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Momentum Motivators

These dynamic game changers are using their creative thinking and strategic skills to ­propel the industry beyond the many challenges it faces today. Mark E.Q. Willmann Competitive Edge If you were to ask anyone across the Torre Lazur Healthcare Group (TLHG) who inspires and motivates others, undoubtedly the one name that would consistently come to the forefront is Mark Willmann. In his current position as senior VP, director of scientific integration, Mr. Willmann plays an instrumental role across all accounts. By focusing on the intersection of science, strategy, and market behaviors, he harnesses a combination of drug development expertise, pharmaceutical advertising, and creative acumen, mixes it around, and motivates a team, and sometimes the organization, to incubate new ideas. Mr. Willmann is able to make the simplest data more striking and the most difficult data more digestible. He moves from ad boards, lexicon development, and market shaping, to explaining how to use a detail piece and motivating reps at national sales meetings. An asset to TLHG, Mr. Willmann is the type of colleague and person others feel privileged to work with. He is dynamic, inspiring, challenging, and nurtures the talents of others. Mr. Willmann has earned a reputation for integrity and insightful thinking. He is a consummate professional who remains at the forefront of cutting-edge thinking regarding how science and marketing intersect. People look to him for leadership when it comes to marketing a product with unique scientific features due to his keen strategic insight and depth of clinical and scientific understanding. Mr. Willmann has a very facile, human way of helping others understand the hard science and turn it into an ownable story for his brand. He can be at once the smartest guy in the room and the most unpretentious. He understands the mechanisms of diseases, the strategies of marketing, the ins and outs of regulatory and approval processes, and so much more. Mr. Willmann embraces market trends and excels in finding a competitive edge. His academic and professional experience gives him a unique perspective on the industry’s needs as well as clients’ challenges. He is known for bringing fresh thinking that is simultaneously rooted in scientific sources. Because of this, Mr. Willmann is recognized as an invaluable partner by colleagues and clients and is well-respected by key opinion leaders, community physicians, and scientists in the industry. Having also created the Scientific Integration department within TLHG, Mr. Willmann built an important offering that fulfills a need of his clients while also helping to ensure his company stays competitive. He has also grown this offering, hiring additional staff and personally grooming them for success. Proactive, he provides positive feedback to increase employees’ confidence and also offers constructive criticism to help them learn and grow. The importance of developing and encouraging raw talent, vital for company growth and attracting new business opportunities, is acknowledged by Mr. Willmann. As a mentor, Mr. Willmann remains approachable to all, from the most senior clients to the most junior agency person. Mark Willmann is a walking trifecta. He knows the ­business, he gets the ­science, and he understands people. Name: Mark E.Q. Willmann Current position: Senior VP, Director of ­Scientific ­Integration, Torre Lazur Healthcare Group Date and place of birth: October, 1973; New York Education: B.S., Lehigh University First Job: Fishing boat crew First Industry-related Job: Clinical research ­associate Alternative profession: Archeologist Awards: Inspiration Carries Award for ­Mentorship, SOLI Award for Demand Building Mentor Partner Mark Willmann is fascinated by ­civilizations that developed and adapted to changing environments, and how these people lived. Mike Rea The Ideas Man Driven by a passion to get product design right early in development, Mike Rea has focused himself and his team at IDEA Pharma on driving the industry in this direction. With a truly unique insight into understanding the ills of the industry, Mr. Rea can identify strategic options for molecules at an early stage to ensure effective commercialization. His exceptional insight, knowledge, and enthusiasm in pushing boundaries and challenging industry norms have led to reviewing and redefining core strategies, strongly benefitting strategic and commercial drug development. Mr. Rea says so much of the legacy of management consultancy has been to put “process” in place, but that gets in the way of people making better decisions. If the pharma industry genuinely wants to embrace innovative practices, rather than just talk about it, it needs to change things and remove that process and put in place a discipline of innovation. His goal is to spearhead that change. Mr. Rea can look at a problem from the outside and find a completely new way of thinking about things. He will sit quietly in a meeting and then come out with the most insightful point that no one has even come close to dreaming about. His ideas, and IDEA Pharma, help save big pharma millions of dollars by doing the right things. As the architect of an approach to strategy based on the fundamental principles governing how decisions are made, Mr. Rea holds a lever that is capable of moving the world of pharma on to a new and more rewarding trajectory. One of the biggest challenges in improving the quality of decision-making comes from aligning different perspectives, opinions, experience levels, knowledge, and objectives on any project. When called upon by a top five company to produce a portfolio strategy in oncology, Mr. Rea and his team were able to build an outcome that had almost 100% alignment behind it. To achieve those breakthroughs, he maintains industry must find better ways to match the innovation of the science involved in discovery with new path-to-market strategies for innovative molecules. Ultimately, he believes the biggest blocks to innovation are management consultancy processes that get in the way of experts working with other experts. At IDEA Pharma, Mr. Rea puts into practice some sound advice he once received: that people who have genuine talent for strategy are rare and to employ them when you come across one. The career breakthrough moment came for Mr. Rea when he decided to respect his own integrity and resign from a job despite an offer to double his salary. That decision opened many more doors than he could have imagined at the time. Name: Mike Rea Current position: Principal Ideator, IDEA Pharma Date and place of birth: Dec. 12, 1965; ­Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Education: B.Sc., Genetics, University of ­Newcastle upon Tyne First Job: Science publishing, Elsevier Science ­Publishers, London First Industry-related Job: Adis International Professional mentors: Kevin Toale, Adis ­International; Gary Hobbs, Medical Action ­Communications; Alex Gray, IDEA Pharma Giving Back: SCOPE, cerebral palsy, and Room to Read, a charity that establishes schools and libraries in developing countries Words to Live by: Why not? Mike Rea played American football while at university, and established the British Collegiate American Football League. Optimistic. Idealistic. Mike Rea brings a mix of business-smart ­intelligence, wit, and creative thinking together with a completely humble attitude. Name: Michael E. Castagna, Pharm.D. Current position: Executive Director, Immunoscience, Bristol-Myers Squibb Date and place of birth: December 1976; Stratford, N.J. Education: B.S., pharmacy, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; MBA, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania First Job: Lou’s Steaks & Pizza First Industry-related Job: Drug Safety, DuPont Pharmaceuticals Alternative profession: High school teacher Professional