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LEADERS ARE MADE,THEY ARE NOT BORN.THEY ARE MADE BY HARD EFFORT,WHICH IS THE PRICE ALL OF US MUST PAY TO ACHIEVE ANY GOAL THAT IS WORTHWHILE. This quote from the great NFL coach Vince Lombardi sums up the collective excellence of this groupof company leaders,who are taking their organizations to the next level through their hard work, dedication, and attention to inspiring and motivating those around them to reach their own level of leadership. &

Great teams are the architects of success, but it’s the skill of their leader that allows them to realize their potential. Peter Strumph enables his team at Nile Therapeutics to develop innovative cardio vascular treatments by communicating the vision, nudging a little, and giving his employees the authority and latitude to get the work done. Mr. Strumph hopes to bring to market the company’s lead product candidate, CDNP, a novel chimeric natriuretic peptide in development for the treatment of acute decompensated heart failure. He draws on a series of successes in his career as he works to make the goal a reality, having been involved in the development of a lead drug — Ranexa at CVT Therapeutics — and playing a lead role in Biogen’s transition from a research based company to a fully integrated profitable biotechnology company. He has a clear understanding of what it takes to build a small biotech company and how to adapt to the changing business models. He describes the day Gilead’s market cap exceeded that of Amgen as the defining moment for biotech. Until then, Amgen had been the Holy Grail for biotech companies. More recently, however, as the number of biotech companies turning a profit has grown, so too have the business models to become successful. The onetime goal of biotech companies to become fully integrated pharma companies, known as the FIPCO model, has fallen out of favor and as such Mr. Strumph says the industry is having to learn to embrace a new model of specialized and linked enterprises. In Nile Therapeutic’s case, its small size means Mr. Strumph and his team rely on an outsourcing model. Thus it is critical to stay on top of what’s going on outside the organization, which takes a great deal of effort. A disciplined and decisive leader, Mr. Strumph takes time to analyze a situation, appreciating that development of strategies and plans, execution, and coaching people requires thought and attention. Once a deci sion has been made, however, he never looks back. This considered, thorough approach was ingrained in him during his four years as an officer in the U.S. Navy. His first boss, Lieu tenant Commander Faust, was unforgiving with respect to maintaining the highest standards, while at the same time he was a tireless and effective advocate for the sailors and officers who reported to him. Mr. Strumph certainly believes in his civilian troops, saying what most inspires and humbles him is the dedication and achievements of the Nile team. Outside of work, Mr. Strumph likes to step NAME: Peter Strumph TITLE: CEO COMPANY:Nile Therapeutics Inc. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School of Business DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Nov. 24, 1964; Boston ON HIS READING LIST: The growing stack of unread New Yorkers and Economists on his bedside table. He has also been making slow but steady progress getting through the complete works of Wallace Stegner. FAMILY: Wife, Suzanne; children — Sumner, 9, and Celia, 8 FIRST JOB: A summer job working for his father’s wholesale florist business DECISIVE. THOUGHTFUL. BREAKING RANK WITH OLD MODELS away from the intense focus required in building a young company and to “putter” — hanging a door, building a picnic table, pouring a little cement, painting a room — even if he and his family sometimes have to hire a professional to sweep up the damage. GETTING PERSONAL Peter Michael Strumph is CEO of Nile Therapeutics Inc. (, San Francisco, a Clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Previously, he worked for CVT Therapeutics, most recently as Senior VP of Operations. Before joining CVT in 1997, Mr. Strumph served as Manager, Operations Planning and Development at Biogen. For Peter Strumph, developing a lead drug and building a company are thrilling and rewarding activities, and he looks forward to achieving both of these goals at Nile Therapeutics. PETER STRUMPH PharmaVOICE July / August 2008 The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS success and failure, and he is balanced, fair, and truthful in all his dealings with others. Managing people and helping them to be their best are, he believes, his toughest tasks as a leader. Dr. Phillips is also an active civic volunteer and has even been Santa for 20 years at a local charity event in his neighborhood. A consummate gentleman, a scholar, a devoted family man, and community contributor, as well as a highly regarded and respected guru in his field, Dr. Phillips defines what it is to lead a company and a field. GETTING PERSONALDonald J. M.Phillips, Pharm.D., is Principal and CEO of VoxMedica Inc. (, Philadelphia, a healthcare advertising, marketing, and public relations firm. Hewas previously President of TedThomas Associates, a Vox Medica subsidiary, joining the company in 1986 as Senior Account Supervisor. Before that, Dr. Phillips was Assistant Director of Pharmacy Service, Clinical Division at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia. Hebegan his pharmacy career as an intern at WilkesBarre General Hospital. From time to time Dr. Donald Phillips may show up at a char ity event in a kilt or treat those around him to the skirl of the bagpipes. It’s just one way in which this advertising