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Despite obstacles, these movers and shakers have shouldered the mantle of responsibility and are changing the industry for the better.

Jason Appel
Jay Bigelow
Gregg Brandyberry
Santino Costanzo
Sean Cunliffe
Kathleen Drennan
Filipe Duarte
Marc Ferrara
Thomas Finn
Colleen Foley
Alberto Grignolo, Ph.D.
Michael Harte
Rick Keefer
Debbie Kenworthy
Rebecca Daniels Kush, Ph.D.
Michael Leonetti
Laura Marsh Lynner
Julian Parreño
Patrick Revelle
William Roth
Adriann Sax
Mollie Shields-Uehling
Robert Teoh, M.D.
Nila Williams

There is a tremendous amount of dedication involved in moving an industry forward despite obstacles and in the face of resistance.These individuals have shouldered the mantle of responsibility and are changing the industry for the better.

Managing the supply chain has become a whole lot easier and more transparent thanks to the efforts of Gregg Brandyberry. The procurement of goods and services impacts every facet of today’s pharmaceutical industry, and the pioneering work by Mr. Brandyberry and the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) procurement team has forever shaped the profession. And his continuing work in expanding areas of pro curement such as compliance and supplier diversity makes him one of the most insightful and influential minds in procurement today. Mr. Brandyberry and his team developed the portfolio of procure ment systems at the core of GSK’s supply chain, one of the world’s largest and most complex. He was a tireless advocate for the develop ment and use of technologies such as eprocurement, esourcing, spend analytics, and others — tools now considered crucial for the operation of a successful pharmaceutical company. The journey to get there has been arduous, but the results have been significant. Thanks to Mr. Brandyberry’s efforts and insights, compa nies like GSK now source goods and services efficiently on a global scale that was once unimaginable, while providing employees with eas ier access to the materials they need to maintain an efficient manufac turing operation, an effective R&D pipeline, and more. Over the years, the technologies and software companies have come SUPPLYING THE SOLUTIONS FOR AN INDUSTRY OVERHAUL on leaps and bounds, aided by the early support of Mr. Brandyberry in fos tering the development of such tools. In 2008 along, GSK will perform more than 9,000 sourcing events involving more than 25,000 qualified suppliers in 78 countries using an integrated electronic sourcing system. This dramatic achievement hasn’t gone unnoticed. The systems developed under Mr. Brandyberry’s leadership achieved the highest return on investment ever recorded in Baseline Magazine’s ROI Leadership Award — a 100% ROI every four working days. His efforts are also bringing about important social change. The global esourcing platform developed with Mr. Brandyberry’s urging presents people around the globe with an open, fair, and transparent platform that stresses freemarket principles and transcends forms of government, geography, and culture. For example, in June 2007 pur chases made through the GSK system totaled $26 million in Pakistan. The system Mr. Brandyberry and his team developed also enables GSK to increase spending with small disadvantaged, minorityowned businesses and vet suppliers worldwide on criteria they must agree to contractually, including GSK’s positions on child labor, forced labor, workplace health and safety, abuse, fair wages, employment rights, working hours, and the right to form unions. At the same time, the pioneering systems he helped develop have led to dramatic savings. The changes have been huge and Mr. Brandyberry says he hopes that the role of procurement will continue to expand and grow as a strategic and valued business partner to corporations. He attributes much of his learning over the years to his colleague and current manager Joe Meier, senior VP of procurement at GSK, describ ing him as an exceptionally gifted senior executive whose broadbased knowledge and expertise spans pharmaceutical R&D, supply chain, financial markets, and globalization. Top of mind for Mr. Brandyberry in every thing he does is maintaining his compassion. He tries to never lose his sense of humor and always think of people first. GETTING PERSONAL R. Gregg Brandyberry is VP, Pro curement,Global Systems and Operations, for GlaxoSmith Kline (, Philadelphia. Mr. Brandyberry has held leadership positions for various manufacturers and ser vicerelated organizations including laboratory, quality, engineering,manufacturing,and purchasing across varied industries including automotive, electronics, textiles, and healthcare. NAME:Gregg Brandyberry TITLE: VP Procurement, Global Systems and Operations COMPANY: GlaxoSmithKline EDUCATION: B.S., Biology, Western Illinois University PLACE OF BIRTH: Decatur, Indiana ON HIS READING LIST: Laughter is the Salt of Life, by Jason Magidson FIRST JOB: Production Operator for Gates Rubber Company HOBBIES: Boating COMPASSIONATE. HUMOROUS. GREGG Brandyberry Gregg Brandyberry is a greatly respected member of the pharmaceutical industry and a revered thought leader in the supply management field. 