platform development and strategic message evolution.
This led to the creation of a new, uninhabited market space for Medisys. It also led to 100% revenue growth since December 2010.
While Medisys has come through the process streamlined, focused, and successful, Ms. Walz says it was a difficult journey, particularly as it meant re-engineering the company she founded 1999 around a novel/emerging therapeutic specialty called immune mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID). This focus allowed the organization to play a pivotal role in the development and launch of several major biologic agents while affording Ms. Walz and her team the opportunity to become integral players in the early biotech space.
Recognizing there was a need to move the company forward to address the emerging demands of Pharma 3.0, Ms. Walz’s achievements are consistent with her motto — just do it, don’t just talk about it.
She is a determined leader, knowing there is always a way to get around an obstacle or problem, and at the same time she maintains a positive attitude, which she believes creates good karma.
A cheerleader for all those around her, Ms. Walz has a knack for making others feel more enthusiastic, confident, and capable and she takes up everyone’s cause as her own.
Ms. Walz always makes time for young women entering the business world, noting there are so many unique challenges and opportunities for them along the way.
She says that since she had the good fortune to have a mentor who taught her everything about the medical communications business and went to bat for her — Liz Bloink — she likes to pass that along to other young women.
Not only is this well-rounded, charming, and hard-working CEO an inspiring entrepreneur, but Ms. Walz has also been very active with United Way for 10 years. On the local level, the Hunterdon N.J. Healthcare System, Hunterdon Medical Center, and Hunterdon Regional Community Healthcare all benefit from her voluntary participation on boards and committees.

Anna Walz is not only an accomplished business leader, she is a leader in her community.
Determined. Positive.
Name: Anna Walz
Current position: CEO, Medisys Health ­Communications
Date and place of birth: September 1969;
Hoboken, N.J.
Education: B.A., Seton Hall University
First job: Short order cook, father’s luncheonette
First industry-related job: Synermed
Alternative profession: Business coach
Professional mentors: Liz Bloink; Rich Bilancia
Professional associations: Healthcare ­Businesswomen’s Association; Entrepreneur ­Organization (EO); National Minority Supplier Diversity Council; Women’s Business Enterprise National ­Council; Diversity Alliance for Science
Awards and honors: Enterprising Women of the Year Award; Diversity for Science, Supplier of the Year; ­Marcom, Platinum Award; Stevie Awards, Honorable Mention; one of top 100 diverse business in the U.S. by; acceptance into the Tuck WBENC Executive Program
Giving back: Women’s Health and Counseling Center; United Way of Hunterdon County; America’s
Words to live by: Just do it
Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook

Dr. Jeffrey Litwin
Putting his Heart Into Quality Research

Dr. Jeff Litwin can write simultaneously forward with his right hand and backward with his left hand.
Dr. Jeff Litwin combines ­knowledge and experience, with a passion for ­innovation and a ­constant drive for ­improvement.
Combining a passion for medical science, innovation, and exceptional business acumen, Jeff Litwin, M.D., is one of a kind.
Under his astute leadership, eResearch Technology (ERT) has invested heavily in the continuing development of its scientific and professional staff, supporting a large number of pharmaceutical companies and investigator sites around the globe.
But when he joined ERT the company had eroding margins and was in the midst of developing a new operating system. He helped to oversee a tremendous period of growth and leverage ERT’s new operating system and improve quality at the same time.
In addition, Dr. Litwin has played, and continues to play, an integral part in the overall industry effort to enhance clinical trial processes to ensure the efficient and safe development of new and potentially life-changing therapies.
Dr. Litwin continuously looks for alternative opportunities and innovative solutions to improve and, in many cases, revolutionize processes within the healthcare industry.
He is recognized among his peers as a key player in the drive for developing solutions and processes that enable reliable, high-quality data collection. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the clinical research domain and adjacent markets of Phase IV safety surveillance and healthcare, Dr. Litwin is committed to innovation and improving the clinical trial process.
Always striving to do things differently, Dr. Litwin isn’t afraid to question the industry and how it operates. He has been instrumental in advocating the design of innovative ECG and Holter technologies, which have improved efficiencies while keeping in line with increasingly stringent regulations.
One of the biggest challenges the industry needs to overcome is inertia and there is a need for innovation. In today’s digital age, the opportunities to improve the clinical trial process are boundless, yet most studies are still conducted in a manner that does not optimize the chances of success.
Dr. Litwin strives to succeed but takes great care to treat people in a manner in which he would like to be treated. He loves mentoring others, saying it is an opportunity that is too often overlooked by senior managers, but can change the lives of those being mentored, which he finds satisfying both professionally and personally. He manages people to change processes, empowering them to do what is needed.
He looks forward to working with venture capital or private equity groups to improve the performance of companies that have good products but poor profitability.

Personable. Persistent.
Name: Jeffrey Litwin, M.D.
Current position: President and CEO, eResearch­ ­
Date and place of birth: March 13, 1958; Brooklyn, N.Y.
Education: B.S., City College of New York; M.D., Meharry Medical College
First job: Cardiologist in private practice
First industry-related job: Associate director, ­medical affairs, Wyeth-Ayerst
Alternative profession: Chief of Staff at the White House
Professional mentors: Joel Morganroth; Stuart Shapiro
Professional associations: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society; American College of Cardiology; ­American Medical Association; Drug Information ­Association; Metrics Champion Consortium
Awards and honors: Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Giving back: The Hemophilia Foundation
Words to live by: Men make plans and God laughs

Michael Rutstein
A Force for

In a college advertising class, Mike Rutstein was chosen to be the Cracker Jack Kid.
Mike Rutstein has been an inspirational leader to both the people who work for him as well as his contemporaries, inspiring them to push the envelope, to be the best they can be, and to never settle.

Observing opportunities for excellence comes easily to Mike Rutstein.
He inspires others with his entrepreneurial spirit, his relentless passion to build new products, and his signature approach to driving business. Mr. Rutstein thinks outside of the box, shakes the branches, and changes the game.
He combines his vast healthcare industry experience, which ranges from large to small organizations, with a unique ability to shift between the strategic and tactical, conceptual and tangible.
A leader in creating innovative approaches to healthcare communications, Mr. Rutstein’s no-excuses philosophy and commitment to uncovering the driving insights for marketing brands are what make his agency’s creative unique. He is relentless in his desire to overthrow tradition and buck the norm.
Mr. Rutstein can make assessments of key insights, people, and audience dynamics and, in so doing, quickly articulate the problem and provide meaningful solutions.
Solutions-oriented and not afraid to make hard decisions, Mr. Rutstein established a new agency model in Strikeforce Communications, which has gained considerable industry traction, acceptance, and praise. Strikeforce has pioneered a different way for clients to engage in best-in-class solutions through a flexible, efficient, nimble set of agency partnerships.
Mr. Rutstein continuously pushes to deliver provocative work through his new open source agency business model, which he believes will change the shape of the traditional agency world. He is a true brand champion with a dedication to great creative that never waivers.
His philosophy of pairing the agency talent with the clients’ needs fosters not only the right chemistry to deliver the best thinking and creative product, but in the end delivers the best business results with optimal efficiency.
Mr. Rutstein maintains we live in an era of paradox, with more at our fingertips in terms of technology and intellectual property than ever before, yet the industry struggles to innovate, adapt, and adopt new ways of doing business.
An excellent leader with a direct and purposeful communication style, Mr. Rutstein raises the bar for others, enabling his colleagues to address their clients in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Relentless. Iconoclastic.
Name: Michael S. Rutstein
Current position: Founder and CEO, Strikeforce ­Communications LLC
Date and place of birth: Aug. 16, 1969; Springfield, Mass.
Education: B.S., advertising, Syracuse University, S.I. ­Newhouse School of Public Communications
First job: Selling watches at It’s About Time
First industry-related job: Market research assistant, Sudler & Hennessey
Alternative profession: Fiction writer
Professional mentors: Barry Siegel
Professional associations: Young Entrepreneurs ­Organization; Children First
Awards and honors: Nominated AdAge 40 under 40; Best Consumer Healthcare Agency; PharmaVOICE 100 twice; Agency Vision Award Finalist; Most unique ­campaign, back to back award for Alcon; Most ­Compelling Campaign, Alcon; Best Drug Launch, Gold; Best Consumer Print, Silver; Best Website Finalist, Best Consumer Campaign Finalist; Best ­Integrated Campaign Finalist; Best TV finalist
Giving back: Children First; ASPCA; Make A Wish
Words to live by: Think different
Connected via: Facebook, LinkedIn

Adelene Perkins
Citizen Ownership
Under Adelene Perkins’ leadership, Infinity Pharmaceuticals is taking a unique approach to building a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company. The hallmark of this approach is a strong emphasis on citizen-ownership, a culture in which employees have a stake in the company and work together as a community.
Infinity’s mission is to build a company capable of sustainably discovering, developing, and delivering to patients innovative, important new medicines that make a material difference in their health, well-being, and lives.
The cross-functional team dynamic Ms. Perkins fosters harnesses the Infinity leadership team’s collective track record of building successful companies and developing new medicines. Infinity’s collaborative atmosphere has resulted in a broad pipeline that targets life-threatening diseases with high unmet need and ensures the company’s future is not dependent on any single product.
She believes that how the company collaborates on the discovery and development of important medical innovations is essential to its overall success. Ms. Perkins has executed on a three-pronged strategy in building Infinity, leveraging a great team to create a strong product portfolio, which in turn ensures access to the capital necessary to pursue the full potential of its pipeline.
Ms. Perkins thrives on challenges, believing it would be crazy to pursue such an inherently difficult, risky, and expensive undertaking of building a company that can sustainably discover, develop, and deliver important new medicines to patients if it weren’t so darn worthwhile. Through her acute business acumen and faith in her team’s ability Infinity is perfectly positioned to create medicines that will have a lasting impact on patients’ lives. She is equally inspired by both the challenge and the possibility and looks forward to getting Infinity’s first drug to patients.
Ms. Perkins recognizes that all creative and challenging endeavors depend on an inspirational spark that originates with an individual and is translated into value by a team. The company culture that she cherishes and nurtures recognizes that sustainable innovation can only flourish in a community that supports and appreciates the inspired action of each individual in driving the team forward.
As citizen-owners, everyone at Infinity recognizes that their success will come as a result of living the company’s values every day.
Ms. Perkins brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and passion to creating and achieving bold visions with others. She tries to complement the high expectations she has for her organization with kindness and empathy.
In those rare moments when her energy may wane, she wishes she could be in the locker room at half time of the 1985 NCAA championship Villanova basketball team, to hear how Rollie Massimino inspired the Wildcats to their unlikely victory over Georgetown.

Adelene Perkins’ first three traffic accidents were with police cars.
Under Adelene Perkins’ leadership, Infinity has ­developed a unique approach to building a fully ­integrated biopharmaceutical company.
Dynamic. Gracious.
Name: Adelene Quigley Perkins
Current position: President and CEO, Infinity ­Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Date and place of birth: April 27, 1957; Pittsfield, Mass.
Education: BChE, Villanova University; MBA, Harvard Business School
First job: Lifeguard
First industry-related job: Genetics Institute
Professional mentors: Her father, Gabe Schmergel; Tuan Ha Ngoc; Norman Selby; Steve Holtzman; Arnie Levine; Eric Lander; Ginger Graham; Julian Adams
Awards and honors: Best Places to Work Award by Boston Business Journal and The Scientist for five ­consecutive years 2008-2012; Top 100 Women-Led Businesses by The Commonwealth Institute and BBJ, 2010 and 2011; Villanova University 2010 Engineering Alumni Achievement Award; Stevie Award for Women in Business: 2009 Best Executive; Women ­Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology, 2009 ­Leadership Award
Giving back: Project Hope
Words to live by: Have the courage of your convictions
Twitter address: @INFIPharma

Dr. Leo Francis
True Team Leader

Leadership qualities are about far more than personal success and company advancement. To those who have been mentored by Leo Francis, Ph.D., he shines as someone who leads by encouraging others to do their best.
Top of mind for Dr. Francis are quality management, respecting individuals, leading by example, and communicating clearly in order to engage at different levels.
With infectious energy, Dr. Francis inspires colleagues and clients alike by using his experience and insights to help them progress in their careers, and encourages those he mentors to consider how they can influence and become role models for other individuals who have started on the road of leadership. He rewards collaboration and celebrates his teams’ successes.
Dr. Francis says it is a privilege to be asked to mentor and to be seen as someone who can unselfishly help/support another person to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.
Dr. Francis been instrumental in creating the future strategy and core essence of the medical communications agency of the future, which is centered around creating clinical value.
His understanding and forethought of how social and behavioral science, analytics, and measurement will lead medical communications in entirely new directions show that he is truly a person ahead of his time. For example, Dr. Francis has elegantly illustrated the importance of integrated campaigns for marketing strategies that succeed.
He is passionate about transforming medical communications into the vehicle to create clinical value and truly change patient outcomes.
The biggest challenge, he says, will be redefining or reframing how the industry serves patients’ health interests in this new health environment by continually demonstrating real measurable outcomes/benefits.

Dr. Leo Francis empowers others to achieve their goals and motivates them to exceed those goals.
Dr. Leo Francis met Chris Rock in a restaurant line waiting for pizza in Vermont while skiing.

Charismatic. Passionate.
Name: Leo Patrick Francis, Ph.D.
Current position: Group President, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
Date and place of birth: August; Birmingham, U.K.
Education: BSc (Hons), Bristol Polytechnic, UK; Ph.D., physiology and pharmacology, University of Central Lancashire, UK
First job: Newspaper delivery
First industry-related job: Clinical research associate, Gensia Europe Ltd.
Alternative profession: Presenting or hosting Top Gear, a TV car program
Professional mentors: Dr. Dennis N. Joseph
Professional associations: Healthcare ­Businesswoman’s Association (HBA)
Awards and honors: 2010, 2012 PharmaVOICE 100
Giving back: UNICEF
Words to live by: Live a life without regret
Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Naymz, Plaxo

James Ogle
Courage and Aptitude

Jim Ogle has outstanding insights into both the CRO and the pharma industries and an astute understanding of what it takes for a biopharmaceutical company to succeed in this economy.
Jim Ogle attended Alabama
during the Bear Bryant years.

Turning a young company into a CRO that can compete with the biggest companies in the industry requires decisiveness. But Jim Ogle has found it also requires an ability to listen to others and a willingness to adjust a decision when presented with new information.
Mr. Ogle has outstanding insight into both the CRO and the pharma industries and has an astute understanding of what it takes for a biopharmaceutical company to succeed in this economy.
Long before the metrics-driven dashboards common in the industry today, his company INC Research was collecting and analyzing metrics to help improve delivery and create customer satisfaction. This approach was driven by Mr. Ogle’s view that the CRO industry is, at its heart, driven by project management. He has instilled this focus throughout the company.
He understands that fundamentally companies must innovate or die and always be prepared for the next step. With that in mind, he has transformed INC Research into an award-winning global CRO, leveraging leadership skills acquired as an officer in the U.S. Army and matured via continuous learning.
Last year, he led INC Research through three major acquisitions, including AVOS Consulting, Kendle International, and Trident Clinical Research.
Few people understand how complex it is to integrate one acquisition. Yet, in a year where three such acquisitions transformed the company into one of the top global CROs, INC Research never lost focus on its mission of quality delivery to customers. In fact, the company was named the most consistent for quality delivery in the annual ISR CRO benchmarking report.
He rates the successful integration of INC Research and Kendle as one of the biggest highlights of his careers, saying the acquisition of Kendle was truly transformative and has elevated INC Research to a position as a top global CRO.
His unwavering focus and ability to bring together diverse teams from multiple companies and form them into a cohesive unit is an inspiration to everyone around him.
The next step is to continue to recruit additional talent and prepare INC Research for the future, because there is always a next step in the CRO industry.
From an industry perspective, he believes it is vital that sponsor companies move into partnering relationships as opposed to vendor relationships that too often are labeled as “partnerships.” Any deal that is too one-sided will never produce the desired results, he cautions. Rather, CROs need to work with the biopharmaceutical industry to take the costs out of the drug development process, and not just drive the margins down.
Mr. Ogle’s military background has provided dividends for the companies he has had the opportunity to lead. His precision and attention to detail are admired by many. His service in the U.S. Army also influences him outside of the office. He is a big supporter of charities that support veterans, particularly those who have been wounded or disabled in the service to their country.

Decisive. Introverted.
Name: James T. Ogle
Current position: Chairman and CEO, INC ­Research LLC
Date and place of birth: December 1943; Newark, N.J.
Education: B.S., U.S. Military Academy at West Point; M.S., Industrial Engineering (MSIE), University of Alabama; U.S. Army Command and General Staff College; ­Industrial College of the Armed Forces
First job: Armor Officer, U.S. Army
First industry-related job: President, ERC Bioservices Corp.
Awards and honors: Fast 50, a list of the fastest-growing ­private companies in the Raleigh-Durham,?N.C., area
Professional mentors: Frank Hurley, Ph.D., Biometrics ­Research Institute
Professional associations: ACRO
Giving back: Veteran’s organizations
Words to live by: If you do the right thing, you’ll ­ultimately be rewarded
Twitter address: @INC_Research

Ian Kelly
Creating a

In 2007, Ian Kelly took a risk and bought the struggling life-sciences training business he was working for and created Red Nucleus.
He wasn’t looking to start or own a business. In fact, he was very happy being an employee, but when the leadership of the company was unable to turn a profit, he knew it was either take a risk or see his colleagues lose their jobs.
He believed in the people who worked with him and knew given the right environment and leadership, they would thrive. It was a significant challenge and he put everything on the line to make it happen.
Four years later, not only is the company culture thriving but under Mr. Kelly’s leadership, Red Nucleus has been transformed into an innovative leader within the life-sciences training industry.
Under his caring leadership, Mr. Kelly has developed the business into a thriving enterprise, employing almost 50 staff members; doubling revenue; successfully serving more than 40 clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries; and winning dozens of industry awards along the way.
In particular, he is most proud of Red Nucleus being named one of the top two Best Places to Work in New Jersey in 2009 and 2010, and New Jersey’s “Best Place to Work” for the past two years.
Mr. Kelly dedicates his time to guiding the business, fostering the company culture, marketing and networking with clients and other suppliers, and using his vision to keep Red Nucleus on the forefront of learning and technology.
Typical for Mr. Kelly, he credits the company’s employees with Red Nucleus’ success.
His boundless energy and enthusiasm for what he does has inspired that entrepreneurial spirit in all of his employees, encouraging everyone to keep their eyes and mind open for opportunities and look for ways that to fill gaps.

