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These brand stewards have the strategic know-how, market insights, and a creative flair that differentiate their products from the competition. Current position VP & Client Partner, Business Consulting, Fair Isaac Corp. Place of Birth Queens, N.Y. Education B.S., Biology, M.S., Biochemistry, University of Scranton; Ph.D., Toxicology, Rutgers Medical School/Rutgers School of Pharmacy; Postdoctoral Fellow, Fels Research Institute and University College of London; MBA, Pharmaceutical Marketing, St. Joseph’s University On her reading list Magic Cancer Bullet by Daniel Vasella, M.D.; The Power of Intention by Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. First job Toxicology Study Director, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp. (now Novartis) Person who has inspired her Jacques Rejeange, past CEO of Sandoz Next on her list to accomplish Head the Fair Isaac BioAnalytics/FastPanel business unit, which is using bioanalytics to identify DNA primers for diagnostic assays Laurie Myers, Ph.D. Having made a successful transition from pharmaceutical R&D to marketing, Laurie Myers, Ph.D., understands the challenges facing all aspects of the pharmaceutical life cycle. One of the biggest challenges, she believes, is divesting a pharma brand while growing it in the market. But her 20-plus years of diverse experience give her the insights to tackle the intricacies of launching a product and building the brand. Having spent time in domestic and international marketing, commercial development, and preclinical research, Dr. Myers truly understands drug development from concept to market. At the start of her career, Dr. Myers spent time in preclinical research, conducting toxicology studies for several products, and was head of preclinical research and toxicology for an innovative business unit within Sandoz, now Novartis, that was responsible for the management of biotechnologic oncology products, including interleukin-3 (IL-3), IL-6, and granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF). She brings her broad industry insight and expertise to bear in her current role as VP and client partner, business consulting, for Fair Isaac, where she provides consultation on business transformation, strategy, and marketing for a broad range of pharmaceutical companies and brands. Having played an integral role in the early days of the new Sanofi-Aventis group, merging two distinct cultures and attracting and maintaining the best talent for the emerging CNS franchise, Dr. Myers has hands-on experience in tackling change. Moreover, she understands the need to develop a strong market for newly launched products, having played a key role in a number of Sanofi product launches, including Arixtra, Hyalgan, Eligard, and the Heritage product line. Her approach to inspiring those she works with is quite simple: she seeks to surround herself with those who have vision, who are resilient, and who are compassionate. Inspirational, decisive, fearless, honest, she has what it takes to bring out the best in people. Dr. Laurie Myers brings broad industry insight and expertise to bear as she provides consultation on business transformation, strategy, and marketing for a range of pharmaceutical companies and brands. Peter Siegel Creative Energy A higher order of advertising intelligence blended with a serious dose of passion and fun defines what Peter Siegel is all about. All of which allows him to show clients the brands they didn’t even know they had. A true pharma ad man, Mr. Siegel’s presentations are consistently engaging and meaningful. He brings his years of experience to every relationship, helping to build strong associations that allow for real impact on the creative process and end results. In his 35 years in the industry, his many accomplishments include being the creative director on the launch of Lamisil, for what was then Sandoz, in nine countries with a single campaign, as well as being the chief creative officer, leading the pitch and winning the business for the Kaletra and Humira accounts from Abbott and the Pegasys account from Roche. His career has been on a journeyman’s voyage from being hired by John Lally as associate creative director to open the Chicago office of Sudler & Hennessey to working with Lester Barnett as his director of copy for Vicom FCB in San Francisco to executive VP and chief creative officer, North America, at Torre Lazur, to his current position as executive creative director at the Hal Lewis Group. Motivating those around him by being himself, Mr. Siegel leads by example. He transforms new recruits with a single interview, clients follow him, and coworkers look to him for advice. An important element to his leadership is a combination of managing and collaborating with his reports in the creative department; in fact, he holds the two to be synonymous. Mr. Siegel is someone who leaves a strong and lasting impression. He enjoys working with others who can bring their talents to bear on a project, without overwhelming the efforts of others or treading over people and processes. Mr. Siegel fosters a creative