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Integromics and Tibco Spotfire Launch Genomics Data Analysis Tool GEL Interactive Platform Supports Advocate Campaign Management GEL Interactive Technologies’ new key opinion leader (KOL) management platform, OneVoice: KOL, provides the features and tools needed to help brand teams and their partners manage an active advocate campaign throughout the brand life cycle. One Voice: KOL builds on the foundation of a centralized, permission-based portal, creating a Web-based environment where domestic and global teams can collaborate. The platform introduces several innovative features for brand teams and their partners, including relationship transparency monitoring, a content collaboration environment, a training and certification hub, and a ratings and recommendation engine. “OneVoice: KOL was created to support the advocate life-cycle process with tools that streamline identification and profiling and strategically monitor goals, advocate development, and management,” says Mark Kent, senior product director (portals). As advocates continue to gain more value within healthcare organizations, there is a greater need to ensure that relationships with qualified professionals are viewed through the lens of maximizing their full potential, says GEL Interactive’s Mark Kent. Integromics and Tibco Spotfire have joined forces to create a solution for genomics research that provides researchers and scientists with a direct, interactive visual approach to data analysis that rapidly reveals insights and unexpected relationships in genomics data. The application allows pharma and biotech researchers to rapidly find and categorize complex patterns, examine the expression and annotation dimensions of their data, and perform a variety of numerical analyses. “We are confident that this combined solution provides researchers with a powerful environment to accelerate discovery and provide accurate, up-to-date analytics from a single reliable source,” says Alberto Pascual-Montano, Ph.D., VP of R&D at Integromics. “With this set of tools, life-sciences researchers can ask and answer new questions and create an advanced problem-solving environment.” “Genomics research typically involves measuring the activity of thousands of genes in many different treatments or conditions and combining that information with other information about the genes to uncover information about the biology of disease and treatment,” notes Christian Marcazzo, senior director of life science analytics for Tibco Spotfire. This solution helps researchers and scientists transform data into an interactive decision-making asset, says Christian Marcazzo of Tibco Spotfire. InfoMedics Tool Addresses Patient Noncompliance To date, the pharmaceutical industry’s substantial investments in trying to solve nonadherence have been at best ineffective and at times even counterproductive, says Dr. Stanley Wulf of InfoMedics. InfoMedics’ Adherence Driver is a brand-specific adherence program designed to improve adherence by modifying patient behavior. “The fact is, about 20% of patients will effectively comply with a medication regimen if their physician asks them to, and another 20% will not, no matter what steps are taken,” says Stanley Wulf, M.D., VP and chief medical officer, InfoMedics. “Pharma needs to focus on the remaining 60%: patients whose path toward nonadherence can be halted with the right education, motivation, and monitoring.” Dr. Wulf contends that to date, the pharmaceutical industry’s substantial investments in trying to solve nonadherence have been at best ineffective and at times even counterproductive. Adherence Driver conducts a detailed analysis of each patient’s unique behavioral challenges and barriers to adherence, such as confidence in the treatment’s effectiveness and concern about side effects. The program addresses these issues head-on while connecting the patients back to their prescribing physicians through individual patient feedback reports. Unlike existing adherence programs, the InfoMedics’ product features a holistic, content- and issue-based approach and provides patient segmentation to direct resources only at the 60% of patients where impact can be maximized. Track & Trace system serializes pharmaceutical products. Antenna Software Provides Wireless Access to CRM Tools As the barriers to success grow more daunting, companies must recognize that they need a mobile architecture that supports how their employees want to work and how their physicians expect to be serviced, says Jim Hemmer of Antenna Software. AMP Pharma, a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) tool from Antenna Software, provides pharmaceutical sales reps with instant access to leading CRM systems on a wide range of wireless devices, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Apple iPhone, and tablet PCs. AMP Pharma integrates location-based services, collaboration technologies, and other capabilities directly into the mobile application to boost field sales adoption and maximize ROI. It is designed to keep field sales reps informed, prepared, and responsive so that they can maximize the time they have with physicians. “Antenna helps pharmaceutical companies amplify the value of their most valuable business driver — the salesforce — by equipping them with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and produce while working in the field,” says President and CEO Jim Hemmer. Thomson Reuters Tool Helps Rank Life-Sciences Experts Thomson Reuters has launched Thomson Pharma KOLexperts, a new solution designed to help pharmaceutical organizations identify, verify, and develop productive relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and scientific experts. Users can search for and view experts in a therapy area of interest and determine a scientist’s ranking at a glance as extrapolated from cited work, research activity, speaking engagements, and other promotional or educational efforts. Users can search for and view experts in a therapy area of interest. Aris Global Launches Safety Reporting Software Aris Global has introduced agXchange SIR (safety-to-investigator reporting), a Web-based trial report distribution system that enables users to automate the distribution of clinical-safety reports and other clinical documentation, significantly reducing the effort and cost associated with collating, compiling, and distributing those reports. Through agXchange SIR, clinical operations can automatically distribute clinical safety reports to investigators and other stakeholders based on a defined distribution list or to all studies associated with a product. agXchange SIR can automatically distribute safety reports. Q Pharma Launches Online Practitioner Validation Application Q Pharma’s iValidate 2.0 assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in validating practitioner licenses in compliance with PDMA requirements by matching solely against data provided by appropriate licensing authorities. It maintains a comprehensive, regularly updated database that includes name, address, state license number, date and expiration, active/inactive status, and other available information. The application includes midlevel practitioners and identifies state requirements associated with “delegated authority,” special formulary restrictions, and other issues unique to each