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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Featured Briefs: Model N Application Provides Strategic Insights to Life-Sciences Firms New Momentum Offers AntiCounterfeiting Software Novartis Launches Meningitis Website Website Highlights Pink Tank’s Expertise in Women’s Healthcare Thermo Scientific Connects Lab Info, Enterprise Management Follow up Model N offers an integrated suite of applications for analytics, pricing, contracts, compliance, rebates, fees, and chargebacks that is optimized for the industry practices of life-sciences companies. For more information, visit modeln.com. New Momentum provides enterprise risk management software that combats the rapidly increasing revenue, profit, brand, and market share erosion resulting from counterfeits, gray-market sales, and supply interruptions. For more information, visit newmo.com. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, a division of Novartis, is focused on the development of preventive treatments. For more information, visit novartisvaccines.com. Pink Tank, a division of GSW Worldwide, an inVentiv Health company, is a full-service consultancy specializing in women and health that helps marketers connect with the female influencers in healthcare. For more information, visit knowher.com. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides products and services that enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. For more information, visit thermofisher.com. Investments in revenue management systems have paid off by driving operational efficiencies, lowering regulatory risk, and reducing revenue leakage, says Sujay Jadhav. Model N’s new Performance Analytics application combines analytics with operational business processes to help organizations react more quickly to market pressures and more effectively drive price, product, customer, and contracting strategies. “Life-sciences manufacturers are under fire from new regulations, heightened competition in key markets, uncontrolled pricing, and revenue risk from major customers,” says Sujay Jadhav, general manager, life sciences. The application provides the models, dashboards, and data visualization needed for life-sciences companies to answer strategic and tactical questions and drive measurable initiatives. It includes access to Model N’s full set of revenue management data, with the ability to incorporate third-party data; powerful visualization tools designed specifically for life-sciences key performance indicators; and the capability for in-depth analysis to measure business performance in multiple dimensions. “With this comprehensive framework and underlying applications, industry innovators can now maximize value in processes and people by using extensive data sets in their revenue management systems to see what is really driving their business, from pricing strategies to customer, product, and market performance to understanding the root causes of revenue and margin erosion,” Mr. Jadhav says. New Momentum is now offering its anticounterfeiting software to pharmaceutical companies. Based on an advanced Web mining technology, the company’s Enterprise Brand Intelligence solution gives pharmaceutical manufacturers greater visibility into global Internet activity on a dynamic 24/7 basis. New Momentum’s software features a custom dashboard and e-mail alerts that keep brand security groups informed regarding new potential counterfeit activity. The solution provides manufacturers with the ability to locate large players and find new targets and networks that sell counterfeits, as well as the capability to better model for consistent trends. “According to the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, worldwide counterfeit sales are increasing at about 13% annually — almost twice the pace of legitimate pharmaceuticals — and could become a $75 billion industry by 2010,” says CEO Stu Clifton. “Our solution gives our clients the tools they need to quickly find the counterfeits and get them to cease operations.” Counterfeits pose a significant threat to patient safety as well as eroding pharmaceutical manufacturers’ revenue and brand, says Stu Clifton. Meningitis.com, sponsored by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, is a comprehensive online education resource focused on providing users with valuable information about meningococcal meningitis. The Website serves as a global hub for information related to meningococcal meningitis and includes details on disease causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. It also provides details on the currently available vaccines and best practices for preventing infection, tailoring relevant information for key audiences: parents, teens, and travelers. Additional features allow users to actively engage with the online content. For example, an animated video shows how bacteria move through the body, and an interactive user interface displays definitions of key terms. The Website serves as a global hub for information related to meningococcal meningitis. Pink Tank’s new Website, knowher.com, features the GSW Worldwide division’s specialized offerings and ability to find the affinity point that resonates with a woman and her healthcare provider, while also providing information about strategic consulting services that recognize future trends and emerging brand opportunities for clients who want to reach women consumers. “Over the past two years, Pink Tank has generated so much interest we wanted to make it easier for people to find out what we are about,” says Marcee Nelson, founder and president of Pink Tank. “The site will allow us to expand our reach and give people a chance to explore in more detail how our unique blend of expertise might help them with their marketing challenges.” The site explains how Pink Tank’s combination of healthcare expertise and experience in marketing to women makes the group uniquely equipped to bring specialized insight to consumer products or to impact both sides of the physician/patient conversation in the pharmaceutical space. It offers information on the agency’s proprietary insight mining methods and strategy tools, such as Conversation Mapping and Empathology, as well as highlighting tailored qualitative research techniques, such as Pink Panels and Pink Rooms, tools that can help uncover the hardwiring that drives behavior and can measure an idea’s “shareworthiness” among women. “We hope the site reflects various ways in which our team can help create a lasting, impactful brand experience for all stakeholders involved in healthcare decision making,” Ms. Nelson says. Healthcare is a world of practical benefits, but the way in which women make health decisions is anything but practical, says Marcee Nelson. Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched Thermo Scientific Connects, a set of offerings that leverage the company’s laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and chromatography data systems (CDS) capabilities, as well as expertise in enterprise systems integration, to help streamline and improve the transfer of knowledge between laboratory-generated data and enterprise-level information systems. Connects assists organizations in integrating application-specific workflows, transforming laboratory data into relevant business information and maximizing a company’s enterprise system investments to better support critical management decisions in today’s resource-constrained environment. The integration of Thermo Scientific Informatics solutions with enterprise systems and laboratory equipment is particularly relevant in today’s business climate, where near-instantaneous response is required by companies in all industries to protect the public or the environment. “We have an opportunity to help our customers now respond with more certainty to the many challenges facing business today,” says Dave Champagne, VP and general manager, informatics, Thermo Fisher Scientific. Changes in the current environment — whether political, economic, or regulatory — make it imperative for companies to gain greater leverage and utilization from their existing enterprise data systems and LIMS investments, says Dave Champagne.

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