mentors: Pat McCauley, Jay Liska, Kevin Trapp, and Christine Mundkur Professional ­associations: The Alumni Association at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; Harvard Biotech Club; Wharton Alumni Club of Mass., N.J., and Pa. Giving Back: Make-A-Wish Foundation and Connected Via: Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter Twitter Address: Castagna2011; follows: Geoff ­Meyerson Words to Live by: Live life to the fullest as tomorrow may not come Awards: BMS Distinction award, 2004; first recipient of Marketing Excellence Award for Innovation, 2005; President’s Award, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 2005; Brand of the Year for Gonal-f, 2007; first annual marketing award at EMD Serono for Harnessing Innovative Ideas, 2007; President’s Award, EMD Serono, 2008 Dr. Michael Castagna is driving change through his strategic vision and unmatched work ethic. Dr. Michael Castagna was raised by a single mother and was the first person in his family to ­graduate from college. Michael E. Castagna, Pharm.D. On a Fast Track for Change Waking up every day knowing what he does impacts millions of patients is what keeps Michael Castagna, Pharm.D., going. As a pharmacist, he always puts patient interests first and he truly believes if the industry does what’s right for patients, everything else will work out because when patients prevail over their disease everyone wins. Colleagues call Dr. Castagna an “intrapreneur.” He is driving change within his organization and across the pharma industry. He has rapidly risen to an executive level, as a result of his numerous successful marketing initiatives, at DuPont Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pharmasset, EMD Serono, and Sandoz. His value and leadership have been recognized by BMS, who recruited him back to the company and promoted him, after a five-year hiatus. Now as executive director, immunoscience, at BMS, his vision is being recognized by industry peers who ask him to speak at key conferences. Dr. Castagna has also demonstrated leadership in the industry and community by building startup businesses — Pharmasset’s HIV/hepatitis unit and Sandoz’s biosimilars division — and founding scholarships and leading fundraising campaigns for the various charities he is involved with. He is known for his abilities to lead strategically, embrace teamwork, energize others, and drive performance. Colleagues say Dr. Castagna is an up-and-coming force for positive change that the industry needs and demands. He is an innovator who inspires others to think out of the box to achieve their goals. But his real success in building and motivating others lies in his humble and authentic nature. No matter how busy he is, he finds a way to put others first. Dr. Castagna combines his command of the healthcare industry with his clinical and executive business background in a blend that allows him to challenge the status quo and to affect market trends and drive performance both within his own organization, as well as throughout the broader biotech industry. He makes it a point to generously give back to those less fortunate within the community, and he supports several charitable organizations, one of which is, which helps teachers request support/class items that they may need to do their job more effectively. Two teachers had a tremendous impact on him during high school and he wants other teachers to be able to have the same impact on their students. Energetic. Passionate. James Mercante For the Love of the Job Up at 4 a.m., at the gym by 5 a.m., and at work by 7:15 a.m.: for Jim Mercante this daily routine is ideal because he loves coming to work every day. For him, the opportunity to help build the company, provide trusted and valued advice to customers, and progress his own career and those of TGaS Advisors’ 35 other gifted professionals is a joy. A tireless worker, Mr. Mercante brings energy and focus to the tasks at hand and performs those tasks as energetically today as he did in the early startup of TGaS Advisors. He has personally led or managed more than 40 salesforce automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives, including major field sales solution projects at Wyeth, Novartis, Roche, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Purdue Frederick, Pharmacia, and Abbott Labs. However, he says, creating, building, and delivering SFA and CRM solutions to a demanding market and technologically evolving end user base has been highly challenging. With Mr. Mercante, good enough is never enough; he is always digging further to arrive at a deep understanding of whatever current business problem he happens to be studying. He is a voracious reader and he brings to the business setting a true desire to learn. At the same time, he loves to teach. He constantly challenges ideas and the status quo in a never-ending effort to make things better or to come up with new ideas. He believes in a relaxed work environment and is fun-loving, but always makes clients a top priority. His passion and dedication to always do what is right for clients has earned him the respect of all of his colleagues. Customers especially value his strategic insights and experience, his care for their needs, and his collegial advice. More business partner than supplier, Mr. Mercante looks out for clients’ well-being. He gives equal care and attention to TGaS Advisors’ employees, encouraging their enthusiasm for building the business, their high standards and expectations of themselves, and their manic devotion to customers. Mr. Mercante routinely serves as a counselor, listener, and guide to colleagues. He empowers everyone to work hard and exceed their personal career goals. And he goes the extra mile to make sure his team members have the tools, guidance, and structure to succeed. Throughout his career, Jim ­Mercante has shown a ­consistent drive for innovation. Jim Mercante danced the Mexican hat dance at a President’s Club dinner. Neil Weisman Patient Recruitment ARCHITECT For the past dozen years, Neil Weisman has dedicated his professional life to the promise of uniting patients to hope and wellness. He has been the driving force behind patient recruitment and retention for hundreds of clinical drug trials. Mr. Weisman and his team have pushed the envelope by creating proprietary models for identifying qualified patient populations and motivating them to action. His efforts have helped get new compounds to market faster and more efficiently. And that has meant hope and a better life for millions. Mr. Weisman is not only grounded in the principles of best-in-class marketing principles, but he understands the rigors and scientific demands of conducting clinical trials. He believes in the power of using a study brand to heighten awareness of a clinical trial, and has championed the use of research-driven communications with a positive, inspirational message to generate the highest response. Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing has thrived under Mr. Weisman’s analytical approach. Patient recruitment is very goal-oriented and metrics-driven, as is Mr. Weisman. His integrated marketing plans are unparalleled when it comes to sophistication and their ability to accurately project response rates by medium or market. An expert at optimization, Mr. Weisman closely monitors all Blue Chip’s campaigns and is constantly recommending changes to make them more efficient. Mr. Weisman has also been a leader in identifying, testing, and proving all types of Web-based programs that have had a profound effect on a multitude of clinical studies, helping Blue Chip Patient Recruitment, part of Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing become a leader in digital patient recruitment. He has developed mobile applications, expandable banner ads with video, social community strategies, email blasts to patient associations, search engine marketing, event sponsorship, professional conference outreach, closed-circuit television advertising in physician offices, and the list goes on. He even pioneered a groundbreaking social media survey to examine how patients want to interact within their healthcare communities. Mr. Weisman has a knack for keeping everyone around him calm when things are chaotic and the pressure is on. Whether interacting with an individual at his company or with his clients, Mr. Weisman unlocks potential. He is an active listener and asks the appropriate questions to ascertain clients’ needs. True connections are important for Mr. Weisman. He says while clients need to know about the person they’re working with professionally, they also need to have some knowledge about that individual on a personal level so that a legitimate relationship can be established. It’s only then that real trust and true collaboration happen. His strong character is the foundation on which he has built a successful relationship with clients, because after all, talent is a gift, but character is a choice. Steady. Observant. Name: Neil Weisman Current position: Executive VP, General Manager, Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing Education: B.A., English, University of Michigan First Job: Bus boy at Buddy’s Pizza at 16 First Industry-related Job: Assistant account ­coordinator, Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing Alternative profession: A&R rep for a record label Mentor: His father Professional associations: Chicago Advertising ­Federation Words to Live by: Never lose sighte of the people who are truly important to you; at the end of the day they are all you really have Neil Weisman is not only grounded in ­best-in-class marketing principles, but he ­understands ­rigors and scientific ­demands of ­conducting clinical ­trials. Neil Weisman was a ball boy for the Detroit Pistons during the playoffs for the 1987-1988 Pistins season. Mario Nacinovich Distinct Communicator In high school, Mario Nacinovich played Senator Blake in Room Service by John Murray and Allen Boretz. Mario Nacinovich is a true strategic partner who lives and breathes healthcare. Name: Mario Robert Nacinovich Jr. Current positions: Managing Director, AXON US; Adjunct ­Faculty, Boston University; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of ­Communication in Healthcare (Maney Publishing) Date and place of birth: February 1972; Bronx, N.Y. Education: M.Sc., Health Communication, Boston ­University, 2010; B.Sc., Managerial Science, Manhattan ­College, 1994 First Job: Behind the candy counter at a private pharmacy First Industry-related Job: Professional representative, Merck Professional mentors: Ralph Sutton, Managing Partner of AXON UK, and Professors Steve Quigley and Pauline Hamel, Boston University Giving Back: American Cancer Society Relay For Life; ­local Recreation Association Words to Live by: Whenever I found out anything ­remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my ­discovery on paper, so that all ingenious people might be informed thereof. — Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (Dutch ­Biologist, 1632-1723) Awards: Three Rx Club Awards of Excellence, 2007; Five Rx Club Awards of Excellence, 2006; Three American Graphic Design Awards, 2006; Two Communicator Awards, 2006; Outstanding Volunteer Leader Award, Healthcare ­Marketing and ­Communications (HMC), 2005; Award of ­Excellence — Federal Healthcare Affairs, Merck, 1998; Top Performance Award, Merck, 1997 Distinctive. Steadfast. A distinctive and steadfast leader, Mario Nacinovich regards his role as managing director for AXON US as being far more than just a job. For him, it’s about increasing the social capital in healthcare not only in the United States but around the world. This is reflected in the way he works and his willingness to give up his time for other professional organizations and to advance healthcare. Mr. Nacinovich is editor-in-chief at the Journal of Communication in Healthcare, a member of the faculty at Boston University, on the editorial board for the Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare and PM360, and on the board of directors for the Diagnostics Marketing Association (DxMA). Mr. Nacinovich has a deep understanding of the traditional and digital aspects healthcare education, marketing, pharma branding, medical communications, and public relations. Always ahead of the curve, he was involved in social networking as a communications vehicle before it became popular. He uses social media to share his knowledge of the industry with others, and to mentor and teach. He leads one of the largest LinkedIn groups dedicated to healthcare marketing, communications, and education professionals and actively tweets daily via @nacinovich. Loyal to those he works with and the industry he works for, colleagues and peers have described Mr. Nacinovich as constant, dedicated, dependable, persevering, relentless, reliable, resolute, stable, and true. Colleagues also describe him as courteous, kind, ethical, accommodating, professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, and loyal. Mr. Nacinovich leads and mentors others in all his roles and is willing to go above and beyond in being a man for others. He is a previous PharmaVOICE 100 honoree, from the inaugural edition in 2005. As a proud alum of a Jesuit preparatory school, Fordham Preparatory School, the concept of mentoring was ingrained in Mr. Nacinovich at a very young age. Throughout his career and today, this concept has been extremely important to him. He is disappointed by those in the industry who are narrowly focused on their own success and don’t consider the wealth of success to be had helping those around them attain their potential. For Mr. Nacinovich, one of the most profound moments of his mentoring came when a friend handed him the book, The Go-Giver, saying it was about his way of being for others. He is enthusiastic and encouraging, with a passion for inspiring others to work harder. In recent tough times, he has stood by his team while providing support and clarity to clients. Initiating U.S. operations for AXON and opening the firm’s healthcare consulting practice in New York in January 2010 have been career highlights. Mr. Nacinovich is not afraid to make tough decisions, and says indecision is the worst decision of all. Ryan Saadi, M.D., MPH Changing Health Outcomes An expert in health outcomes and market access for healthcare products, Ryan Saadi, M.D., is committed to improving the health of patients by addressing opportunities and challenges associated with patient access. The environment around access to new technologies is becoming increasingly complex with the introduction of comparative effectiveness, unique healthcare delivery models, and increasing price pressures by payers requiring better value for their money. Dr. Saadi has an acute appreciation of how the U.S. and global healthcare industries will be shaped in the coming years by these changes. Within this increasingly restrictive environment, Dr. Saadi has proven his skill to generate, articulate, and communicate product value arguments to ensure continued patient access to innovative technologies. His early work at Aventis and later Genzyme demonstrated that disease modeling, which is traditionally used for cost-effective analysis, can be of great value in illustrating long-term clinical value of a product. This expanded the audience for health economic research to nontraditional clinical audiences and provided a new tool for the communication of evidence-based value. Dr. Saadi continues to expand the boundaries for health economic research and is at the forefront of the trend toward the application of health economic research to product marketing. This opportunity has arisen due to the growing influence of payer groups on market success and the evolving role of comparative effectiveness