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Integrated Solution Addresses Market Access Challenges

By Carolyn Gretton

Trend watch: A growing number of sponsors are seeking solutions to help patients overcome the regulatory, cost, and educational barriers to accessing specialty biotech and pharmaceutical products. InVentiv Health’s Embarx is a customizable, patient-centric offering designed to meet the market access challenges of specialty biotech and pharmaceutical products. Embarx draws upon industry experts from inVentiv’s clinical, commercial, and consulting segments and uses state-of-the-art technology to create comprehensive solutions that improve patient access, increase commercial value, and drive adherence and loyalty to clients’ products. The offering includes services such as strategic consulting, clinical nursing teams, adherence programs, REMS, payer communications, and reimbursement and field teams support. Each Embarx solution is customized with the patient, provider, and payer in mind. Because all the services are delivered through inVentiv Health, clients experience the convenience and efficiency of working with one provider to manage fully integrated, multiservice programs. “While a growing number of innovative specialty products are being introduced to the market, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for patients to access those therapies due to regulatory, cost, and educational barriers,” says Mark Dmytruk, president of inVentiv Health Patient Outcomes. “Through our integrated teams, we not only support the business goals of our clients, we also help drive improved patient outcomes.” { For more information, visit Northern Light Launches ­Conference Abstracts Portal Northern Light Discovery for Life Sciences Conference Abstracts’ portal provides a wide range of life-sciences research, often several years before the information is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Researchers and scientists can use the service to search a full-text index of more than 250,000 abstracts and posters from research papers delivered at more than 400 industry conferences over the past two years, with new conferences added as the abstracts are posted. “Access to conference abstracts was requested by our life-sciences industry clients, because they realize the information contained in conference papers and posters can be a window into the next significant innovation,” says Northern Light CEO C. David Seuss. “Using the Discovery portal, the abstracts become even more valuable, because they can be searched collectively and analyzed instantly for key research concepts, accelerating time to insight for a researcher or scientist.” { For more information, visit In other technology news… NovaBay Pharmaceuticals’ recently launched CEO Blog is designed to provide the biotechnology company’s perspectives on industry news and topics of interest in a timely fashion to a variety of stakeholders, including financial advisors, investors, and journalists. “We know the importance of connecting with financial professionals, investors, and media on the various social platforms they use, and this blog provides the opportunity to have open discussions, increase transparency, and get better acquainted with our community,” says Chairman and CEO Ron Najafi, Ph.D. { For more information, visit Mytrus has introduced an iPad application explaining informed consent before clinical trial patient enrollment. Using animation and other visual imagery, the Mytrus iPad application condenses the complex, critical disclosure information required at the start of a clinical trial into an easy-to-understand, digitized format. “The informed consent documents required at the initiation of a clinical trial are complicated; even with a clinician’s help, patients often find it difficult to understand and retain the information,” explains Anthony Costello, chief operating officer for Mytrus. { For more information, visit Molecular Imaging Inc., formerly known as Molecular Imaging Research, has relaunched its website as part of its name change. The website focuses on Molecular Imaging’s approach to generating decision-making data through its multimodality imaging studies and its oncology, inflammatory, and central nervous system disease models. { For more information, visit Recap Scout, a new service from Deloitte Recap, provides targeted, timely, customized biopharma deal information to support users in finding partners or benchmarking deals. The free application for the iPhone and iPad provides daily alerts to biopharma deals that fit the user’s criteria. Recap Scout allows users to customize alerts by therapeutic area, indication, agreement type, technology, company, and stage-at-signing. { For more information, visit Medical Marketing Solutions (MMS) has relaunched its website to highlight its services to medical professionals. MMS provides everything a medical practice needs to rise to the top of its specialty, including in-depth practice analysis, brand creation or redesign, campaign management, patient retention programs, referral marketer training, and custom printed material packages, including patient education pieces and custom practice magazines. It also provides access to outdoor advertising, radio campaigns, TV commercial campaigns, and representation at local and national events. { For more information, visit E-UPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENTS Cegedim Relationship Management has made available the next release of Mobile Intelligence, an advanced mobile ­pharmaceutical CRM solution. The latest ­release features increased iPad/iPhone ­functionalities, broader offline capabilities, and improved modules for commercial team realignment. In other moves, the latest version of Cegedim Relationship Management’s cloud-based aggregate spend transparency and disclosure compliance solution, ­AggregateSpend360, includes enhanced field user access via iPad in order to update field users on spending limits, additional language packs for Europe and Asia, and bolstered fraud detection ability. { For more information, visit Medtrack One View is a complete redesign of Citeline’s Medtrack that gives the ability to better find pipeline information, discover deal and ­partnership opportunities, and identify ­companies with a track record of success in ­developing and commercializing drugs. One View’s enhancements include new search ­capabilities, new ways of viewing data, and new options to customize the site. { For more information, visit ValGenesis, a provider of validation lifecycle management systems (VLMS), has announced that its ValGenesis Suite 2.5 has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. { For more information, visit

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