state’s drug sample distribution requirements. It also provides state regulatory information, updated quarterly, by subscription. “We recognized that there was a void in the solutions being offered for practitioner validation and we are pleased to be the ones filling that void,” says CEO Patrick Den Boer. We recognized that there was a void in the solutions being offered for practitioner validation, says Patrick Den Boer of Q Pharma. CSS and DrugLogic to Speed Delivery of Adverse Event Data Integrating Qscan into our service offerings will help clients detect adverse events that can improve patient safety across their clinical research studies. See Digital EDITION for Bonus Content www.pharmavoice.com Follow up Antenna Software provides the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), which enables organizations to design, build, deploy, and manage mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively. For more information, visit antennasoftware.com. Aris Global delivers integrated software solutions for pharmacovigilance and safety, regulatory affairs, clinical research, and medical information applications. For more information, visit arisglobal.com. CSS Informatics, a division of PPD Inc., provides consulting services and proprietary e-technologies for clinical and safety data management. For more information, visit cssinformatics.com. DrugLogic Inc. specializes in analytical tools and databases for managing risks related to drug safety issues. For more information, visit druglogic.com. GEL Interactive Technologies, a Cadient Group company, provides pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical-device companies with proprietary software solutions at the brand and enterprise level. For more information, visit gelinteractive.com. InfoMedics Inc. delivers clear, actionable patient feedback to physicians and brand insight to pharmaceutical manufacturers. For more information, visit infomedics.com. Integromics S.L. provides IT solutions to the global life-sciences industry, with a particular focus on genomics and proteomics. For more information, visit integromics.com. Q Pharma Inc. delivers validation, PDMA, and fulfillment solutions to FDA-regulated industries. For more information, visit qpharmacorp.com. Safe-BioPharma Association is a nonprofit consortium that manages a digital identity and signature standard for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For more information, visit safe-biopharma.org. Thomson Reuters provides information and knowledge to accelerate research, discovery, and innovation. For more information, visit thomsonreuters.com. Tibco Spotfire, a division of Tibco Software Inc., provides enterprise analytics software for next-generation business intelligence. For more information, visit spotfire.tibco.com. Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP provides the North American pharmaceutical industry with products that include blister machines, cartoning systems, line-monitoring and control systems, and downstream packaging machinery. For more information, visit uhlmannpackaging.com. COOL E-Upgrades and Enhancements n BioWisdom has released a new version of its OmniViz visualization software especially configured for patent specialists. OmniViz for Patent Analysis integrates BioWisdom’s Patent Harvester with OmniViz, allowing for rapid and straightforward analysis of thousands of patents. For more information, visit biowisdom.com. n The latest version of Cegedim Dendrite’s CRM tool, Mobile Intelligence, features a key account management module that allows account teams to collaborate and interact with other parts of the sales organization. The new tool also provides account teams with the option to share information with pharmaceutical sales reps who visit the private offices of doctors, some of whom may be affiliated with these key accounts. For more information, visit cegedimdendrite.com. n DecisionView has launched a new version of its Web-based software solution designed to improve the patient recruitment process in clinical trials. StudyOptimizer 4.0 includes a new user interface framework, analytic engine, and J2EE application server, as well as enhanced administration functions. For more information, visit decisionview.com. n Pharmaceutical representatives using BlackBerry devices may now subscribe to the Epocrates Rx Pro premium application featuring the Epocrates ID infectious disease treatment guide and an IV compatibility checker. Additionally, more than 600 alternative medicine monographs are available for reference by pharma reps visiting clinicians whose patients are taking supplements, such as grape seed or St. John’s wort, that can negatively interact with prescription medications. For more information, visit epocrates.com. n Medidata Solutions has unveiled enhancements to its unified EDC and CDM platform that enable sponsors and CROs to quickly and efficiently build studies, streamline start-up times and submissions, and enhance trial quality. Medidata Rave now includes preconfigured, validated, electronic case report forms (eCRFs) that comply with the CDASH Version 1.0 standard for collection of clinical safety data recently published by CDISC. For more information, visit mdsol.com. n Perceptive Informatics, a subsidiary of Parexel International, has announced updates to two of its e-clinical technology solutions. The 2.1 version of TrialWorks, a CTMS designed for small and midsize companies, includes updated functionality for reporting, data transfer, and analyzing study information. The TrialWorks system also is aligned with new requirements for uploading information to the clinicaltrials.gov Website, a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials. The enhanced 4.3 version of DataLabs’ EDC and CDMS offers improved, advanced integration with Perceptive Informatics’ e-clinical platform, including the TrialWorks CTMS and the ClinPhone interactive voice and Web response systems (IVRS/IWRS) for collecting data, randomizing patients, and managing study drug inventory. For more information, visit perceptive.com. n PharmaReady Version 4.1, the latest version of the Web-based document and submission suite from the life-sciences division of Take Solutions, provides users with a number of new modules and system updates. New features include enhanced support for Canadian STF submissions via PharmaReady’s eCTD function. Take Solutions also has added a paper submissions module to PharmaReady, in response to customer requests that the suite support paper submissions until the market has completely converted to electronic submissions. For more information, visit takesolutions.com. n Thermo Fisher Scientific has released an updated version of its MetWorks metabolite identification software. MetWorks 1.2 now includes a graphical user interface that exploits the power of multiple mass defect filtering, one of the most powerful and sophisticated ways of using high-resolution mass data to obtain a smaller, more refined data set for review. For more information, visit thermofisher.com. ZS Associates’ recently introduced Javelin Software Suite provides a unified platform for 12 formerly stand-alone software products focused on incentives, call planning, promotion strategy, forecasting, and account management. For more information, visit zsassociates.com.

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