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UPFRONT Milestones 20TH ANNIVERSARY John R. Vogel Associates Inc. celebrates 20 years of assisting pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical service providers to enhance results achieved through outsourcing and strategic alliances. Mr. Vogel, who founded the company in Oldwick, N.J., relocated in 2001 to Wailea, Hawaii. The consultancy conducts onsite training on outsourcing and relationship management, facilitates meetings between sponsors, alliance partners and service providers, and mediates problem solving to rescue projects and restore productive relationships. Strategic business planning and training are also provided to CROs, specialty providers, SMOs, academic research organizations, and investigator sites. For more information, email vogelj001@hawaii.rr.com. 20 YEARS OF ADAPTIVE CLINICAL RESEARCH Health Decisions, a global CRO, celebrates 20 years of adaptive clinical research based on a business platform of innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. With headquarters in Durham, N.C., Health Decisions has been at the forefront of the concept of agile clinical research, an advanced adaptive system that allows midcourse improvements to key trial activities. For more information, visit healthdec.com. A MARKETING UPDATE Promotional Expenditures Flatten U.S.retail prescriptions grew just 2.7% in 2008,compared with 4.5% in 2007, simultaneously,the number of blockbuster brands (more than$1billion in annual retail sales),which peaked in 2006at38,receded to 34 in 2008. According to SDI,with fewer blockbusters to promote, it’s no surprise that manufacturers’promotional spending tapered off. # Total promotional expenditures were flat in 2008, increasing only 1% (as tracked by SDI’s promotional audit suite).Spending grew an average of 2% annually from 2004 to 2008. # The biggest decrease in promotion expenditures was in directtoconsumer (DTC) advertising,which dropped 8% in 2008 after a 4% drop in 2007. # The cholesterol, gastroesophageal reflux disease,depression,and hypertension markets have endured generic erosion/ blockbuster declines,with DTC spending decreasing an average of 47% in 2008 and 39% in 2007. # In aggregate,physician focused efforts represented 77%of total marketing spending in 2008 and 75% of total promotion in 2007. SOURCE:PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS. SOURCE:SDI. New Business Models Pharmaceuticalcompaniesare looking to reshape the multibilliondollar drug industry through twonewbusiness models,saysnewPricewaterhouseCoopersReport. The two models — one a federated model and the other a fully diversified model — are both based on pharmaceutical companies becoming more collaborative with other industry players while managing proprietary assets that they either ownor control the use. .Under the federated model,a single company creates a network of separate entities that share a mutual goal such as the management of outcomes in a given population.They also will share a common supporting infrastructure as well as funding,data,access to patients and backoffice services. .The fully diversified model is one in which a company expands from its core business into the provision of related products and ser vices,such as diagnostics and devices,generics,neutraceuticals and health management. TUNING IN… Featured Podcasts ConnectingThrough Electronic Health Records Thought Leaders: Landen Bain and Dave IbersonHurst, CDISC Why It’s Important to Maintain Clinical Operations in a Downward Economy Thought Leader: Lawrence Reiter, Criterium Power Boost: How to Connect Patients and Physicians AroundYour Brand Thought Leaders: Michael Ball and Paul LeVine, InfoMedics Charting a NewCoursebyCatalyzingTransformation Thought Leaders:Michael Arlotto, Novaquest,and Adrian McKemey,Quintiles Consulting Featured Webinar Owning the Prescription Pad:Driving Brand Decisions in a MultiInfluence World Sponsor:TNS Healthcare,A Kantar Health Company Register:www.pharmavoice.com/influence Featured Whitepapers Best Practices to EnsureThat Patient Satisfaction Leads to Measurable Brand Growth Sponsor: InfoMedics Rebalancing Risk in Clinical Development Sponsor:Quintiles Consulting June 2009 PharmaVOICE

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