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Tools of the Trade

New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies

By Carolyn Gretton

New Tool from HealthSTAR Provides Virtual Bridge ­Between KOLs, HCPs Trend: New advances in digital platforms are allowing for the capture of peer-to-peer programs via a digital platform that can deliver key opinion leaders directly to healthcare practitioners. HealthSTAR ­Communications’ ­vConnect is a personalized digital platform for keeping healthcare providers (HCPs) informed and connected to key opinion leaders (KOLs). The program-scheduling platform allows sales representatives to book events, select compliant speakers/topics/modules, register attendees, and launch an event in as few as five clicks. vConnect tracks, aggregates, and analyzes data to enhance future marketing and sales decisions and establishes a data repository for future customer relationship marketing (CRM) initiatives. It provides content delivery, data capture, and CRM via the iPad, iPhone, Android, or laptop. The platform provides the salesforce with an opportunity to present relevant content on the spot to HCP customers, while offering as much as a 60% savings over traditional KOL-led events. “vConnect is a cutting-edge technology that is a compliant and cost-effective approach to delivering relevant medical education,” says Chris Curcura, group president of the HealthSTAR Promotions Group. “This platform delivers customized, preference-driven, impactful content and dramatically reduces costs.” “vConnect is a digital solution that will deliver a positive customer experience,” adds Patrick Purcell, VP of sales of SCS Healthcare Marketing, a subsidiary of HealthSTAR Communications. “The tool is providing sales reps and our clients with the right type of format to be successful.” { For more information, visit In other technology news… OneLabSpace, a next-generation collaborative laboratory informatics platform, has launched a website and a new collaborative cloud-based informatics solutions for research laboratories needing an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and collaborative tool set for research informatics. The one-stop medical and scientific collaborative platform has a fluid and customizable user interface that can evolve with customers’ needs. “OneLabSpace believes that in today’s laboratory environment, laboratory systems not only need to be deeply integrated with business systems, they also need to be based on collaborative technologies, assisting researchers and other stakeholders to freely collaborate with each other,” says oneLabSpace Founder Suhas Sharma. “oneLabSpace eliminates manual paperwork, increases IT’s efficiency in laboratory technology implementation and maintenance, and allows laboratories to utilize a collaborative platform, which improves performance, increases daily productivity, and allows scientists to focus on science.” OneLabSpace was built for laboratories with a large codebase of tested and in-use modules for a laboratory systems integration platform. The platform includes an intuitive user interface and online access allowing for easy adoption. { For more information, visit Living Medical eTextbook: Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Edition is a free app for the iPhone and iPad from Projects In Knowledge, enabling oncologists and other clinicians to keep abreast of critical disease and treatment information and practical patient management strategies. With the new app, clinicians can tap into NSCLC-related developments and gain immediate access to updatable, peer-reviewed information on the latest clinical trial results, expert insights from top specialists, and links to external supplemental materials such as journal articles, illustrations, and videos. The app also offers complimentary continuing medical education credit. “The NSCLC app is the ideal clinical resource for busy oncologists who care for patients with lung cancer,” says Patty Peterson, senior VP at Projects In Knowledge. { For more information, visit Vitals’ Custom Call Outs program is a targeting tool designed to increase prescriptions written for brands by using data collected from, a free website that helps patients find doctors, book appointments, and prepare for their doctor visits. Through Custom Call Outs, a pharmaceutical brand provides a list of high-prescribing doctors for list matching against its comprehensive database of physicians. When a patient does a search by specialty, those doctors have a personalized message attached to their profile result directing visitors to ask about a specific condition. “The Custom Call Out program acts as a gentle nudge to a visitor that this specialist is ready to have a condition-specific conversation with the patient,” says Josh Kramon, VP of advertising at Vitals. “Knowing this, the patient may then be more comfortable scheduling an appointment with that physician. Custom Call Outs can steer consumers toward doctors who prefer specific pharmaceutical brands as treatment options for patients.” { For more information, visit

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