and PR pioneer stands out among his peers. Dr. Phillips lives for “differentiation and branding,” and he passes these passions onto his clients. His insights, thoughtfulness, and questioning have saved many a product manager from cavernous misdirection. Not only does he acknowledge the importance of change in today’s tumultuous healthcare marketplace, he embraces it. Under standing that today’s dynamic market requires new insights and tactics, Dr. Phillips believes that the most effective communication strategies transcend traditional approaches. He fosters that belief every day in his role as CEO of Vox Medica, and he encourages his diverse staff to approach every challenge, big or small, with innovation and insight. His leadership and understanding of the healthcare space have vaulted the company to being recognized as one of the most creative, inspired, and effective firms in the area of healthcare advertising, education, and marketing. The field of medical advertising has long excited Dr. Phillips and he regards moving into it from hospital pharmacy as one of the highlights of his career, along with the thrill of becoming a business owner rather than an employee. Dr. Phillips is also a highly respected and indemand thought lead er and guest speaker. His vision for the future was instrumental in helping create the new Healthcare Communication & Marketing Association (HCMA), a merger of three leading industry communication associations. Community commitments are important to Dr. Phillips, and he has given back enormously to his alma mater. In his role as a trustee at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, Dr. Phillips was part of the team that transformed this professional college into a university (University of the Sciences in Philadelphia). With an open door to young professionals seeking guidance, Dr. Phillips provides oneonone mentorship to a wide range of individuals, such as students at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, as well as executives who are members of the HCMA. A people focused leader, Dr. Phillips is always willing to give people opportunities to learn from NAME: Donald J.M. Phillips, Pharm.D. TITLE: Principal and CEO COMPANY: Vox Medica EDUCATION: B.S., 1970, and Pharm.D., 1973, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science PLACE OF BIRTH: WilkesBarre, Pa. ON HIS READING LIST: Washington’s Crossing, by David Hackett Fischer; Pushing Ice, by Alastair Reynolds;The Isles: A History, by Norman Davies NEXT ON HIS LIST TO ACCOMPLISH: Build a Market defining company; become a better bagpiper THE MOST SIGNIFICANT INFLUENCE IN HIS CAREER: Dr. Philip P. Gerbino, President, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; Mary Lacquaniti, Executive Director, Healthcare Communication & Marketing Association (HCMA); and Sir Winston Churchill PATIENT. HONEST. FOLLOWING THE PIPER TO TRUE BRAND DISTINCTION Dr. Donald Phillips is an industry icon, an insightful marketing wizard, and a leadership guru who has driven Vox Medica to renown and excellence. Dr.Donald PHILLIPS PharmaVoice More bang for your brand. Does one agency’s branding have the power to penetrate the minds of doctors better than that of others? Mohrman/Scott Associates put that very question to the test. And frankly, we were blown away by the results. AbelsonTaylor ads are 26% more memorable than the average pharmaceutical ad. Many of our single page ads even outperform spreads and multipage inserts created by other agencies. If you’re ready to brand with the big guns, call Dale Taylor at 312.894.5657 or visit Proven Ad Recall *Voted Most Creative Agency by our peers for 11 of the last 13 years at the Med Ad News Manny Awards. Med Ad News Most Admired Agency 2008. MM&M Agency of the Year 2008. CLIENT NAME: Abelson PharmaVoice More bang for your brand. Does one agency’s branding have the power to penetrate the minds of doctors better than that of others? Mohrman/Scott Associates put that very question to the test. And frankly, we were blown away by the results. AbelsonTaylor ads are 26% more memorable than the average pharmaceutical ad. Many of our singlepage ads even outperform spreads and multipage inserts created by other agencies. If you’re ready to brand with the big guns, call Dale Taylor at 312.894.5657 or visit *Voted Most Creative Agency by our peers for 11 of the last 13 years at the Med Ad News Manny Awards. Med Ad News Most Admired Agency 2008. MM&M Agency of the Year 2008. 14 July / August 2008 PharmaVOICE The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS NAME:Zorba Lieberman TITLE: CEO COMPANY: Citeline Inc. EDUCATION: B.A. and MBA, Cornell University; Masters in Finance, Universite Catholique de Louvain DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Nov. 12, 1965; Skellefte, Sweden ON HIS READING LIST: A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey; The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini; Caribbean, by James Michener;When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris FAMILY: Wife, Kristi; children — Zoe, 7, and Lucas, 5 FIRST JOB: Summer of 1982 — part of a construction crew working on renovations inside Sweden’s largest brewery; first real job (after business school) management consultant at The Wilkerson Group (a boutique healthcare consultancy later sold to IBM) HOBBIES: Saltwater flyfishing, sight casting for striped bass on the flats RISKTAKER. A TREASURE TROVE OF IDEAS CREATIVE. There is a rich culture of “yes” at information service provider Citeline, which was created and fostered by Zorba Lieberman. An innovation junkie, Mr. Lieberman knows what services are needed and has the skill to bring these services to the people who need them. He senses an