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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Featured Briefs: IntraLinks, Adobe ­Collaborate on ­Data-Capture Solutions for Clinical Trials Maestro eLearning ­Creates e-Learning Library Deloitte Recap Helps Biopharma Executives Make Portfolio Decisions Thomson Reuters Unveils Integrated clinical Trial data Thermo Fisher, Symyx Collaborate for Integrated Work Flow Solution Pharmaceutical Institute Offers E-Course on ­Hospital Marketplace HealthSync Employs iPhone to Manage ­Personal Medical Records Novo Nordisk Launches Expanded Hemophilia Web Site, Facebook Community New Momentum’s ­Software Identifies ­Counterfeiters Quadrant’s Female Patient Journal Available in Digital Format IMS Offers Specialty Market Analytics Follow up ADOBE SYSTEMS INC. produces technologies and software for producing business, entertainment, and personal communications content. For more information, visit adobe.com. DELOITTE RECAP LLC, part of Deloitte LLP, offers business intelligence tools and consulting services for business development, corporate strategy, financial, legal, academic, and R&D professionals. For more information, visit recap.com. GIGABIT is an iPhone application development company specializing in solutions that drive direct, personalized digital communications between consumers and service providers. For more information, visit gigabitt.com. IMS Health provides market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For more information, visit imshealth.com. INTRALINKS provides on-demand solutions for businesses to collaborate, communicate, and exchange information inside and outside the enterprise. For more information, visit intralinks.com. MAESTRO ELEARNING provides e-learning consulting services, customized and rapid e-learning courses, and learning management systems. For more information, visit maestroelearning.com. NEW MOMENTUM provides enterprise risk management software that combats the rapidly increasing revenue, profit, brand, and market share erosion resulting from counterfeits, gray-market sales, and supply interruptions. For more information, visit newmo.com. NOVO NORDISK is a healthcare company and a world leader in diabetes care. For more information, visit novonordisk-us.com. PHARMACEUTICAL INSTITUTE, a subsidiary of Campbell Alliance, creates specialized training programs for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. For more information, visit pharmainstitute.com. QUADRANT HEALTHCOM INC. publishes medical journals for provider audiences. For more information, visit qhc.com. SYMYX TECHNOLOGIES INC. provides information management services to companies in the life-sciences, chemicals and energy, and consumer and industrial product industries. For more information, visit symyx.com. THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC. helps customers in the life-sciences, healthcare, and environmental and industrial process control industries solve analytical challenges from routine testing to complex research and discovery. For more information, visit thermofisher.com. THOMSON REUTERS is a provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. For more information, visit thomsonreuters.com. The newest version of OCTAGON RESEARCH SOLUTIONS’ StartingPoint global submission document authoring template suite is designed to offer standardized templates and formatting functionality to those authoring the various components of a CTD (Common Technical Document) or eCTD (electronic Common Technical Document) regulatory submission. StartingPoint 4.0 offers new content templates, significantly improved functionality, and compliance with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system. For more information, visit octagonresearch.com. SIMULATIONS PLUS has released GastroPlus Version 6.1, the latest edition of its software used by pharmaceutical research scientists for simulation of oral absorption, intravenous dosing, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. GastroPlus 6.1 incorporates new types of analysis, such as expanded simulation capability that includes dosing to the oral cavity via lingual, sublingual, and buccal routes of administration, and numerous user convenience features that help both new and experienced users to avoid common mistakes, to provide flexible units for various input data, and to extend the output options in both graphics and text formats. For more information, visit simulations-plus.com. The latest release of TAKE SUPPLY CHAIN’s Xtended Process Control (X.PC) solution provides an upgrade to the company’s software that accelerates and streamlines supplier collaboration and extends lean processes by connecting manufacturers and distributors with supply chain partners worldwide to procure goods and services. X.PC 5.7d includes a variety of new features and modules that improve operational efficiencies and user experiences, including the ability to print package tracking numbers (PTN) and advance shipment notice (ASN) labels via the Web without a dedicated label printer and an engineering quality collaboration module that manages the work flow of supplier deviation requests and corrective actions. For more information, visit takesupplychain.com. IntraLinks and Adobe Systems have partnered to develop a data-capture solution that addresses the document-intensive clinical trial process, combining the strengths of IntraLinks’ solutions, which facilitate the secure, compliant, and auditable exchange of critical information inside and outside the enterprise, and the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES). The new tool provides clinical trial managers with a single, tightly integrated platform to first conduct electronic data capture, then securely manage, organize, and share content across firewalls with sponsors, CROs, and investigative sites. Specifically, the joint solution helps improve workflow during the site recruitment and study startup phases of a clinical trial. “Building on Adobe’s LiveCycle ES, IntraLinks leverages its secure and auditable information exchange platform to create a truly paperless solution for the clinical trials process,” says Alison Shurell, VP of marketing for IntraLinks. “Life-sciences professionals who already depend on Adobe’s LiveCycle ES for data capture and submission-based processes now have a comprehensive solution for document-centric work flows,” adds Melonie Warfel, Adobe’s director of worldwide standards and life sciences. “Together, Adobe and IntraLinks will work to make clinical trial management an efficient, paper-free process.”This