54 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE The CHANGE AGENTS PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:11 AM Page 54 NAME: Kathleen Drennan TITLE: Senior VP, Managing Director COMPANY: Iris Global Clinical Trial Solutions EDUCATION: Communications/Public Relations, Michigan State University and Western Michigan University PLACE OF BIRTH: Grand Haven, Mich. ON HER READING LIST: Fair Game, by Valerie Plame Wilson; The Power Of One, by Bryce Courtenay; Golda, by Elinor Burkett TOUGHEST TASK: The here and now THE QUALITIES IN OTHERS THAT INSPIRE HER: Continual learning and adapting DRIVEN. UNWAVERING. Drawing from her 25 years of direct experience in pharmaceutical research and clinicaltrial development,Kathleen Drennan has been inte gral in bringing proven marketing and commu nication strategies to the clinical trials arena. Her successful history of integrating services, tools, and people has led to trial acceleration, pre and postmarketing. Among the many innovations she has helped to bring about are:online metrics that connect and track all investigators and study volun teers and site action plans that tangibly improve study performance, efficiencies, communications, and tracking; marketing research to better under stand how to target and motivate study volunteers — patients and referral physicians — to accelerate recruitment; and trialmapping patient locations. In her leadership role at Iris Global Clinical Trial Solutions, she has uniquely integrated a clinicaltrial organization into a longstanding advertising agency, CorbettAccel, with the ultimate goal of brand optimization. She asserts that one of the biggest obstacles to advancement is the pennywisepoundfoolish approach that is often taken in implementing and executing clinical trials. Driven by her quest for knowledge and finding better ways to achieve results, and unwavering in her commitment to meet a deliverable,Ms.Drennan maintains there is always a way to accomplish a task or initiative. A mentor to those around her, Ms. Drennan is always eager to offer advice and support based on her clinicaltrial experience and is steadfast in support of others, be they clients or staff mem bers. Always willing to take a risk or make new footsteps in the sand, Ms. Drennan maintains a neversaycan’t attitude to everything she does. Ms.Drennan is an internationally known speak er on criticaltrial processrelated issues, content and product development, and appropriate busi ness and revenue models, and she is widely rec ognized for her expertise in patient recruitment, retention, and investigator siterelated services. She got her grounding at Upjohn in cardiovas cular research and really put her knowledge into practice as the founding president and chief operating offi cer of the Chicago Center for Clinical Research, which became the largest U.S. forprofit clinical trial center. In addition to her industry experience,Ms.Drennan is a recognized pioneer in women’s health research. Dur ing the past decade she has overseen the conduct of numerous highprofile, national studies for women with heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and estrogen replacement, including the HERS and PEPI trials. Ms. Drennan is currently completing her first book, aimed at directing young women in career pathways. GETTING PERSONAL Kathleen Drennan oversees Iris Global Clinical Trial Solutions (, Chicago, a clinicaltrial management company. After 11 years in cardiovascular research at The Upjohn Co., Ms. Drennan became founding Pres ident/Chief Operating Officer of the Chicago Center for Clinical Research. She is EditorinChief of Elsevier’s journal Contempo rary Clinical Trials and sits on the Board of Directors of the Soci ety for Women’s Health Research in Washington, D.C. She was inducted into the University of Illinois’ Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 1995. DRENNAN KATHLEEN KATHLEEN KATHLEEN DRENNAN IS FOCUSED ON HELPING HER TEAM PROVIDE CLIENTS WITH PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO COMPLETE THEIR CLINICAL TRIALS WITH EFFICIENCY AND SPEED. A CLINICAL OVERHAUL 55 PharmaVOICE J u l y / Augu s t 2008 The CHANGE AGENTS PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:11 AM Page 55 The extraordinary, though often underappre ciated, work being done by the MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services Organiza tion to support the pharma industry can be attributed to the exceptional efforts and influ ence of its director, Patrick Revelle. Since Mr. Revelle has taken the lead of Med DRA MSSO, this international medical dictionary — used as a common communication exchange between pharmaceutical industries and regulators — has been optimized and taken big steps. Today, thanks to his efforts, MedDRA has become a true industry standard, a defining moment for all involved. MedDRA — the Medical Dictionary for Regu latory Activities — is a pragmatic, medically valid terminology with an emphasis on ease of use for data entry, retrieval, analysis, and display, as well as a suitable balance between sensitivity and speci ficity within the regulatory environment. MedDRA was developed by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and is owned by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) acting as trustee for the ICH steering committee. Mr. Revelle has ensured both the mainte nance of this terminology to the highest stan dards — he took the initiative to ensure the MSSO achieved and maintains an ISO 9001:2000 Certification — and its develop ment meet the needs of both industry and reg ulators. He does this by proactively eliciting views not only from industry but also through regular meetings with regulators. In many cases, he acts as an interface between industry and regulators, including many of the newer EU members. Customerfocused with an ability to see pro jects from inception through implementation, Mr. Revelle has been instrumental in numerous key initiatives, including: EU language transla tions of MedDRA; free training programs for the