opportunity to develop and commercialize a novel information service that can change the way pharmaceutical companies run their businesses, and he develops a clear vision. When he communicates that vision, through a combination of intense enthusiasm and pragmatism, people around him feel compelled to participate. They want to be a part of something exciting. By cultivating an environment that is fastpaced, intense, and rewarding as well as being committed to being the best, Mr. Lieberman has built a thriving business. In 2002, Citeline was serving just one client in one therapeutic area; today its flagship product is TrialTrove, which tracks worldwide clinical trial activity for the top pharmaceutical companies. Citeline has maintained a 100% renewal rate for TrialTrove since it brought the product to market six years ago. Mr. Lieberman achieved this by listening to clients and responding to their needs. TrialTrove has changed the way the industry sources, uses, and thinks about clinicaltrial related intelligence. Along the way, Mr. Lieberman and his team have kept on innovating by introducing several new product and service offerings that provide value to customers. Creativity is what drives Mr. Lieberman, as he shirks me too products or ideas. A risktaker, he maintains anything can be done, refusing to allow barriers to prevent him from going down a path of high potential. He is constantly on the lookout for the next problem to solve. One of the biggest issues facing the industry is the systemic inability to complete clinical trials on time. This leads to lost revenue, cost overruns, and delays in patients receiving needed therapeutic alternatives. It’s a problem Mr. Lieberman would like to see the industry work harder to address. To do so, he says clinical operations functions in pharmaceutical companies should use a more data driven approach to the planning and execution of clinical tri als. In order for this to become a reality, he says these functions need to be managed more aggressively, with proper incentives for success and accountability for failure. Equally, though, Mr. Lieberman says information services vendors need to work to develop solutions that do more to streamline drug development and the pharmaceutical business process in general. One of the benefits of Citeline is the fact that it’s virtual. Citeline is a paperless office and its employees save countless amounts of time and energy by not com muting, which has helped to attract substantial talent to the company. This model has also kept Citeline at the forefront of environmentally green businesses. GETTING PERSONAL Zorba Lieberman is CEO of Citeline Inc., a provider of global clinicaltrial intelligence to the pharmaceutical industry, and an operating division of Informa Plc. Mr.Lieberman formed Citeline upon acquiring the assets of Citizen 1 Software from in December 2000. He joined Caredata as Senior VP and Group General Manager of the eKnowledge Division upon its acquisition of Citizen 1 Software, a Websearch technology company that Mr. Lieberman cofounded and served as President and CEO. Previously, Mr. Lieberman was a Strategic Planner at Genentech. In the early 1990s, Mr. Lieberman was a management consultant with The Wilkerson Group where he advised pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies on corporate strategy. Mr.Lieberman also has held sales and marketing positions at Eli Lilly and Immunotech. Zorba Lieberman’s visionary and innovative thinking and commitment to customer service make him an inspiration. Zorba LIEBERMAN The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS Steve GIRGENTI In selecting adjectives to describe himself, Steve Girgenti chooses two apposite descriptors: driven and caring. Those who know and have worked with him offer a whole lot more visionary, insightful, fortitude, brilliant leadership, and marketing acumen. As worldwide chairman and CEO of Ogilvy Healthworld, Mr.Girgenti has overseen the integration of geographic services and resources from the merger of OgilvyHealthcare and Healthworld. The organization is now one of the most diverse, far reaching, and powerful communications networks in the industry. The strength of Ogilvy Healthworld today, and the potential it has for the future, is in many ways founded in its past. Beyond the equity of the Ogilvy brand, the origins of Healthworld date back to 1986 when Mr. Girgenti had the vision to create a unique healthcare communications network. From the success of the company’s IPO in 1997 — a moment Mr. Girgenti considers to be one of his career highlights — acquisitions of local units followed. Mr. Girgenti has put together a strong team of leaders, all oriented to excellence in client service and creative output. The company’s full array of communications resources is well integrated, largely because of the culture of mutual cooperation that Mr. Girgenti has fostered. In all his dealings, Mr. Girgenti is interested in the welfare of everyone around him and making sure people’s best interests are served. Always striving to deliver excellence and committed to doing everything with passion and conviction, Mr. Girgenti laments the mediocrity and lackluster thinking that can threaten to undermine the industry. As he prepares to step down from his role at the end of the year,Mr.Girgenti leaves the company well positioned to overcome industry challenges and drive excellence. GETTING PERSONAL Steven Girgenti is the Worldwide Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy Health world (, New York, a leading global healthcare communications network with 55 offices in 36 countries. Mr. Girgenti founded Healthworld in 1986 and made numerous acquisitions to expand and diversify the