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New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies

POR Provides Real-Time Engagement Between Doctors and Brands Trend: Driven by physician access issues and shrinking sales forces, pharma brand marketers are looking for ways to use nonpersonal and digital promotion more effectively to impact prescribing ­behavior. With the launch of PharmaConnect, Physicians Office Resource (POR) has extended its print and digital physician information services to the pharma industry, providing companies with insights into the activities of busy physician practices and creating a real-time, on-demand relationship between physicians and pharma. PharmaConnect provides pharma brand “impressions” for free and only charges when a doctor schedules a rep visit through the POR site, receives an e-detail, or uses click to chat with a rep. PharmaConnect also offers pharma manufacturers analytical data to support marketing effectiveness. POR reaches more than 360,000 practicing physicians through its product-neutral physician information exchange, which includes complimentary CPT code lookups, CMS reimbursement rates, informational product material, and industry/peer-developed content. “Extending our services to pharma was a natural evolution for POR,” says President Andrew Nimmo. “Our goal is twofold: offer docs the most accurate, up-to-date, cutting-edge information to help support their practice and provide pharma companies direct engagement with their target audience.” { For more information, visit E-UPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENTS STUDYOPTIMIZER 4.3, the latest version of DecisionView’s flagship solution for patient enrollment planning, tracking, and forecasting, provides greater visibility into site performance and cost projections. The new release also offers added support for clustered deployments, giving enterprise customers improved performance and reliability, particularly for larger global implementations. { For more information, visit ­ Medical Marketing Service (MMS) has upgraded its NOWW system, available for years with the American Medical Association physicians’ list, to incorporate functionality with other popular MMS-managed lists such as the American Academy of Physician Assistants. The expansion allows clients to run counts and download lists for multichannel campaigns, as well as access individual physician records using MMS’s lookup utility. Customers can also use the system to run counts of the latest data by any combination of parameters, including specialty and geographic location. { For more information, visit AdvantageMS and StayinFront Partner to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness AdvantageMS’s alliance with StayinFront, a global provider of CRM systems and mobile sales force effectiveness tools, is focused on the improvement of data quality in the field, as well as the elimination of compliance gaps. Built around AdvantageMS’s National Provider Database, a comprehensive database of healthcare providers, group practices, and medical facilities in the United States, the partnership provides users of StayinFront CRM systems with real-time access to the accurate healthcare provider data they need to successfully complete a call. “When master data management effectively intersects with CRM, life-sciences field reps can gain a significant competitive advantage because they are getting a more accurate assurance of data quality when and where they need it,” says John Ryan, president of AdvantageMS. “Costs are reduced, sales effectiveness is increased, and potential compliance issues are dealt with on a timely basis.” { For more information, visit ­ In other technology news… Purdue Pharma has developed an online resource,, to help healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and community organizations combat the illegal diversion and abuse of prescription medications. The website provides information on programs initiated by Purdue and partner organizations to help deter medication misuse and abuse. These initiatives support the education of healthcare professionals and consumers, the monitoring and tracking of prescription medication, the proper storage and disposal of prescription medications, and the appropriate and effective enforcement of existing laws and regulations governing the use of opioid analgesic medications. “The best chance for making a significant impact on the abuse of prescription drugs is greater collaboration among the many sectors of our society that recognize the serious public health problem that this abuse represents,” says John Stewart, president and CEO of Purdue. { For more information, visit John Ryan John Stewart OncologyPRO (Oncology Professional Resources Online) is a scientific information and education portal designed by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in partnership with Thomson Reuters to help oncologists keep up to date with the latest research and clinical information in their field. The OncologyPRO portal provides ESMO members with a searchable platform that integrates regularly updated oncology news, clinical research, biomarker and drug databases, practice guidelines and tools, clinical trial information, and abstracts from more than 110 oncology-relevant journals, among other information. “Having access to the latest and best information is vital for clinicians who want to offer the best quality care to their patients,” notes ESMO President-elect Martine Piccart, M.D., Ph.D. “OncologyPRO is a user-friendly tool to help them cope with the rapidly growing body of knowledge about new cancer pathways, targets, and drugs, and to update their skills in treating a variety of malignancies.” OncologyPRO provides access to materials developed by ESMO, such as congress webcasts and reports, clinical practice guidelines, CME publications, and policy documents, in addition to a wider range of scientific information and news services offered by Thomson Reuters. “Our partnership with ESMO has delivered a truly innovative and content-rich resource for ESMO members,” adds Jon Brett-Harris, executive VP at Thomson Reuters. “In creating OncologyPRO, we integrated multiple sources of information from Thomson Reuters and ESMO and successfully mapped the related records within the portal, resulting in a resource that provides a single point of access to specialized oncology information.” “In this era of personalized medicine, the information that doctors need in order to deliver the best quality care to their patients is evolving all the time,” says ESMO President David Kerr, M.D., D.Sc. “We at ESMO are very happy that through our partnership with Thomson Reuters we have developed a revolutionary new platform that will help ensure all our members can access the best and most up-to-date information to enhance their practice to deliver quality cancer care to their patients.” { For more information, visit Optimized for easy, affordable integration into small physician practice settings, Epocrates EHR is a secure, Web-based SaaS system featuring core functionalities, such as patient encounter notes, electronic lab integration, e-prescribing, and Epocrates’ drug content. To accommodate the mobile and on-call demands of physicians, Epocrates is also offering a license to a native EHR app for the Apple iPhone that supports remote patient record lookup and schedule access, as well as e-prescribing capabilities. “We have incorporated physician feedback throughout the development process to ensure every design element fits into the physicians’ workflow and contributes to better patient outcomes,” says Epocrates President and CEO Rose Crane. Epocrates plans to regularly add features, such as a patient portal, to the EHR solution as part of its effort to align with all stages of meaningful use and further increase patient engagement. Epocrates is also planning to offer its EHR for additional devices, such as the Apple iPad tablet and Google Android smartphones, to address the mobile trends among clinicians. “As we take physicians down the path of EHR adoption, and then meaningful use certification, we ultimately see an opportunity to empower physician and patient connectivity in ways that have never been done before,” Ms. Crane says. { For more information, visit Dr. Martine Piccart Jon Brett-Harris Dr. David Kerr Rose Crane

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