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CMP.LY to Address FDA/FTC Requirements

Proponents of using the Internet for dispersing information and marketing efforts in the life-sciences field soon will have some alternative solutions that will allow the industry to continue its cautious move toward social media. One of those solutions was recently created by Tom Chernaik, principal of CMP.LY, in response to last year’s FTC revised guidelines pertaining to the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising to include blog posts, word of mouth campaigns, and even twitter messages. In short, (pun intended) CMP.LY is a simple solution for required social media disclosures and fine print. While the new FTC rules had a greater impact on the consumer packaged goods industry, the anticipated FDA social media guidelines are expected to largely affect the life-sciences industry. At a recent e-patient conference, I had a chance to speak with Mr. Chernaik about his then yet-to- be-released solutions. “If companies are not already working on how to address social media in 2011, then they are totally missing the boat,” he says. According to Mr. Chernaik, he and a friend came up with the code almost overnight in response to the FTC guideline changes in October 2009. Looking simply to fulfill an unmet need, they never guessed just how timely and impactful their actions would be. There have been about 400,000 CMP.LY disclosures to date, Mr. Chernaik says. CMP.LY disclosures follow a standard naming convention that is easy for readers to understand and can be used for disclosures in print, online, SMS, tweets, or other digital communications. The CMP.LY link provides a simple and easy method to disclose material connections in published content. Another element of the platform solution is that it automatically shortens url links, which other platforms do as well, however short links lead users to more information regarding compliance. As these links become more readily recognizable, marketers can use them to immediately alert consumers to the links that contain risk and safety information. With FDA guidance on the horizon, one of the bigger issues for the industry will not only be showing fair balance and adequate risk data online, but the regulatory agency will most likely require companies to track click through data. CMP.LY has a widget for that too. “Pharma will need to not only provide the link for more information, but also prove that people are accessing those safety warnings and information that are required for fair balance,” Mr. Chernaik says. { For more information, visit { or you can search Twitter or Google for to view how the solution is applied. Trend Watch: As the regulatory walls of the FDA and FTC as well as pressure from citizen watchdog groups start closing in on the industry’s digital marketing practices, the question as to whether pharma should even be involved in the social marketing space looms larger than ever. Social Media Trends, Regs, and Apps Featured Briefs: Caution is the Watchword When it Comes to Social Media CMP.LY to Address FDA/FTC Requirements Small Physician Practices Have Access to EHR Web Search Made Easy Making a Case for Social Media Market Research TECH CHECK – APPS / TWEETS / VIDEOS Small Physician Practices Have Access to EHR Starting in 2011, Verizon is offering free access and use of its Medical Data Exchange system to more than 2 million U.S. healthcare providers. This platform will be particularly helpful to small private physician practices that want to get onboard with EHRs. With the credentials, medical professionals can access EHRs, e-prescribing services, and health information exchanges, such as the Verizon Health Information Exchange, which pulls patient data from multiple sources. Although the credentialing service will be free for individual doctors, Verizon will charge a fee for applications and businesses, such as hospitals. Doctors and clinicians will have access to medical data via the Verizon Medical Data Exchange through a secure, private inbox. The inbox is part of Verizon’s Healthcare Provider Portal, which it has added to the exchange. { For more information, visit medical-data-exchange_en_xg.pdf Web Search Made Easy Google Instant Preview provides a graphic overview of a search result and highlights the most relevant sections, making finding the right page as quick and easy as flipping through a magazine. What does this means to pharma? Because users will now be able to preview all of the Web pages returned in their search without having to click through, pages that are not visually appealing and/or do not contain relevant content will likely lose organic visits. Digitas Health recommends that developers: allow Google to preview Web pages; update site design to ensure clean layout and design; create highly relevant content based on observed search behavior; avoid use of non-HTML text, i.e., images; provide HTML backups for relevant flash files; avoid use of interstitials and pop ups; and closely monitor paid-search click-through rates. Mark Pappas, manager of search engine optimization at Digitas Health, says it’s important to keep brand sites visually appealing to users, while at the same time following SEO best practices to ensure that all content on the landing pages includes condition keywords and is accessible to search engines. “Additionally, it’s important to monitor all brand paid search accounts to see if the overlaid page preview has any negative impact on paid search click through rates,” he says. { For more information, visit Making a Case for Social Media Market Research A marketing team for a leading brand in the pharmaceutical industry wanted to gain a deep and current understanding of what is driving patient thoughts and actions regarding a particular cholesterol medication. ListenLogic, using its proprietary technologies and rigorous research methodologies, was able to provide detailed findings related to the following: which holistic alternatives patients are turning toward; patients confessing they were taking reduced doses in an attempt to thwart side-effects and/or minimize out-of-pocket costs; patients modifying their treatment regimen based on the feedback and results of others, as opposed to following the recommendations of their healthcare provider; patients claiming to be following the treatment advice of their doctor, and becoming frustrated with their lack of results; patients expressing particular fears about the medicine. { For more information, visit Apps… Patient Updates Thomson Reuters has released a new version of its Clinical Xpert Navigator mobile clinical data app that allows hospital-based clinicians to access complete patient clinical data, including laboratory results, medications, vital signs, observations, transcribed reports, demographics, and more via iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. { To download visit: Oncologist Journal Apps The Oncologist, a peer-reviewed journal, is presenting full-text and multimedia functionality for mobile devices. AlphaMed Press developed the apps to facilitate quick and easy access to peer-reviewed medical information and key opinion leader podcasts for oncology professionals worldwide. The Oncologist HD App for the iPhone or iPad allows users to virtually flip through pages, accessing critical articles in seconds. It also includes multimedia options that further enhance information visually and audibly, including embedded content not available in the traditional print edition. { To download visit: the-oncologist/id373991768?mt=8 Heartwire News’s app brings cardiologists and other healthcare professionals the latest developments in cardiology and cardiovascular research. The leading source of independent cardiology news delivers timely coverage of cardiology conferences, FDA and EMA rulings, and clinical trials. { To download visit: Apps for Med Abbrs MedAbbreviations provides instant access to more than 13,000 medical abbreviations. Designed for the medical professional, or anyone who needs to read what a healthcare professional writes, this tool allows a search by abbreviation via the instant search bar, or scroll with the alphabetical index on the right side. Physicians can add abbreviations to their favorites list by just double-tapping an entry. Tapping an abbreviation shows a screen with the term and its meaning in large print. MedAbbreviations also automatically determines whether a Wikipedia article is available for the meaning or just tap “View in Wikipedia” or “Search in Google.” { To download visit: Tweets… FDA Adds MedWatch Alerts to Tweet Activity Follow — literally — FDA alerts at @FDAMedWatch.FDA. MedWatch alerts the public to safety issues, adverse events, or other safety information on products that it regulates. This makes a total of eight twitter feeds from the FDA. Videos… Access Pharma Chairman Talks About MuGard Access Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in products for cancer and supportive care, got a little extra mileage out of a Wallstreetcast interview with Chairman Steven Rouhandeh when the segment was posted to YouTube in late November. Mr. Rouhandeh discussed the company’s one FDA approved product, MuGard, for the treatment of mucositis, a frequent side effect of cancer therapy for which there is no established treatment. { To download visit: http://www.

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