Ian Kelly leads by example, makes the best business decisions for both clients and Red Nucleus, and makes the office a fun and open environment where everyone is heard and their ­opinions matter.

Ian Kelly kicked a soccer ball over the wall of the USSR embassy in Dublin, Ireland. The next morning, the soccer ball was back in his front yard; the embassy was more than a mile away.

Spontaneous. Gregarious.
Name: Ian Edward Kelly
Current position: President, Red Nucleus
Date and place of birth: October 1969; Woodbury, N.J.
Education: B.A., marketing and finance, Drexel
First job: Newspaper boy, Gloucester County Times
First industry-related job: National accounts ­manager, Multimedia Healthcare/Freedom
Alternative profession: School teacher
Professional mentors: Kevin Kruse; Rocky Leavelle
Professional associations: Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers; American Society for Training and Development
Awards and honors: Best Places to Work in NJ; ­Emerging Business of the Year Finalist, Brandon Hall ­Excellence in Learning Awards; Aurora Awards; ­Communicator Awards; Davey Awards; Hermes Creative Awards; ­Horizon Interactive Awards; MarCom Awards; Summit International Awards
Giving back: Special Olympics
Words to live by: Work hard, play hard

Rick Keefer
Courageous Visionary

Afive-time PharmaVOICE 100 honoree, Rick Keefer continues to inspire his team members, his colleagues, his peers, and his clients by combining a client-focused approach with integrity and strong values.
Leading Publicis Touchpoint Solutions by example, he has taken the agency through a comprehensive re-engineering, moving the organization from a single-focused supplier into a much larger, diverse, robust, and multi­focused organization.
He has the ability to implement a plan by listening, strategizing, and following through, and ensures the company collaborates with clients, aligning its goals with theirs and forging a true partnership in which top results are delivered.
A well-respected leader, Mr. Keefer has a solid understanding of how each department in the company contributes to the organization’s overall success, while keeping the big picture in sight.
He establishes processes and provides his staff members with the tools needed to master important tasks and reach their professional and strategic goals.
Truly valuing those who work for him, Mr. Keefer can relate to employees on every level and believes in sharing the company’s successes with the entire team.
He feels passionately about the vision and mission of the organization and can communicate his passion to others.
Confidence is paramount in great leaders and Mr. Keefer is both self-assured in his leadership role and as a person. This sureness inspires confidence in others and draws out the best efforts of his team members. He knows how to dig through problems, get to the core, and help others to solve an issue.
In the face of change, he believes it is important to be courageous in unchartered waters, and to adapt to a shifting life-sciences model one must be open to proactive transformation. All organizations are being challenged to meet customers’ shifting needs, and to do so the strategy and direction needs to be clear and well-communicated, leadership qualities that Mr. Keefer not only embodies but develops in his team members.
Mr. Keefer is open to the opinions and input of others. He brings in industry experienced team members, which Touchpoint’s partners find invaluable, and fosters a collaborative team spirit.
He understands the power of technology and the role it plays in communications with healthcare providers and patients. More importantly, he knows how to translate this into delivering a better customer service experience. He has already piloted iPads with some customers and is consulting with others on next steps.
Government regulations have become increasingly important and in response, Mr. Keefer has appointed a compliance officer to ensure that Touchpoint’s compliance platform is one of the best in the industry.
Mr. Keefer knows how to continually adapt to keep his agency at the forefront of a changing industry.
He has challenged the company’s leadership team to become change agents and bring innovative, new business solutions to clients.
Though he says he can be described as relentless for better or worse, Mr. Keefer holds onto the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth doing right.
Creative by nature, Mr. Keefer enjoys woodworking, in particular building furniture and clocks. His creative affinity has served him well in today’s new life-sciences marketplace, helping clients through a changing and turbulent market.

Rick Keefer is a fearless leader, willing to take risks in finding creative solutions for clients, and venturing into new areas
of business for his company.

Rick Keefer was featured in his local ­newspaper, the Charleston Daily Mail, as a good Samaritan, when he was 13 years old.

Creative. Relentless.
Name: Rick Keefer
Current position: President and CEO, Publicis Touchpoint Solutions Inc.
Date and place of birth: September 1952; South Charleston, W.V.
Education: B.S., marketing and accounting, West Virginia State University
First job: Mowing lawns and a morning paper route at age 12
First industry-related job: Sales representative,
AH Robins Company
Alternative profession: Proprietor of a tee-shirt shop on a remote Caribbean island.
Professional associations: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association; HBA Metro Chapter Advisory Board
Awards and honors: PharmaVOICE 100 honoree
Giving back: National Breast Cancer Association; Alzheimer’s Association; American Heart Association; Princeton Area Community Foundation, Isles, HomeFront
Words to live by: Actions speak louder than words
Twitter address: @pTouchpoint
Connected via: LinkedIn

Asaf Evenhaim
Delivering Actionable Insights

Asaf Evenhaim was born in Israel.
Asaf Evenhaim’s vision and commitment to the industry have helped all players move their businesses forward.

Touted for changing the consumer healthcare communications paradigm, Crossix CEO Asaf Evenhaim developed a patented approach that helps clients with insights that not only show the effects of marketing and advertising on business growth and overall campaign success, but impact that growth and success through improved performance.
Mr. Evenhaim cofounded Crossix in 2004 with a vision to deliver truly innovative prescription-based consumer health analytics, which would provide actionable data to positively influence patient adherence and consumer communications.
He introduced the concept of holistic data-driven measurement across tactics and channels, as well as the impact of exposure, engagement, and response to media. The resulting approach helps the life-sciences industry, advertising agencies, and media companies to deliver the correct message to the appropriate audience at the right time, leading to better campaigns and higher ROI for brands.
Leveraging his deep expertise and understanding of the industry, he has encouraged marketing teams to spend marketing dollars more efficiently and to develop impactful patient support programs. He truly excels with brand managers, who seek his advice and council before they allocate their marketing funding. In fact, he has made even the most seasoned brand manager reassess conventional best practices.
He has thoughtfully guided his company to penetrate top-tier and mid-tier pharmaceutical companies in a manner consistent with high performance and integrity.
Increasingly recognized in the industry, Mr. Evenhaim regularly speaks at events and conferences such as DTC Perspectives and ePharma Summit and is widely respected for his humble and intelligent approach to solving the most complex data challenges.
Despite his success, Mr. Evenhaim remains humble and caring, and is renowned as a great listener.

Innovative. Tenacious.
Name: Asaf Evenhaim
Current position: CEO and Cofounder, Crossix Solutions Inc.
Date and place of birth: July 1971; Israel
Education: B.Sc., mathematics and computer Science, Tel Aviv University
First industry-related job: Cofounder and president, ­Softwatch
Awards and honors: Inventor of U.S. Patent 7,823,207 ­Privacy preserving data-mining ­protocol; additional patents pending
Words to live by: Find out what makes you happy
Twitter address: @AsafCrossix
Connected via: LinkedIn, Twitter

Steve Viviano
Print The Real Deal
Steve Viviano is known to pick up one of his 20-plus vintage guitars and launch into ­unintelligible versions of songs by his favorite band XTC.
Steve Viviano
is an industry leader who
puts values first.

What really drives Steve Viviano is an authenticity that’s rare in business.
He lacks artifice and speaks in such a forthright manner that clients — existing and prospective alike — instantly get what it would be like to partner and grow with ICC Lowe. They know that he will honor his word and deliver on what is promised, and that he’ll find the best people in the industry to come along for the ride.
Authenticity is one of Mr. Viviano’s core values and an essential part of his business philosophy. The word is fixed on the walls at each ICC Lowe agency, along with the seven other core value statements he introduced when he rebranded ICC in 2011.
A real sense of integrity guides all key management and business decisions and agency staff members don’t overreach and tell a client that they will take on a new piece of business or a project if they don’t think they can do it well.
Managing by consensus and leading by good example, Mr. Viviano naturally attracts people into his orbit and challenges everyone to reach beyond his or her own perceived limitations. His management style is supportive and his approach to every situation — good or bad — is always balanced and fair.
He continually inspires his staff through his commitment to excellence. Setting the bar high ensures those who work for him remain motivated to do well and to reach beyond what would be considered a normal expectation.
A true leader knows how to compliment, lift others up, and show appreciation to his staff and Mr. Viviano does this continuously, remembering accomplishments from years back. People want to work for him because of his enthusiasm and track record of success.
He is passionate about giving back and champions all of ICC Lowe’s charitable efforts. In early 2012, he came up with the idea of donating dozens of used computers to underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic. And he ensures that each of ICC Lowe businesses performs pro bono work each year.

Intelligent. Funny.
Name: Steve Viviano
Current position: CEO, ICC Lowe
place of birth: New Jersey
Education: B.S., pharmacy, R.Ph., Rutgers College of ­Pharmacy
First job: Assembly line for a company that made free boxed lunches for underprivileged kids
First industry-related job: Professional sales ­representative, Lilly
Alternative profession: Film maker, especially ­documentaries
Professional mentors: Al Cisco, Lilly, his first boss
Giving back: KIVA, the Community Foodbank of NJ; the Salvation Army
Words to live by: Always do the right things in life;
success will follow

Sanjit Lamba
Leading Through ­Inspiration

Sanjit Lamba seriously considered a career as a professional singer.
Sanjit Singh Lamba inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

An astute business executive with a strong combination of cross-functional experience in diverse functions and more than 23 years of proficiency in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, Sanjit Singh Lamba brings a wealth of experience to his role as president and CEO of Eisai Knowledge Centre, India, which is one of Eisai’s integrated manufacturing and research complexes and a 100% subsidiary of Eisai Co. Ltd. of Japan
His experience in manufacturing operations spans companies in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.
Mr. Lamba’s strong leadership ability to initiate change has led to successfully accomplishing the Greenfield project at Vizag, which fulfilled the company’s long-held ambition to bring teams from across its businesses together to one site for the first time — manufacturing of drug substances (APIs), drug products (oral solid dosage forms-tablets), as well as developmental research of APIs and formulation technology.
Colleagues say working with Mr. Lamba is a new experience every day and that he embodies the words of John Quincy Adams: a true leader, whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.
Mr. Lamba inspires his team members to maintain their focus.
He believes that when a leader is passionate, people feel a deep sense of being led in a worthy direction by someone who is committed to something more important than his or her own individual glory.
His goals going forward include pursing a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology, developing new global sourcing strategies, and developing global teams of excellence.

Determined. Passionate.
Name: Sanjit Singh Lamba
Current position: Managing Director and Head-Global Procurement Strategy, Eisai Pharmatechnology and Mfg Pvt Ltd., India
Date and place of birth: April 23, 1966; Chandigarh, India
Education: M.Pharm., Pharmaceutical Technology; MBA
First job: Teaching, pharmacy college
First industry-related job: Production Executive, Merck Sharp and Dohme
Alternative profession: Singing
Professional associations: Indian Pharmaceutical ­Association (IPA); DIA; Parental Drug Association (PDA); International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)
Awards and honors: Quality performance award on safety; Presidential award by Eisai
Words to live by: Conceive — Believe — Achieve
Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook

J. Martin Carroll
Creating the Vision

An inspiring and supportive leader, Marty Carroll articulates a clear vision, motivates others to perform at their best, and keeps everyone focused on achieving success ethically, responsibly, and with the patients’ best interests at the center.
And he achieves all this without the typical ego of a senior executive.
Somehow, Mr. Carroll always remains calm during a crisis, motivational during down times, and humble in the face of success.
He quickly grasps what is important and guides the behavior of others through questions and suggestions — he does not order, command, or make others feel small. Approachable to all, he shares success unselfishly, lavishes praise generously, and corrects mistakes in a way that maintains dignity.
Mr. Carroll enjoys working with teams and individuals to set a clear direction and create an environment where people feel empowered and inspired to succeed.
For more than nine years, as president and CEO, he led the company’s adoption of five leadership values: core culture, helping to find ways to retain what is best about the culture and change what needs to be changed; change management, change to ensure future success; courage, having the courage to lead, give feedback, deliver the tough messages, and share one’s point of view; continuous improvement, continue to evolve and develop as a leader; and communication, share information through meaningful and ongoing dialogue.

Marty Carroll always remains calm during a crisis, motivational during down times, and humble in the face of success.
Marty Carroll’s first ­­­non-industry job was with the U.S. Air Force.

Leader. Approachable.

Name: J. Martin Carroll
Current position: Head Global Strategy and ­Development Boehringer Ingelheim Corp. (Served as ­President and CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim Corp., through 12/31/11)
Date and place of birth: Sept. 24, 1949; Syracuse, N.Y.
Education: B.A., Holy Cross College: MBA, Babson ­College
First job: U.S. Air Force
First industry-related job: Quality control, Merck & Co.
Alternative profession: Teaching
Professional associations: PhRMA
Connected via: Facebook

Lisa Costantino
Paying it Forward
Lisa Costantino’s first job out of high school was as an accounts payable clerk at EMD Serono. Over the course of the past 29 years, she has held financial positions of increasing responsibility at the company. She has been involved in many cross-functional projects at EMD Serono for almost three decades, including the merger of Serono and Merck KGaA, a $65 million research facility expansion, the company’s migration from an Oracle to an SAP platform, and most recently an integrated platform for government pricing reporting. Ms. Costantino is leading the effort to integrate government pricing with the company’s accounting, compliance, and business systems to position the organization for long-term success.
As chief financial officer at EMD Serono, her responsibilities include the oversight and strategic direction-setting of the company’s financial and corporate information framework within the United States. In addition, she is responsible for collaborating with all global functions to ensure alignment to deliver on business results. Ms. Costantino drives people to achieve breakthrough thinking and strategic results for the business. With a focus on the outcome, she oversees transformations in the organization and recognizes opportunities in situations that most would perceive as a setback.
Principled and humble, Ms. Costantino has worked diligently to get where she is, but she still attributes much of her success to the dedication and brilliance of those around her. Ms. Costantino says she has been fortunate to work with amazing colleagues and teams and has had the benefit of an incredible support network, both personally and professionally, throughout her life.
Ms. Costantino leads by example and encourages her employees to participate in community relations activities. She frequently incorporates philanthropy into finance meetings through team-building exercises. Whether the group is  building teddy bears to donate to local emergency rescue personnel, painting a fence for the Hope Lodge in Boston, doing hard labor at the Magical Moon Foundation after a hurricane, or donating toys to deserving families in need during the holiday season, they’re creating a strong team bond and working to make a difference in society.
She also shares her passion for philanthropy and sense of social responsibility with her daughter, Alisa. They like to focus on charities that hit home, including Gilda’s Club in New York City in memory of Alisa’s godmother Valerie who lost a 10-year battle with breast cancer.
She lives the company’s values and culture as well as the company’s four core purposes, one of which is create wealth/impact health.
Ultimately, Ms. Costantino would like to pay it forward, by starting a nonprofit organization that helps women develop skills critical to success in the corporate world. She realizes that not all people are as lucky as she has been, and she would love the opportunity to positively impact others and share her good fortune.
She credits her mother and father with providing a wonderful family environment which fostered a strong work ethic and a high morale framework.

As a child, Lisa ­Costantino wanted to be a figure skater.
With a focus on the outcome, Lisa Costantino oversees transformations in EMD?Serono and recognizes opportunities in situations that most would perceive as a setback.

Principled. Humble.
Name: Lisa A. Costantino
Current position: Chief Financial Officer, EMD Serono Inc.
Date and place of birth: February 1965; Boston
Education: B.A., University of ­Massachusetts; MBA, Suffolk
First job: Nursing home aide
First industry-related job: Accounts payable clerk in finance, Serono
Alternative profession: Forensic ­anthropologist or crime ­scene investigator
Awards and honors: CEO Award; Presidents
Award; CFO of the Year Award by Boston ­Business Journal
Giving back: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Gilda’s Club, Magical Moon Foundation, American Diabetes ­Association, Autism Speaks, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. and MS Bike Ride
Words to live by: Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of ­satisfaction that comes after the
achievement of a difficult task that
demanded our best

Dr. Roger

Passion, personality, and a great business ethic sum up Roger Korman, Ph.D.
Dr. Korman has vision and that is why he has been successful in building and running companies that thrive.
Every day is a learning experience for both Dr. Korman and his employees. He constantly shares his insights and ideas, and he expects others to do the same. They learn from his concepts and he from theirs.
One of his standout accomplishments is the consortium of organizations he has developed. As an AMA Database Licensee, DMD has supplied healthcare practitioner contact information to major industry publications for more than 50 years, but now with Dr. Korman’s consortium idea, these publications supply DMD with Internet opt-in, HCP email addresses. Ultimately, this business practice has created millions of connections across the healthcare field.
On a daily basis, Dr. Korman inspires, challenges, encourages, and supports his staff members guiding them toward success. He handles every task with humor and grace.
He is fully aware that business, like all of life, is a team sport in which success is attained by harmonizing the needs and resources of others. His role, he believes, is to make the connections that require a leap of logic and judgment beyond the obvious.
Dr. Roger Korman performed in a modern dance troop at Carnegie Hall and for many years crossed-dressed at IMS Canada Halloween parties.

