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New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies

By Carolyn Gretton

New Tool from HRM Aims to Improve Medication Adherence, Patient Outcomes Trend: A growing number of healthcare providers are using intuitive technological tools to connect ­directly with patients to provide information and education for improving medication adherence. Housecalls is a technology-enabled communications platform from Healthcare Regional Marketing (HRM) that assists healthcare providers in educating patients on the importance of condition management, including adhering to prescribed medications, and provides insights that help to identify unmet patient needs. In addition to allowing physicians to communicate directly with their patients, the Housecalls platform allows sponsoring pharmaceutical companies to communicate directly with healthcare providers while simultaneously capturing insight from both healthcare providers and patients. Results are measured in real time through an online dashboard reporting tool. According to Scott Weintraub, HRM principal and chief marketing officer, Housecalls enables physicians to make a “virtual house call” to deliver disease management and medication adherence messages to their patients. “Medication adherence is a large problem facing our healthcare system,” Mr. Weintraub says. “Housecalls provides a mechanism for the pharmaceutical industry to partner with healthcare providers to ensure patients understand the importance of medication adherence.” { For more information, visit Qforma Releases Mobile Format Qforma’s recently launched MobileMETRx provides pharmaceutical and medical-device industry field personnel with on-demand access to Qforma market insights. Al Reicheg, chief commercial officer at Qforma, observes that by allowing clients to export data from multiple Qforma solutions, MobileMETRx enables them to take immediate action as new opportunities and challenges present themselves. Qforma’s MobileMETRx service integrates with customers’ existing mobile platforms, Web applications, or databases in defined data formats, with delivery protocols, update schedules, and other special requirements. “Services like this are a much-needed solution for field personnel who have limited access to key data,” says Qforma CEO Kelly Myers. { For more information, visit In other technology news… Touch Group has launched, an online portal that delivers content through three digital journals: iHealth Connections, which explores the opportunities and challenges in health sciences, and the Drug Discovery and Drug Development series. “ is the latest in a series of website launches from our health sciences team and joins Touch Group’s portfolio of clinical sites dedicated to developing the knowledge, effectiveness, and productivity of professionals in the communities we serve,” says Touch Group CEO Stuart Winship. { For more information, visit Through its collaboration with SAS, clinical research organization INC Research is offering biopharmaceutical customers an integrated suite of tools to increase decision-making speed, efficiency, and flexibility, with the goal of improving a customer’s ability to manage risk, control investment, and maximize ROI in clinical development. “In an environment of growing trial complexity and shrinking R&D budgets, our biopharmaceutical customers demand innovative solutions and enhanced efficiencies in drug development,” notes James Ogle, CEO of INC Research. { For more information, visit Cegedim Relationship Management’s newest compliance solution employs a multifaceted approach to FDA-required risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS) plans. The fully integrated program includes compliance consulting, customer outreach, data analytics, and a campaign management platform. “By offering a fully integrated solution, we are providing a system to easily monitor program activity and identify communication gaps that can be addressed in real time,” says Bill Buzzeo, VP of global compliance solutions at Cegedim Relationship Management. { For more information, visit

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