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HealthEd Group has launched HealthEd Encore, which operates as a standalone agency, in response to increas ing client demand for educational patient marketing campaigns. HealthEd Encore offers a fullrange of ser vices, including consumer/patient product education, Website development, treatment adherence programs and provider/patient dialogue support.Similar to HealthEd, the new agency main tains an entrepreneurial,collaborative small company culture, with crossfunctional teams dedicated to delivering bestinclass service. As president,Karen Patton,37, is charged with the managementofbothHealthEd Group agencies, HealthEd and HealthEd Encore, while Roy Broadfoot will continue as CEO of both companies. Previously senior VP of strategic services with HealthEd, Ms. Patton joined the company in 2005. “We are proud of HealthEd’s record of success in developing effective educational marketing programs for our clients that motivate patients to change how they think and act,”Ms.Patton says.“The founding of HealthEd Encore is an important step in our company’s growth and will enable us to continue offering high levels of ser vice to the industry.” While Ms.Patton heads both agencies as president, HealthEd Encore is being led by Anita St. Clair, who has been promoted to managing director. Ms. St. Clair was previously senior VP and management supervisor at HealthEd, responsible for managing key account relationships and overall campaign supervision. The founding of HealthEd Encore is an important step in our company’s growth, says Kristin Patton, President, HealthEd Group. HealthEd Group Creates NEWAGENCY to Support Demand for Patient Education HealthEd Encore was launched in response to increasing client demand for educational patient marketing campaigns. New MONTHLYMAGAZINE Readies For Launch A new vehicle for healthcare adver tising — both pharmaceutical and OTC — will be launched this May when the first issue of Great Health magazine arrives in the mailboxes of half a million highend customers of CVS/Pharmacy, the drugstore chain. The monthly mag azine,sponsored byCVS, is the latest cre ation from Basic Media Group,a custom publishing company whose list includes periodicals for other healthori ented retail partners, including General Nutrition Centers andVitamin Shoppe. “By going straight into the cus tomers’ homes, we bypass newsstand distribution,” says Scott Johnson, the company’s CEO. “As a result, we combine the cost effectiveness of direct marketing with editorial con tent that’s aimed directly at the reader.” According to BobPreston,publisher of GreatHealth, the magazine will be distributed only to the toptier health brand buyers of CVS/Pharmacy’s 75million ExtraCare cardholders, which make the demographics perfect for the pharmaceutical or healthcare marketer. Mr. Preston, who is based in the company’s New Jersey office, added that the publication’s readers are women in their early 50s, college educated (some with graduate degrees), careeroriented, and in the middleincome bracket.The majority own their own homes, have children, and still work outside the home. Circulation, he adds, will con tinue to increase, reaching millions of households in 2009. According to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, women influence up to 80% of the healthcare decisions for their house holds, resulting in buying power esti mated at more than $1.2 trillion. “Our readers are smart,savvy,busy career womenwho are also responsi ble for their families and home,” says Beth Salmon, editorinchief of Great Health. “ They’re looking for news about health, because health affects everything in their lives.” The magazine will contain news and advice from experts, helping women to navigate the oftencon fusing world of healthcare information and inspiring them to take positive action to reach their health and wellness goals. Each month the magazine’s feature section will focus on a different healthcare category. In May,the subject is women’s health.Subsequent issues will highlight men’s health, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, cold and flu prevention, allergies, emotional wellness,and many other topics. In addition to the print publication, Great Health will have its ownWebsite,with links to CVS online.An email newsletter will be coming soon, reaching the same audience. Our readers are looking for news about health, because health affects everything in their lives, says Beth Salmon, EditorinChief, Great Health. NAMECHANGE AND FINANCING for Bridge Global Pharmaceutical Services Bridge Laboratories has changed its name from Bridge Global Pharmaceutical Services Inc. Bridge has announced its new company name accompanied by a corporatewide rebranding initia tive to present a clearer message to the market about the type of work the company does. The preclinical contract research organization made the decision to change its corporate name to better describe the services it provides: U.S.level regulatory compliant drug development services globally. The company also received $18 million in new funding.This new capital enables Bridge Laborato ries to execute its strategy of expanding its toxicol ogy lab in Beijing, China, and continue to grow its U.S. operations. In addition, the funding provides the company with the flexibility to consider acqui sitions that would enhance Bridge’s facilities or capabilities. “We are excited about the possibilities this fund ing opens up for us and, ultimately, for our cus tomers,” says Tom Oakley, president and CEO of Bridge Laboratories. “In the year ahead, we will be actively considering many different