business. Under his leadership, Healthworld went public in 1997.Mr.Girgenti has served as a director of Burren Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacon International, and he is currently a director of MDTV and Vycor Medical. He is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Mt.Sinai Hospital Prostate Disease and Research Center in New York City, and he is on the Board of Directors for Jack Martin Fund, a Mt.Sinai Hospital affiliated charity devoted to pediatric oncology research. In 1999,he was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by NASDAQ. NAME: Steven Girgenti TITLE: Worldwide Chairman and CEO COMPANY: Ogilvy Healthworld EDUCATION: B.S. and MBA, Columbia University PLACE OF BIRTH: New York ON HIS READING LIST: John Adams, by David McCullough; Boom, by Tom Brokaw FAMILY: Wife, Sondra; daughters — Carrie and Jody FIRST JOB: William Douglas McAdams HOBBIES: Golf, wines DRIVEN. CARING. Driving Out Mediocrity Steve Girgenti’s marketing acumen, vision, insight, fortitude, and brilliant leadership created one of the largest healthcare communications companies in the world. PV0708 layout FINAL 7/21/08 10:10 AM Page 15 Deliver medically credible promotional campaigns For nearly two decades, Skyscape has partnered with leading medical publishers to provide physicians access to over 500 medical titles from 35 specialties via mobile device and desktop. These same medical resources now have been combined into solutions uniquely designed to help you build brand awareness, engage with physicians on their terms, and ensure you build a long term relationship that extends well beyond each encounter with your physicians. Free Study Results: Effect of PDAbased Information on Treatment Decisions shows that 4 in 5 physicians adopted a new treatment Skyscape, Inc. 2008. All rights reserved. Prompted by a close family member’s healthcare battles and driven by the desire to improve patient out comes, Kevin Aniskovich’s creative thinking is mak ing a real difference in the lives of patients and their caregivers. His dedication to tackling the problem of medical non adherence drove him to fund a simple, innovative solution that addresses the broad needs of patients, healthcare providers, and advocacy organizations.What Mr. Aniskovich found was most people simply forget to take their medication, so why not make it as simple as a reminder. The Intelecare system allows patients to create, manage, and receive medical reminders in whatever way fits within their lifestyles, whether it be email, text, or voice. His unique per spective on the industry and the causes of nonadherence has made him a trusted voice in the field. To ensure broad access to the solution, Mr. Aniskovich’s company, Intelecare Compliance Solutions, offers a business model and pricing structure that ensures widespread use. Thanks to his unique approach to the market, his cre ative thinking about incentives to increase utilization, and his ability to protect his intellectual property, Mr. Aniskovich has led his company to significant growth, with a 3.2 mil lion active user database and 100% year on year growth. Using the Intelecare platform to remind patients about appointments has helped one client, a dental practice with 3,200 active patients, to reduce costs from postage, paper, and human resources. Mr. Aniskovich learned much about how to build an organization while successfully scaling a pharmaceutical marketing channel at Epocrates. Above all, though, he says the steadfast commitment and counsel of his wife, a lawyer by profession, have been instrumental in Intelecare’s success. Drawing on her practicality and realistic approach, IntSmart business and philanthropy carry equal weight for Kevin Aniskovich as he develops ways to improve patient outcomes. NAME: Kevin Aniskovich TITLE: CEO COMPANY: Intelecare Compliance Solutions Inc. EDUCATION: B.A., Political Science, Catholic University of America PLACE OF BIRTH: New Haven, Conn. ON HIS READING LIST: Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner;The Billionaire’s Vinegar, by Benjamin Wallace; and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz PROVEN. DEDICATED. ADHERING TO A KEEPITSIMPLE DOCTRINE KEVIN ANISKOVICH Intelecare crafted solutions that were not overcomplicated, thereby maximizing their adoption. Top of mind for Mr. Aniskovich is delivering better healthcare. To that end, he has created a corporate culture that breeds philanthropy by giving away Intelecare’s technology to nonprofits, as well as having a corporate gift matching policy, and making annual personal donations to local and national charities. His dedication to finding new and innovative solutions inspires all Intelecare’s employees to try harder to meet client and end user needs. Ongoing patient adherence, he says, requires both educating the patient to ensure positive behavioral change and developing timely con sumercentric solutions that are practical and easy to use, with broad reach and appeal. This requires consistently updating patient offerings to meet patients’ demands. With the goal being to provide delivery methods for reminders, content, rewards, and pharmacy fulfillment in an amalgam of ways, rather than a onesizefitsall approach,a term he calls Adherence 2.0,” Mr. Aniskovich and his colleagues are focusing on solutions that recognize that the patient is a three dimensional individual. So next on the frontier for Intelecare is to leverage television to help adherence issues. Mr. Aniskovich is buoyed by the qualities he sees in others — humility, tolerance, and the ability to balance work and life. He carries these qualities into his business to develop a work ethic of perseverance and a desire for continued education