research in the provision of care. There is a risk of disconnect between how the industry operates and the evolving demands of its customers, he believes. In traditional models, the industry was structured to generate and communicate evidence to satisfy regulatory bodies and physicians. At the same time, payers and patients expect additional evidence: for example, value for money/economic data, quality of life data, and so on. In the new evolving model, the industry is developing the expertise and structure to articulate value arguments of its products to meet this expectation. He argues, that those companies that embrace this opportunity will enjoy a competitive advantage. Dr. Saadi uses his deep knowledge of medical outcomes, purchasing, and economic analyses to drive unique solutions for appropriately positioning products and demonstrating value to critical decision-makers. Dr. Saadi is focused on leading in the industry’s transformation as it seeks to accommodate a changed global healthcare marketplace. He has what it takes to achieve these goals, including the drive and confidence that anything can be achieved for the right cause. During his career, Dr. Saadi has demonstrated proven leadership through the successful development, management, and motivation of diverse teams of professionals responsible for both U.S. and ex-U.S. markets. His success is based on understanding the needs of internal stakeholders and fostering cooperation. His big ideas, ability to motivate staff members to develop the new expertise required, and compelling arguments have helped to prompt departments to change their usual course of how product value is determined and how market access negotiations are managed. Shifting momentum to meet future needs when the status quo seems acceptable requires buy-in from stakeholders, including legal, finance, and others. Yet this is the hallmark of exceptional leaders, and Dr. Saadi does not back down from such challenges. With an ability to select strong team members and provide guidance, Dr. Saadi has mentored a number of people who have moved into senior industry positions. Dr. Ryan Saadi was the lead chess player in high school. Dr. Ryan Saadi is a visionary who thinks outside the box, a valuable quality in the conservative ­environment of the pharmaceutical industry. Driven. Confident. Name: Ryan Saadi, M.D., MPH Current position: World Wide VP, Health Economics, Reimbursement & Strategic Pricing, Cordis Corp., Johnson & Johnson Date and place of birth: December 1964; Bangladesh Education: M.D., Dhaka Medical College; MPH, Yale University First Job: Head, Department of Epidemiology, Public Health and Medical Care ­Coordination at Churchill Hospital, Fallon, Nev. First Industry-related Job: Senior Manager, Reimbursement, Knoll Pharmaceutical Alternative profession: Teaching Professional mentors: Dr. Bruce Cooper, Dr. Georges Gemayel, Raymond ­Suehnholz, Jeffrey Feike Professional associations: Voting member, The Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage ­Advisory Committee (MEDCAC) Words to Live by: Everything is possible if you put your heart into it Kim Stratton works ­every day, on both ­professional and personal levels, ­toward realizing her full potential as a business leader. Kim Stratton A Global Perspective Kim Stratton, a native Australian, brings a unique global perspective to her role as head, group, country management and external affairs at Novartis AG. She is empathetic and caring by nature, thus allowing her to bring together and foster collaboration among teams and across divisions. Ms. Stratton is bringing her global perspective and ability to manage cross-functionally to one of her biggest career challenges. Most recently, her work with Novartis in Russia has been very important to her and to the company. In June, Novartis began construction of a new state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is an important event for Novartis, as the company is committed to improving the lives of patients and better health in Russia. Colleagues who have witnessed Ms. Stratton’s talent and leadership throughout her career at Novartis are inspired by her ability to bring people together and facilitate collaboration across countries and divisions. Since joining Novartis in 1998, Ms. Stratton has held positions of increasing responsibility across disease areas and business units. Ms. Stratton is one of the few people who works across all divisions. She works with all 55 country presidents and is responsible for ensuring that Novartis is presented as a cohesive company with one voice across divisions and external audiences spanning the globe. She takes this responsibility seriously and takes collaboration to the highest degree, continually looking for cross-divisional synergies that produce the best outcomes possible. Furthermore in her role, Ms. Stratton coordinates with government agencies and national stakeholders, listening and engaging with people from many backgrounds. Ms. Stratton’s passion for the pharma and healthcare industries as well as her work toward the common goal of improving health outcomes have contributed greatly to Novartis’ focus on patient outcomes. Name: Kim Stratton Current position: Head Group Country ­Management and External Affairs, Novartis AG Place of birth: Australia Education: Graduate nursing program First Industry-related Job: Nurse Words to Live by: Realize your full potential Empathetic. Caring. Timothy M. Block, Ph.D. A Foundation for Research Kim Stratton grew up in Australia with ­kangaroos. Timothy Block, Ph.D., says he can’t think of anything else he would rather be doing. And he’s doing big things. He is the co-founder and president of the Hepatitis B Foundation (HBF), and the founder and president of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center and Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research (IHVR). He also heads the Drexel Institute for Biotechnology and Virology Research (DIBVR) and is a professor of microbiology and immunology at Drexel University College of Medicine. Dr. Block’s commitment to hepatitis B research, education, and advocacy began in 1991 when he co-founded HBF in response to the plight of a local child who was diagnosed with the disease. Dr. Block says too many people suffer from diseases caused by this virus, and not enough is being done. True to his word to turn this situation around, he has grown HBF into an award-winning nonprofit organization benefiting millions of hepatitis B sufferers worldwide. In 2003, he founded HBF’s research institute, the IHVR. In 2006, he spearheaded the creation of the $14 million Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, which maximizes synergies between nonprofit scientists and their commercial colleagues. Further, under Dr. Block’s direction, DIBVR has been responsible for the creation of six biotech companies and engagements with more than 30 regional companies. The winner of countless community and industry awards, Dr. Block has been responsible for numerous co-discoveries in translational research, coauthored more than 150 publications, and served as the principal investigator for more than $3 million in annual NIH grants. Dr. Block has been an exceptional member of the scientific community since age 14, when he entered college to study physics at the State University of New York. He moved into the life sciences as a graduate and postdoctoral student at the State University of New York and Princeton University. As a sabbatical fellow at Oxford University, Dr. Block worked with Baruch S. Blumberg, Nobel Laureate, and Raymond Dwek, fellow, Royal Society, where they discovered two new chemical families of antiviral agents, called the glucovirs and alkovirs. These compounds are now in Phase II clinical trials for treating hepatitis C. Dr. Block’s additional co-discoveries have included co-transformation technologies, the patented