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Taren Grom, Editor

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The pharmaceutical industry can no longer afford to be off-message — not even just once — in an exceedingly competitive marketplace. Silo busting continues to be a resounding theme in all areas of the industry, it’s a way to improve business processes, increase efficiencies, and stay on message. In this month’s Forum, executives representing various functional areas discuss some of the numerous challenges, such as ownership, accountability, trust, receptivity, leadership, and culture, to name just a few to breaking the siloed culture that exists at most pharma companies. Our experts believe it’s best to meet these challenges head on, because the rewards of an integrated-team approach are many. Bridging the gaps between functional areas is a topic near and dear to PharmaVOICE. One of the core missions of the publication is to improve business operations and communications between disparate areas of expertise and service. Through our various print vehicles, as well as our other multimedia channels, we have provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge to achieve this goal. As an extension of these print and electronic media outlets, PharmaLinx LLC, the company responsible for PharmaVOICE, the VIEW publications, as well as other now familiar e-based communications and WebCast Network, is excited to further its commitment to providing best-in-class business tools with the beta launch of AccessFYI.com, a comprehensive Web portal designed and developed specifically for the life-sciences industry. Over the past couple of years, there has been a common theme in our many, many conversations with professionals who operate in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device sectors, as well as those who provide services and tools to the industry — our readers, contributors, and partners. You have told us that there is a need for a single source to find targeted information related to your fields. Based on your feedback, it became clear that one of the industry’s most critical communications and resource needs was to have one place to quickly find the right data in the most efficient manner possible. We seized the opportunity to further address this void with AccessFYI. Developed by PharmaLinx and powered by ePharmaSolutions’ technology, AccessFYI is designed to be a portal rich with relevant, credible, and current information and data. We created a space where all of the content relevant to the life-sciences industry, from any source, will be found. The goal in the next couple of months is to continue to grow the content library exponentially. If there’s a specific item out there that can help a professional overcome a hurdle, we’ll deliver it. That’s what AccessFYI is all about. And this is just the beginning. We look forward to working with you to populate the portal and to receive your feedback in terms of usability and functionality. If you would like more information about AccessFYI, please contact Dan Limbach at dan.limbach@accessfyi.com. Taren Grom Editor PharmaLinx LLC is excited to launch AccessFYI.com, a single-source portal rich with relevant, credible, and current information and data. A new level of communications

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