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Leadership can make a difference The golden age of the life sciences — In his opening letter of the PhRMA 2012 profile report, John Castellani, president and CEO, of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), says many scientists believe we are in a golden age of the life sciences. Mr. Castellani says this assertion is based on the unraveling of the molecular pathways underlying many diseases and uncovering new ways to alter the course of illnesses. Furthermore, he says researchers in the biopharmaceutical industry are working to translate this new knowledge into medicines that help prevent disease, improve health, and save lives. He adds that despite the many hurdles pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing, the industry is well-focused on both the scientific potential and the business challenges. In the past 10 years, according to PhRMA, 340 new medicines have been approved by the FDA. In 2011, 35 new medicines were approved, one of the highest totals in the last decade. Overall, the FDA approved 102 new therapeutics, including 24 new molecular entities (NMEs), 11 biologics, and 67 additional new medicines. Successfully managing the drug development process — from molecule through market — requires leaders who are passionate, visionary, accountable, driven, energetic, and bold. Coincidentally, or not, these are just a few of the adjectives provided by the HBA’s Rising Stars, featured in this issue, to describe the attributes they believe make for great leaders. The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s Rising Stars have been identified by their companies as high-achieving individuals who have demonstrated noteworthy achievements. These women represent all sectors of the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, advertising, public relations, medical education, and market research, among other fields, and they come from all functional areas and disciplines ranging from research to advertising. What these women have in common is a passion to make a difference not only in the lives of patients they impact through their efforts, but those whom they mentor, counsel, and positively influence. It has been a pleasure to have had a chance to get to know these women. They are inspirational and are well-deserving of the honor bestowed upon them by their organizations. We hope you are equally moved by their accounts of the qualities that make for a great leader, the people who have influenced them, and the tools and techniques they say have helped them develop into successful leaders. In addition to our feature article in the print edition, please visit pharmavoice.com to read more about these amazing leaders. Also in this issue’s Forum, our experts discuss how marketers, who are ever more mindful of cost-savings and ROI, must use more targeted methods to make every dollar count. These key experts in the field outline the many factors driving the need for regional segmentation, define what regional marketing means in today’s environment, and discuss the challenges and how best to meet them. Their Word… Denise Myshko Managing Editor Companies are ­researching biologics for cardiovascular and other diseases that have traditionally been treated with small molecules. Robin Robinson Senior Editor Market research of today must take into ­account many variables, hence regional ­marketing has become vitally ­important to a brand’s success. Taren Grom Editor Letters Send your letters to feedback@pharma­voice.com. Please include your name, title, company, and business phone number. Letters chosen for publication may be edited for length and clarity. All submissions become the property of PharmaLinx LLC. Kim Ribbink Features Editor Japan is a leader in drug development thanks to its high-quality ­universities that ­undertake cutting-edge research. Carolyn Gretton Contributing Editor Amid the changes in the industry, the central mission of pharma reps remains constant: achieve meaningful face-to-face engagements with prescribers. Coming in June 2012 > Phase IV and Observational Studies > DIA?Preview > Mobile Marketing > The Political Landscape of Healthcare > C-Suite: Healthcare Ad Agencies > GlobaI Marketing Campaigns > Showcase Feature — Clinical Trial Solutions

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