European regulators to ensure reviewers fully understand the data being sent to them; and the promotion of the use of MedDRA at DIA meetings. An inspirational leader and innovator, Mr. Revelle believes breakthroughs can best be achieved by ensuring focused and productive energy is applied to solving real problems. GETTING PERSONAL Patrick W.Revelle is the Director of the MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services Organiza tion (MSSO) (,Chantilly,Va.,with respon sibility for the maintenance, delivery, and support services for MedDRA around the world.Mr.Revelle has been with the MedDRA MSSO project since its inception in November 1998 and had previously been responsible for MSSO prod ucts and services. Patrick REVELLE THE EXCEPTIONAL EFFORTS AND INFLUENCE OF PATRICK REVELLE IN OVERSEEING THE MEDDRA MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT SERVICES ORGANIZATION HAS HELPED MEDDRA BECOME A TRUE INDUSTRY STANDARD. NAME: Patrick Revelle TITLE: Director COMPANY:MedDRA MSSO, Division of Northrop Grumman EDUCATION: B.S., Computer Science, Loyola College, 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH: Madrid, Spain ON HIS READING LIST: Flags of Our Fathers, by James Bradley FAMILY: Wife, Kate; sons — Chris and Andrew FIRST JOB: Lifeguard HOBBIES: Basketball (watching and playing) CUSTOMERFOCUSED. FACILITATOR. WORDPERFECT DELIVERY 56 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE The CHANGE AGENTS PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:12 AM Page 56 Client: OHW Job Number: 98000443 PharmaVoice r2 Description: PharmaVoice July 08 Publication: Pharma Voice AD: HF Traffic: Mike Current Op: jarzberger Previous Op: bchow Machine ID: Jason Computer Trim: 9.25 in x 11.5 in Bleed: 9.75 in x 11.75 in Safety: 8.5 in x 11 in Actual Trim: 9.25 in x 11.5 in Output At: 100% Print Scale: 100% Gutter: None Fold Type: None Text/Line Art Res: 300 ppi Revision Num: r2 Job Colors: 4c Inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Fonts: OgilvyBaskerville (Regular) Images: 9800 0443 red Bkgd.tif (CMYK; 319 ppi, 319 ppi), Ogilvy HW Blk_WhtKO.eps, 98000443 SteveGirgenti HR.tif (CMYK; 300 ppi) Out Put From Disk Spell Check Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Red Hot. Congratulations, Steve Girgenti. Our one and only is one of PharmaVOICE’s 100. Thanks for continually bringing out the best in us and stretching the imagination unlike any other. You’re more than a leader. You’re a legend. Healthworld, Inc. by90423a Proof 1 by90423a 1 6/21/08 1:33:41 PM 58 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE The CHANGE AGENTS PUTTING ASIA ON THE CRO MAP As Asia Pacific becomes increasingly important in the clinicalresearch field, few people are more influential or knowledgeable about the region than Dr. Robert Teoh. Dr. Teoh considers himself to be an acci dental entrepreneur, one who saw the opportunities, took the risks, and made bold decisions. His approach to business is colle gial and friendly, as he seeks to discuss issues with colleagues before making decisions, and he aims to build a culture of altruism that is open, with a flat hierarchy. Drawing on his background as a physi cian and pioneer in clinical research in the Asia Pacific region, Dr. Teoh has helped the CRO industry become a global success story. His knowledge of the various cultures and business etiquette in the region has been invaluable to the success of the companies he has worked for and founded. With general medicine and neurology training under his belt, Dr. Teoh returned to his native Hong Kong to help start the new medical school at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he was responsible for 32 physicians and the clinical teaching program as deputy chairman of medicine. There, he forged strong links within the university, other hospitals, and the community, and he developed a net work based on trust, integrity, and transparency, which he credits for his successful career. Later, as chief regional medical director of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in Hong Kong, Dr. Teoh presided over the company’s medical affairs in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.His clinical oversight of the local tri als and premarketing of a host of drugs was a critical success factor to the subsequent launch of those products. In the case of just one, octreotide, local clinical studies resulted in 10 publications in international peerreviewed jour nals that led to prompt local registration and insurance reimbursement of offlabel indications for its use.Later, as a CNS expert in the company’s Basel, Switzerland, home office, he was responsi ble for the clinical development of new chemical entities for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis. His impact in the CRO industry in Asia cannot be overstated. Dr. Teoh was the first general manager of Quintiles in East Asia, successful ly establishing its operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. He founded ProPharma, a panAsian clinical CRO with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Australia; this company was sold to PPD Development. In 2006, his second successful panAsian CRO startup, Pacific Pharma Partners, was sold to i3. This achieve ment — starting a successful and financially viable CRO in East Asia when those around believed it was not feasible — is one of the highlights of Dr. Teoh’s career. With medicine very much in his blood — Dr. Teoh’s father is a physician — he is focused on working for trial participants and patients. He admires individuals who have insight into future trends before they hit and