opportunities to expand our ability to serve our customers.” The funding was secured from returning Series B investors and several new global investors. PV0308 LAYOUT 2/14/08 5:43 PM Page 78 WHAT’S new The CementWorks is growing small with the con struction of The CementBloc Inc. Three independent professional agencies and one consumer healthcare creative agency form the core of The CementBloc: The CementWorks, The IronWorks, The StoneWorks, andTheCementBond,respectively.The CementBloc is a community of creative agencies designed to allow all of its clients to continue to have access to top talent. “What derails successful agencies is uncontrolled growth,” says Sue Miller, part ner of The CementBloc. “By growing into a community of smaller, more dynamic agencies,we can ensure that our creative vision for The CementWorks will endure.” The CementWorks is led by Andrea Bast and Daljit Telymonde;The IronWorks by Stephanie Berman,Ed Cowen,and Dave Garson;andThe StoneWorks by Art Chavez and Jim Lolis. Moreover,with the formation of The CementBond,a 360 consumer healthcare agency led by Eliza bethElfenbein and Jennifer Matthews,clients haveaccess to service beyond the scopeof legacy healthcare adver tising agencies.Ms.Miller and her partner in The CementBloc,Rico Viray, oversee all of the creative agencies. “Strategic creativity, brand allegiance, and talent recognition have never been the exclusive domain of supersized legacy agencies,” Mr. Viray says. “This move allows us to continue our mission of building lasting healthcare brands in an agency environment designed to foster these goals.” By growing into a community of smaller, more dynamic agencies, we can ensure that our creative vision for The CementWorks will endure, says Sue Miller, Partner of The CementBloc. The CementWorks Unveils THE CEMENTBLOC CLINSYS CLINICAL RESEARCH, Bedminster, N.J., and FRANCE’S ITEC SERVICES have agreed to form a strategic alliance that broad ens each company’s global clinical research service offerings. The alliance enables Clinsys to extend its global clinical operations and con sulting services in Europe and North Africa, and provides ITEC with increased opportunities in the United States, India,and Western Europe. Through the alliance,Clinsys and ITEC are mutually conducting training toensurestringentadherence tostandardsandguidelines.ITECalso is inte grating Clinsys’s Global Project Solution (ClinsysGPS) into its own project management process. ITEC has headquarters in Bordeaux,France,and has operations in Casablanca,Morocco.In addition to the United States,Clinsys has operations in Dusseldorf,Germany,and Noida and Bangalore in India. For more information, visit clinsyscro.com. # # Datamanagement solutions provider, PHASE FOR WARD,Waltham, Mass., has established Phase Forward Soft ware Services India Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary based in Hyderabad, India,as it seeks to expand its presence in the country’s clinical tri als market. Phase Forward is relocating senior technical resources to Hyderabad to allow the Indiabased team to work seamlessly with colleagues in the United Kingdom and United States, with overall activity being led by Steve Powell, senior VP of worldwide sales. In addition to India and the United Kingdom, Phase For ward’s presence outside the United States includes operations in France, Belgium, Japan,and Australia. For more information, visit phaseforward.com. AROUNDTHEGLOBE Quintiles Forms NEW OWNERSHIP TEAM Quintiles Transnational has announced the for mation of a new investor partnership to support the company’s continued global growth, with private equity and venture capital firm 3i becoming a signif icant investor and One Equity Partners (OEP) selling its stake in Quintiles to the new partnership entity. Financial terms of the transaction were not dis closed. OEP, the private equity arm of JPMorgan Chase, led the original acquisition of Quintiles in 2003,along with TPG Capital and Quintiles Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dennis Gillings. Mr. Gillings and TPG, as well as Bain Capital, are lead investors in the new partnership. Temasek Holdings, a Singaporebased investment firm focused on the Asian market, also remains an investor in Quintiles. “Our new investor partnership is a strong rein forcement of Quintiles’ brand and growth strategy,” Mr.Gillings says.“The strength of our capital structure and partnership with these leading global investors underscore our company’s ability to bring innova tive solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnol ogy industries.” John Connaughton,a managing director at Bain, says the private investment firm is “very excited to sponsor the next phase of development for Quin tiles, a market leader wellpositioned for continued success in the highest growth segments and regions of the world.” 