Sensitive. Intuitive.
Name: Roger Korman, Ph.D.
Current position: President of DMD and ­Chairman & CEO of Aptilon Corp.
Date and place of birth: June 6, 1949; New York
Education: B.A., Magna Cum Laude,
Phi Beta Kappa, Brooklyn College, City
University of New York; M.A.,
Temple University; M.S.S., Ph.D.,
Bryn Mawr College Graduate School
of Social Work and Social Research
First job: Summer camp counselor
First industry-related job: Statistical analyst, IMS
Alternative profession: A chorus line dancer on Broadway
Professional mentors: Tommy Boman, Allen Annett
Professional associations: AMM, DMA
Awards and honors: Three-time winner of Macleans Magazine Best 100 Companies in Canada; two-time winner of Report on ­Business Top 50 Companies in Canada
Giving back: World ORT, the
organization ­dedicated to vocational
training; the Wounded Warriors
Words to live by: This is the day the
Lord had made, let us rejoice and ­
celebrate in it. Psalm 118:24
Twitter address: @18truck
Follows on Twitter: @PJCrowley, @ DMD_­Digital
Connected via: LinkedIn and Twitter

Michael Parisi
A Guiding Force

Michael Parisi has been to Elvis’s house eight times.
Michael Parisi is defining the innovative bow of the industry: his expertise, bedside/clientside manner, generosity as a mentor, patience with those seeking answers, and passion are unparalleled.

Michael Parisi walks the walk, talks the talk, and more importantly feels strongly and personally about making a difference in the industry and how those differences will change health outcomes of individuals. His commitment extends from his position as a board member of CancerCare and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Foundation, to the brands he represents, to the team members who he mentors and supports to be the best marketing professionals they can be.
Mr. Parisi is genuinely driven by his vision to make a real difference in the lives of the people suffering from cancer. With that vision, he became the founder and president of Ogilvy CommonHealth’s Specialty Marketing group, focused on high-science and specialty products.
A natural leader, Mr. Parisi built an extraordinary team by getting everyone to feel passionate about the company and connect with his vision. He showed the way by example, and created an environment in which other team members felt actively involved in the entire process. Mr. Parisi’s vision, strong working relationships, and business instincts have helped fuel the growth of Ogilvy CommonHealth Specialty Marketing from a team of 20, to a major part of the global powerhouse that is Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW).
As a managing partner of OCHWW, Mr. Parisi is known for his business-building skills, which are unparalleled, and his contributions to this industry, which are significant. In addition to his laser-like business focus and thought leadership, he dedicates an admirable amount of time to patient advocacy and pro bono work for groups such as the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, CancerCare, the Melanoma International Foundation, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Foundation.
He has been seen rolling up the sleeves of his Paul Smith designer shirt to create artwork with children at the CancerCare Kids Art Workshops, which his agency created.
Day in and day out, Mr. Parisi drives to discover new ways to satisfy unmet patient needs, support healthcare professionals on the frontline, champion advocacy, and nurture the biopharma and diagnostics companies that are researching and delivering life-sustaining medicine and technologies. His energy, strategic brilliance, and optimistic therapeutic and technologic outlook are contagious, causing those around him to push harder, dig deeper, and never stop believing in their ability to achieve the impossible.
He is forward-thinking and is constantly pro-active in his approach to anticipating clients’ ever-changing needs, which may be largely dictated by the breakneck speed of the evolving science of the field. Perhaps more important than his business acumen, is the fact that Mr. Parisi is driven by the humanistic side of the business.
Whether he is in discussions with team members from a large pharma company about to launch a new product, or a small biotech company with a new vision, or helping a colleague understand the intricacies of a family member’s treatment protocol, his eye is always on patients, how their care can be improved, and how to make their lives better.
When visiting clients, the relationships he has developed with virtually everyone in the building, from security guards to executive VPs, is inspiring to those who accompany him. His team members are always amazed because at every desk and door, clients stop to talk with him, clearly continuing on-going conversations about family, health, sports, and business — living proof of Mr. Parisi’s personal values and incredible ability to create relationships.
As a result, Mr. Parisi inspires each and every person in the organization to do their personal best, and sometimes even better. He makes time for his staff, to answer questions that they have and to provide them with the best direction possible.
He is a strong leader who puts his people first. Employees’ growth and development are a top priority. Mr. Parisi makes every effort to ensure employees are well-informed about the organization and that they feel part of its success. He is a true role model within the healthcare communications arena.

Passionate. Committed.
Name: Michael Parisi
Current position: Managing Partner, Ogilvy ­CommonHealth Worldwide
Date and place of birth: November 2; Newark, N.J.
Education: B.A., psychology, Montclair State ­University; MBA, corporate finance, Fairleigh Dickinson University
First industry-related job: Oncology sales rep, ­Pharmacia
Alternative profession: Film-maker, documentarian
Giving back: CancerCare Inc.; Make-A-Wish Foundation
Words to live by: Your greatest learnings in life come from personal experience

Laurent Labrune

Using his experience and insight to creatively address challenges, Laurent Labrune is adept at positioning businesses for growth.
As CEO of Cegedim Relationship Management, he manages a global organization that supports customers in more than 80 countries.
During the last four years, Mr. Labrune has re-energized an organization focused on excellence, innovation, and collaboration internally and externally. As a result, Cegedim Relationship Management has continued to grow despite the economic pressures on life-sciences companies and governments.
He is a global thought leader in areas such as data, technology, and services. He excels at executing new business models to quickly address market needs and ensure business success.
An expert in mature and emerging markets, he works tirelessly across time zones and ensures that the organization is solely focused on exceeding customers’ expectations and needs.
He regularly meets with customers to collaborate on how to help them capitalize on their opportunities and overcome challenges. He leads by example so that Cegedim Relationship Management colleagues around the world can see the importance of the priority of exceeding customer expectations as priority No. 1 every day.
His engineering background has allowed him to build a framework where he focuses on identifying the facts and data to formulate the optimal approach to a situation. This is not analysis paralysis, but the ability to see the patterns in any situation.
His commitment is notable. For example, it’s not unusual for Mr. Labrune to travel the world to visit customer sites to ensure they are satisfied.
He is a kind and compassionate leader who inspires all who come into contact with him.The personification of integrity, he is able to motivate the organization by
remaining consistent and calm in the face of challenges, and constantly pushing to innovate responsibly.

Laurent Labrune played competitive tennis when he was young, and in high school travelled from France to California to attend a well-known tennis camp.

Name: Laurent Labrune
Current position: CEO, Cegedim Relationship Management
Date and place of birth: April 1971; Paris
Education:  B.S., Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers
First job: Building industrial machines to be used in forestry
First industry-related job: Data analyst for Cegedim SRH
Giving back: Children’s Health Fund
Words to live by: If you want something, go for it. Nothing is impossible; you can achieve whatever you put your mind to
Twitter address: @LabruneLaurent
Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Fortunate. Energetic.

Mark Hanley
Setting His Sites ­
on Success

Even before pharmaceutical companies began to cut their R&D budgets during the economic downturn in 2009, healthcare industry veteran Mark Hanley anticipated the need for trial sites that offered a community-based approach to conducting high-quality clinical studies without extraneous costs.  One of the largest expenditures in a clinical study is the recruitment of participants. If a site cannot recruit the needed participants, the clinical trial can be delayed indefinitely. This can push back the process of bringing a drug to market, resulting in millions of dollars lost. Seeing this problem, Mr. Hanley began to seek out a practical solution.
In 2007, Mr. Hanley and a group of silent investors purchased Clinical Research Advantage, a network of trial sites fully integrated into established physician practices. Mr. Hanley recognized that a model of setting up trial sites in medical offices would help enroll participants more quickly and efficiently, and would result in better compliance, and improve the participant experience, because the patient and physician had already formed a relationship.
At the time of purchase, the 15-year-old company had six sites in the Phoenix area. Under Mr. Hanley’s leadership, CRA expanded into new indications of trials, including vaccines, and grew to include 34 sites in seven states. During this expansion, CRA continued to consistently exceed patient enrollment goals with an enrollment rate of 91%, which is much higher than the industry standard. Mr. Hanley’s goal is to have CRA become the largest integrated site network in the country.
Under Mr. Hanley’s direction, CRA’s model continues to provide pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations with an efficient way to conduct clinical trials in the ever-changing pharma marketplace.
Throughout his 30-year career, Mr. Hanley’s diligence and forward-thinking approach in anticipating the needs of the healthcare industry and finding the best solutions for customers have led to the formation and success of several businesses.
Mr. Hanley’s entry into the healthcare industry, unfortunately, was born out of personal tragedy. When he was 18, his sister was killed in an accident involving a motorcycle and a car. The accident happened in a rural part of Nebraska. He believed that the rescue techniques performed by the volunteer ambulance personnel at the scene were not up to par because the volunteers were not educated on the latest approaches. This prompted him to become a volunteer paramedic and establish the Nebraska Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Association, a nonprofit group that ensured that all volunteer rescue personnel were trained in the application of advanced techniques.
In its first year, Nebraska EMT attracted hundreds to its training sessions. Mr. Hanley dedicated two years to growing the organization and then turned the reins over to new officials. The founding of Nebraska EMT served as the catalyst for this ambitious entrepreneur.
Mr. Hanley has continued to give back to his community and enjoys working with organizations that provide care and support to children in need.

Under Mark Hanley’s leadership, CRA has expanded into new trial ­indications, including vaccines, and has grown to include 33 sites in seven states.
When Mark Hanley was 19 and going through paramedic school, he had a ­­­
part-time job picking up deceased bodies for the Douglas County Coroner’s Office.

Diligent. Forward-Thinking.
Name: Mark S. Hanley
Current position: President and CEO, Clinical Research ­Advantage
Date and place of birth: December 1960; Omaha, Neb.
First job: Detasseling corn at the age of 12
First industry-related job: Paramedic
Alternative profession: Law enforcement
Professional associations: Association of Clinical ­Research Professionals; Drug Information ­Association; Society of Clinical Research Associates
Awards and honors: Silver Stevie Award for Company of the Year; Silver Best in Biz Award for the Fastest-Growing Company of the Year; Bronze Stevie Award for Fastest-Growing Company of the Year; Top 25 Workplaces for Women by AZ Magazine; Best Clinical Trial Site2 ­Network at the 2012 Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards
Giving back: Organizations that provide care and ­support to children in need; volunteering as a Court ­Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Dr. David de Graaf
Setting the Scientific Strategy

David de Graaf, Ph.D., joined Genstruct in 2010 as chief scientific officer, then restarted the company as Selventa in November of that year, taking the role of president and CEO. As part of this restart, he defined the company’s scientific strategy, direction, general operations, as well as developed new key partnerships to enhance the company’s growth.
His charismatic leadership is felt throughout the company. Dr. de Graaf routinely visits staff members’ desks just to see if they are having a good day and if they are still having fun in their roles.
Dr. de Graaf believes the underpinnings of pharmaceutical research and development need to be changed and that the industry needs a strategy that exploits existing data and focuses on integrating complementary experimentation with computational representations of biology. Ultimately, this will result in the rapid development of drugs with superior efficacy, safety, and molecular properties in selected clinical contexts.
He takes the position that leadership should provide vision and direction, but that everyone also needs to contribute in fulfilling that vision in a collaborative and constructive environment.
At Selventa, he developed the concept of a therapeutic diagnostic, a comprehensive diagnostic test that can help identify optimal therapies for the right patients.
Putting the patients at the center and harnessing innovative technologies for biomarker discovery, Dr. de Graaf envisions that therapeutic diagnostics will transform the way that pharmaceutical companies evaluate their pipelines and the way healthcare is currently practiced.
Dr. de Graaf says thus far his career highlights include bringing new therapies to patients and helping to develop the Selventa approach to patient stratification based on disease mechanism.
He is committed to providing physicians and patients with a molecular dashboard of disease activity to guide the use of molecularly targeted therapies.
Before joining Selventa, Dr. de Graaf was instrumental in providing contributions such as the identification of biomarkers for Gefitinib response, the discovery and development of two therapeutic antibodies in autoimmune disease, and bringing them to the clinic in record time, as well as the discovery and development of a predictive preclinical test for idiosyncratic hepatotoxic compounds.

Dr. David de Graaf believes the underpinnings of pharmaceutical ­research and ­development need
to be changed.
If Dr. David de Graaf could time travel, he would visit the place and time where single celled life originated.

Mentor. Visionary.
Name: David de Graaf, Ph.D.
Current position: President and CEO, Selventa Inc.
Date and place of birth: March 1966; Dieren, the Netherlands
Education: MSc, Ph.D.
First job: Farm hand
First industry-related job: Scientist, AstraZeneca
Alternative profession: Chef for a major restaurant
Professional mentors: Stephen Cheheyl; Phil Vickers; Ken Fasman
Giving back: New Israel Fund; Planned Parenthood
Words to live by: Everything is easy once you have done it a couple of times
Connected via: LinkedIn

Kelly Gratz played soccer in college.

Kelly Gratz is relentless in pursuing the best business solutions, but more importantly, she is truly interested in the success of the ­individuals she works with, both her own employees and her clients.

Do the Right Thing

Known for always doing the right thing — for her clients, for her teams, for her family and friends — Kelly Gratz has consistently found success for all those she has touched — clients, her teams, and herself.
Doing the right thing is a lesson she learned from her parents. And when she doesn’t have an answer for a given situation, Ms. Gratz goes back to that life lesson and proceeds in the best way possible every time.
But it’s not often that this innovative leader is at a loss; she is an analyzer and loves thinking through problems and helping people find solutions or uncover ways to address challenges.
Her leadership has not only changed the companies she has worked with but has helped lead change for her clients and the industry as a whole.
She is relentless in pursuing the best business solutions, but more importantly, she is truly interested in the success of the individuals she works with, both her own employees and her clients.
Currently, Ms. Gratz is leading the newly formed inVentiv Commercial Solutions Group as president. Ms. Gratz has been at the forefront of ReAgent, a proprietary methodology to strategically allocate and optimize commercialization resources.
Ms. Gratz has a unique blend of experience, holding senior positions within inVentiv’s communications and commercial divisions and leading collaborative initiatives across all segments of the business.
She also brings direct experience in driving topline growth for brands in an outsourced, risk sharing model. Ms. Gratz is a company-activator, motivating her teams to go to the highest levels for their clients.
Outside the office, she and her family love to support the community they live in. Specifically, she supports many activities for the schools her kids attend to drive participation, health and wellness, and growth. One of her biggest rewards comes from watching her kids participate in their school activities.

Passionate. Committed.
Name: Kelly K. Gratz
Current position: President, inVentiv Commercial ­Solutions, inVentiv Health
Date and place of birth: January 1967; York Town Heights, NY
Education: B.S., University of Dayton
First job: Arthur Young
First industry-related job: Ernst & Young
Alternative profession: Psychologist
Professional associations: HBA Advisory Board, Ohio Chapter; Columbus Cancer Clinic, Board Member
Giving back: American Heart Association
Words to live by: Do the right thing

Edward Seguine Jr.
Redefining EDC

Ed Seguine would like to visit the cathedrals in the 50 largest cities in Europe; so far he’s seen 10 of the top 16.
Ed Seguine has been commercializing novel clinical technologies for 15 years.

Ed Seguine Jr.’s goal is to change the business model of clinical development to focus on electronic source data. He says most companies in the pharma industry are focused on integrating clinical trial data after the information exists, but it takes a lot of manual work and costly on-site monitoring to convert original clinical observations into structured data. If clinical data are captured electronically at first, virtually every other process can be positively affected.
In his role as CEO of Clinical Ink, his desire is to carry out the vision — to use technology to simplify the trial process for sites and sponsors — of Thomas Littlejohn III, cofounder, who died in a plane crash in March 2011. Carrying on after Mr. Littlejohn’s unexpected death was a defining moment for Mr. Seguine.
Mr. Seguine has been commercializing novel clinical technologies for more than 15 years and he’s now turning his attention to the areas of electronic source and risk-based monitoring. In doing so, he’s redefining the idea of what EDC should be.
Mr. Seguine has consistently identified new technologies to address previously intractable problems. While CEO of Fast Track, he oversaw the company’s effort to build the first commercial software application to create an electronic protocol that directly linked the traditional word document to the EDC database and other clinical systems. Fast Track was acquired by Medidata in 2008. And while at Eli Lilly, he helped establish e.Lilly, the technology VC group that invested in Phase Forward.

Confident. Normal.
Name: Edward S. Seguine Jr.
Current position: President, Clinical Ink Inc.
Date and place of birth: November 1969; Pasadena, Calif.
Education: B.S., management, Brigham Young University; MBA, finance, Indiana University
First job: Dishwasher, local diner
First industry-related job: Manufacturing financial ­analyst, Lilly
Alternative profession: FBI, white collar crime ­investigation
Professional mentors: John Kingery, Fast Track; ­Vanessah Ng, Lilly
Words to live by: Work hard, do your best, respect others
Connected via: LinkedIn

Dr. Karen Ferrante
Cancer’s Heat-Seeking Missile

Dr. Karen Ferrante is a strong supporter of women in science and believes in developing and growing the next generation of talent.
Dr. Karen Ferrante once skied the Vallee Blanche in ­Chamonix, France.

