Phase III Trials: Patient Recruitment and Data Collection

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Two of the biggest bottlenecks in the drug development process, particularly at the Phase III juncture, are patient recruitment and data management. Experts say technology, partnering, and strategic planning can improve Phase III clinical trial efficiency. Phase III: Recruitment ­Technologies According to industry sources, almost 70% of U.S. trials do not enroll patients on time, but with better planning trials are more likely to be delivered on time and on budget. Technology advancements and increasing patient empowerment can help expand the opportunity to reach more patients who may be interested in participating… Sidebar: Investigator Payments Experts on this topic Nigel Hughes, Founder and Director of Firecrest Clinical Martha Feller, Ph.D., Global Executive VP of Operations at i3 Research Stuart Young, Executive VP of Clinical Monitoring at Chiltern Stephen Cutler, Ph.D., Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer at Kendle John Benbrook, CEO of MMG James DeSanti, Founder and CEO of PharmaVigilant Nagaraja Srivatsan, VP and Head of Life Sciences, North America, Cognizant Sean Smith, VP of Logistics and Asia at Fisher Clinical Services Barbara Tardiff, M.D., Corporate VP at Parexel International Patricia Bassett, VP Sales EMEA, Unithink Dave Evans, Chief Information Officer of Octagon Research Solutions James Esinhart, Ph.D., Executive VP of Global Biometrics and North America Business Enit at Chiltern Steve Kent, President of Perceptive Informatics

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