microorganism-based assays for medically important compounds, called MOBA, Phage linked immunoabsorbant assays called PHALISA, and Oragene technology for treatment of hepatitis B , which entered Phase III clinical trials in Israel. His recent work has focused upon glycoproteomic-based methods for detection and treatment of liver and colorectal cancer, leading to the co-discovery of early detection markers of cancer; one of which is in “blinded” human studies with the National Cancer Institute. Restless. Considerate. Name: Timothy M. Block, Ph.D. Current position: President, Board Chair, Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center/The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Institute for Hepatitis and Virus Research; Professor, Drexel College of Medicine Date and place of birth: Dec 8, 1955; New York Education: State University of New York at Buffalo; Roswell Park Memorial Institute of The State University of New York; Princeton University First Job: Selling soft pretzels at WT Grant Department Store Professional mentors: Baruch S. Blumberg (deceased), the discoverer of hepatitis B: W. Thomas London, Fox Chase; Raymond Dwek, Oxford professor, scientist, and ­entrepreneur; Thomas Shenk, Princeton professor, scientist; Josh Feldstein, former president, Delaware Valley College Giving Back: The Hepatitis B Foundation Connected Via: Facebook Awards: Judge’s Choice, CEO of the Year, Philadelphia ­Business Journal’s Inaugural Life Science Award, 2010; Emory Eminent Scholar, 2009; AAAS Fellow (American­ ­Association for the Advancement of Science), 2008; Special citation from the U.S. House of Representatives in ­recognition of outstanding achievements, 2007; ­Distinguished Service Recognition, NCI EDRN, 2007; ­Lifetime Achievement Award, Central Bucks, Pa., 2007; Founders Award, Hepatitis B Foundation, 2000; Researcher of the Year, American Liver Foundation (Delaware Valley Chapter), 1998; and others Words to Live by: Don’t be afraid to ask and answer the big questions; make a beneficial difference Ahsan A. Awan Ahsan Awan is committed to being a good global steward and is dedicated to having the ­industry be as green as it can be. Ahsan Awan is a Hawaiian hula dancer. Innovative. Creative. Name: Ahsan A. Awan Current position: Director, Clinical Trials ­Division, ­PharmaLink Inc., and Director, Health Science Program ­Development, California Northstate University Date and place of birth: November 1974, ­Sacramento, Calif. Education: B.S. and J.D., University of Oregon; MBA, George Washington University; M.S.Pharm., University of Florida First Job: Laboratory research assistant, ­University of ­Wisconsin School of Medicine First Industry-related Job: Minerva Alternative profession: Physician Professional mentors: His father; his mother; Dennis Greene, former ­University of Oregon School of Law ­professor; Keith Aoki, former University of Oregon School of Law professor; and U.S. Magistrate Judge Tom Coffin Giving Back: Healthcare-related NGOs Connected Via: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and Waze Twitter address: quackarazzi; Follows: Xile ­(@xileinportland); University of Oregon Ducks athletes, coaches and fans (like @NMann1); national sports media such as ­@LisaHorne; and @TicketCity Words to Live by: Just do it; winners want the ball Ahsan Awan, a four-time PharmaVOICE honoree (2006, 2007, 2009, 2011), is committed to going green. He believes strongly in good corporate citizenship, good global stewardship, and all forms of best practices that can close the loop and ensure companies and people operate with a minimal footprint and potentially harmful impact. In fact, among the items on his professional agenda that he wants to address is leading the charge to have the industry adopt green reverse logistics solutions for IND products. The other item on his list is just as lofty: to successfully launch a new accredited U.S. medical school. By all accounts, he is well on his way to achieving both goals. Mr. Awan is director of the clinical trials division at PharmaLink Inc. and director, health science program development, California Northstate University. Mr. Awan’s colleagues are truly inspired by this modern Renaissance man. He’s part entrepreneur, part mentor, part motivator, but at all times a visionary. He’s always learning, always creating, always pushing the envelope, and always ahead of the curve. Mr. Awan not only created American Presswire, but in his primary roles with Global CINRG, PharmaLink, and California Northstate University, he has proven to be a team leader, and his teams trust him unwaveringly. Mr. Awan’s colleagues say his inspirational power is his ability to cause others to extend themselves and accomplish more. Dr. Timothy Block has been instrumental in establishing the ­Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center and the Hepatitis B Foundation. Dr. Timothy Block co-founded a high school before he entered high school. Pam Rattananont Ferris Learning by Example The best moments for Pam Rattananont Ferris are defined by being able to help lead a great team to develop the best solutions and having fun in the process. Always looking for opportunities to better herself and her organization, she has excelled at everything she has undertaken. From her days as an agency pioneer to her constant dedication to delivering quality medical education programs for Takeda, the life-sciences industry would be much improved if there were more people like her. As senior manager, global medical education, she was the driving force behind the continuing education leadership exemplified at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. In her current role as CEO and managing director of Core Principle Solutions, it is her focus and goal to continue to bring innovative and appropriate education programs to healthcare professionals by strengthening the relationship between all stakeholders. Part of her role is the strategic design and execution of U.S. and ex-U.S. medical education initiatives. She says developing medical education programs for use outside the United States is challenging because the rules are grey and are different within each country. It’s an extraordinarily different landscape to navigate after coming from her U.S. experience in building medical education strategies, and one that requires a great deal of patience and relationship-building skills. Helping others excel matters to Ms. Rattananont Ferris and looks to share personal and professional experiences. Editor’s Note: As of press time, Ms. Rattananont Ferris left Millennium, and she is now currently the CEO and ­managing director for Core Principle Solutions, a global medical education ­organization. Pam Ratananont Ferris is a driving force behind improving continuing ­education initiatives. Name: Pam Rattananont Ferris Current position: CEO and Managing Director, Core Principle Solutions Date and place of birth: March 1975; Charleston, W.Va. Education: MPH, Management, Columbia University, 2000; B.A, Neuroscience, Colgate University, 1997 First Job: Staff Associate, John Snow First Industry-related Job: Research assistant, Pfizer Alternative profession: Culinary Professional mentors: James Bargon, Nick Willhoft, and Tiffany Patrick Professional associations: Healthcare Businesswomen’s ­Association Words to Live by: No one gets a free ride Competitive. Straightforward. Pam Rattananont Ferris once won the triple long jump at a high school track meet, which is ironic since she is only 4’ 10”. Sarah Wharmby Customer Collaborator For 23 years, Sarah Wharmby has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of roles, ranging from a successful tenure as a territory representative to one as a regional business manager. More than 15 of these years were spent with Sanofi Pasteur MSD selling vaccines to primary and secondary-care specialists. In 2008, she joined Bristol-Myers Squibb as a key