that ultimately breeds success. It’s this attitude and dedication that inspire Intele care’s employees to think of themselves as stakeholders who care about what the company does to drive patient outcomes. His creativity and drive are an inspiration to his employees and colleagues, as well as the patients and caregivers who have benefited from the innovations he has contributed to. GETTING PERSONAL Kevin Aniskovich is Founder and CEO of Intelecare Compliance Solutions Inc. (, New Haven, Conn., a healthcare technology company focused on increasing medication adherence. Before founding Intelecare, Mr. Aniskovich was Regional VP for Epocrates, a developer of clinical information and decision support tools for healthcare profession als. Previously, he was Cofounder, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Health Info Corp., a producer of aggregated and syndicated searchable video content for patients and medical professionals. After having started his first company immediately out of college — The Riven Group Ltd., which he sold to software company Cyan Worlds Inc. — Mr. Aniskovich began his career in healthcare working at The Center for Research and Public Policy, a market research and public policy consulting firm. 16 July / August 2008 PharmaVOICE The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS You’re an achiever and you’re passionate about your work. You have leadership ability, and want to make a difference. You understand the advantages of a small company compared to the opportunity and reach of a global organization. You wonder which environment will be best for unleashing your potential. Who says you have to choose? Within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies you can experience an entrepreneurial atmosphere that encourages teamwork and innovation— in fastpaced environments that have the feel of a small company—where people are empowered to grow as leaders and to drive their own careers. But you’ll also find the impact of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products. Discover the many small company environments behind the big company impact of the Johnson & Johnson companies. EMPOWERED LEADERSHIP BIGCOMPANY IMPACT STABILITY OPPORTUNITIES GLOBAL REACH SMALLCOMPANY ENVIRONMENT AGILITY FOCUS INNOVATION Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. is a member of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. 2008. Johnson & Johnson companies are equal opportunity employers. SMALLCOMPANY ENVIRONMENT/BIGCOMPANY IMPACT is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson. MEDICAL DEVICES & DIAGNOSTICS CONSUMER PHARMACEUTICAL find more ASIAPACIFIC EUROPE/MIDDLE EAST/AFRICA LATIN AMERICA NORTH AMERICA JGE0816184 Phama Voice Ad 6/20/08 12:26 PM Page 1 The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS An ability to foresee future market scenarios and prepare for them makes Elaine Riddell an inspiration to all who know her, particularly those who want to make a difference in healthcare and aren’t afraid to take risks to advance the industry. She has risen to the top of her field, today leading a global organization with local offices in 43 countries. Ms. Riddell was a highly successful early adopter of marketing for market research in an industry that had never embraced promotion before. Coupled with her business acumen and management strength are a hands on leadership style, loyalty, and concern for the people who work with her. Ms. Riddell leads through inspiration and example, taking pride in nurturing the talents of her staff. She is a team builder who understands the strengths of the individuals who work for her, and she finds ways to build organizations upon the complementary strengths of her entire team. Her passion for the industry, serving customers, and find ing innovative solutions inspires her reports and encourages them to explore new techniques and approaches, even when they take the company in a new direction. Ms. Riddell has worked to create an environment where people know it is safe to innovate and to risk trying a new approach. She rewards initiative and urges everyone to become thought leaders. She thrills in seeing them take the stage at industry events, publish articles featuring their creative thinking, and showcase their expertise at the company’s quarterly Webinar series. The company she leads, TNS Healthcare, is among the largest, global market research organizations serving the worldwide healthcare industry. It has undergone sever al mergers, and Ms. Riddell has single handedly bridged the gap among disparate cultures, fully integrating companies while always keeping the welfare of the individual in mind. Team unity on a broad scale is important to Ms. Riddell, and she has worked to create a worldwide family from people coming out of different businesses, different backgrounds, and different perspectives. It has been, she says, her toughest and most rewarding task. The outcome was evident at a recent sector meeting, where there were 100 people from more than 20 countries. Ms. Riddell says the bonds they formed and their ability to work together seamlessly were both energizing and inspirational. Though focused at all times on her organization’s performance, Ms. Rid dell is at the same time scanning the environment for marketplace shifts that can create opportunities or challenges for her company. Ms. Riddell has been a pioneer for many years. As CEO of NOP World Health, the job she held before joining TNS, she led a growth strategy, making the company the first market research agency to offer the full range of primary research services: from advanced custom to basic ad hoc to multiclient studies. The model that she originated has now been replicated