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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Featured Briefs: Inclinical, Terrosa Offer Collaborative CTMS Subscription Services Pharsight Offers PK Data Management Solution Compass Healthcare Leverages Social Media in Community Website IMS Health Speeds Access to Promotional Effectiveness Research Chemvalet Provides Searchable Online Database of Patented Medicines Follow Up Chemvalet Inc. is a consulting company specializing in IP analytical services, competitive intelligence, and cheminformatics solutions. For more information, visit chemvalet.com. Compass Healthcare Communications is an independent, full-service, interactive and relationship marketing agency focused on the specialty healthcare industry. For more information, visit compasshc.com. IMS Health is a provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For more information, visit imshealth.com. Integrated Clinical Solutions (Inclinical) is a developer of collaborative clinical operations software for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. For more information, visit inclinical.com. Multimus Information Technologies Inc. is an information technology company specializing in database development and data-mining solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, visit multimus.com. Pharsight Corp., a Certara company, provides software and scientific services to improve productivity and decision-making in clinical drug development. For more information, visit pharsight.com. Terrosa Technologies assists software developers in taking their application to the SaaS environment. For more information, visit terrosatech.com. Pharsight has introduced PKS Online, an Internet-accessible implementation of Pharsight Knowledgebase Server (PKS) enterprise data management system that provides customers with improved productivity and a compliant PK/PD repository without the up-front capital expenditure. PKS Online offers the full benefits and value of PKS to drug development organizations with limited staff and resources for deployment, validation, and management of an in-house system. It provides secure storage, access, and tracking for PK/PD data, analyses, and related files, all of which are accessible over the Internet from networked desktops. PKS Online is offered on a subscription basis, with flexible licensing and value-added validation support services. Pharsight has engaged with Savvis, a global leader in outsourced Internet infrastructure services for the enterprise, to deliver PKS Online. “We are extremely pleased to deliver the benefits of PKS to a wider range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry customers through a software-as-a-service model and look forward to moving them into production quickly and reliably to meet their drug development objectives,” says Daniel Weiner, Ph.D., senior VP and chief technology officer of Pharsight. PKS Online offers the full benefits and value of PKS to drug development organizations with limited staff and resources for deployment, validation, and management of an in-house system, says Dr. Daniel Weiner. Integrated Clinical Solutions (Inclinical) and Terrosa Technologies have teamed up to offer Inclinical’s inclinicalperform software to the clinical trial industry using software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. Under the partnership, Terrosa has exclusive responsibility for the sales of inclinicalperform, as well as developing the go-to-market strategies and sales operations. Inclinical’s flagship software, inclinicalperform, provides a collaborative working environment for clinical operations teams comprised of sponsors, CROs, sites, and other stakeholders. Inclinicalperform provides all the basic functionality of traditional clinical trial management systems (CTMS) and integrates those functions with collaborative document control and distribution, issue/query resolution, and contact resource management. “We are pleased to partner with Integrated Clinical Solutions so that they may maintain their focus on further development of new process automations within inclinicalperform,” says Kim Terry, president of Terrosa. “Reducing our clients’ time to market is a key benefit of our product,” observes Inclinical Founder J. Peter Armerding. “By limiting software implementation time and increasing a trial’s communication effectiveness, our clients are able to work more efficiently.” Our software makes clinical operations easier by providing a ­consistent, collaborative work process that is straightforward and easily implemented, says Inclinical’s J. Peter Armerding. Compass Healthcare Communications’ recently launched community Website, pku.com, uses social media to unite members of the phenylketonuria, or PKU, community while educating healthcare professionals and patients about the serious effects that PKU can have on the brain. About 22,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with PKU, an inherited, genetic condition in which the body cannot process the amino acid phenylalanine (Phe) found in protein. Patients with PKU are placed on strict protein-restricted diets. Kuvan, a prescription medication from Compass client BioMarin Pharmaceutical, is approved to reduce Phe levels in patients with PKU. In developing the site, Compass sent a series of e-mail blasts to registered members of the PKU