those who are widely read. GETTINGPERSONAL RobertTeoh,MBBS,M.D.,FRCP, is Managing Director, i3 Research, Asia Pacific (i3glob, Basking Ridge, N.J. He was the founder of two panAsian CROs and the first General Manager of Quintiles in East Asia. In addition to his CRO experi ence, Dr. Teoh has broad pharmaceutical experience, having worked as Regional Medical Director at San doz and as a medical expert in the CNS department in Sandoz in Basel,Switzerland.He has served on the Eco nomic Development Board’s Biotechnology and Health Care advisory panel; the National Science and Technology Board’s award panel; and the Board of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, a biomedical research institute in Singapore. NAME:Robert Teoh, MBBS, M.D., FRCP TITLE: Managing Director, Asia Pacific COMPANY: i3 Research EDUCATION: MBBS, M.D., University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London PLACE OF BIRTH: China ON HIS READING LIST: The Constitution of Liberty, by F. A. Hayek FIRST JOB: Medical house office COLLEGIAL. FRIENDLY. Dr. Robert Teoh has a keen understanding of the Asia Pacific market, sponsors, patients, healthcare providers, and systems and has demonstrated a genuine passion for his business. Dr. Robert Teoh PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:12 AM Page 58 The goal of moving the global biopharma ceutical and healthcare communities to a fully electronic business environment in just a few years is well on course thanks to Mollie ShieldsUehling. Operating from a paperless office in New Jersey, Ms. ShieldsUehling is the president and CEO of SAFEBioPharma Association, the nonprofit association that created and manages SAFEBioPharma’s digital identity and signa ture standard for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Every time a SAFEBioPharma digital signature is used, the need to keep paper originals and other backup is eliminated. The healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries are weighted down by paperbased practices, with paper accounting for about 40% of all pharma R&D costs and 33% of all U.S. healthcare costs. Ms. ShieldsUehling is eager to see these sectors reap benefits similar to those realized by telecommunications and financial services when they shifted to being fully electronic. For healthcare companies, the potential is for improved patient care and health outcomes; for biopharmaceutical com panies, the goal is to get new medicines to patients faster at lower costs. If anyone understands the urgent need for the SAFEBioPharma standard it is Ms. ShieldsUehling. She has set a target date of 2012 for the standard to achieve its goal of catalyzing the transformation of the biopharmaceutical and healthcare communities to a fully electronic business environment. Ms. ShieldsUehling has what it takes to bring these goals to fruition: an ability to work hard, the smarts to see the project through, and a draw er full of pertinent and highly valuable experience. Her first job was as a researcher for The MITRE Corp. working on glob al energy, environment, and resource policy issues. From there, she became a U.S. Foreign Commercial Service Officer representing the interests of U.S. businesses abroad. She also worked on the World Trade Organization and North American Free Trade Agreements while at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. In addition to her background in public service, Ms. Shields Uehling has a broad background in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked in marketing and policy positions for Lederle, Wyeth, and Bristol Myers Squibb. GETTING PERSONAL Mollie ShieldsUehling is the President and CEOof SAFEBioPharma Association (, Fort Lee, N.J. She has more than 20 years of inter national trade and biopharmaceu tical industry experience.Before join ing SAFEBioPharma Association, Ms. ShieldsUehling was principal of ShieldsUehling Associates, an inter national public affairs consultancy. She previously served in various leadership positions with Bristol Myers Squibb, Wyeth, the Interna tional AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), and in the White House Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service. NAME:Mollie ShieldsUehling TITLE: President and CEO COMPANY: SAFEBioPharma Association EDUCATION: B.A., American University; coursework completed for master’s (no thesis), University of Oklahoma PLACE OF BIRTH: Houston ON HER READING LIST: The Breakthrough Company, by Keith McFarland; Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri HOBBIES: Tennis and travel THE MOST SIGNIFICANT INFLUENCE IN HER CAREER: Her father, who is a thinker and a doer, and a wonderfully kind and decent man who inspires others HARDWORKING. SMART . Mollie ShieldsUehling is eager to see the healthcare and biopharma sectors reap benefits similar to those realized by telecommunications and financial services when they shifted to being fully electronic. CREATING A GLOBAL ELECTRONIC HUB Mollie ShieldsUehling PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:12 AM Page 59 Providing our clients with unique marketing solutions to promote your products quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Call 800.716.7166 or visit us at Expect More: Find out how you can increase your share of voice, distribute information and enhance your market position through creative nonpersonal channels. The CHANGE AGENTS There are a million reasons why something can’t be done. In inspiring others to take charge, Sean Cunliffe focuses on finding the one thing that encourages people to work to see how challenges can be overcome. Mr. Cunliffe derives a