environment that’s stimulating, collaborative, and supportive without being wishy-washy or condescending. He sets out to nurture those who can simultaneously gently-yet-firmly stand their ground and who truly enjoy what they’re doing, see the magic, and have the ability to pass that magic on. Peter Siegel leads his creative team through a combination of managing and collaborating, holding the two to be synonymous. Current position Executive Creative Director, The Hal Lewis Group Place of Birth Chicago Education B.A., University of Illinois On his reading list Good to Great by Jim Collins; Anything by Pat Conroy; Where Have All The Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca First job Copywriter at Frank J. Corbett Jr. people who have inspired him Peter Zanet, his first creative director at Corbett, who nurtured and supported his first steps; Joe Plummer on the board at McCann Worldgroup, who showed how important great research is and how to extract insight from it; and Lester Barnett who showed Mr. Siegel what truly original thinking is David Templeton A True Market Mover A true marketer, David Templeton is strategic, hard working, and motivating not only to his peers, but to all of his colleagues. Mr. Templeton works on a brand in a very competitive market, and on a drug that is well-established, yet he always manages to optimize everything he does because he takes the time to think, be creative, and motivate all of his marketing partners. He has taken a product that has had to deal with many recently launched competitors, and yet he has increased market share with his brand team in only a little over a year, while creating a positive perception in this therapeutic category. Very rarely are marketing executives as down to earth, fun, and still successful at doing their job. He is the type who will always get ahead while at the same time ensuring that those who he is partnered with are also able to climb the ladder of success. A leader and mentor, Mr. Templeton is respected by everyone in management as well as by his peers; he treats everyone with the greatest respect and kindness. When people help him, he shows his appreciation and he recognizes the achievements of all those around him. A leader and mentor, David Templeton is respected by everyone in management as well as by his peers. Current position Director of Marketing, Enzon Pharmaceuticals Strategy and Creativity Rolled into One Dave Chapman In his more than 30 years in pharmaceutical marketing, Dave Chapman has proven to be one of the true Renaissance Men of healthcare communications. His ability to marry his right-brained creative side with his left-brained strategic account side has helped him aid countless clients bridge the gaps between the scientific, clinical, strategic, and creative aspects of the business. Over the course of his career, Mr. Chapman has often led the evolution of the healthcare marketing business. He was a key agency leader on the Claritin campaign during its DTC debut — the first of its kind — in 1997. As a managing partner of CommonHealth, he has been a constant, focused leader for the group; a driving force behind the organization’s growth to 15 business units across almost every marketing discipline. He is considered to be the international architect of CommonHealth’s recent formal venture into global marketing services for its clients. With a keen foresight that pharmaceutical manufacturers have to market globally but sell locally, Mr. Chapman brokered a partnership with sister WPP company Ogilvy Healthworld in early 2007, leading to the formation of CommonHealth Paris and CommonHealth London; there are plans to expand the network to Asia and Latin America. He began his career as a copywriter at Alden Advertising in New York, where he wrote travel, fashion, and medical devices copy. The experience was eye-opening for the young creative talent. It might be summed up by a quote from a former boss that puts that time into context for him: “Marketing?! Marketing is what my wife does at Waldbaum’s. We’re Ad Men!” Leading by example, Mr. Chapman has the experience, enthusiasm, and an uncanny ability to foresee marketing trends in the industry before they happen, then pushes his colleagues to meet emerging needs. Valuing honesty, creativity, and a can-do attitude, he is a manager, mentor, and an inspiration to all those with whom he works agency-side, and a seasoned professional on whom clients rely for big-picture insights. Dave Chapman brings experience, enthusiasm, and an uncanny ability to foresee the marketing trends in the industry before they happen — and then he pushes teams to meet the inevitable needs. Current position Managing Partner, CommonHealth Place of Birth Brooklyn, N.Y. Education B.A., Vassar College, 1975 On his reading list Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon; The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon Family Wife, Peggy O’Driscoll, M.D People who have inspired him Creative directors: Elwyn Spiegel, Vic Goodman, Rhoda Devore, Al Gerstein, Al Petrone, Dick Grossman, John Kallir; Account leaders: Leo Palmer, Phil Brady, John Szlasa, Tom Ferguson