community encouraging them to submit photos of themselves and their immediate family for use on the Website. In addition to sharing thoughts and asking questions, members of pku.com can join chat rooms and blogs, create groups and events, and upload recipes and pictures. Search engine optimization features have also been incorporated to drive traffic to the site. “With pku.com, we knew we had to take a unique approach, as patients with this rare disease cannot easily connect with one another,” says Peter Nalen, president and CEO of Compass. “Experience has shown us that social media, appropriately executed, can go far in building relationships with your target audience and delivering something of real value to them.” IMS Health’s recently launched Web-based tool, IMS Global Message IQ, provides a cost-effective alternative to custom primary market research for assessing brand promotional campaigns. Global Message IQ is the latest addition to IMS Promo.Track, IMS Health’s syndicated audit that measures the impact of pharmaceutical promotional activities. Global Message IQ aggregates message recall of syndicated prescriber panel studies. Insights are available to clients on a monthly or quarterly basis, with online access via IMS’ customer portal. “In today’s fast-changing and challenging healthcare environment, our clients are seeking innovative ways to reduce their market research spending without compromising the insights they need to support critical sales and marketing efforts,” says Liz Coyle, general manager, commercial research. Our clients are seeking innovative ways to reduce their market research spending without compromising the insights they need to support critical sales and marketing efforts, says Liz Coyle. PharmaValet (pharmavalet.com) is an online database of patented medicines that helps innovator and generic pharma companies search, analyze, and monitor U.S. and Canadian drugs and their associated patent information. PharmaValet, co-developed by Chemvalet and Multimus Information Technologies, combines data on patented drugs from the FDA’s Electronic Orange Book and Health Canada’s Patent Register and integrates it with supplementary information such as therapeutic classifications, chemical structures and synonyms, Paragraph IV certifications, and delisted patents. “We believe PharmaValet is an invaluable tool for anyone researching or analyzing patented medicines,” says Mark Kizirian, president of Chemvalet. “Whether it’s evaluating the innovator versus generic API patent landscape, monitoring worldwide drug patent activity, or identifying patent expirations, PharmaValet enables industry professionals to uncover opportunities in this extremely competitive industry.” “Online security is of the utmost concern, so we’ve implemented 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the exchange of sensitive information between the subscriber’s computer and PharmaValet,” adds Lusine Boyajyan, VP of Multimus IT. PharmaValet enables industry professionals to uncover opportunities in this extremely competitive industry, says Chemvalet’s Mark Kizirian. E-upgrades and enhancements The latest version of Fingertip Formulary Accounts, a Web-based platform from FINGERTIP FORMULARY, provides the pharmaceutical industry with real-time, integrated managed care data and resources at the account level. The redesigned platform gives users faster access to a customer-centric view of provider-level data that includes detailed provider and plan information, as well as relevant formulary and enrollment data. Fingertip Formulary is a Decision Resources company. For more information, visit fingertipformulary.com. Poscape CLM 6.2, the latest version of PROSCAPE TECHNOLOGIES’ closed-loop marketing (CLM) software platform for life-sciences companies, has more than 60 new features and enhancements offering increased functionality and added flexibility to generate greater cost savings and efficiencies, while improving the overall effectiveness of clients’ CLM initiatives. The update includes the addition of Salesforce.com to the list of salesforce automation solutions that seamlessly integrate with the CLM software platform, as well as increased multichannel CLM support through Web-based tools such as ShowPresenter Web, ShowPlayer Web, and GraphicAutomator for PowerPoint. For more information, visit proscape.com. SIMULATIONS PLUS, a provider of simulation and modeling software to the pharmaceutical industry, has released ADMET Predictor 4.0, a major update to its software for the prediction of properties of new molecules from just their structure. The latest version adds 15 new predicted properties to the software’s modeling options, as well as enhanced functionalities for modeling dose amounts. For more information, visit simulations-plus.com. WOLTERS KLUWER HEALTH, a provider of healthcare information and business intelligence, has launched an enhanced version of AdisOnline (adisonline.com) offering a host of user-customizable features and purchasing options that help keep healthcare professionals better informed about drug development and therapy. New features include themed article collections grouped by topic, as well as pay-per-view access to collections of articles drawn from titles across the Adis journal portfolio. For more information, visit wolterskluwerhealth.com.

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