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Lucia (Lucy) Deus, SupplyScape Corp. Joseph A. Tetzlaff, i3 David J. Pasta, ICON Clinical Research Lucia (Lucy) Deus, SupplyScape Corp. Joseph A. Tetzlaff, i3 David J. Pasta, ICON Clinical Research Cutting-edge thinking and solutions are the hallmark of this dynamic group of individuals who are pushing technology to the edge for improved efficiencies and results. A Technology Revolution Living by the mantra that the customer comes first and the solutions derive from their needs, Lucy Deus, co-founder and VP of Project management at supplyscape, has focused her career on developing solutions to real-world problems. Ms. Deus believes that the global life-sciences industry has the unique opportunity to positively impact a patient’s quality-of-life and successfully navigate today’s business challenges if given the right technology support, and to that end she co-founded SupplyScape. Drawing on a deep knowledge of distribution processes, regulatory requirements, collaboration, and interoperability technologies, she works intimately with customers to develop new solutions for key strategic challenges. These solutions have had a notable impact in helping companies successfully meet several regulatory deadlines, improve product recall responses, and protect products from counterfeiting and diversion. Her problem-solving skills were developed early in her career while working as a software engineer at Mitre, where she had the opportunity to contribute toward applying advanced technologies to national security interests. Today in the life-sciences, Ms. Deus has found the process of creating a solution an enriching journey: working with end users to understand their business challenges, analyzing opportunities, identifying both current and future operational needs, and working with a diverse group of designers, software engineers, and quality engineers to transform technologies into actionable solutions. For Ms. Deus, what is most satisfying is seeing the impact those solutions have on patients. Those skills and experiences all come together in her role at SupplyScape, which was created to provide solutions that would help secure the value and safety of the pharmaceutical supply network. She and her co-founders brought together their business and software experience to build the company from the ground up, which she started with just four people in a tiny office in Cambridge, Mass. One challenge she is passionate to solve is the pharmaceutical industry’s siloed model, and she wants to help companies move toward a model where there is greater collaboration. She notes that there are operational and business benefits to be gained across the pharmaceutical supply chain by improving knowledge sharing and the development of joint planning with customers and suppliers. According to Ms. Deus’ colleagues, she is considerate, understands what’s important to them, and helps whenever possible. She has a proven ability to motivate others, manage client relationships, lead product teams, and deliver results. Ms. Deus attributes much of her success to two mentors early in her career: Henry Bayard and Joel Jacobs, with whom she worked at Mitre. Mr. Bayard’s visionary approach to using technology to transform business, his enthusiasm, and his ability to think outside the box and challenge others to do the same rubbed off on Ms. Deus. Her other mentor, Mr. Jacobs, constantly encouraged her to try new things and pushed her to take the next step; he helped Ms. Deus to recognize the benefits of professional growth that come with being willing to take a leap. In addition, Ms. Deus has been a noted contributor to the industry thought leadership throughout her 20-year career. A regular speaker at industry events, seminars, and workshops, Ms. Deus also drives technology and process standards development across numerous workgroups at the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) and GS1, a global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains across sectors. F Supplying the Answers Lucy Deus listens to “This American Life” by Ira Glass, because of the insightful way in which the artist ties unique snapshops of daily living into broad themes. Passionate • Thoughtful Name: Lucia (Lucy) Deus Current Position: VP Product Management, SupplyScape Corp. Education: B.S., Computer Science, University of Rhode Island Date and Place of Birth: Dec. 1966, Warwick, R.I. First Job: Server, Del’s Frozen Lemonade First Industry-Related Job: Software Engineer, Mitre Dream Job: Own a neighborhood coffee shop Professional Mentors: Henry Bayard, Joel Jacobs Connected Via: LinkedIn, Plaxo Words to Live By: Treat others the way you wish to be treated; listen to what others are saying and try to understand where they are coming from A key priority for Lucy Deus, VP Product Management and Co-founder of SupplyScape, is to positively impact a patient’s quality of and help companies successfully navigate today’s business challenges through the right technology support. Tenacious • Positive Name: Joseph A. Tetzlaff Current Position: Chief Technology Officer, i3 Education: MBA, International Business & Finance, NYU Stern School of Business; B.A., Economics and Computer Science, Colgate University Date and Place of Birth: June 1963, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Professional mentor: Glenn Bilawsky, CEO, i3 First Job: Business trainee, Dun & Bradstreet Corp. Dream Job: Teach software development process at the college level as an adjunct professor Connected via: Facebook Words to Live By: Every conversation is either building or destroying a relationship

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