HBA Leadership Conference

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1. Chicago served as the host city for the 6th Annual HBA Leadeship Conference. 2. Arlene Kirsh, GlaxoSmithKline, and Leadership Conference Chair and Director of Professional Development, Laurie Cooke, HBA CEO, and Catherine Sohn, GlaxoSmithKline, and Past WOTY, take a moment during star gazing at the Adler Planetarium. 3. Lisa Sassman of Eli Lilly and Elaine Coutsouridis of Dowden Health enjoy a moment together during Wednesday night’s networking dinner. 4. Elizabeth M. Mutisya, M.D., 2008 HBA President addresses attendees during one of the three plenary sessions. 5. Melissa Rone of Zimmer, Rebecca Kempton of Picis, and Elizabeth Childers of PricewaterhouseCoopers put their heads together during the Firstcomer’s reception. 6. Julie Devine and Alexis Moran share a moment during the dessert reception. 7. Compas was one of more than a dozen exhibitors who supported the conference. 8. Volunteers are one of the drivers behind the HBA’s continuing success. Joining Julie Kampf, JBK Associates, Metro Chapter Board (back row, left) and Cathy Kerzner, Wyeth, HBA Immediate Past President (front row, left) are volunteers Lisa Maire Matics, Wyeth (back row, center); Barbara Fuchs, EPIQ (back row, right); and Kelly Pearson, Arion (front row, right). 9. A Leadership Brain Trust: Renee Tannenbaum, Novartis Pharma AG, Leonard Kanavy, Genentech, Lonnel Coates, Eisai, Charlotte Sibley, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Ginger Graham, Two Trees Consulting, and Deirdre Connelly, Lilly, share their perspectives on key learnings during a standing room-only plenary session. 10. Faustina Frimpong, AstraZeneca, Julia Kelly, inVentiv Commercial Services, and Julie Devine, Eli Lilly, get acquainted during the Wednesday evening welcome reception. 11. Jeanne Zucker, InfoMedics, Co-Chair, Logistics, and Kathleen Case, Columbia MedCom, Co-Chair, Plenaries, take a moment to congratulate Jack Groppel on his invigorating plenary session: Fully Engaged: Managing Energy to Maximize Performance. 12. Donna Cryer of Cyer Inc. and Lori Ryan of Novartis — two active board members take time out for our photographer. 13. The InfoMedics’s contigency was out in force: Laurel Lucrezia, Amy Weickert, and Donna Kerney. 14. Attendees at one of the 29 interactive sessions are engrossed in the material being presented. 15. Laughing it up after a rousing performance by Second City are: Linda Calhoun, King Pharmaceuticals; Barbara Pritchard, The Pritchard Group, Elaine Drake, Shire Pharmaceuticals; DeAnna Jones, Shire Pharmaceuticals; and Angie Jackson, Takeda Pharmaceuticals. 16. An intrepid HBA member braves the spirits by having her tarot cards read at the Adler Planetarium. 17. Second City performers light up the stage and entertain a packed room. 6th Annual HBA Leadership Conference HBA 2008 Leadership Conference More than 700 registrants signed up to attend one of the industry’s premiere events, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s sixth annual Leadership Conference. Attendees were treated to an intense and inspirational two-day conference, featuring three otivating plenary sessions and 29 interactive workshops borken down into three tracks covering seven specific development areas.

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