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58 Robert Baldini Scott Ballenger Carrie Cox Craig DeLarge Barbara Deptula Peter DiBiaso Eve Dryer Cameron Durrant, M.D. Adele Gulfo Raymond Hill Lisa La Luna Sylvia McBrinn Timothy Poole, Pharm.D. Beth Anne Price Ira Spector Robert Stirling Jeff Taylor L. Stephan Vincze Rosemarie Yancosek Eve Dryer A passion for connectivity The driving force behind Eve Dryer’s successful career has been her commitment to building meaningful relationships among individuals and organizations. A connector who always takes time to listen, Ms. Dryer brings together people from different backgrounds, facilitates productive discussions, and encourages important initiatives that lead to changes in policy and improvements in the quality of patients’ lives. Whether these partnerships are between clients and third-party groups or business and personal friends who she believes would benefit from knowing one another, she has always been passionate about bringing people together who belong together. She even admits to instigating some matchmaking successes. Her willingness to be up front about how she has addressed challenges in her own life — from the suicide of a spouse to dealing with a teen with emotional issues to starting and running a business — has encouraged others to believe in their own abilities to catch and return a curve ball. She is a staunch believer in open, honest communications, and she enjoys working with others who are honest and thoughtfully candid, who have a sense of humor, who take time for kindness, and who believe that anything can be accomplished with enough commitment. Ms. Dryer has worked hard to ensure equal access to healthcare and reimbursement for all, refusing to believe that the quality of care should be influenced by race or economic status. At the same time, as principal and executive VP of Vox Medica and president and founder of Vox Medica Public Relations, she has been able to craft strategic solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of her clients. Under her guidance, Vox Medica PR has grown and flourished, winning numerous awards and gaining industry recognition. Aside from the thrill of launching Vox Medica PR, one of her most cherished moments in business was the first year she handed out bonus checks to her staff. She also considers it a privilege to have helped run the Silver Anvil award-winning My Medicare Matters, one of the nation’s most extensive Medicare outreach campaigns, second only in size to the one run by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Ms. Dryer is eager to play a role in the public sector that will shape healthcare policy as it relates to creating greater access to medicines for the disenfranchised, whether the group is children, the elderly, those with mental illness and their caregivers, or multicultural populations. In addition, she plans to continue working to meet the healthcare needs of the aging population and their caregivers, particularly in the area of Alzheimer’s disease. A staunch believer in open, honest communications, Eve Dryer has developed a deep pool of contacts and generously connects those who can benefit from each other’s services. Current Positions Position Principal and Executive VP, Vox Medica; President and Founder, Vox Medica Public Relations Place of birth Atlantic City, N.J. Education B.A., Communications, American University On her reading list Lighting the Way by Karenna Gore Schiff; My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult; The Red Tent by Anita Diamant; A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini Family Husband, personal chef, and practicing psychologist, Alan Goldberg, sons, Jesse, 26, and Lee, 23, daughters, Sarah, 21, and Liz, 16 First jobs The Jerusalem Post and The Foreign Ministry of Israel Jeff Taylor Jeff Taylor is the all-too-rare combination of expert financial manager and successful business builder rolled into one — a “bean counter with vision.” Mr. Taylor inspires and motivates through his leadership and creativity, and he has an unparalleled ability to see the big picture and find a way to achieve goals while maintaining the non-negotiable characteristic of working with integrity. Having helped to guide a 20-fold growth rate for ElderCare and Dental Benefits in the 1990s, Mr. Taylor joined Columbia MedCom Group as the company transitioned from an entrepreneurial entity to a second-generation professional services company. When the founders of Columbia MedCom Group said they wanted to sell the company, Mr. Taylor led the charge to find a way to keep the company independent, bucking the trend of large conglomerate roll-ups. Most financial backers told him that buying a professional services firm with no collateral was impossible, but he found a way to raise capital, even securing a partial loan guarantee from the State of Maryland, resulting in the company becoming the only 100% employee-owned ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) medical communications company in the United States. This achievement could be attributed to Mr. Taylor’s competitive nature, his hunger to learn, and his ability to focus. Add to that an ability to analyze, organize, and present data in such a way that it helps individuals and organizations be more productive, and the ESOP bid had the best champion the company could ask for. He has shepherded the company to six straight years of growth, which has allowed for competitive benefits related to health, life, disability, tuition, wellness, and more at a very low cost to employees. He accomplished all of this while negotiating and supervising a corporate move that provided physical as well as information firewalls for the subsidiaries within the Columbia MedCom Group. This ability to multitask can be attributed to Mr. Taylor’s experience in coaching and raising five very athletic children, who range in age from 8 to 21. Easy going and open-minded, Mr. Taylor devotes time outside of work to coach soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, enjoying the opportunity to help kids in his community, play golf with the family, cycle, swim, and work in the garden. With a hunger to learn and an ability to focus, Jeff Taylor forged the charge to keep Columbia MedCom independent as an employee owned company. A Visionary to Count On Current position Chief Financial Officer, VP Operations, Columbia MedCom Group Place and date of Birth Albuquerque, N.M.; May 9, 1955 Education B.S., Commerce, concentration in accounting, University of Virginia, 1977 On his reading list Good to Great by Jim Collins; Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton; Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge; Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, and Deception Point by Dan Brown; A Good Walk Spoiled by John Feinstein Family Wife, Patricia; five children: Shelby, 21, Zach, 20, Alexandra, 19, MacKenzie, 17, and Noah, 8 First job Auditor for Deloitte and Touche Defining moment in his career The day the ESOP was completed making Columbia MedCom the only employee-owned medical communications company in the industry Ira Spector Current Position position VP, Clinical Development Operations, Vice-Chief, Clinical