throughout the research industry. Early in her career, Ms. Riddell recognized that the customer’s perspective needed to be front and center. That has become the foundation of her highly successful product development approach — using customer needs as the wellspring of product innovation. For example, she is now leading the way in creating the research, metrics, and tools to help the industry transition successfully from traditional sales models to new service models. And she is striving to help the industry realize and respond to the transitions companies need to make to continue to thrive — moving from being manufacturing and product experts to being service and relationship experts: in other words, to develop a softer side. To achieve this goal, Ms. Riddell says companies will need new tools to identify ways they can drive stronger relationships and new metrics to measure the effectiveness of those relationships. And they must break down silos to create total experiences for stakeholders that offer the best combination of market access, services, and support programs. The leaders of tomorrow will be those who learn to collaborate with their stakeholders, not just “sell” to them. These achievements in driving change and building teams are propelled by Ms. Riddell’s genuine and passionate interest in both the industry — its trends, challenges, and opportunities — and the people she works with across TNS and throughout the industry. It’s her curiosity about what’s happening and why that drives her to seek new answers, new approaches, and new paths to serve clients more effectively. That she gets to those answers is thanks to her visionary nature. She is fascinated by connecting the dots and seeing the picture that takes shape. Above all, though, she believes in being an active creator in how the future is shaped. A risktaker in her own right, Ms. Riddell is inspired by courage, by those who step outside their comfort zone to take on a challenge, and by those who have left the com fort of a secure job to strike out on their own, form new companies, and pursue new goals. This courage fuels Ms. Riddell’s willingness to push the boundaries, move beyond her own doubts, and drive innovation. Ms. Riddell gives freely of her time and insights. For example, she sponsors quarterly Webinars, which are free to the industry that provide new research and fresh perspectives on critical pharma issues. She has funded research on PDRP and DTC regulations to help the industry understand and address these key challenges. Whether she is forming a new division, growing a company, bringing together individually acquired companies, developing new products, or uniting teams, she accomplishes her goals successfully, while always maintaining her humanity, compassion, and loyalty to employees and customers. GETTING PERSONAL Elaine Riddell is CEO of TNS Healthcare (,NewYork, part of TNS, which provides custom advisory services and globally consistent frameworks to support product introductions; brand, treatment, and sales performance optimization; and professional and DTC promotional tracking. Before joining TNS in 2003,she was CEO of NOPWorld Health, which included Market Measures Inc. (MMI), Strategic Marketing Corp., and NOP Healthcare. Previously, she was President of MMI, which she joined from IMS America, where she was VP of Marketing. She began her career at IMS in Canada , enjoying career advancement in her four years there. Ms. Riddell started her healthcare career at Abbott Canada. Elaine RIDDELL Elaine Riddell scans the environment for marketplace shifts that can create opportunities or challenges for her company. NAME: Elaine Riddell TITLE: CEO COMPANY: TNS Healthcare EDUCATION: B.A., McGill University PLACE OF BIRTH: Montreal, Canada ON HER READING LIST: Fierce Conversations, by Susan Scott; Silos, Politics and Turf Wars, by Patrick Lencioni; The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni VISIONARY. INTERESTED. THE FUTURE MAKER The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS Providing and sharing the vision and the path to all employees through his motto of how can we get there together?” is the secret behind Gregg Dearhammer’s leadership success. Mr. Dearhammer is a collaborative leader, encouraging open dialogue, empowering employees to be strategic thinkers, and instilling a sense of urgency and purpose. He has fostered a culture of ownership, empowerment, and accountability at i3 Stat probe, and he encourages staff members to take risks and challenge themselves and showcase their individual and collective talents. It’s an approach that encourages the brightest and best ideas to come forth, making the company more efficient and providing clients with the best possible service. A thought leader in the industry with regard to data management, Mr. Dearhammer has been a driving force behind embracing EDC and the evolution of the role of data management, and he has led two highly successful biometrics teams. Colleagues say he is approachable to everyone within the organization, listens to suggestions, and initiates programs aimed at bringing together divergent people, ideas, and solutions. He regularly visits local offices and provides opportunities for associates to engage him directly. Mr. Dearhammer recognizes his employees for their efforts, pro vides them with opportunities for growth, and allows them to think outside of the box. Furthermore, he has helped to establish several volunteer councils to address goals and needs within the organization. Those who have worked with him describe Mr. Dearhammer as a leader among his peers, who has earned the respect of anyone who knows him. An optimist by nature, Mr. Dearhammer believes that most