Julia Ralston Brand Differentiator For nearly two decades, Julia Ralston has been a pioneer in the art and science of publication planning. Drawing on her extensive industry knowledge, she developed and grew two major medically focused communication agencies, OCC North America and MedErgy (formerly DVC HealthCare). A New Zealand native, Ms. Ralston says coming to the United States 20 years ago was a highlight for her, and a move that enabled her to pursue greater opportunities. Creative in the positioning and marketing of her business, Ms. Ralston in the last year alone has successfully branded the new company name MedErgy, started a sister company, and continued to grow the business. Ms. Ralston has built solid business relationships with many of her clients who trust and value her thinking. She can quickly ascertain the problem a client may be facing and dissect complex situations into solvable action. She not only focuses on helping her clients achieve success, but she provides the internal team with strong support and mentoring. Those who work with her are inspired by the culture she creates: a relaxed nurturing, yet hard-working environment that is fueled by a team energy that enables employees to thrive. She strives to convey an attitude that nothing is impossible and if a task or challenge, big or small, is tackled openly, step by step, it is possible to attain anything. One of her inspirational ideas was to allow everyone to participate in conceptualizing the company’s corporate ad campaign. Agency staff — everyone, including administrative assistants and finance staff — were involved in working through a creative brief, developing copy, and presenting the final ads. The project was a success on many levels; it gave the entire staff an opportunity to learn something about the creative process as well as gain a deeper understanding of the agency. The competitive nature of the life-sciences industry can make it challenging for companies to differentiate themselves, but Julia Ralston has achieved this with poise for both clients and her own company. Current position President and CEO, MedErgy HealthGroup Place of Birth Invercargill, New Zealand Education Bachelor of Pharmacy, New Zealand qualities that inspire her People who have a very positive outlook on life and a strong and practical approach to defining and achieving an objective, be that in building or running a business, or achievements in everyday life On her reading list The Hard Way by Lee Child; a book on the history of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand Hobbies Music, travel, and amateur photography Michael Myers The Right Attitude Mike Myers has a keen vision for leading a dynamic organization and creating an atmosphere alive with excitement, determination, intensity, and honor. Whether it’s emptying the trash, binding a presentation, or writing a strategic analysis, Mr. Myers never asks anyone to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself if needed. He works to convey a sense that learning never ends, that hard work can enable people to overcome any obstacle and adversity, and that a long-term view is important for success. He believes in giving credit, staying out of the limelight, and allowing people to learn by their own mistakes. But at the same time, Mr. Myers is willing to make unpopular decisions and recognizes that collaboration won’t always work and he knows that there will be heartache, blood, sweat, and tears along the way. It’s also the little things that make a good leader: Mr. Myers remembers and celebrates the anniversary dates when each staff member started at Palio and goes out of his way to make colleagues feel special. Creating a culture that inspires staff and clients, Mr. Myers’ motto is “attitude is everything,” and his goal every day is to inspire himself and others to do better than they think they can. It’s that outlook that led him to where he is today. In the early to mid-1990s, while sitting in a board meeting at the company he then worked for, he had an experience that changed his career path. After a presentation on how the firm could get into the new DTC revolution early, the chairman said he didn’t think DTC was going anywhere. Mr. Myers left the firm soon after, joining NCI Nelson where he helped to build a DTC capability. And he knows how to have fun. Thanks to Mr. Myers, every Wednesday is bagel day, he is pretty adept at foosball and video games, and knows how to throwing an impromptu party. And, under his leadership, the most anticipated event of the year is the annual awarding of an all-expense paid trip to Siena, Italy, for an employee and guest to see the Palio di Siena, which he has seen twice. Mike Myers maintains a focus on elevating Palio’s presence and meaning for its clients, which is to bring life to the brands the agency supports. Current position President, Palio Communications Place of Birth Ottawa, Canada; grew up in Paradise Valley, Ariz. Education BS/BA, University of Arizona; MBA, University of Southern California qualities that inspire him Follow through, integrity, sense of humor, honesty, gives credit to others, and vision On his