During her tenure as a practicing medical hematologist-oncologist and throughout a 17-year career in ascending industry leadership positions within the pharma industry, Karen Ferrante, M.D., has accumulated an impressive body of scientific work and business success.
She has taken key learnings from each of her earlier positions — at BMS and Pfizer —and grown with every accomplishment to create a strong foundation to now draw upon as chief medical officer at Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company.
During her extensive career, Dr. Ferrante has relied on her ability to adapt to an ever-changing medical and scientific landscape that may present new and unexpected challenges to her established assumptions.
At Millennium, she increasingly finds herself involved in weighing the options presented by clinical study results that may help her scientific and development team accelerate a drug’s time to market or wading through a massive array of data and analyses that lead her to an important go/no-go recommendation. Transforming mountains of data into clear, timely, and consistent clinical decisions has had a big impact for Millennium and cancer patients.
Sometimes described as a heat-seeking missile when committed to a goal, Dr. Ferrante focuses all of her energy on collaborating to achieve the desired outcome. The goal is to make a real difference for cancer patients, and this has shaped the choices she has made in her career.
For now, Dr. Ferrante finds Millennium’s growing oncology pipeline presents ample opportunity for her to have an impact as the company brings each molecule through development closer to approval. However, if she chose to transition from the industry, she says she would want to be in a position to give back and might consider working for a nonprofit organization or a patient advocacy group.
Dr. Ferrante has a natural and adept manner in leading and managing people across the company continuum, all while welcoming distinct viewpoints from team members or executive colleagues.
A strong believer in mentorship, Dr. Ferrante received huge support from Nancy Hutson, Ph.D., the former site head for Pfizer’s Groton, Conn., facility early in her career. Dr. Hutson was one of the first senior woman leaders Dr Ferrante encountered in the industry and she had a big impact on her both personally and professionally.
That impact has led Dr. Ferrante to support women in science and industry and encourage them to become leaders in the field. She is a big believer in developing and growing the next generation of talent and over the course of her career has been involved in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).
Beyond the workplace, Dr. Ferrante is a firm supporter of The Elizabeth Stone House, which supports homeless families and individuals by trying to address the issues — substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence — that contributed to their homelessness. She is also a supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network, which supports children locally who may suffer from any number of illnesses — from chronic conditions like asthma to devastating cancer.

Passionate. Dedicated.
Name: Karen J. Ferrante, M.D.
Current position: Chief Medical Officer, ­Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
Date and place of birth: December 1957; ­Providence, R.I.
Education: B.S., Providence College; M.D., Georgetown University
First job: Bacteriologist, City of Providence Water Supply Board
First industry-related job: Associate director, oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Alternative profession: Landscape ­architecture
Professional mentors: Nancy Hutson, ­formerly with Pfizer
Professional associations: American Society of Clinical Oncology
Giving back: The Elizabeth Stone House, ­Children’s Miracle Network
words to live by: Heal the wounds
Connected via: LinkedIn

Stephen Wray
the Channel

Under Stephen Wray’s leadership, the Cadient Group has successfully integrated the digital agency service model with an offering of technology-enabled solutions.
Stephen Wray played tennis with several ­­
top-ranked and Hall of Fame professionals, including Tracy Austin, the late Vitas ­Gerulaitis, Stan Smith, Roscoe Tanner, John Lloyd, and Johan Kriek.

As president and CEO of the Cadient Group, Stephen Wray is determined to reshape the life-sciences commercial model using digital channels and technology platforms as the core drivers. No easy feat, considering he is trying to convince an industry that has historically been reluctant to change its methods.
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Mr. Wray is able and willing to make the tough decisions, relying on some good advice he once received: don’t confuse being CEO with a popularity contest. Colleagues are inspired by his high energy and client-centric approach, which make him stand out from other senior leaders in the marketing arena.
Mr. Wray is forward-thinking, smart, a great manager, and a great judge of people. Unlike many managers, he hires good people and then lets them do what they do best. He is the first to spot a trend, and understands how the digital space can enhance disease management better than almost anyone in the industry. He also inspires great work, motivating those working with him to be as much as — or more than —they could otherwise be.
Mr. Wray also exhibits tremendous leadership qualities in the community. He is active in his town’s youth baseball and basketball leagues. His teams show great character regardless of the scoreboard: they compete hard regardless of natural ability. Life lessons are taught and much fun is had by all thanks to Mr. Wray’s approach: respect for the game, the opponent, the officials, teammates, parents, and self are all areas of focus.
He’s a great communicator and strives to set clear expectations. Plus, his compassion comes through when someone needs a bit of extra help.
And as head of Cadient Group, he and his teams support numerous charity organizations at the local, regional, and national level, including Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, for which Cadient Group has been a sponsor of the Lemon Run Philadelphia, since its inception in 2009; the Melanoma International Foundation’s Safe from the Sun Run and educational event; the adoption of several dozen local community families to provide holiday gifts for children and adults who would otherwise be unable to provide for themselves; Cradles to Crayons, which provides dozens of well-equipped backpacks with school supplies to help underserved children start their school year out on a positive note; and Movember, an event to support prostate cancer awareness —more than 50 Cadient employees participated by shaving and/or growing a moustache in team and individual competitions to raise funds for research and condition awareness efforts.
Mr. Wray is also co-founder and past chairman of AWARE Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing health and wellness education to adolescents.

Fortunate. Energetic.
Name: Stephen Wray
Current position: President and CEO, Cadient Group
Date and place of birth: October 1958; Fresno, Calif.
Education: B.S., marketing and advertising, Fresno State University
First job: Carpet and linoleum warehouse, ­unloading rolls from freight cars and onto trucks
First industry-related job: Territory sales ­representative, Westwood Pharmaceuticals
Alternative profession: College professor
Professional mentors: Mike Sinapi; Bob ­Essner; Steve Girgenti
Professional associations: Smart CEO ­Network Mid-Atlantic; Philadelphia Business Leaders Network; Ernst & Young EOTY Network; Edison Venture Directors Network; Philadelphia Ad Club
Awards and honors: Ernst & Young ­Entrepreneur of the Year Award; Smart CEO 100, Smart CEO Magazine; Inc 5000, Inc. ­Magazine; Aware Foundation, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2007
Giving back: Alex’s Lemonade Stand ­Foundation; Melanoma International ­Foundation
Words to live by: There is no single step to ­success; it actually takes a lot of little steps
Twitter address: @SteveWray3
Connected via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Adrian Adams has an extraordinary track record as a CEO in the life-sciences industry.

Tenacious. Focused.
Name: Adrian Adams
Current position: CEO and President, Auxilium ­Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Place of birth: Oldham, Lancashire, U.K.
Education: Royal Institute of Chemistry at Salford ­University in the U.K.
First industry-related job: Washing bottles in a lab

Adrian Adams attended the Royal Institute of Chemistry at Salford University in the U.K.
Track Record
of Success

Adrian Adam’s achievements are evident in his extraordinary track record as CEO of several life-sciences companies — Inspire Pharmaceuticals Inc., Sepracor Inc., Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc., and now he is turning his demonstrated leadership skills to creating shareholder value at Auxilium Pharmaceuticals.
In his three previous positions his ability to create different, but successful value pathways, were noticed and resulted in acquisitions by major industry leaders — Inspire by Merck & Co., Sepracor by Dainippon Sumitomo, and Kos Pharmaceuticals by Abbott Laboratories.
Mr. Adams has thoroughly enjoyed working in both the large and specialty pharmaceutical industry and his experience at Kos was an especially fulfilling experience. He counts transforming a company with $90 million in revenue into one with close to $1 billion in revenue in a short amount of time, with an absolute focus on performance, people, and culture, as a rewarding achievement for everyone involved.
Since being appointed CEO and president of Auxilium in December 2011, he looks forward to repeating the success he experienced while at Kos, Sepracor, and Inspire. To this point, he has turned his focus  and constant pursuit of excellence in execution to the challenges and opportunities associated with marketing Testim, a testosterone gel, in a crowded marketplace; strategically positioning and growing Xiaflex for the treatment of an orphan disease (Dupuytren’s contracture), which requires a paradigm shift in physician behavior; and, following positive results of two Phase III studies, the sBLA filing of Xiaflex by year end 2012 for another orphan disease — Peyronie’s disease.
These are challenging therapeutic areas, but Mr. Adams’ desire to continue making a significant difference in patients’ lives is what drives his and his employee’s passion for the business.  He finds this extraordinarily satisfying.
His current goal is to help transform Auxilium into a rapidly growing, profitable, and sustainable biopharmaceutical company that respects employees, has a great culture, and is admired by all. He would like Auxilium to be the company that everyone wants to recruit from — but nobody can.
One of his first initiatives at Auxilium was to celebrate Rare Disease Day and to create a forum for two patients and physicians to talk to all employees about the complexities of treating Dupuytren’s contracture and the devastating effects of Peyronie’s disease. He further demonstrated his drive for value creation by closing an external collaboration with Actelion Pharmaceuticals, for Xiaflex in Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico. And recently, he signed a U.S. copromotion agreement for Testim with GSK.
Mr. Adams has come to count on several guiding principles throughout his career. One, is that he never loses sight of where he has come from and the experiences that have shaped how he got this far. Second, he has tried to stay well-grounded and people-centric by ensuring that the businesses he has led have maintained a strong focus on both what people do and how they do it. Third, he has looked at things strategically, but always dons reality glasses to balance out risks and opportunities. Finally, he believes it is important to have an appropriate sense of tactical and strategic humility in all business dealings.

Jack Phillips
Contagious Enthusiasm

Jack Phillips is an avid cyclist.
Jack Phillips’ goal is to make Roche ­Diagnostics the best place to work in central Indiana and ­beyond.

When Jack Phillips arrived in Indianapolis early in 2010 to take the reins of Roche Diagnostics’ North American operations, he may have felt like he was trying to stir a sleeping giant. Despite the company being the global market leader in in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), the mood at its headquarters campus was subdued at best. Sales were sluggish, growth was struggling to keep pace with the market, and the culture was somewhat restrictive and lacked energy.
Just two years later, the organization is nearly unrecognizable. The company is a leader in the U.S. IVD market. Sales are growing well above the market pace. Employees are empowered. Creative ideas are springing up. And there is a pervasive sense of energy and optimism. This is not just because of successful new products, or a new organizational structure. The only legitimate explanation is that there is a new culture with a contagious new attitude — courtesy of Mr. Phillips.
Mr. Phillips has set an example of a winning attitude with the incredible passion he brings to everything he does — at the office or away.
His background is in sales and marketing, so it was natural to begin there, setting ambitious goals and motivating the company to act like the market leader it already was. But his enthusiasm quickly spread into other areas, both inside the company and soon to the local community as well.
Shortly after Mr. Phillips arrived, he established the goal to make Roche Diagnostics the best place to work in central Indiana and beyond, supporting aggressive efforts to promote diversity in the workplace, such as Roche’s Womens’ Leadership Initiative. Pursuing the goal soon prompted efforts in employee wellness and other areas as well, with the development of a new fitness center and a unique summer camp, in partnership with a local YMCA, for the children of employees.
Soon afterward, he began to look for ways to partner with the community, and committed to cosponsor a high school scholarship program with the Indiana Blood Center and provide funding to help local Marian University build a new College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Perhaps more than in any other area, his passion is reflected in his involvement in efforts to enhance people’s health and quality of life in the community.
An avid cyclist, he became corporate recruitment chair for the American Diabetes Association Indiana Tour de Cure and under his leadership Roche formed the largest team with the highest fund-raising total for last year’s event.
But if it is his passion that makes Mr. Phillips an inspiring leader, it may be his authenticity that makes him a particularly effective and popular one. He constantly interacts with employees and with customers on campus or at their facility. And, remarkably, there is no formality or pretense. He wants to hear it the way it is and he will provide feedback in the same way. It is perhaps this attribute more than any other that has helped to shape a new culture at Roche, one in which everyone knows where they stand and what’s expected of them. Employees are free to take risks and are free to fail, and therefore free to pursue their dreams with the same kind of unbridled passion that they see being modeled in their leader on a daily basis.

Passionate. competitive.
Name: Jack J. Phillips
Current position: President and CEO, Roche Diagnostics Corp. and Head of North American Region
Date and place of birth: May 1965; Ft. Thomas, Ky.
Education: B.A., marketing, Northern Kentucky University
Words to live by: Live in the now; wake up hungry, go to sleep tired
Twitter address: jackjphillips05
Connected via: Facebook, Twiiter

Dr. Tina Nova
The Science of Business

Having served as one of the few women chief executives in biotech, Dr. Tina Nova is blazing a path for other women ­scientists aspiring to top positions in the field.
Dr. Tina Nova was head ­cheerleader in high school.

Tina Nova, Ph.D., president and head of Genoptix, a Novartis company, is a true inspiration to scientists and business professionals, demonstrating that with the right entrepreneurial spirit, one can start from the bench and work his or her way to the top.
A self-professed lover of math and science, her dedication and passion for her work has been evident in the 28 years she has devoted to the molecular diagnostics and biotechnology space, where she contributed to the development of San Diego’s biotech industry.
Having served as one of few women chief executives in biotech, she is admired for blazing a path forward for other women scientists aspiring to top positions in the field. Dr. Nova has long encouraged women not to focus on emulating men in business, but rather to appreciate the value of the different perspectives men and women bring to the table.
Even at the earliest stages of her career, Dr. Nova faced challenges with incredible energy and a sense of determination. After obtaining her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside, and completing post-doctoral work at New York University Medical Center, Dr. Nova joined Hybritech — then a start-up that later was recognized for producing employees largely credited for building the San Diego biotech industry.
There she rose quickly through the ranks after demonstrating a keen ability to solve scientific problems and patented a process integral to developing the company’s prostate cancer diagnostic. Proving her mettle and skill early on, she then went on to cofound and serve in executive positions at other biotech companies before she was tapped to lead Genoptix.
As cofounder of Genoptix, Dr. Nova played a core role as its president and CEO in shaping the company’s business model and strategy, and in driving its rapid growth as a specialized medical lab focused on delivering personalized diagnostic services to community-based hematologists and oncologists.
She also helped to spearhead the acquisition of Genoptix by Novartis in 2011 to further expand opportunities for the business and position it for continued success in its efforts to transform patient care and improve health outcomes.
Colleagues have attributed Dr. Nova’s success to her uncanny ability to combine deep technical expertise with exceptional management skills and to make things happen in a very complex environment.
Dr. Nova’s contributions don’t stop at the C-suite. She recently joined the board of Children’s Hospital in San Diego. She also supports a program at the University of San Diego, which sends undergraduate pre-med students, along with physicians, to underprivileged areas mainly in Central America where they provide medical care to the local population. The program greatly helps the people in those impoverished areas, and it teaches the students about making a contribution and what it is like to be a physician.
She also is committed to giving back and encourages young women to consider science as a career.

Passionate. Energetic.
Name: Tina S. Nova, Ph.D.
Current position: President and Cofounder, Genoptix Inc., a Novartis company
Date and place of birth: June 6; Bakersfield, Calif.
Education: B.S., biological sciences, University of California, Irvine; Ph.D., biochemistry, University of California Riverside
First job: Drove tractor on family farm in central California
First industry-related job: Research scientist, Hybritech Inc.
Awards and honors: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award; Athena Pinnacle Award; Tullis-Dickerson CEO of the Year award; Alumni of the Year award, University of California Riverside; Alumni of the Year, University of California Irvine; FierceBiotech Top 10 Women in Biotech
Giving back: Children’s Hospital in San Diego

As a trusted and respected industry thought leader, Donato Tramuto has almost 30 years of experience at some of the top health companies in the world.
His background includes significant leadership roles in global pharmaceutical firms, healthcare delivery organizations, and technology development companies, and he is always focused on the development and promotion of the best tools and the best services to produce the best outcomes.
Mr. Tramuto’s innovation at Physicians Interactive (PI) builds upon more than a decade of leading change and innovation to ensure competitive advantage as the market changes. In 1992, he launched an HIV/AIDS in the workplace program when many of his executive colleagues preferred to stay far away from discussing this topic. Mr. Tramuto challenged his colleagues to step up and become leaders in this cause, and ultimately they did not disappoint him. Yet, it was a calculated career risk on an issue that no one else seemed eager to take on.
Again he took a leadership role in 2005 following the Vioxx safety issue, launching an innovative drug signal detection program known as i3 Drug Aperio.
Today, 500,000 prescribers can access 3.1 million brands per month. The value to pharmaceutical manufacturers, patients, and prescribers is compounded by the use of a med-surgical distribution infrastructure to deliver results when combined with traditional marketing and direct-mail techniques.
Among his recent achievements are an exclusive alliance of PI with WorldOne, a global healthcare data company; registry of 2 million healthcare professionals worldwide in its user network; and the launch of a mobile ad network called Tomorrow Networks in conjunction with Remedy Systems.
In addition to winning a $17 million grant from Merck’s Global Health Innovation Fund to expand its product portfolio and identify products and services needed by physicians at points of care, PI, under Mr. Tramuto’s direction, has won several Mobile Health Awards for its enterprise software, mobile applications, and wireless network technology such as Skyscape.
He maintains that the biggest challenge today is the emphasis on innovation and lack of focus on integration — a variable that would improve trust among the stakeholders in healthcare. He says these various groups need to work together to come up with a solution that improves patient outcomes. For example, close to 10,000 medical apps are on the market today, but less than 5% have had a real impact in helping HCPs improve the way they practice medicine. The reason for this is that apps are developed by people who know what they want and for people who they know will use them. Hence, very few companies have integrated input from HCPs and what they really want in a mobile app.
He believes that if companies were to integrate these ideas from the onset, there would be a lot of exceptional healthcare apps that would make a real difference at the point of care.
Mr. Tramuto counts himself as fortunate to have been surrounded by people who believe in him. When he lost his hearing at age 7, some people gave up on him but his parents were determined to find the right physician willing to operate on him on six different occasions, finally restoring some of his hearing at age 17. He never forgot that experience and it is the reason he selected healthcare as his chosen profession.
When his sister-in-law died in child birth as a result of a medication error, he committed himself to changing the way healthcare is delivered. He has experienced significant loss in his live, having lost his brother and nephew in two separate car accidents, his grandfather as a result of gun shot wound by an armed burglar, his sister-in-law as well as two friends and their 3-year-old son on September 11th on United Flight 175, a flight he was originally scheduled to board. He is grateful that he has been given the opportunity to do some good and has made a personal commitment to use whatever time he has left to help others.
One of his most memorable experiences came six weeks after the 2001 election of George W. Bush. He was headed to Italy to speak at a conference. Vice President Al Gore and his security team were also on his flight, and a member of his group asked him if he would give up his aisle seat for the VP. He ended up spending the next eight hours chatting with the vice president, whose company he thoroughly enjoyed.