people are good and have good intentions. He is able to find positives in most situations and he moves past negatives quickly. It was at Kendle, under his bosses Jere Hardy and Brenda Hoeper, that Mr. Dearhammer says he learned the true value of customer partnerships while working on Searle’s submission for Celebrex. The trust placed in him as well as his bosses’ willingness to allow him to discover his potential and make mistakes helped him to become the leader he is today. His growth also was fueled by an opportunity to open a regional office for a past employer, where he got to do a bit of everything and learned much about leadership. In addition to his company accomplishments, he is a board member on The Society for Clinical Data Manage GREGGDEARHAMMER ment (SCDM) and is highly active in the industry, working closely with many pharmaceutical companies to improve their data services organizations. Starting out as a science teacher, Mr. Dearhammer remains deeply committed to children. He has shared his sports knowledge and teaching abilities as a coach for his son’s teams. Additionally, he has worked through Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) as a legal guardian for neglected and abused children. His most rewarding experience’ and also the most difficult’ was working to place three siblings into one adoptive family. GETTING PERSONAL Gregg Dearhammer is CEO of i3 Statprobe, the clinical data services division of i3 (, Basking Ridge, N.J. Before joining the company in 2006,Mr.Dearhammer was VP, Global Bio metrics, at Kendle International. He worked at Kendle for 10 years in a variety of capacities, joining the company from Abbott Pharmaceuticals, where he began his pharmaceutical career as a clinical data analyst. As President of i3 Statprobe, Gregg Dearhammer has implemented numerous programs aimed at bringing together divergent peoples, ideas, and solutions. NAME: Gregg Dearhammer TITLE: President COMPANY: i3 Statprobe Inc. EDUCATION: B.S., Biology, Loyola University of Chicago PLACE OF BIRTH: Chicago ON HIS READING LIST: Zapp — the Lightning of Empowerment, by William Byham and Jeff Cox; Judgment — How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls, by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis; Night Fall, by Nelson DeMille; latest issues of National Geographic, Sporting News, Business Week, and Newsweek FIRST JOB: Taught high school science in Middletown, Md. HOBBIES: Sports — basketball, baseball, running; reading — business and leadership books, thrillers and mysteries; movies; travel; music — mostly rock and roll OPTIMISTIC. RESERVED. A COLLABORATIVE PATH The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS NAME: Jeffrey S. Aronin TITLE: President and CEO COMPANY: Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. EDUCATION: B.A., Northern Illinois University; MBA, DePaul University PLACE OF BIRTH: Baltimore FAMILY: Wife and three daughters ON HIS READING LIST: What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception, by Scott McClellan; Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History, by Ted Sorensen; Post American World, by Fareed Zakaria VISIONARY. OPTIMISTIC. Some CEOs like to talk and hear their own voices — Jeff Aronin is the opposite. Described by colleagues and clients as a “we” person, Mr. Aronin demonstrates strong leadership by drawing out ideas from others and consistently following up to ensure results. A rare blend of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and charisma allowed Mr. Aronin to see an opportunity and set a new vision for the pharmaceutical industry when it wasn’t popular to do so. He is able to see the big picture, while also being adept at executing deals and get ting things done. Mr. Aronin’s vision for Ovation was shaped by speaking with physicians, patients, and others in the community, and he set out to fill the identified gaps. The result is a unique business model based on the acquisition of commercial products with strong development potential. With a passion to serve patients, Mr. Aronin has demonstrated a true commitment to the epilepsy and neuroscience markets. He pursues his business plan with purpose and certainty, in spite of skeptics who questioned whether it was possible to revamp the traditional pharmaceutical model and be successful focusing on specialty products for smaller patient populations. Hearing patients’ stories gives him and his team the motivation to sustain his vision. Over the last five years — and in an industry that has faced considerable difficulty — Mr. Aronin has remained committed to excellence every step of the way from identifying critical patient needs, developing capabilities to effectively work with manufacturing partners, ensuring compliance in medical and regulatory affairs, and being extraordinarily data driven and objective. Meeting the real needs of patients is critical, he maintains, to regain the public’s confidence in the industry, which is one of the biggest challenges pharma companies face today. His passion for the industry was formed early in his career when he was involved in launching a lifesaving CNS therapy. During the process, he met with many patients and advocacy organizations and saw firsthand how drug development can change people’s lives. Beyond his great business skills, Mr. Aronin is also deeply involved with community, business, and philanthropic organizations. Mr. Aronin has a remarkable ability to get things accomplished in a persuasive — yet friendly — way. For example, he is on the board of the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, where he encourages entrepreneurs to build business, and while on the board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago he helped get resources to epilepsy patients who need them. He also has been an active board member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and he serves on the board of the Museum of Science and Industry, helping to promote the importance of science and education through pro grams that create opportunities for inner city children in pursuit of science degrees and careers. Mr. Aronin doesn’t just write a sponsorship check, he meaningfully contributes personal support: from assembling a large team for the Epilepsy Foundation’s walk to actively encouraging his friends/colleagues to attend advocacy groups’ fundraising dinners. His commitment to global causes is evidenced in Ovation’s philanthropic efforts. In 2007 and 2008, Ovation donated almost $2.1 million in drugs to Project Hope and AmeriCares to support humanitarian missions. Through Project Hope, Ovation contributed products for use in Lesotho, Africa, and Dushanbe, Tajikistan (the poorest of the former Soviet republics). These programs were focused on transforming the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children and alleviating the severe shortage of basic medicines and medical supplies in these countries. In 2008, Ovation also supported the AmeriCares Medical Outreach Program by donating products to a U.S. based pediatric heart surgery team traveling to Guatemala to provide charitable medical care. GETTING PERSONAL Jeffrey S. Aronin is President and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc., (, Deerfield, Ill., a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes innovative medicines for severely ill patients with unmet medical needs.Before founding Ovation in 2000,Mr.Aronin was Chair man and CEO of MedCare Technologies, a publicly held healthcare company. He has also held various executive positions at American Health Products Corporation and management positions at CarterWallace. Mr. Aronin was named to Crain’s Chicago Business list of Who’s Who in Health Care in 2007,he was honored as Ernst &Young’s 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year among Emerging Companies (Lake Michigan area), and he was recognized in 2005 as one of PharmaVOICE’s 100 Most Inspiring People. He was inducted into the Illinois Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2005 and in 2004 was listed by Crain’s as one of the 40 Most Influential People Under 40. A STANDING OVATION Jeff Aronin is a decisive leader who draws out ideas, seeks advice and counsel, and then gets things done. JEFFREY ARONIN The COMMANDERS & CHIEFS TENACITY IN DELIVERY The desire to build a better stent has been the motivating force behind Dr. Mark Landy and the company he leads, MIV Therapeutics. A former dentist, financial analyst and portfolio manager, he is hoping to widen the often troubled stent market by building an advanced drug delivery system for cardiac stents and implantable medical devices. He is focused on ensuring the success of MIV Therapeutics, which recently demonstrated the safety and efficacy of a revolutionary new type of drugeluting cardiac stent in a first in man study that uses materials found naturally in the human body, and does not employ polymers. If MIV’s research proves successful, it has the potential to revolutionize cardiovascular drug delivery and to rejuvenate the worldwide drugeluting stent market. Tenacious in seeking that which he values and desires, Dr. Landy is widely recognized for his financial acumen and proven accomplishments as a Wall Street equity analyst and port folio manager. He most recently distinguished himself as the senior research analyst of medical supplies and devices at Susquehanna Financial Group. Dr. Landy is a familiar pundit in the financial media, who has made frequent appearances on CNBC, Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, and in The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. In the office, he motivates his staff by always striving to treat others fairly and giving them the latitude to explore the boundaries of their professional curiosity. In turn he looks for honesty and transparency in those he works with. GETTING PERSONAL Mark Landy, DDS, is President, CEO, and Director of MIV Therapeutics Inc. (, Atlanta, a developer of nextgeneration coatings and advanced drugdelivery systems for cardiovascular stents and other implantable medical devices. Before joining MIV, he was Senior Research Analyst Medical Supplies and Devices at Susquehanna Financial Group. With extensive experience as a financial analyst in the healthcare industry, Dr. Landy spent three years in London in private practice focusing on posttraumatic facial reconstructive surgery. NAME: Mark Landy, DDS TITLE: President and CEO COMPANY:MIV Therapeutics Inc. EDUCATION: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), University of Witwatersrand, 1991; Bachelor of Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School of Business, 1996 PLACE OF BIRTH: Johannesburg, South Africa ON HIS READING LIST: The Week, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, USA Today, scientific and medical journals FAMILY: Wife, Christine; daughter, Sarah HOBBIES: Motor racing FAIR. TENACIOUS. Dr. Mark Landy is widely recognized for his financial acumen and proven accomplishments as an equity analyst. Dr. Mark LANDY Kevin Aniskovich Jeffrey S. Aronin Ken Begasse Jr. Gregg Dearhammer Fereydoun Firouz Melynda Geurts Steven Girgenti Janet Greeson, Ph.D. Terrell Herring Jay Katz Mark Landy, DDS Zorba Lieberman Jeff Morhet David Mott Donald Phillips, Pharm.D. Bill Pollock John Racik Elaine Riddell James Schoeneck Chris Schroeder Peter Strumph Ronald S. Waife Howard Weisman

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