3i Partner Robin Marshall adds that 3i “will lever age its extensive global healthcare network to help Quintiles continue its growth.” Based on its extensive work in the area of publi cation planning, Clinical Connexion has launched a fully staffed,dedicated division to focus solely on this important area. The publication planning group brings strategic insight and tactical knowhow to academic commu nication initiatives by analyzing the gaps between the optimal message and clinically supported mes sages. Because of our extensive work in the area of publication planning, we have launched a fully staffed, dedicated division to focus solely on this important area, says Susan Stein, CEO, Connexion Healthcare. Clinical Connexion Launches PUBLICATION PLANNING DIVISION 79 PharmaVOICE M a r c h 2008 PV0308 LAYOUT 2/14/08 5:43 PM Page 79 80 M a r c h 200 8 PharmaVOICE WHAT’S new Follow up BAIN CAPITAL,Boston, is a global private investment firm that manages several pools of capital, including private equity, venture capital, public equity, and leveraged debt assets with more than $65 billion in assets under management.For more information, visit baincapital.com. BRIDGE LABORATORIES,Gaithersburgh, Md., is a U.S.owned,preclinical contract research organization that provides U.S.level regulatory compliant drug development services globally. For more information, visit bridgelaboratories.com. THE CEMENTBLOC,NewYork,a member of Indigenus, is a global alliance of independent healthcare agencies that build global brands with a “multilocal”approach. For more information, visit thecementworks.com. CLINICAL CONNEXION,Newtown,Pa.,a Connexion Healthcare Company, is a fullservice healthcare communications agency.For more information, visit clinicalconnexion.com. GREAT HEALTH MAGAZINE,published by Basic Media Group and sponsored by CVS/pharmacy, is a monthly health and wellness magazine that will make its debut in May 2008.For more information, email bpreston@greathealthmag.com. HEALTHED ANDHEALTHED ENCORE,Clark, N.J., develop patient education programs for pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers.For more information, visit healthed.com and healthedencore.com. QUINTILESTRANSNATIONAL CORP., Research Triangle Park, N.C., provides a broad range of professional services in drug development, financial partnering, and commercialization for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology,and healthcare industries. For more information, visit qtrn.com. TEMASEK HOLDINGS,Singapore, is an Asia investment firm. For more information, visit temasekholdings.com.sg. 3I, London, is an international private equity and venture capital firm with assets of $16 billion. For more information, visit 3i.com. TPG CAPITAL,San Francisco, is the global buyout group of TPG,a private investment firm with more than $35 billion of assets under management.For more information, visit tpg.com. AFFYMETRIX,Santa Clara, Calif., has entered into an agreement to purchase Clevelandbased biochemical enzymes and reagents manufacturer USB for about $75 million in cash. The move complements Affymetrix’s existing GeneChip platform and accelerates the development of its nextgeneration genomics technology offerings.The acquisition also enables Affymetrix to accel erate the development and commercialization of new genetic analysis solutions, and increases the value of its current product portfolio. For more information, visit affymetrix.com. CUBISTPHARMACEUTICALS,Lexington,Mass.,hasagreed to purchaseSeat tlebased Illumigen Biosciences for about $9 million in cash, expanding its pipeline of antiinfective compounds.Illumigen’s lead compound,IB657,isaprotein therapeutic in preclinical development for the treatment of hepatitis C infection. Thecompound is expected toenterclinical trials this year.Illumigen becomesa sub sidiary of Cubist, and Cubist will make IB657related development and regulatory milestone payments to Illumigen that could total $75.5 million to $140 million. For more information, visit cubist.com. EISAI,Tokyo, has agreed to acquire biopharmaceutical company MGI Pharma, Bloomington, Minn., for about $3.9 billion, enhancing its oncology and acutecare portfolios and expanding its presence in the United States. Products marketed by MGI in the United States include Aloxi, a drug to prevent chemotherapyinduced nauseaandvomiting;Dacogen,a treatment for myelodysplastic syndromes;andGli adel,an implantable,biodegradable wafer that provides sitespecific chemotherapy to treat highgrade malignant gliomas.Under the terms of the deal,MGI becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Eisai Corporation of North America,Woodcliff Lake,N.J. For more information, visit eisai.com. # # # # # Healthcare communications,publishing,and medical educa tion company JOBSONMEDICAL INFORMATION (JMI) has acquired the assets of CenterWatch andThe New England Internation al Review Board (NEIRB) from Thomson Healthcare, expanding its presence in the development stage of the pharmaceutical product pipeline. Terms of the agreementwerenotdisclosed.CenterWatch is apublishing and information ser vices company that supplies critical data to players in the clinical trials industry. NEIRB provides FDAmandated services to pharmaceutical companies and con tract research organizations.Founded in 1988,NEIRB was one of the first central institutional review boards established to meet the ethical review needs of a burgeoning drug development market. CenterWatch and NEIRB are allied with JMI’s Medical Intelligence Solutions business. For more information, visit jobson.com. MCCANNHEALTHCAREWORLDWIDEhasannounced the mergerof two of its medical communications agencies, United Statesbased Fission Com munications andCaudexMedicalLtd. of Oxford,United Kingdom.The merged company is known as Caudex Medical Inc. in the United States and Caudex Med ical Ltd. in the European Union. Fission’s continuing medical education business is nowpartofScientific Frontiers,Caudex’s CME subsidiary based in Newtown,Pa. The merger reinforces Caudex’s leading position in strategic communication planning and strengthens its service offerings in the areas of medical writing, key opinion leader (KOL) development, multimedia, and meetings manage ment,and extends its capabilities in the U.S.market through offices in NewYork, San Diego,and Newtown,Pa. For more information, visit caudex.com. M&AACTIVITY PV0308 LAYOUT 2/14/08 5:43 PM Page 80

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