tremendous sense of accomplishment from successfully navigating through difficult terrain. Since joining Neuromed, Mr. Cunliffe has played an integral role in negotiating a partnership with Merck as well as acquiring the U.S. rights to OROS Hydromorphone from Alza Corp., two experiences that he regards as defining moments in his career. These achievements, which have had a signifi cant impact on the evolution of the company, are borne of his innate approach to problem solving. According to Mr. Cunliffe, while planning is important, it is just as important to remain flexi ble. Mr. Cunliffe believes great companies are built because their leaders recognize opportunities, even if they’re not totally on strategy; listen to respected thought leaders; work with knowledgeable indi viduals to put together a solid business case; and ultimately sell the concept with conviction, integrity, and persistence. It’s this approach to management and leadership that has led to the suc cesses Mr. Cunliffe has enjoyed in his career. His transparent communication and inclusive work style have earned him the respect and trust of colleagues. Mr. Cunliffe fosters team empower ment by optimizing the talents of his peers and cre ating a knowledgerich environment. He loves what he does and it shows. He maintains he has learned integrity and cre ativity from his parents; a cando attitude, taking risks, and prioritizing fun in life from his wife; joy in learning and taking on new challenges from his children; and understanding there are many differ ent and valid perspectives to consider in every sit uation from his closest friends. Inspired by the qualities of those nearest and dearest to him, Mr. Cunliffe strives to incorporate these traits into his own approach to work and life. He is most impressed by individuals who might not have all of the requisite skills but through sheer determination and the willingness to take risks are able to succeed where others thought a challenge might be impossible. He acknowledges a friend whose determination to walk again after breaking his neck as one of his greatest inspirations. While battling disability and Type 1 diabetes, this individual has had a successful career, is on the board of several orga nizations, coaches kids’ softball, mentors stu dents, and each year climbs the stairs of Toronto’s CN Tower. It is this approach to living that encourages Mr. Cunliffe in both life and work. And he urges others to adopt this same progressive approach in how they, as industry leaders, tackle innovation. He wants to see the pharmaceutical industry turn the corner and start to make significant scientific breakthroughs to restore the luster and pride to everyone in the industry. Optimistic and forward thinking, Mr. Cun liffe says the greatest and defining moments lie ahead. GETTING PERSONAL Sean Cunliffe is Chief Commercial Officer of Neuromed Pharmaceuticals (, Conshohocken, Pa., bringing more than 20 years of pharma ceutical marketing and sales experience in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. Previously, Mr. Cunliffe was VP, New Product Marketing at Wyeth. He has also worked for Glaxo and Astra Pharmaceuticals in a variety of sales and marketing roles. SEAN Cunliffe NAME: Sean Cunliffe TITLE: Chief Commercial Officer COMPANY:Neuromed Pharmaceuticals EDUCATION: B.Sc., Queen’s University, Kingston; MBA, McMaster University DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Dec. 15, 1956; Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom, raised in Brampton, Ontario ON HIS READING LIST: Shadow Divers, by Robert Kurson; No Shortcuts to the Top, by Ed Viesturs and David Roberts; Always Fresh, by Ron Joyce. Periodicals: Fierce Biotech; The Week FAMILY: Wife, Staci; 4 children — Sebastian, 6 months, Marrakech, 7, Liam, 15, and Adam, 18 FIRST JOB: Hospital kitchen — garbage disposal operator (it paid great!) HOBBIES: Spending time at his cottage in northern Ontario with his family and skiing TOUGHEST TASK: Maintaining life’s balance in a world where any one aspect of life could demand all of one’s attention OPPORTUNISTIC. ACHIEVEMENTFOCUSED. AN EYE FOR OPPORTUNITY Sean Cunliffe fosters team empowerment by optimizing the talents of his team and creating a knowledgerich environment. 60 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:12 AM Page 60 The CHANGE AGENTS Julian PARREO To provide his clients what they need to thrive, Julian Parreo keeps himself and his organiza tion abreast of all emerging technologies and trends. He gets charged up about trends and chal lenges and how his team might leverage them to create new opportunities and solutions. Mr.Parreo is the king of relationships in the indus try and works with key influencers to grow their busi ness and serve their patients.Energetic and passionate every day, Mr. Parreo hopes to inspire others to approach work and their personal lives in a similar way. He has an astounding level of pharmaceutical knowledge, developed over his 30 years in the indus try, first spending 20 years on the front line of big pharma followed by a decade on the direct market ing side of the business. It’s this combination that enables him to bring expertise in the areas of direct toconsumer and directtoprofessional marketing and provide a fresh perspective to pharmaceutical marketers and their challenges. One of his roles at HarteHanks is to act as the orga nization’s biopharma market research and information expert. Mr. Parreo has developed nonpersonal selling solutions that have helped pharmaceutical clients reach targeted physicians with justintime messaging through their indicated channels