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Trend: As the healthcare industry continues to consolidate and rationalize, pharma and biotech companies increasingly need a communications partner that understands how to reach both ­professional and consumer audiences across traditional and digital channels.

New Focus on Digital Healthcare Strategies What’s New HEALIX DIGITAL HEALTH, a new joint-venture agency, combines the marketing expertise of two WPP Companies: Grey Healthcare Group (GHG) and VML. GHG’s healthcare marketing and communications strengths and VML’s experience in enterprise digital marketing support the new agency’s capabilities in developing digital healthcare strategies and programs that are multichannel, fully integrated, and expressly designed to improve health outcomes for consumers, engage the professional, and deliver real business results for clients. Healix is headed by representatives from both GHG and VML with senior management oversight provided by industry veterans, including Lynn O’Connor Vos, CEO, GHG; Matt Anthony, CEO, VML; Erin Byrne, executive VP, chief engagement officer, GHG; and Jim Radosevic, managing director, VML. “GHG and VML understand the importance of striking the right balance between technology and healthcare and have experience navigating the complex regulatory environment,” says Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP. “This venture lays the groundwork for the future of digital healthcare communications.” With headquarters in New York, Healix also has a Kansas City, Mo.-based innovation center that has access to the global network of WPP Group. { For more information, visit healixdigitalhealth.com. Via Science Leverages Data to Better Predict Outcomes Newly created analytics company VIA SCIENCE enables partners across a spectrum of industries to turn increasing quantities of so-called data exhaust into computational models that predict future outcomes under billions of what-if scenarios. High-throughput simulations of interventions into these models are used to uncover specific drivers for increased productivity and revenue, as well as to identify cost-saving measures. Via Science’s REFS (reverse engineering/forward simulation) platform continues to be marketed and supported by GNS (Gene Network Sciences), which is now a subsidiary of Via Science under the new name GNS Healthcare. A second Via Science subsidiary, Fina Technologies, is leveraging REFS technology for financial trading applications. “We are on the cutting edge of generating and extracting hypotheses from data, which positions us to incubate and launch new companies across a growing number of industry verticals,” explains Colin Hill, CEO of Via Science. { For more information, visit viascience.com. In other news… ADVANCED CLINICAL is expanding its portfolio of core offerings for life-sciences companies to include what it calls a Horizon 3 strategy. Company executives say while most companies are adept at ensuring strong Horizon 1 growth, which focuses on items such as pricing, sales excellence, and marketing tactics, and Horizon 2 growth, which is driven through sales in the current and adjacent markets, Horizon 3 growth, which can create significant, net new growth, is often overlooked. A Horizon 3 strategy provides companies with new business models and new solutions that have a differentiated value proposition. The new offering builds on Advanced Clinical’s current consulting services, strategic sourcing (CRO), talent management, and technology solutions. “The industry is undergoing a massive shift in what’s needed to stay competitive,” says Rosemarie Truman, executive VP of Advance Clinical. “We are excited to launch this offering to help clients identify growth options that create sustainable, step-change results in revenue, profit, and shareholder value.” { For more information, visit ­advanceclinical.com. PHARMANET ­DEVELOPMENT GROUP’s new brand identity and tagline, “PharmaNet works for you,” emphasize the company’s mission of providing clients with intelligent solutions to accelerate drug development programs consistent with the highest standards of regulatory compliance, quality, and reliability. The new branding unifies PharmaNet’s messaging across all of its subsidiaries and services. CEO Jeffrey McMullen notes that PharmNet now serves as the umbrella brand for all of the company’s global clinical development service offerings, from bioequivalence and bioanalytical services to Phase I to Phase IV programs. “We have taken on this initiative to strengthen and modernize our brand into one voice,” Mr. McMullen says. { For more information, visit pharmanet.com. TALON THERAPEUTICS, formerly known as Hana Biosciences, is a biopharmaceutical company focused on strengthening the foundation of cancer care. According to Talon CEO and President Steven Deitcher, M.D., the name change reflects the company’s culture of seizing medical opportunities; efficiently and expertly leading product candidates through clinical development; and transferring value to patients, patient care providers, shareholders, corporate partners, and employees. { For more information, visit talontx.com.

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