new platform replaces inefficient and nonsecure methods of sharing sensitive clinical trial documents, says IntraLinks’ Alison Shurell.Development Optimizer, the third product in the Recap IQ Series from Deloitte Recap, is part of a new subscription service that provides flexible analytical tools for biopharmaceutical executives in making drug portfolio decisions and other business development strategies. Development Optimizer offers its subscribers new ways to look at attrition, development and regulatory performance, and termination efficiency and gives them access to a groundbreaking tool built on Recap’s detailed clinical and regulatory histories for the Recap BioPortfolio Index (RBI), a select group of more than 150 biotechnology companies Recap has tracked and benchmarked for more than a decade. “Development Optimizer captures the complete clinical development histories of these companies, allowing users the ability to see the big picture, while also being able to drill down to the pertinent details often not available to the public,” says Deloitte Recap Managing Director Mark Edwards. “Deloitte Recap’s proprietary analytical approach, combined with a detailed tracking of key regulatory designations and events, allows subscribers to examine drug development information in an entirely new way,” adds Matthew Hudes, a principal with Deloitte Consulting. Development Optimizer provides the underlying data for the analyses, while Attrition Analysis graphs the number and percentage of projects or compounds that are terminated at each phase of development for any chosen data set. Users have the ability to run comparative analyses of attrition rates by therapeutic area, indication, mechanism of action, and technology, and then examine the supporting detail to understand why projects terminated. Subscribers can compare data from successful compounds, as well as understand the reasons behind termination across each phase of development, says Matthew Hudes. Development Optimizer supports strategic decision-making and best practice adoption among development professionals, says Mark Edwards. Thomson Reuters has integrated detailed clinical trial protocol and outcome information in a single solution aimed at simplifying the search for detailed information. Thomson Pharma now offers drug related clinical trial intelligence from registries, publications, press releases, conferences, and other sources across all therapeutic areas. It includes some of the most advanced searching capabilities on the market, enabling identification of trials based on more than 20 criteria that are individually indexed by experts. This includes not only trial criteria such as drug, phase, and recruitment status, but scientific criteria such as mechanism of action, target, and biomarker. “We are proud to be the first to integrate drug pipeline content with robust clinical trial content in a single competitive intelligence solution,” says Wendy Hamilton, VP of product strategy. “This not only addresses our customers’ needs for increased efficiency and new competitive insights, but also ensures that Thomson Pharma will remain the most comprehensive single solution for pharmaceutical competitive intelligence on the market.” Maestro eLearning has introduced an exclusive healthcare education library to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies with safety compliance. Maestro’s e-learning library includes courses on HIPAA, operating room protocol, and radiation safety compliance. The compliance solutions are industry standards in the medical education field and are a valuable tool for companies whose staff must meet or exceed mandatory compliance requirements. “Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have a universal need to effectively train their salesforces on these fundamental practices that are vital to the health and safety of patients,” says Maestro eLearning President Josh Little. Our library allows companies to give their employees interactive, high-impact classes that underscore that commitment to safety compliance, says Josh Little.Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symyx Technologies are providing scientists in the bioanalytical community with an automated laboratory work flow solution that integrates Thermo Scientific Watson’s laboratory information management system (LIMS) with Symyx’s electronic lab notebook (ELN). The automated transfer of information between the two tools provides a streamlined, compliant work flow for bioanalytical studies, giving scientists secure and seamless access to experimental data across the laboratory. The integrated solution also provides scientists who are performing sample preparation, managing instrument calibration and maintenance, and completing the experimental record in Symyx Notebook with GLP compliance. “The integration of Symyx Notebook with Watson LIMS demonstrates Symyx’s ongoing commitment to powering the electronic laboratory environment with better data correlation, more secure information exchanges, and improved end-to-end report generation,” says Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx’s software business unit. “Today, pharmaceutical companies are looking for efficiencies in work flow, and by guiding the laboratory users through their study protocols and bioanalytical assays in the LIMS and ELN, we have enabled scientists to maximize not only their work flow, but also their knowledge while saving time and eliminating manual transcription errors,” adds Dave Champagne, VP and general manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Additional capabilities to explore and report Watson LIMS data with Symyx Isentris enhance the value of scientific information and optimizes the way scientists communicate and collaborate in the lab, says Trevor Heritage of Symyx. The integration of Watson LIMS with Symyx Notebook provides electronic access to all of the data generated, whether it’s structured data stored in the LIMS or unstructured data stored in the ELN, says Dave Champagne of Thermo Fisher Scientific.Pharmaceutical Institute’s Hospital Marketplace e-course explores the hospital environment from the perspective of the pharmaceutical manufacturer, offering both an introduction to the hospital marketplace and an examination of the ways in which pharmaceutical manufacturers strive to position their products and drive product demand within those institutions. Hospital Marketplace is the latest addition to Pharmaceutical Institute’s Managed Markets Excellence offering, a series of e-courses designed to fill the need for basic and advanced