of preference. These innovative solutions enable pharmaceutical compa nies to continue to reach physicians with less empha sis on the traditional large field staff. One of the biggest challenges he tackled during his pharma career at Marion Merrell Dow was to develop strategies and tactics to help maintain Sel dane and SeldaneD sales after a “black box” warning was issued until its successor, Allegra, was eventually approved by the FDA. He has also been a key player in the development of several global core programs involving the commercialization of key global brands while at Marion Merrell Dow. Mr. Parreo leads by example, striving for excel lence each and every day and treats others as he would like to be treated. He shares his knowledge of the industry freely, is a mentor to many, and is con sidered by his peers to be a student of the pharma ceutical business. In fact, what most impresses his peers is his pas sion and willingness to pay it forward and his ability to push colleagues and clients to further raise the positive profile of the pharmaceutical industry. The qualities Mr. Parreo seeks in those he works with are compassion, competence, and initiative. And he encourages others to ensure a healthy balance between personal and business lives. GETTING PERSONAL Julian M. Parreo is Senior VP of Phar maceutical Markets for HarteHanks (, San Antonio. Before joining HarteHanks in 1997, he held the posi tion of Director of International Marketing for Hoechst Marion Roussel. Mr. Parreo started as a sales representative for G.D. Searle &Co. NAME: Julian M. Parreo TITLE: Senior VP, Pharmaceutical Markets COMPANY:HarteHanks EDUCATION: B.S., University of Miami School of Business PLACE OF BIRTH: Havana ON HIS READING LIST: Winning, by Jack Welch; The 8th Habit, by Stephen R. Covey; Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles, by Geoff Emerick FIRST JOB: Special investigator for the State Department (Florida) CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Named Global Commercial Leader at Marion Merrell Dow, related to the development and eventual launch of Allegra throughout multiple countries ENERGETIC. PASSIONATE. Julian Parreo has been a leader in pharmaceuticals for almost 30 years, holding leadership roles in all aspects of sales and marketing. THE RELATIONSHIP KING 61 PharmaVOICE J u l y / Augu s t 2008 PV0708 layout FINAL 7/22/08 10:46 AM Page 61 62 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE The CHANGE AGENTS NAME:Nila Williams TITLE: Director, Customer Relations and Global Training COMPANY:Clinsys Clinical Research Inc. EDUCATION: B.S. (1996) and M.A. (1998), Speech Communication, Syracuse University PLACE OF BIRTH: Bronx, N.Y. ON HER READING LIST: The Pursuit of Happyness, by Chris Gardner; Having Our Say:The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years, by Sarah Delany, A. Elizabeth Delany, and Amy Hill Hearth; and Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama FAMILY: Husband, Jeff Williams; four children — Cassandra, 17, Jamaal, 17, Jalen, 11, and Collin, 4 FIRST JOB: Camp counselor at Bridgefield Summer Day Camp, Bronx, N.Y. DETERMINED. CANDID. Nila Williams and her colleagues share a lot of highfives — they celebrate achieving major milestones for clients as well as daytoday successes. Ms. Williams’ remarkable list of achieve ments sets the bar high for her colleagues and peers. In the past year, she has played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of Clinsys’ Global Project Solution (Clinsys GPS), which is an integrated project man agement methodology solution that brings the sponsor and Clinsys project teams together to collaborate and agree on all aspects of the clinical study. She remains the driver behind its continued success. Propelled by an unyielding dedication to doing the job done right, Ms. Williams puts everything into the commitments she makes because she wants to ensure pro jects are completed in a way that meets or exceeds expectations. Her candid approach to work and life makes her a straightforward and open col league. In fact, as Ms. Williams puts it, if asked, she’ll sometimes give too much. Thanks to Ms. Williams’ meeting facilita tion skills, the company has been able to win new business, maintain customer loy alty, and increase the organization’s scope of ser vices. Internally, Ms. Williams leads the training department and develops and delivers training modules, including programs on the fundamen tals of research, meeting minutes, presentation skills, and Clinsys GPS. To develop these educa tional training programs, she worked with sub ject matter experts and leveraged the North Car olina Community College System’s Focused Industrial Training (FIT ) program for Lean Office training. She also has introduced and imple mented the tools and methodology of the Six Sigma process globally across the organization, and she crafted a detailed application that resulted in Clinsys being a finalist for a state funded Six Sigma Green Belt program. A highlight for Ms. Williams was setting the interdepartmental record for completing Six Sigma Black Belt training while at GE Mortgage Insurance and passing the test in the shortest timeframe.Currently,Ms.Williams is working with each department to implement a new online training tool for all employees that will enable them to access training modules no matter where they are located. Throughout her career, Ms. Williams has shown a determination to achieve her goals despite obstacles. One of the things Ms.Williams is most proud of is her ability to juggle multiple tasks, for example, working as a teacher’s assistant while