Donato Tramuto
A Trusted Leader

Donato Tramuto has a unique ability to share his vision, exercise ­leadership, and drive transformation both in the healthcare industry and in community service.

Getting Personal with
donato Tramuto

Family: Parents, Gerald and Martha Gullo Tramuto
Hobbies: Travel; antique car collecting; boating
Reading list: Passage of Power by Robert Caro
Favorite book: The Leadership Challenge by Steve Jobs
Favorite movies: Moonstruck, Arthur, Ghandi
Bucket list: A trip around the world; spending ­Christmas in Bethlehem; cross the $500,000 mark of total donations from the Tramuto Foundation; see Health eVillages expand into other developing ­regions, including potential sites in Mexico,
El Salvador, and India
Favorite smartphone app: Skyscape
Inspired by: Senator Robert F. Kennedy
Most unusual place visited: Taj Mahal in Agra, India, during a full moon
Under the cloak of invisibility: Anywhere relief ­workers are to encourage them to keep up the good work they are doing
Time travel: To the past to the time when Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for nonviolence, civil rights and freedom across the world

Rich Altus
On the Record for EHR

Getting Personal with
Rich Altus
Family: Wife, Beth; son Ryan, 20; daughter Haley, 18
Hobbies: Skiing; cooking; wine collecting
Reading list: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Favorite books: The Stand and 11/22/63 by Stephen King
Favorite movie: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Bucket list: Two-week wine tasting trip in Australia; skiing the French Alps
Favorite smartphone app: Pandora
Inspired by: His father and his family
Life lessons: Tell the truth and then you never have to remember what you said
Most unusual place visited: Pronova’s manufacturing plant for Lovaza in Sandefjord, Norway
Under the cloak of invisibility: Spend a day on the campaign trail with Obama and Romney and then ­finish up at a Springsteen concert on stage
Time travel: Back in time to the late 1950s to Havana, Cuba

Since joining PDR as president in 2011, Rich Altus has hit the ground running, leading the organization in its transformation to an innovative digital provider of drug safety and support content and services. PDR is at the vanguard of emerging biopharmaceutical strategies in the new era of electronic health records (EHR), and Mr. Altus is spearheading this effort.
His leadership was evident at PDR’s recent PharmEHR Summit, a conference that brought together EHR vendors, pharma decision makers, and physicians to explore the opportunities and challenges of EHR platform adoption. His charisma, command of the subject matter, and chemistry with all of PDR’s stakeholders — customers, collaborators, and employees — were evident throughout the meeting as he led several panel discussions, engaged the crowd, and set the tone for an enlightening and productive event.
His insight into e-prescribing and in showcasing the benefits and challenges of electronic health records is unparalleled in the health information technology space.
The big challenges for the industry going forward, Mr. Altus maintains, are physician pay-for-performance coupled with a pharmaceutical pipeline that will be challenged to duplicate the blockbuster success of the past.
Mr. Altus’ leadership at PDR caps a 25-year career in management, finance, and healthcare, throughout which he consistently set clear strategic direction for his companies. Before taking the helm at PDR, he led ImpactRx, which  along with a top-notch team, helped turn into a profitable company.

Rich Altus exudes charisma, knowledge, and chemistry with all of PDR’s ­stakeholders.

Bob Previdi
New Frontiers in Adherence Solutions

Bob Previdi has been in the industry his whole career. His father, Bob Previdi Sr., was somewhat of an icon in pharmaceutical publishing, creating ideas, selling advertising, and launching many publications over many years. Mr. Previdi adopted much of his father’s creativity, industry knowledge, and entrepreneurial aptitude while carving out his own path and becoming an industry icon in his own right.
After working at BMS and Abbott, Mr. Previdi joined his father in business before venturing into a whole new side of the pharma services business.
With his own money and ideas, Mr. Previdi started a company named Touch Tone RX, providing marketers with a way to collect survey information about their products from patients. The patient was rewarded in phone minutes.
This evolved over the years from phone time to ATM cash to co-pay rewards for patients. Several things happened next: pharmacy technology evolved; big pharmaceutical clients such as Pfizer asked for a different type of incentive; debit payments became an option in pharmacies; and the idea around co-pay became a managed care strategy for payers.
Mr. Previdi was able to combine all of these converging forces to reward the patient directly toward his or her co-pay.
Using his previous experience, he was well-positioned to develop and promote this program in the industry.
A visionary leader, Mr. Previdi has helped to expand PSKW from a small organization with a handful of employees, to one of the fastest-growing companies in New Jersey.
Mr. Previdi has guided PSKW for the past 10 years and led the industry into a new frontier offering adherence solutions, such as co-pay assistance and free trial offers; communication services and technologies, including patient- and physician-focused content and messaging, passive tracking, and relationship marketing (RM) strategies.
In addition, he is strongly committed to the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, and through his company supports the N.J. educational system by sponsoring schools in inner city areas such as Newark.­­

Getting Personal with
Bob Previdi
Hobbies: Golfing; playing poker; boating, fishing, skiing; hiking
Reading list: Taking People with You by David Novak
Favorite book: Close to Shore by Michael Capuzzo
Favorite movie: Die Hard
Bucket list: Travel to all seven continents
Favorite smartphone app:
Inspired by: Family and friends
Life lessons: Never fear or be feared
Most unusual place visited: Yellowstone National Park
Under the cloak of invisibility: White House
Time travel: To the future 100 years to see ­grandchildren and great grandchildren

Bob Previdi is an ­innovative leader who has ­created market-leading ­technologies to help both drug ­manufacturers and ­consumers.

Anna Walz
Getting Personal with

Family: Husband, John; daughter, Sofia, 7
Hobbies: Karate; running
Reading list: Blue Ocean Strategy; Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Favorite book: Brave New World by ­Aldous Huxley
Favorite movie: A Fish Called Wanda
Bucket list: Run an ultra-marathon
Favorite smartphone app: Shazam
Inspired by: Her immigrant parents
Life lessons: Stay optimistic; see the ­opportunity in every difficulty
Most unusual place visited: Iceland
Time travel: To the past to the 1960s, a fascinating, ­creative, and world-altering time

Anna Walz encourages her ­employees to give back, giving them time off to volunteer in the community.


Anna Walz is a well-rounded, charming, and hard-working CEO, as well as an inspiring entrepreneur, who is also very active in her community. While her sights are firmly concentrated on bringing her business into a new era, Ms. Walz’s peripheral vision is on the community where she lives. Her goal is to help facilitate a healthy dialogue between the hospital system and a large uninsured population. She was a trustee for the United Way of Hunterdon County for 10 years and is currently is involved with the Hunterdon (NJ) Healthcare System, Hunterdon Medical Center, and Hunterdon Regional Community Healthcare, which all benefit from her voluntary participation on boards and committees.
In addition, Ms. Walz is an active volunteer at the Women’s Health Crisis Center in Somerville, N.J., which provides affordable medical and counseling services for those in need, and America’s Grow-A-Row in Pittstown, N.J., which grows fresh produce in Hunterdon County for distribution to all of north and central New Jersey’s food banks.
She encourages that same philanthropic spirit in her team, giving each of her employees two days off a year to volunteer in the community, where they carry out activities such as distributing orders at the food bank, stocking shelves at a local food pantry, painting the rooms of a women’s halfway house, picking fresh produce for delivery to food pantries, and volunteering office support and expertise to local agencies.
Somehow she also finds the time to lead an exercise accountability group for members of an Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) forum. Every morning, those who wish to participate check in and tell her what exercise they did. Then she writes back individually to each exercise post, making others feel good about their decision to workout.
Colleagues admire Ms. Walz for her poise under pressure; her work in a highly complex and competitive field; and her strong personal, business, and moral values. She continually inspires those around her to keep moving forward no matter how difficult things can get in a deadline-obsessed industry.

Adelene Perkins
Sustainability Built on Core Values

Adelene Perkins’ vision for developing a company built on inclusiveness, community, and collaboration has not only become a reality but is award-winning.
Infinity has been honored as “Best Places to Work Award” by Boston Business Journal and The Scientist for five consecutive years from 2008 to 2012; as a Top 100 Women-Led Businesses by The Commonwealth Institute and BBJ in 2010 and 2011; with a Stevie Award for Women in Business in 2009 Best Executive; and a Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology Leadership Award in 2009.
Under her leadership, the company thrives under several core principles, including: diversity, which is embraced and pursued as a source of creativity and innovation; citizenship, which is prized and where individual excellence is recognized in the context of overall team success; passionate innovation, which views the failure to try as worse than failure in trying; transparent communication, through which the sharing of knowledge is enabled and rewarded; mutual respect, where team members check their titles and degrees at the door; social responsibility, under which the ethical implications of scientific and business goals and practices are debated and considered before acting, and integrity, under which creating value for patients is the basis for creating value for shareholders.
Ms. Perkins is also committed to addressing what she considers the biggest challenge facing the industry today: the ability for biotech companies to remain independent. She believes acquisitions designed to extract short-term results put scale and efficiency over innovation and will undermine the industry’s ability to advance medicine and generate far more significant and sustainable shareholder value.
Outside of Infinity, Ms. Perkins sits on the board of directors for Project Hope, a Boston-based multiservice agency that provides low-income women with children access to education, jobs, housing, and emergency services.
In addition, Ms. Perkins is a member of the Villanova University College of Engineering Advisory Board, where she assists in advising the Dean and the College’s administration and is committed to securing the continued betterment of the college’s educational program. She is also on the board of BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

As citizen-owners, everyone at Infinity, ­including Adelene Perkins recognizes that success will come as a result of living their values every day.

Getting Personal with
Adelene Perkins

Family: Husband, Roland; children, Macie, Michael, Ro, Grace
Hobbies: Sports of all kinds
Favorite books: Miss Rumphius, The Lupine Lady
Favorite movie: The Mission
Bucket list: A hole in one; winning just a single set in tennis from one of my children; catching a fish that doesn’t need to be released
Favorite smartphone app: Maps
Inspired by: People, particularly loved ones, ­diagnosed with life altering diseases who teach us what life is all about
Life lessons: The most important thing you have in this business is your reputation
Most unusual place visited: The abandoned, unlit streets in Boston’s toughest neighborhood while ­retrieving her stolen care
Under the cloak of invisibility: : To the CIA to see the inner working of our national intelligence system
Time travel: To the past to the locker room at half time of the 1985 NCAA championship Villanova basketball team, to hear how Rollie Massimino ­inspired the Wildcats to their unlikely victory over Georgetown

Striking down Tradition

Mike Rutstein launched Strikeforce ­Communications using an open source agency model in an effort to shake up the status quo.

There are a lot of creative people in the advertising business. But not many of them have both the vision and the courage to challenge the status quo and truly shake up the industry. Mike Rutstein is doing just that with his unique, open source agency model, Strikeforce Communications.
The agency was born out of the desire to offer clients better people, a better work product, and a better pricing model.
Like all great thinkers, Mr. Rutstein loves coming up with a relevant, innovative solution to any challenge. Strikeforce is based on his philosophy of puzzle solving: take apart the problem, study all of the angles to get a fresh perspective, and then put together the appropriate team of best thinkers to come up with the best solution.
Perhaps the biggest challenge of all was creating a disruptive agency concept with zero funding at the height of the recession.
Yet his method works, garnering new clients and a variety of industry awards since he opened his innovative agency door.
Among the roster of blue chip clients are Pfizer, Teva, Alcon, Abbott, and Orexigen. One stand-out program is the national advertising campaign for the ParaGard intra-uterine contraceptive.
His understanding of the patient and the professional audience helped him find the strategic sweet spots, maximizing brand appeal across markets. Mr. Rutstein kept strategies focused on the big picture but remained detail-oriented. And he knew how to give the client not just what it wanted, but what it needed.
The campaign won the Gold Award for Best Product Launch at the recent National Advertising Awards.
In addition to leading the consumer activation efforts, Mr. Rutstein also led the integrated marketing efforts on behalf of Teva’s agency partners. His leadership and charisma brought together a diverse group of marketers from PR, Web, and medical marketing to create a seamless, 360-degree campaign with a single unifying message.
Strikeforce has been nominated for a host of honors, including the prestigious Agency Vision Award, which recognizes agencies that the industry believes have the power to transform the communications landscape.
Before Strikeforce, Mr. Rutstein worked at DraftFCB New York, where he led the consumer healthcare division to many awards and an unprecedented new business winning streak.
In his 20 years in marketing and advertising, Mr. Rutstein has dedicated his career to making the pharmaceutical category more relevant and motivating. Mr. Rutstein has worked diligently with major pharma companies such as Teva, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Merck to make their scientific solutions widely recognized by consumers. He has a passion for advancing medicine and a genuine desire to make these advancements meaningful, understandable, and accessible for consumers. In whatever he does, Mr. Rutstein inspires, enlightens, and encourages those around him to new possibilities.

Getting Personal with
Mike rutstein
Family: Father, Stanley; stepmother, Jo Rutstein; two sisters
Hobbies: Playing ice hockey; cycling; fishing
Reading list: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell; The Things They Carried
Favorite book: The Shipping News
Favorite movie: Glengarry Glen Ross
Bucket list: Hiking the Amazon; visiting
Favorite smartphone app: Flipbook
Inspired by: His father; his business partner
Life lessons: When emotions are high, ­intelligence is low.
Most unusual place visited: Lamu, the West Coast of Africa
Under the cloak of invisibility: Into the minds of all of the people he doesn’t understand
Time travel: To the past to the 1920s

Matt Baker
Subject Expert

Outside of regulatory challenges, Matt Baker believes improving efficiencies is the greatest challenge facing the industry, and also the greatest opportunity.

Matt Baker, president, CEO and founder of Compass IRB, has a strong background in the federal regulations — FDA/ICH — governing clinical research, and he is committed to improving the clinical trial process. He learned from his time working directly with human subjects, that there is only one priority in clinical research — the subject — and has since dedicated his career to improving the quality of clinical research to ensure subject protection.
His company received full accreditation from AAHRPP (the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs Inc.), which promotes high-quality research through an accreditation process that helps organizations worldwide strengthen their human research protection programs (HRPPs).
In 2006, Mr. Baker founded Compass IRB to help be part of a segment in the clinical trial process that ensures subjects are protected.
Mr. Baker began his career in clinical research in 1998, when he founded an SMO conducting ophthalmology research. He ran the SMO for five years and has been intimately involved in all aspects of clinical research at multiple clinical sites ever since.
In addition to time at the site level, Mr. Baker has served in many roles and positions at the IRB level. While in the IRB world, he received his (CIM) Certified IRB Manager and (CIP) Certified IRB Professional certifications.
Mr. Baker gives back extensively to the community by serving the Boy Scouts of America and his local church, where he is an elder and pastor.

Getting Personal with
matt baker
Family: Wife, Shari; daughters Kalia, 15; Susie, 13; son Ty, 8
Life lessons: Be nice to others.
Most unusual place visited: Beijing

Dr. Jeff Litwin
Leading the Way in Cardiac Safety

Jeff Litwin, M.D., has dedicated most of his career to raising awareness around the importance of centralized data collection, particularly when monitoring cardiac safety to ensure efficient and successful drug development.
Early in his career, he identified the growing need for reliable, high-quality cardiac safety data to ensure accurate health outcomes research and successful drug development. With concerns over cardiac safety cited as one of the most prevalent reasons for the withdrawal of drugs from the market, Dr. Litwin has dedicated himself to developing innovative solutions and processes that increase the success and efficiency of ECG data collection in clinical studies.
He began his career working as a physician at a cardiology practice before moving to the position of director of medical affairs at Wyeth-Ayerst and then becoming deputy medical director at Nutri/System Inc. Later, he joined Executive Health Group, a provider of executive physical examinations, as chief operating officer.
Today, Dr. Litwin serves as president and CEO of eResearch Technology (ERT) and is a recognized expert in cardiac safety.
Dr. Litwin has consulted on more than one thousand studies and has assisted more than 200 companies with the design and execution of cardiac safety programs using centralized ECG data collection methods.
A widely respected cardiologist, Dr. Litwin is often the person pharmaceutical companies turn to design their protocols and their development strategies and plans.
He is deeply committed to educating health and clinical research professionals on cardiac safety outcomes in drug development and has been instrumental in improving the accuracy of electrocardiogram data collection internationally.
Every year, Dr. Litwin authors papers and speaks at conferences on cardiac safety issues in drug development around the world. He is an active member of numerous organizations including the DIA, where he is a member of the annual planning committee, and the ECG Metrics Champion Consortium, where he serves as a board member supporting the collaborative effort to use standards and metrics to drive higher quality clinical research.
In addition, he has regularly supported a variety of patient-oriented charities.
Since taking the helm at ERT, Dr. Litwin has been influential in driving the company’s corporate outreach program, which was established in early 2011 with the mission to make a difference in the health and well-being of communities around the world.
As part of the program, committees from each ERT office location select a core charity within which they have opportunities for fundraising and volunteer involvement. In the past year more than $86,000 has been raised for the various charities by ERT.
Personally, Dr. Litwin contributes to the Hemophilia Foundation, because his son has a mild form of the disease.
Dr. Litwin’s colleagues say he brings an innate warmth, humility, and sense of humor to everything he does.

