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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Featured Briefs: Healogix Unveils Adaptive Toolbox Solution Group DCA Enhances Digital ­Detailing Solution In other technology news… E-UPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENTS Healthcare companies have struggled for years to understand how and why clinicians select one course of treatment over another. Healogix’s Adaptive Toolbox solution leverages heuristics to provide a fresh look at the processes leading to treatment decisions, ultimately opening doors to new strategies and tactics that will help a new product break in or an existing product break out. Heuristics allow individuals to think fast and decide quickly, cutting the vast array of possible choices down to something manageable and accessible. Each person builds and revises heuristics over time as incremental knowledge and experience leads to better decisions. Heuristics also explain why mistakes might be made by revealing biases or details that may be focused on at the expense of others. The Adaptive Toolbox clarifies how healthcare providers use heuristics to make decisions and leverages that information to increase brand performance. By uncovering which heuristics are being used in any given clinical context, the tool determines what is prompting the use of specific heuristics and clarifies the impact of potential biases. Healogix has developed and tested a proprietary process for determining which heuristics healthcare providers use, along with when and why. Using research taken from online bulletin boards, Healogix uses a work session and iterative discussion process to develop and explore a list of heuristics that are potentially relevant in any given clinical context. Participants are then asked to consider specific examples of treatment decisions, whether or not a specific heuristic might be used by some clinicians, as well as the potential risks and benefits. “With Adaptive Toolbox we’ve pushed the assessment of treatment decisions to a new level in our industry,” says Healogix President Tim Edbrooke. “Understanding decision-making at this level provides a significant opportunity to develop strategies and tactics that have a meaningful impact on treatment decisions. The approach will help our clients keep what is important about their brands from being overlooked.” { For more information, visit Group DCA Enhances Digital ­Detailing Solution Group DCA’s digital detailing platform has been combined with Veeva Systems’ customer relationship management (CRM) solution to deliver a new multichannel selling solution with a single, integrated view of the customer. The integration enables seamless synchronization of insights gained from all interactions with the customer, from traditional channels such as one-on-one details to the latest interactive channels, including self-directed, online educational details, all accessible within Veeva CRM. This results in better coordination across channels and, research suggests, improved sales performance vs. personal promotion alone. Group DCA, a pharmaceutical marketing agency that is part of pharmaceutical services provider PDI, created a comprehensive digital detailing solution for healthcare providers to access relevant product information anytime, through any browser. “At Group DCA’s portal, physicians had been spending an average of seven minutes watching e-details,” says Jo Ann Saitta, chief information officer for PDI and general manager of Group DCA. “That’s truly amazing, especially considering that most reps barely get more than two minutes of a physician’s time during visits. Clearly, here was another channel that physicians were using and that pharmaceutical companies need to be embracing.” “Digital promotion is no longer a novelty tactic; it has become a first-line tool for reaching physicians, particularly when and where a sales call is impossible or impractical,” notes Ron Scalici, chief innovations officer, Group DCA. “Combining digital efforts with field-based work amplifies the effectiveness and impact of both approaches, making integration key.” Veeva CRM’s cloud-based, multitenant architecture is designed to easily integrate with any outside system for unlimited extensibility of the platform. { For more information, visit In other technology news… iMany has added a Medicare module to its iMany CARS contract performance solution to provide customers with capabilities that reduce the complexity of quarterly Medicare Part D coverage gap discount processing and minimize the risk of harsh penalties for noncompliance. The Medicare module delivers key functionality that eliminates the common workarounds that often place manufacturers at risk of inaccurate payments, audits, and late fees. Integrated features allow manufacturers to process refunds, protect and secure data, import coverage gap manufacturer invoice file format, and support signed over-punch requirements. The add-on also includes preconfigured manufacturer payment confirmation. With healthcare reform heavily impacting every facet of the life sciences, Joe Marttila, senior director of life-sciences solutions at iMany, says his firm’s solutions are designed to help organizations improve their management of contracts, pricing, and compliance to save money and reduce risk with greater efficiency and more flexibility. “The Medicare module, along with our iMANY 340B Compliance Manager, not only makes it easier for manufacturers to adhere to the stringent Affordable Care Act requirements, but also simplifies the operational processes for contracting and compliance departments,” Mr. Marttila adds. { For more information, visit Radiant Sage, a provider of on-demand clinical trial image management solutions, has partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company to enhance and relaunch its open-source DICOM images submitter solution under the name ImageLink. The significantly enriched ImageLink tool is a fully validated and supported open-source solution that enables clinical trial sponsors and their partners to submit and share images through one common user interface. According to Venkatesan Thangaraj, CEO and president of Radiant Sage, image transfer between sponsor and partners during a clinical trial can be a cumbersome process, because images and related data are captured and organized differently by the various acquirers. { For more information, visit

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