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Honors and Awards G&A Receives ­Recognition The Rx Club presented Goble & Associates (G&A) with nine Awards of Excellence for a variety of ad campaigns, sales aids, launch campaigns, patient education brochures, and Web sites. In addition, G&A received two Gold and five Silver Awards from The Davey Awards. To view G&A’s award-winning campaigns, visit.goble-assoc.com. Navicor wins 10 Davey Awards The Navicor Group, an inVentiv Health Company and a healthcare advertising agency specializing in oncology and immunology, was honored with three Gold Davey Awards for its self-promotional work. The agency also received seven Silver Davey Awards for a variety of campaigns. For more information about Navicor’s winning creative campaigns, visit navicorgroup.com. To view all of the 2009 Davey Award winners, visit daveyawards.com/winners. Agency Merger: Rosetta Acquires Wishbone Rosetta, an independent ­digital marketing agency, has acquired Wishbone, a full-service professional healthcare marketing ­agency. Wishbone will retain its name and its ­management team and will ­continue to operate from its offices in New York. Wishbone will be a ­s­eparate professionally focused group within ­Rosetta’s overall healthcare business. “Major changes in the healthcare industry are affecting sales and marketing,” says Kurt Holstein, Rosetta’s co-founder and president. “These changes include a decreasing reliance on face-to-face detailing via professional salesforces and an ­increasing use of digitally-enabled communication channels between the brand and healthcare professionals.” Wishbone Founder and CEO Steven Michaelson says Rosetta and Wishbone bring highly complementary strengths to the table that will result in a new kind of agency that’s equipped to help clients ­prevail in the challenging times ahead. In an exclusive PharmaVOICE Podcast, Mr. Holstein and Mr. Michaelson tackle the topic of Leveraging Digital Technology in Pharmaceutical Marketing: A New Agency Model. Podcast link: www.pharmavoice.com/podcasts Future Outlook 2010 Predictions for the Life ­Sciences Despite the recessionary period, the life-sciences industry can be expected to remain one of the major bright spots highlighting technological innovation and business opportunity in the United States, according to a recent IDC Health Insights report, U.S. Life Science 2010 Top 10 Predictions. Companies are taking steps to better position themselves for the future through ­corporate M&A, increased ­outsourcing, and streamlined focus on pipeline development. IDC Health Insights’ 10 ­Predictions for 2010 include: n No. 1: The shift toward ­industry globalization will reengage to pre-recession levels and expand as a major industry trend. n No. 2: Life-sciences ­companies will redefine core competencies, with increased outsourcing of major facets of their ­business, including clinical trials, manufacturing, drug safety, and discovery research. n No. 3: Value in drug access and pricing access and ­pricing equation will begin to significantly impact drugmakers in the United States in 2010. n No. 4: Corporate M&A will continue unabated with an expanded focus on the acquisition of smaller biotechnology companies. n No. 5: Major pharmaceutical companies will move ­significant amounts of their discovery research IT ­infrastructure to cloud ­solutions. n No. 6: Vaccine research will see major advances in ­applicable therapeutic areas, approved production ­methods, and the use of adjuvants. n No. 7: Pharmaceutical IT spending on aggregate ­promotional spend ­compliance will surge as ­regulations place strict guidelines on what is ­considered acceptable sales and marketing practice. n No. 8: Mass reevaluations of installed software for chargebacks, rebates, and contract management ­capabilities will begin to feed a surge in system purchases for ­pharma companies. n No. 9: RFID adoption growth will go flat and evaluations of the technology will decline. n No. 10: Pharma companies will begin to allot significant funds for social media ­marketing during late 2010 after the FDA releases initial compliance guidelines.

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