Dr. Jeff Litwin is deeply committed to educating health and clinical research professionals on cardiac safety outcomes in drug development.

Getting Personal with
Dr. Jeff Litwin
Family: Married, three children
Hobbies: Collecting chess sets, chess books, and other chess related items; horse racing; fishing
Reading list: Nonfiction, historical fiction
Favorite book: River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey
Favorite movie: The Man Who Would be King
Favorite smartphone app: Angry Birds
Inspired by: Theodore Roosevelt
Life lessons: It is just as important to learn how to manage your boss as it is to manage your staff.
Most unusual place visited: The Mutter Museum, Philadelphia
Under the cloak of invisibility: CIA headquarters to see what is really going on in the world
Time travel: To the past to 32 A.D. to the Holy Land

Ian Kelly
Sincerely Inspirational

To be inspirational one must be passionate. To be motivational one must be sincere. To be ­influential one must be ­experienced. Ian Kelly is all of these things.
Getting Personal with
Ian kelly
Family: Two children
Hobbies: Working out; playing sports, including ­basketball and soccer
Reading list: Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden
Favorite book: Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum
Favorite movie: Braveheart
Bucket list: Fly a plane over the English Channel
Favorite smartphone app: Inrix Traffic
Inspired by: The entire Red Nucleus team
Life lessons: A job worth doing is a job worth doing well
Most unusual place visited: The Golden Triangle in Thailand
Under the cloak of invisibility: Behind the closed doors of the White House
Time travel: To the past to the Tudor dynasty to meet Henry VIII and attend a joust

Hard work, energy, and fun are synonymous with Ian Kelly, who always finds a way to combine professionalism and expertise with his charismatic personality.
Mr. Kelly fosters a comfortable work environment and trusts his employees to produce high-quality products on schedule while being creative and innovative.
He wants people to love coming to work, to be motivated to perform great work, and be eager to contribute to the success of the company.
He leads by example, making the best business decisions for both the client and Red Nucleus.
Gregarious by nature, Mr. Kelly likes to keep people on their toes, and is at his best when he can talk and get to know people.
But listening also matters to Mr. Kelly, who is always eager to hear everyone’s concerns and initiatives, then brainstorms with his teams on how to exceed on the goals set.
Innovative and forward-thinking, Mr. Kelly strives to make every training deliverable the best experience a participant can have.
Mr. Kelly is inspirational, passionate, motivational, sincere, influential, and experienced. But more importantly, it is his belief in his employees as individuals, and in the nucleus of the company that inspires those around him.

Jim Ogle
INC-redible Turnaround

In 2003, Jim Ogle was an independent member of the INC Research board of directors when he was asked to come to its rescue. The company was struggling and had a host of problems. The CEO had left suddenly and Mr. Ogle was asked to take a “temporary” 90-day assignment as interim CEO.
He was given three objectives: get some business, bring stability to the company, and find a new CEO. So far he has achieved the first two and says he will ultimately be successful at the third as well.
His integrity and credibility inspire those who work for Mr. Ogle to follow his vision for both INC Research and the industry as a whole.
With a focus on trust, integrity, loyalty, transparency, and quality Mr. Ogle drove the development of the Trusted Process, a metric-driven methodology that differentiates INC Research.
The big ideas and visions have matured and the result is a company cracking the top five of the CRO industry.
Mr. Ogle talks about what he believes, attracts the best, and uses professionalism and innovation as the hallmark of how his company serves its sponsors.
He surrounds himself with self-directed leaders who can absorb and follow his vision.
That vision has led to an early adoption of mobility solutions such as the iPad, a move to the cloud and SaaS to innovate, and the establishment of the Trusted Process as the global collaboration framework.
A demanding, yet fair leader, Mr. Ogle is relentless in the pursuit of INC Research’s goals. At the same time, he places emphasis on being an ethical, honest leader who conducts business with integrity and being a model for those who come after him. He is particularly proud of the fact that several executives who have worked closely with him through the years have gone on to lead other significant companies in the life-sciences industries.

Jim Ogle’s integrity and credibility inspire those who work for him to follow his vision for INC as well as for the industry.

Getting Personal with
Jim ogle

Family: Wife, Susan; two daughters; five ­grandchildren
Hobbies: Personal investing; sports car ­enthusiast
Reading list: Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brains by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin
Favorite book: Execution: The Discipline of ­Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy
Favorite movie: Scent of a Woman
Inspired by: Ronald Reagan
Life lessons: Be yourself
Most unusual place visited: China

Rick Keefer
A Touch of Class

Rick Keefer has already established himself as a great, inspirational leader in the industry.
Besides his ability to lead, foresee trends, and grow the business at Publicis Touchpoint Solutions, he has many other sides to him that are just as impressive, including a tremendous respect for the environment, helping his community, and caring about his people.
This year, he plans to have Touchpoint work with Habitat for Humanity and other similar organizations. He supports the company’s “Evergreen” program to promote green practices, underscored by the move to the company’s LEED-certified green building in Yardley, Pa.
He makes certain that every employee gets recognized for going above and beyond by instituting the company’s employee-recognition program, Touchpoint Stars. He announces birthdays and anniversaries of every employee at monthly town hall meetings. His goal is to build a company that benefits current and future employees.
As a result, his employees are fiercely loyal and dedicated to giving their customers the best possible services. This, in turn, ensures that customers remain loyal and the company continues to grow and prosper.
Mr. Keefer takes the time to explain and gain commitment. He has always understood that agreement and commitment are two different things.
One of his biggest career thrills is to see people in the organization develop and grow into increasingly greater roles and responsibilities. Nothing is more rewarding, he believes, than seeing the people he has worked with  blossom in their careers.
Mr. Keefer is a strong supporter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) for the mentorship opportunities it provides — both formal (through its mentoring program) and informal (through its programming and activities). He strongly encourages employees — both women and men — to become members of HBA and to take full advantage of their educational, networking, and mentorship opportunities.
It takes a great deal of effort to lead a successful company, but to do it in a socially responsible manner and with compassion takes incredible energy, determination, and a lot of heart.
One experience taught Mr. Keefer the value of decorum at all times. A number of years ago he was driving to meet a job candidate for the first time to interview him for a senior sales position. While on the Interstate, an aggressive driver passed him on the highway during an episode of “road rage,” yelling a number of choice obscenities and gesturing with his middle finger. After arriving at the interview location, the candidate walked through the door and was none other than the angry driver he had encountered on the Interstate. After turning several shades of red and then losing all the color from his face, he apologized profusely. While they continued with the interview, he did not get the job. Mr. Keefer has always taken this as a lesson to remember that no one is really “anonymous” when driving. You never know when you might encounter the driver you just passed outside of the car.

Rick Keefer’s goal is to build a company that benefits current and future employees.

Getting Personal with
Rick Keefer

Family: Wife, Luz Cesario; sons Brian, 33, Brad, 28
Hobbies: Renovating of 80-acre Pa. farm; ­golfing; woodworking; hunting; fishing; riding Harley Davidson motorcycle; hiking; scuba ­diving
Reading list: Anything by Tom Clancy, John ­Grisham, Dan Brown, or EB Griffin
Favorite books: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown; Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson
Favorite movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
Bucket list: Taking a long, cross-country trip across the United States on his Harley; ­spending a year of retirement with his wife on a Caribbean island traveling only by Harley, of course; having grandchildren some day
Favorite smartphone app: The Weather ­Channel
Inspired by: His wife
Life lessons: Never compromise your integrity.
Most unusual place visited: The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
Under the cloak of invisibility: The Oval Office
Time travel: To the future 100 years to see the technological advances and whether there were colonies on Mars and/or the moon

Dr. Leo Francis
Kind, caring, honest, loyal, strong, thoughtful, and ambitious — Dr. Leo Francis inspires those around him with his positive energy.

Driving Health
Communications Forward
For a second year, Leo Francis, Ph.D., has been asked to participate in the Strategic Medcomms Forum held in London. The insight and forward-thinking observations Dr. Francis provides in the area of medical communications during this forum, as well as at other industry events, are sought-after and well-respected.
He has managed and succeeded in countless challenging roles. The most challenging, he says, was his recent appointment as group president at Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, which focused on optimizing the current and creating future competitive edge for organization.
His goals are to continue to redefine PHCG’s role as a client partner in creating value for those companies with a health interest.
Ultimately, he would like to be a CEO of an organization one day.
Dr. Francis has a great sense of humor and humility. While visiting one of PHCG’s network agencies, a relatively new member of the team thought Dr. Francis was the IT guy. So Dr. Francis tried to help him. About an hour later he was hosting and presenting at the same agency at an all-employee meeting and shared the event with staff, who all had a chuckle. The employee had a great sense of humor too and took it in his stride. That was three years ago and the staff member is still with the agency and even today, when the two reminisce, it brings a smile to both their faces.
His achievements are also impressive beyond the workplace. He is a martial arts black belt and at one stage taught and competed in national tournaments.
Dr. Francis also coaches a boys’ soccer team, assisting the head coach on game days. A talented soccer player himself, he is great at motivating the young boys to play the best they can.
In addition he is a Manchester United supporter, and attends games whenever he is in the United Kingdom. Dr. Francis also has a penchant for fast, sporty cars.
Despite this busy schedule, he always finds time to help friends, for example creating a business plan and investing in the business of an electrician friend who started his own business.
A strong supporter of UNICEF, Dr. Francis has a deep-seated belief and commitment to children as the future, and to human-kind as a primary priority, therefore his charitable contributions are focused on providing for children at the most basic and needy levels in society. He values diversity in all aspects of life, and UNICEF best aligns to that collective cause for him.

Getting Personal with
dr. leo francis
Family: Wife, Lyn; son, Isaac
Hobbies: Driving and owning performance cars; soccer; martial/fighting arts; fitness ­training
Reading list: Don’t Be Such A Scientist by Randy Olson; 50 of the most inspiring African-Americans, Introduction by Susan L. Taylor; The Everything American Government Book by Nick Ragone
Favorite movie: Midnight Express
Bucket list: Own a Lamborghini; stay healthy/live to more than 100 years old; travel the world with his wife in retirement
Favorite smartphone app: Travel Tracker
Inspired by: Life; family
Life lessons: Be yoursel.
Most unusual place visited: Bethlehem; Tunisian bazaar
Under the cloak of invisibility: Manchester United team training sessions and game day briefings
Time travel: To the past to the first meeting between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Dr. Karen Ferrante

With a mission to help cancer patients, Dr. Karen Ferrante is at the center of Millennium’s evolving oncology pipeline and within this capacity plays a strategic role in the success of the company’s global drug development programs as well as the entire company.
Her professional involvement as Millennium’s chief medical officer is omnipresent, whether giving input into the design of targeted clinical trials employing patient selection strategies, interfacing with regulatory agencies, or helping assess any unforeseen, late-breaking drug-adverse events. She is pivotal in defining, building, and advancing the company’s market franchise.
She moved from the role of head of clinical development into the chief medical officer role, but for quite some time had the challenge of balancing both jobs while recruiting a new clinical development head.
The greatest highlight for her has been designing and being the medical lead for the Phase II study of erlotinib for the treatment of platinum refractory non-small cell lung cancer that led to proof of concept in that indication, and served as the basis for the design of the registration study.
The challenge for oncology drug development is delivering the right drug to the right patient, Dr. Ferrante maintains. While the industry understands in concept that personalized medicine is where the field is moving and there are a few examples of success, it’s vital to effectively translate the learning from the bench to the bedside in order to really transform the treatment of cancer. This will require a greater level of collaboration among all stakeholders than ever before, she notes.
A pivotal moment in her career was presenting at an Oncology Drug Advisory committee and realizing the incredible impact that the industry can have on improving the treatment of cancer patients. The ability of drug developers to serve the needs of patients worldwide is so very different from being in day-to-day oncology practice, she notes.

Dr. Karen Ferrante is excited by the opportunity to serve ­cancer patients in a global way through drug development.
Getting Personal with
dr. karen ferrante

Family: Husband, Paul; two stepchildren
Hobbies: Gardening; cooking
Reading list: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Power of Purpose by Richard J. Leider
Favorite book: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Favorite movie: City of Angels
Bucket list: Visit the Galapagos Islands, the Maldives, New Zealand; hot air ballooning over the Serengeti in Africa; see the Terra Cotta Soldiers outside of Xi’an in China
Favorite smartphone app: Talking Tomcat
Inspired by: Her father and Mother Teresa
Life lessons: Sometimes you need to lose the battle to win the war
Most unusual place visited: Great Wall of China when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom
Time travel: To the future 100 years to see what has ­become of life on the planet

Bringing Teams

As president and CEO of Eisai Knowledge Centre, India, Sanjit Singh Lamba has helped to fulfill Eisai’s goal of bringing teams from across its business together. Under his guidance, the Eisai Knowledge Centre is now on a 50-acre complex comprising 14 independent buildings constructed on a greenfield site in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. In just 17 months, the Eisai team delivered a contemporary, Japanese style, highly automated API research and production and oral solid dosage manufacturing complex. As a result, the company won the Category for Project Execution award in 2012 in the annual Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA).
One of Mr. Lamba’s greatest challenges has been to envision, create, and deliver to the highly exacting Japanese market outstanding quality pharmaceuticals. The opportunity to do so, and to lead the Eisai Knowledge Centre, has been the highlight of his career to date.
Mr. Lamba served as director-global pharmaceutical manufacturing for Ranbaxy from 2004 to 2007 and also as VP, operations of Lupin, for about four and half years with overall responsibility for innovation, implementation, commissioning, and production of new sterile and non-sterile APIs and dosage formulations.
He has proved his mettle by receiving the approval of facilities from the FDA and MHRA for the first time in India for sterile dosage forms during his tenure at Lupin.
Mr. Lamba has worked with a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Merck Sharp, and Dohme in various disciplines including regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and supply chain management.
In addition, he is strongly involved with professional bodies, including the Indian Pharmaceutical Association, the Parenteral Drug Association, and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), for which he is a board member.

Getting Personal with
sanjit Singh lamba

Family: Wife; twin daughters
Hobbies: Music; photography; gadgets
Reading list: Steve Jobs biography
Favorite book: Good to Great by Jim Collins
Favorite movie: The Untouchables
Bucket list: Own a music studio; learn to play violin and piano; drive a Ferrari; drive a BMW and Harley Davidson motorcycle; complete his Ph.D. this year; see all seven wonders of the world; have a farm house
Favorite smartphone app: Evernote; BlackBerry ­Messenger
Inspired by: His parents and his religious leader
Life lessons: Never give up; accept challenges
Most unusual place visited: Top of the peak where the Ganges river originates in the Himalayas
Under the cloak of invisibility:  Heaven
Time travel: To the future to see his daughters ­living a joyful life

Under Sanjit Lamba’s guidance, the Eisai Knowledge Centre has been brought together on a 50-acre complex comprising 14 independent buildings constructed on a greenfield site.
As president and CEO of Eisai Knowledge Centre, India, Sanjit Singh Lamba has helped to fulfill Eisai’s goal of bringing teams from across its business together. Under his guidance, the Eisai Knowledge Centre is now on a 50-acre complex comprising 14 independent buildings constructed on a greenfield site in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. In just 17 months, the Eisai team delivered a contemporary, Japanese style, highly automated API research and production and oral solid dosage manufacturing complex. As a result, the company won the Category for Project Execution award in 2012 in the annual Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA).
One of Mr. Lamba’s greatest challenges has been to envision, create, and deliver to the highly exacting Japanese market outstanding quality pharmaceuticals. The opportunity to do so, and to lead the Eisai Knowledge Centre, has been the highlight of his career to date.
Mr. Lamba served as director-global pharmaceutical manufacturing for Ranbaxy from 2004 to 2007 and also as VP, operations of Lupin, for about four and half years with overall responsibility for innovation, implementation, commissioning, and production of new sterile and non-sterile APIs and dosage formulations.
He has proved his mettle by receiving the approval of facilities from the FDA and MHRA for the first time in India for sterile dosage forms during his tenure at Lupin.
Mr. Lamba has worked with a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Merck Sharp, and Dohme in various disciplines including regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and supply chain management.
In addition, he is strongly involved with professional bodies, including the Indian Pharmaceutical Association, the Parenteral Drug Association, and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), for which he is a board member.

Steve Viviano
With an agile brain that cuts through the complexity of minutiae, Steve Viviano gets to the heart of­ ­complicated issues and sets his team on the right path.

