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Milestones kinetix turns 10 Kinetix, a specialized healthcare consulting firm that uses exclusive, proprietary communication channels to build and implement live and online marketing programs, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the last 10 years, Kinetix has developed strategies to communicate with healthcare professionals and solve clients’ commercialization challenges. Among the programs that Kinetix has developed during the past 10 years are: Advances in Care, Health Information in your Neighborhood, Living with … programs, and Pulse Communication Channels. For more information, visit thekinetixgroup.com. Nextrials Provides Anniversary Gift Nextrials Inc., a clinical research software and services company, is marking its 10th anniversary by investing part of its 2009 revenue within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-device markets it serves. Between now and June 30, new customers for Nextrials’ Prism data capture and clinical trial management platform will receive one free database design for a study intended to last at least six months. This generates a significant savings for the user, based on the length and size of the study. “In today’s changing economic climate, we recognize that new, potentially lifesaving drugs and devices are at risk of being delayed in their development,” says James Rogers, CEO and co-founder of Nextrials. “Offering new customers a free database design is one way we believe we can introduce the cost- and time-saving benefits of EDC to organizations that may still be running paper-based clinical trials.” For more information, visit nextrials.com. James Rogers PhRMA Code Update Mixed impact on Salesforces Early results from Cutting Edge Information’s ongoing Reinventing Pharmaceutical Sales Forces survey indicate that the January 2009 changes to the PhRMA code are not having a tremendous impact on sales reps’ ability to sell target physicians on the merits of their companies’ brands. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being a tremendous hindrance to sales efforts and 1 being no effect on sales efforts, companies rated the PhRMA changes as a 5.5, on average. Though the overall results indicate that the code changes have not drastically impacted sales reps’ ability to access physicians, individual companies are reporting significant impact from the revisions. Cutting Edge is using the results of the survey to assess the evolution of salesforces over the past several years and identify new sales strategies and tactics that will help them succeed into the future. Web Satisfaction Top Brand Sites Lantus, Advair, and Singulair are the top pharmaceutical brand Websites in terms of consumer visitor satisfaction, according to Manhattan Research. The findings are from ePharma Consumer v8.0, the company’s latest study and strategic- advisory service focused on how consumers find and use pharmaceutical resources online. ePharma Consumer v8.0 tracks consumer interaction with more than 250 branded and unbranded pharma sites, including in-depth data on the effect of DTC advertising, visitation, site search rationales, desired site tools and features, and actions taken off-site. “Pharmaceutical marketing is rapidly evolving, and brand teams and agencies are looking beyond number of eyeballs to the site when evaluating their digital strategy,” says Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research. “To truly understand online performance, marketers are focusing more on metrics such as engagement, action steps, satisfaction, and of course conversions. While driving visitors to sites is critical, engaging and retaining them will provide the most strategic value to the brand.” Web Satisfaction — Top Brand Sites Brand Marketer Lantus Sanofi-Aventis Advair GlaxoSmithKline Singulair Merck Abilify Bristol-Myers Squibb Caduet Pfizer Januvia Merck Mirena Bayer Nexium/purplepill.com AstraZeneca Prevacid Takeda Protonix Wyeth Tuning in… Featured Podcasts Driving Salesforce Effectiveness in Turbulent Times Featured Thought Leader: Brett Knowles, Performance Measurement and Management Global Clinical Trial Service Outsourcing Featured Thought Leader: Patrick Durbin, Fisher Clinical Services Overcoming Global Marketing and Regulatory Challenges Featured Thought Leaders: Jay Norman and Dr. Derek Winstanly, Quintiles Log onto: www.pharmavoice.com/podcasts

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