reading list The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury; Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose; Built to Last by James Collins Family Wife, Michelle, and three children Tess, Matthew, and Garrett First job Pharmaceutical sales rep with Eli Lilly Hobbies Running, supporting his alma mater, The University of Arizona, spending time with friends and family Rich Campbell Driving Brand Success Current position Strategic Partner, Cofounder, Regan Campbell Ward McCann Place and date of Birth Grosse Ile, Mich.; Oct. 11, 1957 Education B.A., Economics, University of Michigan; MBA, Marketing, Syracuse University On his reading list The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer; Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon; Flying Over 96th Street by Thomas Webber Family Wife, Kathi; Children, Douglas, 14, Sarah, 12, and Nick, 8 First job Assembling bicycles and working in the stockroom of the local Montgomery Ward store First industry job Promotion analyst at Pfizer people who have inspired him Too many to list, but most notably Ron Pantello and his two partners, Maureen Regan and Brendan Ward Sharp, incisive, insightful, a global thinker, approachable — all these descriptions and more sum up Rich Campbell’s style of leadership. Setting the standard for top-of-the-line analytical thinking and creativity, Mr. Campbell is able to leap tall logic problems in a single bound and has an uncanny ability to discern where the pharmaceutical market is heading. He pulls together all of the intelligence to solve marketing puzzles in new and original ways. When it comes to mining valuable customer insights, Mr. Campbell has been a consistent innovator, designing and developing novel research techniques to better know physicians’ major interests and concerns. His skills have helped make Regan Campbell Ward McCann a leader in its field. His willingness to roll up his sleeves to get the job done and always put the client’s concerns at the center of any debate make him the person clients and colleagues alike turn to and depend on. Softly spoken, Mr. Campbell always comes to work with a smile on his face no matter how stressful the business gets. His down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor make even the most junior employees feel comfortable approaching him for advice. Mr. Campbell is a willing mentor to those who work with him, whether they are clients or other colleagues within the industry. He offers candid advice to help others work through challenging decisions and encourages those he works with to take a fresh approach to their work. He is impressed by motivated self-starters and by people who speak well and think quickly on their feet. With a steady, unwavering approach to leadership, Rich Campbell offers a breath of fresh air in an industry known for its chaos and disorder. A Model for Hope and Optimism Current position Group Product Manager, Herceptin Marketing, Genentech Place and date of Birth Toronto, Canada; April 30, 1969 Education B.S., Biochemistry, the University of Toronto, 1990; Radiation Therapy Degree, the Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Center, 1992 On her reading list First, Break All of the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman; The Tipping Point and Blink by Maxwell Gladwell First job Hauling empty soda bottles and filling up the fridge with milk at her parent’s liquor/variety store Hobbies Road biking, running, listening to old rock music, hiking, and driving down beautiful coastal highways Person who has inspired her Her mother; in her quiet, determined way, she showed Ms. Yeadon what it means to persevere and how to use patience to get what one needs The best characteristics in a leader are someone who sets goals, provides the vision, and motivates the team to succeed. Natalie Yeadon provides the vision and clarity needed for everyone to accomplish their objectives, and she does it in a way that makes everyone feel valued. Ms. Yeadon joined the Herceptin team at a critical time, with a new indication imminent, a need for updated metastatic promotions amid changing market dynamics, and a product team consisting almost exclusively of new members. As group product manager of Herceptin marketing she has led her team to great heights. Her inspirational leadership has led the team to be recognized within the Genentech organization as the team to model all others on. Early on, she formed her team into a cohesive unit with a shared vision for brand success, and she set about working tirelessly to realize that vision. The result is a framework in which all members have a distinct role and are empowered to take control of that portion of the brand. At the same time, there are opportunities for team members to communicate openly, identify areas of cross-functional benefit, and celebrate brand successes. Before joining Genentech, Ms. Yeadon was oncology product manager with Bristol-Myers Squibb, and it was there that she learned she has what it takes to lead. While giving an overview of the oncology plan in front of the entire salesforce at a national sales meeting, she recognized that far