customer manager in the United Kingdom, covering Dorset and Central South Coast Cancer Networks, which later extended to cover all of the southwest. This new role provided her with both the opportunity to promote directly to clinicians and help solve funding issues with payer customers. Additionally, she has the responsibility to develop initiatives to help increase prescribing and improve the perception of BMS as a valued partner in oncology and hematology. Ms. Wharmby’s colleagues are inspired by her selfless and tireless attention to setting up and chairing the SWWIG (South West and Wessex Cancer Industries Group). This group of 18 pharmaceutical companies, including BMS, has made considerable progress in building improved and effective relationships with many NHS stakeholders and has influenced the development of similar groups in the northwest, northeast, and London. Ms. Wharmby and her SWWIG colleagues are dedicated to improving the knowledge and understanding of stakeholder issues, to developing working initiatives that are mutually beneficial and contribute to improved patient care, and creating joint initiatives to help improve the understanding of the value of cancer medicines. Ms. Wharmby is now ready to take on another challenge and would like to take on the role of KCM for ipilimumab, which is approved in the United States as Yervoy to treat patients with late-stage melanoma. She is interested in the groundbreaking nature of the product, having the opportunity to educate a broad range of clinical staff, and addressing the challenge of achieving a funding commitment. Name: Sarah Wharmby Current position: Key Customer Manager, Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb Date and place of birth: October 1962; Epsom, Surrey Education: B.Sc., Nursing First Job: Nursing First Industry-related Job: Respiratory care associate, Allen & Hanburys Ltd. Alternative profession: Work in a cancer network Words to Live by: Be objective, honest, and fair Awards: Rep of the Year, SPMSD Selfless. Customer-Centric. Sarah Wharmby would like to work in a cancer network to have a real opportunity to influence change in cancer services. Sarah Wharmby is helping to break down barriers by ­communicating on behalf of the ­collaborative group of pharma companies to ­deliver value to customers through exploring areas of common interest where it is a win-win to work together. Henrietta Ukwu, M.D. A Renaissance woman Name: Henrietta Ngozi Ukwu, M.D. Current position: Senior VP, Global Regulatory ­Affairs, PPD Inc. Date and place of birth: July 1959; Enugu, Nigeria Education: Fellowship in Infectious Diseases, ­Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Residency in Internal Medicine, Baptist Hospital, University of Tennessee; Internship in Internal Medicine, Meharry Medical College; medical and surgical ­degrees, University of Jos Medical School, Nigeria First Job: Chief, infectious diseases division, and ­attending physician, Veterans Administration ­Hospital First Industry-related Job: Director, regulatory ­affairs, Merck & Co. Inc. Alternative profession: University professor Professional mentors: Dr. Edward Scolnick, past president, research and development, Merck & Co. Inc.; Dr. Robert Ruffolo, past president, research and development, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; Bernard Poussot, past chairman and CEO Wyeth ­Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Christine Dingivan, chief ­medical officer and executive VP, PPD Professional associations: American College of Physicians; American Board of Internal ­Medicine and Infectious Diseases; the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine; American Medical Association; Infectious Diseases Society of America; American Academy of ­Pharmaceutical Physicians; Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA); the United ­Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee for Drug Development and Innovation. Giving Back: Restoring the declining schools in Nigeria, specifically her high school Words to Live by: Do all things for God and in all things give thanks to God Awards: Scientist of the Year, BEYA Minorities in ­Research Science, 2010; Most Distinguished Women Award, Queen’s School Alumni Association, 2008; One of 100 Most Important Blacks in Technology, NSBE Award, 2006; Ambassador of Scientific Excellence, USA-Africa Class Magazine Award, 2005; Role Model Award, Queen’s School Enugu Alumni Jubilee, 2004; Emerald Honors for Research Excellence Women of Color ­Research Award, 2003; Nigerian Excellence in Science and Technology, ARCO Award, 2001; Health Science Achievement, Nigerian People’s Forum Award, 2001; Alumni Excellence Award, University of Jos ­Medical School, 2001; Merck’s Most Amazing Woman Award, Merck, 2001; and many others Passionate. Giving. During her ­career, Dr. Henrietta Ukwu has earned ­acclaim in ­several fields, including medicine, ­academia, the ­pharmaceutical industry, and global ­regulatory ­affairs/policy. Dr. Henrietta Ukwu starred in the PhRMA commercial for HIV/AIDS in 1999; the commercial ran for two years and many got to know her face and voice from ­television. Henrietta Ukwu, M.D., is a medical doctor, professor, book author, leader, and expert in her field. Not many people have the opportunity to be experts in medicine, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and global regulatory affairs/policy as Dr. Ukwu. Dr. Ukwu, senior VP for global regulatory affairs at PPD, is an inspiration to all who know her. She radiates passion, joy, and confidence. Nothing pleases her more than sharing her talent, knowledge, and gifts with her colleagues; she enjoys bringing smiles to those she teaches and is happy to provide constructive development. She teaches global regulatory affairs at Temple University, and revels in the feedback that her passion and sharing of knowledge and experiences resonate with her students. She is an infectious disease physician, pharmaceutical industry executive, and industry thought leader with extensive global regulatory experience across all biopharmaceutical therapeutic platforms and regions. Throughout her career, Dr. Ukwu has played a strong leadership role in building strategic regulatory teams, leading major initiatives to drive regulatory excellence, and making significant contributions to the development and enrichment of the regulatory profession. She has been responsible for overseeing strategic product development and registration plans; regulatory interactions with boards of health, human subject protection for clinical/preclinical development; ensuring rigorous regulatory standards, and successfully registering new drugs and biologics. Since joining PPD in June 2010, Dr. Ukwu has provided inspiring leadership in guiding global regulatory services across all PPD lines of business and providing clinical development expertise to advance the company’s vaccines and biologics operations. Under Dr. Ukwu’s leadership, PPD’s global regulatory affairs organization, which encompasses global regulatory development, global chemistry manufacturing and controls, global medical writing and global regulatory operations and publishing, is maximizing its focus on the provision of strategic regulatory intelligence and expertise to help the CRO’s clients successfully navigate today’s dynamic global regulatory landscape. Dr. Ukwu has been involved in numerous product development activities and has directly overseen the successful original regulatory development, filings, and approvals of 14 new products (10 drugs; four biologics). Dr. Ukwu’s demonstrated vision, leadership, and passion for impacting humanity through the pharmaceutical and CRO industry make her a great leader and role model. Her colleagues are inspired by her and her mentorship has helped them grow and advance in their own careers. Recently, she completed and has had published her text book, Global