The Lowe Road to High Achievement

For the past 19 years, Steve Viviano has played an integral role at ICC, building a successful business that has grown substantially. That growth has now led Mr. Viviano to assume responsibility for the entire network of companies and affiliates that comprise what he rebranded this year as ICC Lowe.
This has resulted in unprecedented cross-collaboration, and more importantly, it has resulted in more satisfied clients as they can now take advantage of the best resources that the network has to offer.
Mr. Viviano’s agile brain cuts through the complexity of minutiae, gets right to the heart of complicated client issues, and sets the agency team on the right path. He has razor sharp intelligence, the relentless drive of a powerful diesel engine, coupled with the agility of a Lotus sports car.
But he also likes to have fun at work and uses humor to take some of the tension out of intensely busy work schedules.
Mr. Viviano is tireless when it comes to supporting the industry whether it is through participating in a roundtable discussion, working behind the scenes with a client to solve a business problem of judging creative awards.

Getting Personal with
STEVE viviano

Family: Wife, Susy; three sons, Chris, Matt, Alex
Hobbies: Playing guitar, writing and performing music; filming and editing short movies
Favorite book: 1776
Favorite movie: Midnight Run
Bucket list: Go into the recording studio with one of his favorite musicians, Andy Partridge of XTC, to see his ­creative process unfold; watch a movie director, preferably Woody Allen, film a scene
Favorite smartphone app: The Flashlight
Inspired by: His father
Life lessons: Be proud of your name; ­protect its ­reputation and give it to your kids untarnished

Stephen Wray is considered to be one of the most innovative and creative problem-solvers in the industry. He is known for leading people and companies to achieve high-growth potential.
In fact, Mr. Wray says one of his biggest thrills is seeing the people he has led over the years achieve leadership success in their own career paths.
Mr. Wray tackles marketing problems with innovative solutions, with each solution setting a new industry standard for others to follow.
As CEO of the Cadient Group, Mr. Wray brings true thought leadership to the role as he positions the company to be at the forefront of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.
While many of the mechanics are similar to traditional media, much of the digital space is a new frontier that is being developed in real time. Mr. Wray understands the industry and how communications take pace. He is adept at adapting communication patterns to electronic media and implementing new models.
A true visionary and motivator, under Mr. Wray’s leadership Cadient Group has successfully integrated the digital agency service model with an offering of technology-enabled solutions, transforming the way that life-sciences companies engage with their customers.
He demonstrates a commitment to agility and innovation, and truly partners with clients to improve the way they commercialize their brands.
Mr. Wray is passionate about health and wellness outside of the boardroom as well. He has served as chairman emeritus to the AWARE Foundation, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that provides health and wellness education. His charitable work also extends to organizations such as the Melanoma International Foundation, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and the United Way. He is also very active in his community — as a coach, mentor, and advocate of recreation and sports programs.
He also gives back to aspiring marketers. For example, Mr. Wray has in the past volunteered at Arcadia University to evaluate advertising and marketing course projects for final semester seniors. Over the course of 15 weeks, teams of four or five students form microagencies and create ad campaigns for commercial products and services. At the middle and end of the semester the teams make presentations discussing their campaign strategies and tactics. Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Wray has joined the class for these presentations, sharing his years of experience and expertise with the class, and providing the teams with invaluable advice and counsel. His love and enthusiasm for advertising are palpable when he speaks to a class. He has acted as a mentor to the teams, addressing the strengths and weaknesses of their presentations, advising them on how to improve their personal performance, and always emphasizing enthusiasm for whatever they do.

Stephen Wray is one of the most innovative and creative problem solvers in the industry, leading people and companies to new levels of growth
Getting Personal with
stephen wray

Family: Wife, Linda; four children
Hobbies: Coaching youth sports; running; ­traveling with ­family; reading; tennis
Reading list: Zero Day by David Baldacci; ­Disciplined ­Dreaming by Josh Linkner; The Leader’s Checklist by Michael Useem; Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson; Back to Work by Bill Clinton
Favorite book: The Gold Coast by Nelson ­DeMille
Favorite movies: Field of Dreams; Braveheart
Bucket list: Attend San Francisco Giants ­fantasy camp; visit Europe with the family, ­especially Italy; learn to play guitar
Favorite smartphone app: ESPN Score Center
Inspired by: Seeing the kids he coaches gain confidence in themselves and their own ­capabilities
Life lessons: Don’t confuse being CEO with a popularity ­contest
Most unusual place visited: Haleakala Crater in Maui
Under the cloak of invisibility: Oval Office
Time travel: To the past to San Francisco during the gold rush era

Dr. David de graaf   Diagnostically Speaking
Dr. David de Graaf is convinced that ­pharmaceutical pipelines can be improved by the incorporation of therapeutic diagnostics.

David de Graaf, Ph.D., is truly an inspirational and visionary leader. Not only is he an accomplished and recognized thought leader, he participates in mentorship programs and is one of the most likeable C-suite executives in the industry. He leads by example, dynamically motivates, affably encourages, and professionally challenges his staff to strive higher.
As president and CEO of Selventa, a biomarker discovery company that enables personalized healthcare, he is setting the strategic scientific and operational goals for the company. He is convinced that pharmaceutical pipelines can be improved by the incorporation of therapeutic diagnostics.
As leader of the personalized healthcare company, which helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners find optimal treatments for the right patients through early patient stratification and portfolio optimization, Dr. de Graaf has helped the company engage in more than 60 successful, collaborative projects with many partners worldwide.
Before joining Selventa in 2011, Dr. de Graaf served as the VP of biotherapeutics and integrative biology at Boehringer Ingelheim, where he built a successful portfolio of clinical candidates, initiated key collaborations, as well as managed scientific leadership and site operations. He also held roles with increasing responsibilities at Pfizer, where he built an integrated wet and computational biology group to support a complete biotherapeutics portfolio and pioneered a systems toxicology and virtual IND concept. He also had senior level roles at AstraZeneca and the Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research, with a focus on bringing innovative systems biology approaches to the early pipeline.
Dr. de Graaf completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, in pharmacogenomics of human olfactory systems. He earned a Ph.D. in mammalian genetics from The University of Illinois at Chicago and a Master of Science degree in evolutionary genetics from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He was awarded a Feinberg Fellowship and is invited frequently to speak at scientific conferences.
Dr. de Graaf also gives back to the community and is committed to supporting the New Israel Fund. And because he wants his wife and two daughters to have access to all the necessary healthcare he also supports Planned Parenthood because of the tremendous pressures on women’s health.

Getting Personal with
david de graaf
Family: Wife, Rachel; two daughters, Yonah, 8; Shanie, 12
Hobbies: Recreational sports; reading; camping
Reading list: The Art of War by Lao Tzu; Kraken by China Miéville; Business Model Generation by Alexander ­Osterwalder
Favorite book: The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution by Kimura
Bucket list: Go to the opera house in Manaus, Brazil
Favorite smartphone app: Mail
Inspired by: Folks in their teens and 20s; they have their ­priorities straight
Life lessons: Don’t manage success; stay away and let it ­blossom
Under the cloak of invisibility: To my office to get some work done without anyone knowing
Time travel: To the past to the time and place where single celled life originated

Seguine Jr.

Going Paperless

Ed Seguine has spent the last 12 years as a senior executive, consultant, and investor in both life-science technology companies as well as big pharmaceutical companies. He brings deep operational, commercial, and financial experience to Clinical Ink.
He is dedicated to improving the clinical process by eliminating the costly paper document processes at research sites to capture subject visit data before manually entering it into the EDC system — a process that is directly responsible for billions in unnecessary costs associated with time-consuming monitoring and data quality efforts.
Before joining Clinical Ink, Mr. Seguine was general manager, trial planning, at Medidata Solutions, and CEO of Fast Track Systems, where he successfully refocused the company on new products before engineering the acquisition by Medidata.
Mr. Seguine has been on the forefront of change in the clinical research market since his days at Lilly Ventures, more than 14 years ago. Lilly Ventures invested in companies that proved to be transformational, including Fast Track Systems, where Mr. Seguine was appointed CEO.
Under his leadership, Fast Track developed the industry’s first electronic protocol application bringing a previously paper process into the digital age.
Following Fast Track’s acquisition by Medidata, Mr. Seguine joined Clinical Ink where he now serves as president.
Mr. Seguine’s considerable expertise and experience have been instrumental in the growth of Clinical Ink and the emergence of the
eSource market.
As the eSource market continues to evolve, Mr. Seguine is a sought after lecturer, who has spoken at numerous conferences, including SCDM, DIA, SCOPE, and Innovations in Life Sciences.
Moreover, he has been asked to participate in FDA panels on several occasions. Mr. Seguine possesses superior business ethics. Indeed, he is a leader worthy of emulation.

Ed Seguine has ­consistently identified new technologies to ­address ­previously­ ­intractable ­problems.

Getting Personal with
edward seguine jr.

Family: Wife; son, 17; daughters,15, 10
Hobbies: Lacrosse Dad; video games; detailing my car; ­visiting cathedrals; mountain biking
Reading list: The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry; Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West by Tom Holland
Favorite books: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett; Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Favorite movies: Inception; Count of Monte Cristo; The ­Fugitive
Bucket list: Drive the Pacific coastline from LA to Seattle; watch 49ers football team play in the Super Bowl; visit cathedrals in the 50 largest cities in Europe
Favorite smartphone apps: Spider Solitaire; LogosQuiz; Find My Phone
Inspired by: Everyday people who go about their business with no recognition and leave the world a better place.
Life lessons: Every six months ask yourself, “If someone new replaced me, what would they think are the most ­important problems to address?” Then go fix those ­problems. — Andy Grove’s book Only the Paranoid ­Survive
Most unusual place visited: Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon
Time travel: To the past to Milan, Italy, 1400 AD, to be part of the construction crew on the Duomo

Mark Hanley   A Call to Action

Mark Hanley is a ­quintessential ­entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses over the course of his 30-year ­career.

Mark Hanley is a quintessential entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses over the course of his 30-year career.
Sadly, Mr. Hanley’s career was spurred by a tragic event surrounding the death of his 18-year-old sister in car crash. Mr. Hanley believed that the rescue techniques performed were not on par because the volunteer ambulance staff had not received training in the latest life-saving techniques.
This horrific event prompted Mr. Hanley to establish the Nebraska Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Association, a nonprofit organization that extensively trains volunteer rescue personnel in the application of new techniques.
After serving as a volunteer paramedic and leading the Nebraska EMT for a couple of years, Mr. Hanley entered the corporate world. He became VP of sales for Abbey Healthcare, a medical equipment provider. While employed there, he was among a handful of senior managers who, when the company fell on hard times, was asked by and complied with the CEO, to invest his life-savings in an effort to restore the company. He became an owner in Abbey, and with his investment, contributed to the company’s turnaround. Abbey eventually merged with its largest competitor to form a $1 billion entity.
From there, he headed to England where he consolidated several small British healthcare companies to form Allied Healthcare International, a NASDAQ traded company (AHCI), and he still holds a seat on the board.
In June 2000, Mr. Hanley returned to the United States and founded O2 Science, a regional provider of respiratory services and home healthcare products. He grew the company significantly before selling it to Pacific Pulmonary Services.
In 2007, Mr. Hanley and a group of silent investors purchased Clinical Research Advantage, a network of trial sites. He has since transformed CRA’s business model to more closely meet the needs of today’s healthcare challenges.
Mr. Hanley also enjoys working with organizations that provide care and support to children in need. During the process of adopting two of his four children — his son and daughter — from a Russian orphanage, he encountered three siblings who were waiting to find their “forever family” in America.
The staff at the orphanage told him how difficult it was to find a family that would adopt all three kids. At that moment, he knew he had to help. Mr. Hanley worked closely with the orphanage by sponsoring the siblings in their quest for adoption, and he was able to locate a couple who was willing to adopt all three children. To this day, he still talks with the couple and visits the kids on special occasions.
This busy executive and family man still finds time to volunteer. He and his family work with several community-based organizations, such as local food banks, as well as national organizations that raise money for the treatment and prevention of debilitating diseases. He involves his children in these endeavors because he believes it’s important that they know the value of helping those less fortunate.
In the past five years, Mr. Hanley also has volunteered as a court appointed special advocate (CASA). In this role, he serves as an advocate for abused and neglected children to help ensure that these children do not get lost in the court system.
In addition, he is a volunteer for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Getting Personal with

Family: Wife; four children
Hobbies: Volunteering
Reading list: The High-Beta Rich by Robert Frank; Have a ­Little Faith by Mitch Albom
Favorite books: The Autobiography of Winston Churchill; The Tipping Point by Malcolm ­Gladwell
Bucket list: Run for political office
Favorite smartphone app: Yahoo Finance
Inspired by: Warren Buffett
Life lessons: When making decisions ­remember that it takes 20 years to build a good reputation and five minutes to ruin it
Under the cloak of invisibility: The boardroom of Apple
Time travel: To the future 20 years to see what his kids will be like when they’re all grown up


With care and consideration, Laurent Labrune has been instrumental in driving the new company that resulted from the merger of Cegedim and Dendrite to become a recognized leader in the CRM field for the life-sciences industry.
Intelligent, hardworking, and innovative, Mr. Labrune’s leadership was key to integrating the people, products, and services of the two merged companies while ensuring that customer needs were exceeded during a period of significant change.
Under his leadership, the company has transformed itself to be a leader in the SaaS/cloud computing space in the life-sciences domain.
Being named CEO of Cegedim Relationship Management when the Cegedim Group acquired Dendrite International in 2007 was an absolute highlight for Mr. Labrune. He has found the process of combining the two companies and marrying different cultures fascinating, particularly since Cegedim Relationship Management has offices and staff in 80 countries around the world. And in the five years since, he says it’s been an exciting and rewarding challenge to work with fascinating clients and the internal team of innovative leaders to continue to grow the company.
As the industry deals with multiple challenges — pricing pressures from healthcare reform, patent losses on blockbusters, decreasing pipelines, and increasing regulatory requirements — Mr. Labrune is focused on ensuring that Cegedim Relationship Management  helps customers through those changes by continually adapting its solutions to meet the needs of the industry. He thinks in terms of partnership, rather than a customer/vendor relationship.
He maintains that the life-sciences industry must evolve and innovate to lead in the future. He points out that this is a situation where many companies are experimenting with new models to increase their R&D, commercial operations, manufacturing, etc. The innovation that is being generated out of this evolution will, he says, help the winners sustain a competitive advantage for years to come.

Laurent Labrune’s leadership of Cegedim Relationship Marketing has helped to integrate people,­ ­products, and services.
Getting Personal with
laurent labrune
Family: Wife; four children
Hobbies: Tennis; golf
Favorite books: Great by Choice by Jim Collins and Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen
Favorite movie: The Big Blue
Bucket list: To visit Egypt and see the pyramids
Favorite smartphone app: Le Figaro
Inspired by: Jean-Claude Labrune,
chairman and managing director of Cegedim
Most unusual place visited: A remote island in Greece
Time travel: To the past to ancient Rome to ­observe firsthand, and be inspired by,
the ­brilliant scientists, architects,
strategists, and philosophers who
lived during that time and
helped shape modern culture

Kelly Gratz
Agency Activator

Since joining inVentiv Health in 2000, Kelly Gratz has been directly involved in driving multichannel success for a number of pharmaceutical clients, including Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, Merck, Ethicon, TAP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lilly, Genentech, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Ross Products, Takeda, and UCB Pharma.
Before being appointed president of inVentiv Health Commercial Solutions, Ms. Gratz served as president of inVentiv Health Selling Accelerators, championing the integration across the commercial division.
During her time at inVentiv, Ms. Gratz has been a driving force in fueling the company’s ability to innovate on behalf of its clients, which has had a corresponding effect on the industry as a whole. She understands the issues clients face, from all aspects, and has a wonderful ability to find solutions that appropriately balance innovation, cost, and value.
In her current role, leading inVentiv Commercial Solutions, she’s at the forefront of providing unique outsourced sales and marketing solutions and understanding where the market is heading and how to create solutions for clients that are evolving with the market.
Her clear understanding of market conditions helped her during a specific career challenge. Several years ago, the organization she was managing was at a crossroads. She understood that the team could stay the course or take the path less travelled and really take a risk. Together, she and her team took the riskier path, and never looked back. In the years that followed, the organization grew at tremendous rates and the organization continues to do so today.
Her team members credit her as being an amazing mentor and an amazing partner to her clients.