attending graduate school and raising a toddler. And when she looks for inspiration in others, it’s to individuals who seek solutions instead of accepting defeat, and those who make hard work look easy. Ms. Williams’ commitment to excellence extends throughout the industry and local community. She is currently working with the State of North Carolina Economic Devel opment Group, Wake County Workforce Development Board, and the North Carolina Community College System. She is also a member of the American Society for Train ing and Development and the American Society for Quality. Professionally and personally, Ms. Williams is regarded as a leader, mentor, and an outstanding example of the tremendous impact one person can have on an organi zation, a community, and an industry. GETTING PERSONAL Nila Williams is Director of Customer Relations and Global Training at Clinsys Clinical Research Inc. (, Bedminster, N.J. Before joining Clinsys, Ms.Williams was a Senior Cus tomer Relations Analyst with INC Research and held positions at GE Mortgage Insurance/Genworth Financial. FACILITATING TEAM COLLABORATION Nila Williams approaches every endeavor with dedication and passion. Nila WILLIAMS PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:12 AM Page 62 TRAF AD CW AS PROD 64 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE The CHANGE AGENTS For many the change the industry has been undergoing has been a destabilizing force, but for Rick Keefer it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to health and the community. Mr. Keefer has been active as a thought leader and a change agent, helping biopharma respond to the many market challenges it faces today. He consults regularly with numerous big pharma,emerging phar ma, and biotech organizations to provide guidance and solutions for their need to reach patients, physicians, and managed care organiza tions.With a deepseated belief in the industry and the value it brings to society in general, Mr. Keefer is committed to playing a role in restoring a positive view of the industry’s value. He puts this into action in his role at Publicis Selling Solutions Group, significantly impacting business growth and culture since joining the company a couple of years ago. He led the company through a trans formational change that empowers all employees to embrace and take responsibility for execution and customer satisfaction. Although his pharmaceutical expertise is his foundation, he has suc cessfully been able to step outside of his former role and transform him self into a service provider. The word “no” is just not a part of Mr. Keefer’s vocabulary. He takes winning very seriously, both for himself and the clients he serves. Mr. Keefer has a rare ability to establish his vision within an organiza tion, to include all employees in the process,and to make all feel they are integral players in serving the customer. Instead of waiting for people to shine, Mr. Keefer shines the light on them, emphasizing their talents, giving them confidence, and allowing them to make a difference in the company. He motivates employees to approach projects with a glasshalffull mentality and he gives credit when it is due, continually recognizing his employees, their ideas, and successes. With a true opendoor policy and a refreshing candidness about him, Mr. Keefer works alongside his team with candor and integrity, yet at the same time he makes decisions assertively and with poise when called for. And he takes time to step back once in a while, recognizing the importance of having fun along the way. Giving back to both the industry and the community at large, Mr.Keefer is a member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), serving on the HBA Metro Chapter Board. He initi ated Publicis’ quarterly volunteer days, when employees contribute a day of service to a local nonprofit group. His involvement and corporate alliance with Isles Inc., a nonprofit community development and environmental orga nization working in Trenton, N.J., which fosters more selfreliant families in healthy sustain able communities, is just one of several organiza tions he takes to heart. GETTING PERSONAL David (Rick) Keefer is President of Publi cis Selling Solutions Group ( pse l i ngso l ut i ons com ) , Lawrenceville, N.J. Before joining the company in August 2006, he was Senior VP, Commercial Operations, for Biovail Pharmaceutical. Mr. Keeferhasbeen in the pharma and health care business since 1975, working for Pharma cia, WyethAyerst Laboratories, and A.H. Robins Co., where he began his career as a territory sales specialist. Aside from Rick Keefer’s broad knowledge of and expertise in the healthcare industry that allow him to run a successful business, it is his unwavering focus on customer service that helps differentiate Publicis Selling Solutions. RICK KEEFER NAME: Rick Keefer TITLE: President COMPANY: Publicis Selling Solutions EDUCATION: B.S., Marketing Accounting,West Virginia State University PLACE OF BIRTH: S. Charleston, W.V. ON HIS READING LIST: History, medical, detective, and military novels; anything from Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Patricia Cornwell, and E.B. Griffin FAMILY: Wife, Luz; two sons — Brian, 29, and Brad, 24 FIRST JOB: Lawn mowing service, age 12 HOBBIES: Golfing, woodworking, hunting, fishing, and riding his HarleyDavidson motorcycle NEXT ON HIS LIST TO ACCOMPLISH: Building a grandfather clock and taking a longdistance trip on his HarleyDavidson COMPETITIVE. PASSIONATE. FULLTHROTTLE FOR CHANGE PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:12 AM Page 64 AD #: FMD65793E3 (VERSION 