managed markets knowledge for commercial professionals. The three modules included in the course focus on hospitals and group purchasing organizations, formulary access, and demand creation. “It is critical that industry sales teams operating in the hospital marketplace fully understand institutional dynamics, clinical and economic business drivers, and the secrets of successful product promotion,” says Garry O’Grady, senior VP and general manager of the Pharmaceutical Institute. Companies that invest in training their sales representatives and front-line managers on the challenging hospital sales environment will be in the best position to drive demand for their products in the hospital marketplace, says Garry O’Grady.Novo Nordisk has relaunched its “changing possibilities in hemophilia” campaign through a rebranded Web site, changingpossibilities-us.com, and a new community on Facebook created to engage and connect people in the hemophilia-with-inhibitor community, which comprises only 800 to 900 Americans. The online resources are intended to help those who suffer from hemophilia with inhibitors to communicate with one another, as well as offer easy access to financial, educational, and community support programs that may help them live more normal lives. “Through changingpossibilities-us.com and the changing possibilities in hemophilia Facebook page, Novo Nordisk hopes to provide members of the inhibitor community with a unique forum to share and learn from others’ experiences,” notes Eddie Williams, VP of biopharmaceuticals at Novo Nordisk. Many families impacted by hemophilia with inhibitors struggle to find tools, resources, and support; Novo Nordisk hopes to provide a unique forum to learn from others’ experience, says Eddie Williams. HealthSync, an iPhone application developed by Gigabit, offers comprehensive personal medical records management, maintenance, and tracking for individuals and families. Key medical records information and other related data are input directly into the iPhone by the user and securely stored locally within the device. The application can store multiple patients per user, making it useful for families managing the health of young children, as well as elderly relatives. HealthSync also is ideal for those managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or allergies, which require frequent monitoring and regular physician visits and treatments. “HealthSync is a perfect way to leverage today’s mobile lifestyle to provide instant, anytime access to one’s medical data,” says Gigabit CEO Brian Arthur. HealthSync also provides users with access to detailed prescription drug information, such as possible side effects and drug interaction warnings. The names of more than 3,000 drugs are populated via a choice list table in the patient data interface. Future HealthSync versions will support data sharing capabilities, which will enable patients to manage their health records via the Google Health Web-based interface.By giving users access to and control over their data in a secure, portable environment, HealthSync enables people to more easily manage an important asset: their health, says Brian Arthur. By automating the process of evaluating which suspects have the greatest impact on a company’s revenue and brand, CRI makes it easier and more cost-effective to stop the violations, says New Momentum CEO Stuart Clifton. New Momentum’s recently introduced Company Risk Index, which helps global enterprises quickly identify violators and prioritize investigation and enforcement efforts. By automating the process of evaluating which suspects have the greatest impact on a company’s revenue and brand, New Momentum makes it easier to stop the violations. “Companies want to be able to see their top suspects in a single chart, weighted by discount percentage, quantity, and other factors, so we responded by adding this important innovation to our brand protection solution,” says New Momentum CEO Stuart Clifton.Quadrant HealthCom has launched a digital edition of its journal, The Female Patient (TFP), as an enhanced companion version of its monthly print publication that offers a dynamic platform for both readers and advertisers. The digital edition provides healthcare professionals with a third way to access TFP content, in addition to the print magazine and existing Web site, femalepatient.com. Readers can use the digital edition to archive and print selected articles or entire issues, allowing them to easily share content and product information with colleagues and social networks. In addition, they can save the editions on their computers to create electronic libraries, or enhance their learning by accessing information on products or services, on demand, through features such as embedded links and videos. “Given the nature of new media and technology, we are continually looking for dynamic and immediate offerings for our readers, and this is one more way we can meet their needs,” observes Publisher Margo Ullmann. Advertisers in the print edition immediately benefit from doubled exposure as their ads automatically qualify to appear in The Female Patient Digital Edition, offering additional benefits of portability and longevity of their ads.IMS Health has introduced Specialty Market Dynamics, which delivers a complete view of treatment patterns and product performance in the rapidly growing specialty pharmaceutical market. The offering supports clients’ critical commercial applications through comprehensive coverage of the specialty pharmacy provider channel, coupled with IMS’s anonymized patient-centered insights. “As demand for evidence-based information in the specialty sector grows, we’re uniquely positioned to provide a deeper understanding into how these products are used, helping clients to adjust portfolio strategies and improve their commercial effectiveness,” says Pam Sauerwald, general manager, Specialty Offerings Development, IMS. The IMS offering provides unprecedented insights into channel dynamics, with longitudinal information from the specialty pharmacy provider channel that can be applied in combination with retail and standard mail service channel assessments. This enables clients to identify trends and growth opportunities relating to utilization, product switching, compliance and persistence by channel, product usage by indication, common treatment regimens, and channel-to-channel dynamics. Today, specialty pharmaceutical products dominate R&D pipelines, with global sales expected to exceed $160 billion by 2013.

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