Getting Personal with
kelly gratz
Family: Husband, Eric; three sons, Kyle, 18; Ryan, 16; Nicholas, 9
Hobbies: Golfing; watching her three boys each ­playing their favorite sports
Reading list: James Patterson; Dan Brown; John ­Gamble
Favorite book: The Hunger Games series
Favorite movie: Pretty Woman
Bucket list: Take the family to Ireland and Scotland for a golf trip
Favorite smartphone app: Airline apps
Inspired by: Her husband, parents, and children
Life lessons: Don’t miss the first things or things that only happen once
Most unusual place visited: Irwin Inn, a small resort in Canada
Time travel: To the past to see her family growing up; she is the youngest of nine kids and would like see how her parents managed

Michael Parisi  The Master of Science
Michael Parisi is a true believer in the value of the scientific story and he continuously strives to communicate these stories across all audiences. His understanding and knowledge of the science, particularly oncology, dovetails with this drive and dedication to produce not only the best stories but also the most compelling ones.
If he’s working on a project, he takes the time to really understand the details of the health condition, the patient journey, the treatment, and how it will be administered by the healthcare professional. This type of collaborative partner gives clients the confidence to explore new channels for communicating the brand message. His understanding means that he can help determine if an idea is a good match for the client, the patient, the healthcare professional, and for the overarching strategy.
In his role as managing partner of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW), Mr. Parisi has had a tremendous impact on clinicians, public health specialists, and scientists, many of whom have made the transition from academics to the marketing side of the industry.
Ogilvy CommonHealth Specialty Marketing, which he founded, was one of the first agencies to incorporate scientists and clinicians into the core brand teams. He understood the value of having individuals who worked at the bench or in the clinics contribute to the strategic insights that would ultimately help bring a brand to patients in need.
Mr. Parisi’s vision for a scientific communications team has not only been a reality but a clear differentiator in this highly competitive field. As OCHWW expands its business into disease areas such as Hepatitis C, which have a global impact on public health, he has had the wisdom to expand the scientific and medical teams to include public health specialists.
He inspires his teams to take educational training to a higher level while at the same time helping the business grow.
His teams say working with him is always fun and interesting, in a good way. He is noted as being a fearless leader who is knowledgeable in his field and well-respected amongst his peers.
Mr. Parisi’s passion is evident every day, and his intelligence and knowledge of the business are admirable and motivating. He seems to know when things aren’t quite right, and will address issues and individual challenges on a personal level. He can read people very well, and has a way of making everyone feel comfortable.
Mr. Parisi drives to bring forward the best in everything that he is involved with: the best brands to impact lives, the best marketing practices, and the best talent. He is a true leader, always at the forefront of everything important in the industry.
What makes Mr. Parisi such a special and impactful leader is his ability to personalize his management style to reach each individual in the company in a uniquely motivating way, geared to develop his team members’ skills while enveloping them in a strong collaborative, innovative, and supportive environment.
He generously mentors his team members from entry-level through senior leadership.   Mr. Parisi’s charisma and high-energy are felt throughout the halls at OCHWW. His leadership generates passion for the agency’s work and he has created a unique, amazing work experience for all involved.
Those with whom he works say it would be hard to imagine a professional who combines compassion, depth of knowledge and commitment with more intensity than Mr. Parisi. One colleague shares a very personal story, recalling that soon after they started working together his father’s health had taken a bad turn. Hearing this, Mr. Parisi wasted no time reaching out and sharing with him the top people in the field — a small sampling of the many long-standing relationships he’s cultivated in science, business, and good works. At the time, the two had known each other no more than a handful of days and it would be hard to characterize the relationship at that point as even “office casual.” Mr. Parisi’s actions speak volumes about his empathetic and solution-oriented character..
This same combination of traits plays itself out every day, on every project. His deep understanding of complex conditions, innovative treatments, or new devices provides an admirable authority with which to lead his team.
And his fierce dedication to small details and especially high ideals is a tremendous driver of performance, both for those partnering with him inside the agency and for the clients and brands he serves with passion and integrity.

Michael Parisi brings an exhaustive passion to every aspect of his life and its pure, consistent heat ­dissolves the lines between family, friends, colleagues, clients. and community.

Getting Personal with
michael parisi

Family: Two sisters
Bucket list: He has two film ideas that will be completed ­before this journey is done
Favorite smartphone app: Shazam
Inspired by: People with courage, purpose and an open mind
Life lessons: Give more than you receive; thank yous and praise go a very long way
Time travel: To the past 25 years to his dining room at ­Christmas so his family could enjoy one more dinner with his father

Dr. Todd Sherer   From Scientist to CEO

Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Todd Sherer, The Michael J. Fox Foundation is working to ­accelerate treatment breakthroughs for ­Parkinson’s.

Todd Sherer, Ph.D.’s, transition from scientist to CEO has been a challenge, but one that has generated personal and professional rewards.
As CEO of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF), Dr. Sherer is challenged with finding new therapies for Parkinson’s disease in an environment where drug development is slow, science is ahead of the money, funding is tight, but patients need new treatments now.
Under Dr. Sherer’s leadership, he and his teams have generated more than $297 million in research funding, supported 51 clinical trials, and to make sure that 88 cents of every dollar is directed to research programs.
Dr. Sherer’s work with the Foundation began in 2003, when, as a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University in Atlanta, he was awarded MJFF funding to investigate the role of environmental factors in Parkinson’s disease. He joined the foundation’s staff full time as associate director, research programs, in April 2004. He was promoted to VP, research programs, in June 2006, and chief program officer in November 2010, finally assuming the role of CEO in May 2011.
Dr. Sherer is a member of the board of directors of the Parkinson’s Action Network and participates in the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders. He is a collaborating scientist for the Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD), a member of the CINAPS Advisory Committee at the National Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, and an advisory council member for the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.
As a bench researcher, he published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles.

Getting Personal with
Dr. Todd Sherer

Family: Wife, Kelly; daughter. Leah, 10 months old
Hobbies: Sports; movies; reading; travel
Reading list: The Hunger Games trilogy; ­NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children
Favorite book: John Adams by David McCullough
Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Bucket list: Take daughter, Leah, to Disney World; visit all 50 states in the United States with his family
Favorite smartphone app: Boggle
Inspired by: Parkinson’s patients; enthusiastic students
Life lessons: Keep a pure motive and be transparent in your decisions
Most unusual place visited: Tunis, Tunisia
Under the cloak of invisibility: The Oval Office
Time travel: To the past to sit in and listen to the ­debates around the Declaration of Independence

Asaf Evenhaim
Rx Data Revolution

Propelled by the innovative ideas and approach of CEO and cofounder Asaf Evenhaim, Crossix has found a way to manage the challenges of marketing in the highly regulated life-sciences industry.
Through Mr. Evenhaim, Crossix built an independent data network specifically with HIPAA and consumer marketing challenges in mind, going right to the sources of transactional data to enable the proprietary, privacy-safe methodology.
Crossix uses its data network to measure the impact of marketing programs using a representative sample of U.S. pharmaceutical transactions. Crossix prescription data represents the entire U.S. geography, varied pharmacy types including retail, pharmacy benefit providers, insurance plans, and all payment types.
In the past year, the U.S. patent office issued Crossix with a patent for its unique matching methodology that facilitates effective linking of consumers to actual prescription data in a privacy-safe way.
Mr. Evenhaim conceived of this innovation based on a decade of experience working with pharmaceutical marketing teams, and witnessing the severe limitations with using legacy approaches.
Mr. Evenhaim is also a leading promoter of new data-driven models for consumer marketing optimization, which informs decision-making of brand teams, their agencies, and media and publishing companies. He also facilitates media pay-for-performance models and advances deeper insights into the impact of advanced digital promotions on consumer audiences.
Mr. Evenhaim is also a leading promoter of new data-driven models for consumer marketing optimization, which inform decision-making of brand teams, their agencies, and media and publishing companies, including media pay-for-performance models.
Among his accomplishments are: advancing deeper insights into the impact of exposure to or engagement with rich digital experiences; and developing one of the first analytics platforms to integrate TV set-top box  and patient data to measure ROI.
Through his innovations, he is providing pharma marketers with access to timely and actionable results that they can use to optimize campaigns on the fly, as well as better understand the profile of the customers they reach.
The industry needs to get better at coping with change, Mr. Evenhaim says. The industry is simultaneously undergoing significant change in its R&D, salesforce and consumer marketing efforts — and this on top of healthcare reform and its impact on patients, payers, providers, and pharma. As consumers become more sophisticated, driven somewhat by their engagement with digital and social media, the industry has to innovate in kind.
Clients say Crossix is where the rubber meets the road in terms of analytics, and it is Mr. Evenhaim’s brilliant leadership that continues to drive that reputation.
He is committed to building Crossix analytics into the clear industry standard for planning, targeting, optimizing, and measuring consumer communication programs to support pharmaceutical companies, publishers, agencies, and other stakeholders in their drive to enhance patient value and maximize the business impact or ROI.

Getting Personal with
asaf evenhaim
Family: Wife, Hagit; two daughters, Noa and Maya
Hobbies: Tennis; red wine
Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Bucket list: Visit Bordeaux; Piedmont; China
Favorite smartphone app: Pandora
Life lessons: Don’t get too excited — Peter Kindersley, DK the publisher

Marty Carroll  Driving Core Values
Marty Carroll is helping to ­define Boehringer Ingelheim’s culture
and ­direction for current and future ­success.

Getting Personal with
Marty Carroll
Family: Wife, Cindy; three children; six ­grandchildren
Hobbies: Golfing; skiing; traveling;
Inspired by: Positive people
Life lessons: Perform in your current position and the rest will take care of itself

In his more than 10 years with Boehringer Ingelheim, Marty Carroll has had a profound impact on the organization’s culture.
As president and CEO, Mr. Carroll was responsible for the pharmaceutical group, including R&D and manufacturing, consumer health care, as well as other U.S. subsidiaries, including Roxane Labs, Ben Venue Laboratories, Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica.
He is admired for his ability to set a clear vision and communicating the steps needed for a successful outcome, as a result employees feel empowered and appreciated.
Currently Mr. Carroll serves on the Boehringer Ingelheim USA board of directors and the Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation board of directors.
As part of a management succession plan in the United States, Mr. Carroll is currently working as head of corporate strategy and development in close coordination with the board of managing directors to set the direction for the corporation and the different Boehringer Ingelheim businesses for the coming years.
Before joining Boehringer Ingelheim, Mr. Carroll spent 25 years with Merck in various capacities, including manufacturing, business development, marketing, managed care, and sales.
Mr. Carroll also spent four years in the U.S. Air Force as a captain.

Dr. Roger Korman
Data Savvy

Taking his knowledge and expertise beyond his roles as president of DMD and chairman and CEO of Aptilon, Roger Korman, Ph.D., involves himself in many industry events and gains satisfaction from educating others.
Dr. Korman worked for more than 30 years in pharmaceutical marketing, including 25 years in international business for IMS Health, a leader in information services to the pharmaceutical industry. He led product development in the United States, including the first generations of the prescription database, and served as managing director of IMS U.K. and Ireland and president of IMS Canada and Latin America. Dr. Korman’s Canadian unit won the Globe and Mail Top 50 Companies in Canada twice and the Maclean’s Top 100 Companies in Canada three times.
Winning top company awards five times for his IMS business unit was a highlight for Dr. Korman.
In 1993, he had a career-changing epiphany when one of his IT folks explained that there was this network of computers communicating through something called the Internet.
His focus now is to change the industry’s mentality on the email channel to pay for performance.

Winning top ­company awards five times for his IMS business unit was a highlight for Dr. Roger Korman.

Getting Personal with
Dr. Roger Korman

Family: Wife, Fanny Zacharjasz, son, Shai; daughters, Lily and Becky; granddaughter Na’ama Shana
Hobbies: Babysitting; studying who wrote the Bible; and playing tennis
Reading list: The Second Rumpole Omnibus, The Daily You
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite movie: Nobody’s Fool
Bucket list: Sail around the world; compete in the Yukon Quest dogsled race
Favorite smartphone app: Foursquare
Inspired by: His colleagues
Life lessons: Don’t say no, say later
Most unusual place visited: A war zone a week after a ­horrific battle
Under the cloak of invisibility: Secretary of State Clinton’s office for her daily staff meeting
Time travel: To the past to the year 30 AD, Jerusalem under Roman rule, rebellion fomenting, Jesus preaching, the city ready to explode

Lisa Costantino  Accountable

Lisa Costantino’s intelligence, knowledge of the business, and ability to build affinity across the organization make her a valued member of the senior leadership team at EMD Serono.
The Boston Business Journal recognized Ms. Costantino as a CFO of the Year in 2010 and she has been honored internally with the organization’s CEO Award in 2003, and the President’s Award in 2005. Her selfless dedication to doing what is right for the organization as well as for her teams make her an excellent leader.
She says many professional mentors imparted in her the importance of developing strong and dedicated teams that focus on delivering great results and outcomes. Those who she most highly respected, provided an environment that centered around listening, understanding, and, ultimately, motivating toward these great outcomes. These are important skills that span across all aspects of one’s  life, and she would like to take what she has learned and teach others how to do the same.
At an early age, working as a nurse’s aid at a local nursing home, she learned the meaning of responsibility, humanity, and how much one person can impact the life of another.
Ms. Costantino says growing up with five brothers and sisters, each with their own talents and interests, and a mother and father who dedicated their lives to their family, made every day a learning experience. She learned invaluable lessons in communication, teamwork, finding the optimal solution for the good of the whole, and ensuring one’s voice was heard — teachings that have stayed with her throughout her life and ones she hopes she can share with her daughter Alisa, the light of her life.

Lisa Costantino’s
selfless ­dedication to doing what is right for the organization as well as for the
finance team makes her an excellent leader.

Family: Daughter, Alisa, 13
Hobbies: Traveling; shopping; exploring new places with her daughter
Favorite book: Guess How Much I Love You by Sam ­McBratney
Favorite movie: The Sound of Music
Bucket list: Starting a nonprofit organization that helps women develop skills critical to success in the corporate world
Inspired by: Her mother and father
Life lessons: Listen carefully to those around you; learn to take criticism; don’t apologize for success; accept that you don’t know what you don’t know and be eager to learn
Time travel: To the past to the Victorian era, where style and chivalry were alive and well; to a future where peace, ­prosperity, and possibilities are enjoyed by all

Getting Personal with
Lisa costantino

Adrian Adams
A Cultural Shift

Adrian Adams never sees obstacles — he only sees opportunities and challenges to overcome. In just a few short months as CEO of Auxilium, Mr. Adams has engaged employees to help determine the strategic direction for Auxilium and focused the team on execution toward clear, aligned objectives, all while never losing sight that everything the company does is for patients and shareholders. All of this contributes to developing a nimble, high-performing, and vibrant Auxilium culture.
Before joining Auxilium, Mr. Adams served as president and CEO of Inspire Pharmaceuticals, where he oversaw the commercialization and development of prescription pharmaceutical products and led the company through a strategic acquisition by global pharmaceutical leader Merck & Co. in May 2011.
Before Inspire, Mr. Adams served as president and CEO of Sepracor Inc. from December 2006 until February 2010. Under his leadership, Sepracor conducted multiple strategic corporate development activities, including in-licensing of seven products and out-licensing deals with two major pharmaceutical companies, before its acquisition by Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co.
Before joining Sepracor, Mr. Adams was president and CEO of Kos Pharmaceuticals from 2002 until the acquisition of the company by Abbott Laboratories in December 2006.
During his tenure he led the transformation of Kos into a fully integrated and profitable pharmaceutical company with annual revenue approaching $1 billion.
Mr. Adams serves on the board of directors for Auxilium and for Amylin.
During his 30-year life-sciences career, Mr. Adams also held general management and senior national and international marketing positions at ICI (now part of AstraZeneca), SmithKline Beecham, and Novartis.
He is a graduate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry at Salford University in the United Kingdom.

Getting Personal with
adrian adams
Family: Wife; six children, ranging in age from 8 to 31
Reading list: Business-related books
Favorite book: Thriving on Chaos by Tom ­Peters
Bucket list: Travel to the Far East, South ­America, South Africa, with his family and appreciate and savor the cultures; establish a foundation that can make a difference in a specific country
Inspired by: Margaret Thatcher

Adrian Adams is ­transforming ­Auxilium into a ­rapidly ­growing, ­
profitable, and ­sustainable ­biopharmaceutical ­company that ­respects ­employees and has a great culture.

Dr. Tina Nova
From the Bench to the Boardroom

A self-professed lover of math and science, Dr. Tina Nova’s dedication and passion for her work has been ­evident in the 28 years she has ­devoted to the ­molecular ­diagnostics and biotechnology space.

With a career studded with highlights, Tina Nova, Ph.D., has enjoyed being part of a scientific team and an inventor on the development of the prostate specific antigent (PSA) cancer blood test; taking Genoptix public in 2007, and watching GXDX go across the NASDAQ ticker for the first time.
As president and founder of Genoptix, she says the combination with Novartis is allowing her and her team to bring true personalized medicine in cancer diagnostics to the forefront.
Her forward-thinking spirit, enthusiasm, and belief in what she does are infectious, stemming from an innate sense of how to motivate people.
At Genoptix, and across the industry, colleagues praise Dr. Nova for her open and approachable management style, and for her expansive industry knowledge drawing from years of leadership experience and her roots as a research scientist.
Dr. Nova has earned a reputation as a leader in biotech, particularly in the San Diego area where Genoptix has its headquarters.
She has been recognized her as a Top 10 Women in Biotech, and she is a past recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award; the Athena Pinnacle Award; and the Tullis-Dickerson & Co. CEO of the Year Award.
As an admired business leader and scientific expert, she was also selected to serve as a life-science sector representative for California’s $3 billion stem cell initiative at the time of its launch through 2008. Additionally, she serves as a member of the board of directors of clinical-stage pharma companies Arena Pharmaceuticals and Adamis Pharmaceuticals, and is on the board of trustees of the University of San Diego.
On top of her tremendous professional success, she also balances the great work she has achieved with raising two children.

Getting Personal with
Dr. Tina nova

Family: Daughter, Natasha; son Evan
Hobbies: Playing tennis; watching San Diego Chargers; shopping
Reading list: Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta
Favorite movie: Godfather trilogy
Bucket list: Travel; teach at a local university
Favorite smartphone app: The flashlight
Most unusual place visited: A small village outside Tripoli, Greece, where her father’s ­family is from
Bucket list: Travel; teach at a local university
Favorite smartphone app: The flashlight
Most unusual place visited: A small village outside Tripoli, Greece, where her father’s ­family is from

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