Regulatory Systems — A Strategic Primer for Biopharmaceutical Product Development and Registration. This is the first textbook that consolidates all global regulatory systems and provides the strategic application of regulatory knowledge and intelligence to enable and facilitate successful product development and registration. This book created the vehicle for Dr. Ukwu to communicate the diverse global, strategic and extensive hands-on experience, comprehensive knowledge and critical success factors for product development, registration and commercial success that she has gained over 18 years in global regulatory affairs. Dr. Ukwu earned her medical and surgical degrees from the University of Jos School of Medicine in Nigeria. She completed her internship at Meharry Medical College, residency in internal medicine at Baptist Hospital, and her fellowship in infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University. Jennifer Goldsmith Chance Beginning Name: Jennifer Goldsmith Current position: VP, Veeva Vault Date and place of birth: December 1971; Abington, Pa. Education: B.A., Cornell University; current studies, University of Nottingham, England, in conjunction with Cornell Degree Program First Job: Director of marketing, book publisher First Industry-related Job: Life-sciences consultant, Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) Alternative profession: Architect Awards: CSC Values Award; CSC Leadership Award; IBM Services Excellence Awards 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009; IBM Bravo Award for Innovative Software Product Development Passionate. Driven. Jennifer Goldsmith is well-known for her contributions to the life-sciences industry, but it wasn’t her original career field. After college Ms. Goldsmith first found herself working for a small book publisher in Philadelphia before deciding she wanted to do something radically different. So she entered the IT industry and accepted her first consulting position at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Goldsmith soon developed a passion for her work, believing that by better enabling information management, life-sciences companies could more quickly discover and bring new drugs, devices, and therapies to market. Ms. Goldsmith focuses on how to make operations better, improve compliance, and reduce costs for her customers through technology and process innovation. For the last 15 years, Ms. Goldsmith has been a pioneer in the regulated content management space. In this role she brings a strong understanding of technology, but it is Ms. Goldsmith’s ability to quickly understand and optimize the business processes across clinical, nonclinical, regulatory, and manufacturing that sets her apart from her peers. Ms. Goldsmith put her expertise into practice when she was a key member of the team involved in the global implementation of a cutting-edge regulatory submissions content management system. The team faced many challenges and needed to make some tough decisions, but Ms. Goldsmith led the various workgroups through complex tasks while keeping them focused and grounded. The result was one of the first truly global R&D content management systems, inclusive of both core operating organizations and local affiliates. As the pharmaceutical industry has sought ways to standardize under the pressures of global expansion, Ms. Goldsmith has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving content management space and is now leading the way to the first cloud-based content management platform built solely for the life sciences. Ms. Goldsmith says bringing Veeva Vault — a cloud-based life-sciences content management system — to market has been her greatest career highlight to date. Jennifer Goldsmith is leading the charge for the content management revolution. Jennifer Goldsmith is a ­published poet and has also produced an independent ­literary magazine. Dennis Gerard Urbaniak Commercial Pacesetter The commercial approach needs a shake-up, and Dennis Urbaniak is eager to lead his colleagues at Sanofi into new territory. In his role as VP, U.S. diabetes, Mr. Urbaniak believes there needs to be a rethink around total patient services that will help redefine the landscape of diabetes care in the United States. He has been diligently working toward that goal. For example, he started a new innovation function focused on changing the diabetes department’s commercial approach. Mr. Urbaniak seeks to gather ideas from all areas of the business to bring about innovation. He led the creation of Impact Jam, an interactive forum where all employees could participate in a live brainstorming event online. Almost 7,000 employees participated; they submitted thousands of posts. In addition to his job responsibilities, Mr. Urbaniak has led numerous efforts around organizational integration, change management, investment planning, and managed care strategy. He believes change is needed across the industry in core skill sets and capabilities; people need to be able to take risks to develop new skills and try new things. The challenge is to get widespread support to change decades of successful habits that simply will not drive new levels of performance in the future. This changing environment is most apparent with the patient, and Mr. Urbaniak says learning first-hand about the emerging e-patient movement and seeing how patients are collaborating on and offline to participate more fully in their care has been an eye-opener. Mr. Urbaniak is driving customer-centric approaches that result in tangible business results. He is highly regarded as a supportive leader who has a passion for people development. Dennis Urbaniak is highly ­regarded as a supportive leader and mentor with a passion for developing ­people. Dennis Urbaniak is a huge Elvis Costello fan. Name: Dennis Gerard Urbaniak Current position: VP, U.S. Diabetes, Sanofi Date and place of birth: June 1969; Somerville, N.J. Education: B.S., Marketing/English, Monmouth University, 1990 First Job: Copier sales First Industry-related Job: Sales representative, Sanofi Alternative profession: Professional golfer or baseball player Professional mentors: Current and past bosses as well as colleagues in the industry Professional associations: Monmouth University School of Science Advisory Council; Center for Healthcare ­Innovation (CHI), Executive Council; United States ­Chamber of Commerce, Telecommunications and ­ ­E-Commerce Committee Giving Back: Local church, executive advisor to the ­Monmouth University School of Science Words to Live by: Don’t worry about life mottos Determined. Patient. Fran Heller The Deal Maker Fran Heller has been the driving force behind some of the industry’s most ­innovative deals. In the fall, Fran Heller will be teaching a course at Stanford University related to pharmaceutical innovation and business challenges. Insightful. Graceful. Name: Fran Heller Current position: Executive VP, Business ­Development, Exelixis Date and place of birth: September 1968; Tampa, Fla. Education: J.D., Golden Gate University School of Law, 1998; M.A., Biology, American University, 1991; B.S., Biology, Tulane University, 1988 First Job: Cashier at a local grocery store First Industry-related Job: Intellectual property and licensing specialist, Celtrix Pharmaceuticals Alternative profession: Sustainable ­gardening Professional associations: Healthcare ­Businesswomen’s Association, California Bar ­Association Giving Back: Dana Farber Cancer Institute — Pan Mass Challenge; Caring for Carcinoid Foundation (CFCF), a ­foundation dedicated to carcinoid and ­related ­neuroendocrine tumors Awards: Breakthrough Alliance of the Year Award, ­Deloitte, 2009 and 2010 Described by colleagues as the best business development executive in biotech today, Fran Heller has structured deals for companies of all types and sizes during her years in the industry. Ms. Heller’s across-the-board