2) CLIENT: FORMEDIC PRODUCT: CORPORATE SIZE: 9 1/2″ X 11 1/2″ COLOUR: 4C PROCESS SCREEN: DATE: VARIOUS PUBLICATION: PHARMAVOICE CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK There’s no better place for your brand than between a doctor and his patient. Formedic Patient Record Forms offer brand exposure at the point of prescription — every practice day, throughout the day. With less face time and nosee physicians, ads on Formedic forms offer you the best alternative to reach your target audience when prescribing decisions are made. Ongoing IMS studies have shown a profound effect of Formedic on increasing market share and new Rxs. And with a proven 24:1 ROI, you can rest assured that your investment in Formedic is solid. For more information, contact or by phone at 7324697031. Claims can be supported through ongoing IMS studies (20002007); all specific results can be individually reviewed upon request. Right place, right time. **ART_00_FMD_PrintAds_P65793E3_1 1 2/11/08 10:27:30 AM 66 J u l y / Au gu s t 2008 PharmaVOICE The CHANGE AGENTS The rest of the industry has recently joined the bandwagon,but it is Jay Bigelow who has been one of the driving forces in applying behavior science to the way pharma develops relationships with patients and professionals. A true innovator and leading advisor to the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Bigelow has helped companies apply behavioral science to the commer cialization of medicines. His vision, creativity, and business acumen have provided a critical point of differentiation for a number of brands. He cites the launch of the Committed Quitters patient support program — the first fullscale, behavioralbased tailored support program — as one of the turning points in the industry. This was a defining moment because there was now evidence that the application of proven behavioral models, with fully personalized communications via mass media channels, can shift attitudes and change behavior in measurable ways for positive health out comes. When Mr. Bigelow assumed the role of president of MicroMass Commu nications, he started to assemble a team of industry experts and listened to them. Under Mr. Bigelow’s strategic and executive leadership, MicroMass has risen from a small technology company with interesting software to an agency of behavioral thought leaders. He spurs the company to reach for higher ideas and insights to enable pharma clients to help their patients achieve a healthier quality of life, while generating a culture of caring. His colleagues’ successes are important to him and he takes the time to mentor and educate those he works with on the business. Mr. Bigelow also supports development efforts that will help MicroMass’ employees grow professionally. Going forward, Mr. Bigelow is committed to helping the next generation of managers and innovators at MicroMass further strengthen their leader ship skills. Authentic in his dealings with others, Mr.Bigelow is fiercely committed to his team. He says with the talented, passionate, and busy people he works with, the greatest challenge is helping each one to do his or her best. He strives to make sure that he blends the talents and thinking of a team of people who have diverse experiences and backgrounds. He is inspired by the courage of others — those who face their fears or life’s challenges headon — and above all by integrity, saying in the business world it’s all too easy to suppress one’s core values, so holding onto ideals is truly admirable. Through his leadership at the agency and throughout the industry, Mr. Bigelow is inspiring his agency team members to position MicroMass as an innovative shop. And does this while bringing thoughtfulness, humor, and genuineness to the table each and every day. GETTING PERSONAL Jay Bigelow is President of MicroMass Communications (, Cary, N.C., drawing on his 25 years in strategic brand marketing to be a champion of relationship marketing.Earlier in his career,Mr.Bigelow held senior marketing positions at companies such as Seer Technologies and Alphatronix, and he was a partner at Witengier/Bigelow Advertising and general manager at Creative Works. Jay Bigelow is the thought leader and execution driver of a new paradigm in marketing for the pharmaceutical industry. BEHAVIOR GURU SPURS A MOVEMENT NAME: Jay Bigelow TITLE: President COMPANY: MicroMass Communications EDUCATION: B.S., Business Administration, Drexel University DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: March 26, 1959; Philadelphia ON HIS READING LIST: The Hero’s Journey, by Joseph Campbell and Phil Cousineau;The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands, by Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson;The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein FAMILY: Wife Annie; son Lukas, 9; and two dogs, Yogi and Elsa FIRST JOB: Fry cook at Geno’s (a longsincegone fast food chain) HOBBIES: Spending time with his son BIGGEST INDUSTRY CHALLENGE: The speed/pace of turnover within the industry; building consistency and continuity are vital, this is becoming more difficult as new players with new perspectives are introduced every 12 to 18 months INTEGRITY. COURAGE. Jason Appel Jay Bigelow Gregg Brandyberry Santino Costanzo Sean Cunliffe Kathleen Drennan Filipe Duarte Marc Ferrara Thomas Finn Colleen Foley Alberto Grignolo, Ph.D. Michael Harte Rick Keefer Debbie Kenworthy Rebecca Daniels Kush, Ph.D. Michael Leonetti Laura Marsh Lynner Julian Parreño Patrick Revelle William Roth Adriann Sax Mollie Shields-Uehling Robert Teoh, M.D. Nila Williams

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