from being intimidated, she loved the opportunity. She set her sights on Genentech, drawn by a dream of living in California, away from the cold of Toronto, and of working for a company she had watched and admired from afar. Imbued with a strong work ethic by her parents, who immigrated to Canada from Egypt in the mid 1960s, Ms. Yeadon notes that she and her three sisters started working at an early age, helping out in their father’s businesses. Hard work and her parents’ belief in her have been guiding forces. Open minded and eager to try out new ideas, Ms. Yeadon inspires all who work with her. She begins each day with hope, not allowing herself to get stressed by incidentals. Believing that almost anything can be achieved if one can establish a strong enough vision, she rejects the notion of can’t and strives to ensure her team remains positive, viewing them as the catalysts of change. Ms. Yeadon’s attention to detail and respect for her team give others confidence in her, while her continuous focus on delivering for her internal and external customers — sales representatives and healthcare professionals — make her a true driver of success for her brand. Natalie Yeadon is a visionary who articulates the end goal and works collaboratively to make certain that everyone is moving in the same direction. Ken Keller Born Strategist Current position VP and General Manager, Inflammation Business Unit, Amgen Education B.S., St. John’s University; MBA, Loyola Marymount University Being a natural strategist is a rare gift, but that’s exactly what makes Ken Keller such a capable problem solver. Somehow, when confronted with a problem, he just naturally comes up with a solution that makes sense. As VP and general manager for the inflammation business unit, Mr. Keller has extensive experience managing and leading brands and teams. He led the commercial launch for two of Amgen’s largest medicines, Neulasta and Aranesp. He has been an inspiration to those who interact with him because of his amazing capacity to understand issues, his strong intellect, savvy, and humbleness. For him, it is all about his brand. Further, Mr. Keller is a leader who is loyal to his team. He is careful to build alignment and is his team’s biggest fan. For those who have had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Keller and his team, it’s wonderful to watch. Ken Keller’s strong intellect, savvy, humbleness, and ability to problem solve make him an inspiration to those he works with.

Marci Piasecki The Talent Guide With a list of accomplishments to her credit, those who know Marci Piasecki best agree that her most admirable quality is her ability to nurture and empower new talent. As CEO of Torre Lazur McCann, Ms. Piasecki has drawn on her down-to-earth, energetic, and loyal personality to create an atmosphere bustling with forward thinking and creative people, brought together by a common thread — propelling brands to success. Under Ms. Piasecki’s tenure, Torre Lazur McCann (TLM), Echo Torre Lazur, and Torre Lazur Managed Markets (TLMM) have grown significantly each year, boasting a diverse brand portfolio ranging from blockbuster to specialized brands. In addition, she has provided strong support to Active Ingredient, a division that offers innovative video and interactive solutions. Her most recent major achievement has been to help manage the GlaxoSmithKline agency consolidation, leading to several major new business wins for the IPG network, to which TLM belongs. Her focus, convictions, and strong leadership skills have brought her from the traffic department, where she started out 20 years ago, to the helm of one of the largest healthcare communications networks. A true working manager, Ms. Piasecki makes herself available to everyone on her staff, from senior managers to junior copywriters. She has tutored others to develop their negotiation, managerial, and leadership skills, helping them to become trusted and respected leaders. Believing there is good in everyone, Ms. Piasecki is committed to finding those traits and making people great. Open with praise and constructive with criticism, she welcomes the same in return. She learns from those around her, and she acknowledges how her staff inspires her. Despite demanding work commitments, Ms. Piasecki balances her personal and professional life, and she also ensures her strong commitment to the community is reflected in corporate compassion. She has served on the leadership council of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and has helped initiate several charitable contribution programs to replace traditional client gift giving. Marci Piasecki makes herself available to everyone on her staff, from senior managers to junior copywriters. Current position CEO, Torre Lazur McCann Place of Birth New Brunswick, N.J. Education B.A., Communications, Fordham University On her reading list The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri; Blink by Malcolm Gladwell First job Traffic coordinator, M.E.D. Communications Hobbies Entertaining, cooking, anything on the water — beach, bay, or pool

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