experience as a strategist, lawyer, and negotiator working with small, midsize, and large companies, across biotech and pharma as well as therapeutic areas, is legendary in an industry known for its savvy dealmakers. She has been the driving force behind some of the industry’s most innovative deals, and she has succeeded in maximizing the value of each transaction she has led. Whether she is setting strategies, educating, mentoring, or helping others with their career development, Ms. Heller has an intense commitment to achieving excellence. A highly respected leader, Ms. Heller has a strong ability to help people navigate complicated career decisions and options. She lends her talents and insights to developing the next generation of biotech business development executives. She does this informally for many co-workers, colleagues, and students, and more formally as a mentor to young women through the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). In the last few years at Exelixis, she has been successful in raising more than $450 million in up-front payments alone through partnerships, and her deals have received the respected Breakthrough Alliance of the Year award by Deloitte Recap in two consecutive years, which is an unprecedented accomplishment in the biotech industry. Ms. Heller is regularly sought by various groups to speak at industry gatherings. She has an amazing ability to see the forest through the trees and she is always highly professional and graceful, but her most endearing quality is her terrific sense of humor, which makes her approachable and likeable. Taking time to give back, Ms. Heller helps raise money for cancer research through her annual participation in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Pan Mass Challenge bicycle race and her advisory role at Caring for Carcinoid Foundation. Philip Roy Priest Leading the Chain of Command Passionate. Committed. Name: Philip Priest Current position: VP and Site Director, ­GlaxoSmithKline, Zebulon, N.C., site Date and place of birth: October 1963; ­Scunthorpe, England Education: CEI Part II Chemical Engineering, ­Humberside College First Job: Laboratory analyst trainee, Nypro UK Ltd. First Industry-related Job: Planning manager for aerosols supply chain, Speke Professional mentors: Peter Bains, ­international ­commercial business, GSK; and David Pulman, president, GSK Global ­Manufacturing Supply Giving Back: Tammy Lynn Center, Raleigh, N.C. Connected Via: LinkedIn Awards: European Supply Chain Excellence Award for the Process Industries; Three GSK Presidential Roll of Honor Awards John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” This is how colleagues describe Phil Priest, who in January 2010, joined GlaxoSmithKline’s global manufacturing Zebulon site team. Mr. Priest is accountable for the efficient, safe, and compliant operation of GSK’s Zebulon, N.C., site, which supplies products supporting more than $6 billion in sales. Mr. Priest takes pride in being part of a sea change, and he says leading the development of a strategy for GSK’s manufacturing division and seeing the process unfold are career highlights. Before taking on his current role as VP and site director at GSK, Mr. Priest held a series of positions with increasing responsibility in logistics, including several months as acting head of global logistics, logistics director for international, director of supply chain services, supply chain continuous improvement manager, and planning manager for metered-dose inhalers. Mr. Priest says leading the implementation of the agile operating model for global manufacturing for GlaxoSmithKline has been one of his most challenging and exciting assignments to date. Mr. Priest joined GSK in 1999 from the chemical company Albright and Wilson, where he was head of buisness services. Members of the solid dose team led by Mr. Priest say not only are they challenged to dream more, but the entire solid dose team is challenged to do more. Mr. Priest is committed to leading by example, and he has been found on the shop floor working on the line side by side with production staff to motivate and encourage the members of his team. Mr. Priest fosters collaboration and feedback, and those under his leadership know that no idea goes unnoticed, which leads to the development of future leaders throughout the division. He continues to drive excellence at the Zebulon site, and Mr. Priest inspires others throughout the company through his actions each and every day. Philip Priest uses his Lean Sigma expertise to help guide his decisions ­affecting the ­supply chain and global logistics at one of GSK’s biggest sites. Phil Priest once played squash with the world’s No. 3 player and was the server; then he didn’t get another point in the game. Duncan Shaw • Extreme Measures Duncan Shaw balances bringing clinical trials to patients with ­raising awareness about the needs of others. Name: Duncan Shaw Current position: Account Director, MediciGlobal Date and place of birth: Nov. 12, 1972; Jersey, U.K. Education: B.Sc., Mathematics with Statistics First Job: Sales for a cleaning company First Industry-related Job: A journal publishing editor, Harcourt Brace Alternative profession: Journalist or writer Professional mentors: Jane Nichols, Marianne MacDonald, Claire Green, Liz Moench Giving Back: Cancer Research UK Connected Via: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Twitter Address: Duncs76 Words to Live by: Credit where credit’s due Logical. Creative. Duncan Shaw was one of the founding members of a softball team — the ­OddSox —12 years ago, which he is now the captain of and manages. Whether Duncan Shaw is managing all stages of a patient recruitment and retention plan for clinical trials or climbing the peaks of Kilimanjaro, he is all about the adventure. He balances his work in bringing clinical trials to patients with raising awareness about the extreme needs of others. In September 2010, MediciGlobal’s account director, Europe, took his tuk tuk off-road on a two-week journey across India to raise money for two charities. The previous year took him to Kilimanjaro, to raise funds for cancer research. The Kilimanjaro trip was a personal quest as well; earlier that year his father died after bravely battling pancreatic cancer. Mr. Shaw’s extreme charity events have taken him into emerging markets for clinical trials, giving him valuable insights into cultures as he ventures into rural areas that few visitors get a chance to explore. Last year, he also took on the U.K. Three Peaks Challenge for Cancer Research, climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England, and Wales within 24 hours — Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon. The journey also included driving 475 miles. MediciGlobal team members actively follow Mr. Shaw’s cause-related activities and are inspired by his adrenaline-inducing adventures, which include skydiving for Alzheimer’s, riding in MS bike tours, and running for cancer research. His fellow colleagues won’t have to wait long to vicariously share once again in Mr. Shaw’s charity adventures, as he is currently preparing for a 24-hour/60-mile walk along the South Downs in England for Oxfam and the Gurkhas, and he has applied for the 2012 London Marathon. His 14 years of health marketing and scientific and medical publishing experience enable him to develop innovative strategies to reach and inform patients about clinical trials. Mr. Shaw’s strengths lie in writing and presentation skills. He has a good eye for detail and being both logical and creative, he is equally comfortable writing a press release or reviewing a creative design as he is analyzing a protocol. Noted for being a team player, he is adept at developing strong and effective working relationships with colleagues, clients and KOLs, and delivering compelling communications.

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