Operations, Global Clinical Team, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals PlacE of Birth Allentown, Pa. Education B.S., Physics, B.S., Electrical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, 1978; MBA, Drexel University, 1983; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey On his reading list Everything and anything related to clinical trials Family Wife, Donna and two daughters, Sherri and Ilana First job Tearing labels off defective cans in a pet food factory, with a #10 nail (he was paid a penny per can) Hobbies Restoring British sports cars, going to the beach with his wife and children Toughest task Leaving a great job at a company that was planning to market a defective product Next on his list to accomplish Completing his Ph.D. Long before the seeds of ideas take root as industry practice, Ira Spector is already discussing and considering innovative ways to accelerate the pace of clinical studies. Mr. Spector has played a central role in the reorganization of the R&D efforts at Wyeth to make it a more efficient organization and to speed product development. He has spearheaded the efforts to approach development with creative clinical-trial processes; set up predictive performance metrics for sites; driven transformative technologies, such as EDC; forged innovative investigator relationships; and maximized offshoring resources. His innovative and provocative approaches to new initiatives have helped Wyeth reduce its cycle times by 60%. Among his many achievements are: a QMAC system for monitoring product quality; materials for high energy lasers and IR fiber optics; and the improvement of key medical-device products, such as trach tubes, glucometers, pumps, and medical imaging devices. Through his writings and presentations, Mr. Spector has vastly improved the understanding about the challenges and opportunities associated with the process of creative scientific investigation and the dependency on cross-functional support from within the organization. He is always willing to share his insights into relevant development process models, their discipline, organizational structures and links to standards, methodologies, and operational techniques. This benefits the industry as it fosters discussion and collaboration across the development value chain. To Mr. Spector, it is mission critical that the pharmaceutical industry becomes more efficient and productive, and that it be prepared to embrace radical change to advance. There is much that pharma companies can learn from other industries to achieve these goals, including how to apply technology transfer and change management skills. He finds encouragement from mentors both in the industry and in his personal life. Among those who have taught him much about the intricacies of research are: Drs. Harold Brown, Robert Lovett, Robert Levy, Bruce Schneider, Ralph Richardson, Roger Porter, Chris Gallen, Robert Maguire, and Howard Hersch. His father, an entrepreneur, taught him the importance of staying the course and of working with others, from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom. And his wife has been a significant influence in his life. Ira Spector is always willing to share his insights into development-process models and to foster discussions and collaborations across the development value chain. Beth Anne Price A Recipe for Success Current Position Executive VP, Science Oriented Solutions Place and date of Birth Edison, N.J.; March 16, 1969 Education B.A., Communications, Arizona State University On her reading list Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; The Last Summer by Ann Brashares; Parents magazine Family Husband; son, 2 1/2-years old and daughter, 18 months old Hobbies Interior decorating, gluing fringe on anything, running, photography Toughest task Completing the NYC Marathon at a sub 8-minute-mile pace after falling down and cutting her knee open on the Verrazano Bridge at the start of the race — she ended up needing stitches and a tetanus shot A true believer that a one size solution does not fit all needs, Beth Price has been key in establishing Science Oriented Solutions (SOS) as one of the most sought after contract medical organizations. During her nearly 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Ms. Price has built a network of contacts and long-standing relationships with individuals who are opinion leaders in medical science communications. Her custom-made approach to client services has helped SOS build up a large and illustrious clientele. She not only fosters business in the United States, but has been responsible for the start up of several global programs for SOS. From early in her career, she has demonstrated that she has what it takes, presenting in her first agency pitch and helping win the business. All those achievements have been a boon for SOS, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in May of this year. Highly regarded as an expert in the field of outsourced medical affairs, Ms. Price is a frequent speaker and contributor on efforts to promote best practices for medical science liaison programs. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry ranging from the smallest to the largest companies, and her incredible energy for work is matched by her devotion to home, family, and friends. With two young children at home, Ms. Price manages to juggle the demands of a high-paced work schedule requiring frequent business travel, while still spending quality time with her children and husband. In addition, she finds time to be involved with her children’s playschool and to volunteer on the parent committee. She encourages work/life balance for all her staff, and she recommends that everyone incorporate humor into life as much as possible. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry, Beth Price has earned the respect of industry leaders, coworkers, and those she supervises. Current Position Executive VP, Science Oriented Solutions Place and date of Birth Edison, N.J.; March 16, 1969 Education B.A., Communications, Arizona State University On her reading list Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; The Last Summer by Ann Brashares; Parents magazine Family Husband; son, 2 1/2-years old and daughter, 18 months old Hobbies Interior decorating, gluing fringe on anything, running, photography Toughest task Completing the NYC Marathon at a sub 8-minute-mile pace after falling down and cutting her knee open on the Verrazano Bridge at the start of the race — she ended up needing stitches and a tetanus shot Raymond Hill Pulling in the Same Direction Ray Hill takes the same approach in his professional life as he uses as a master rower: assembling the best teams and encouraging them to work together. His deep and broad understanding of the industry and his relentless focus on the needs of clients have won him respect and accolades. An acknowledged thought leader, his grasp of details is remarkable. As the go-to person on many global pharma issues, with insights into changing commercial and operating models, Mr. Hill works with a cross section of people in the industry to provide evidence-based consulting. Mr. Hill leads a 1,200-person consulting practice at IMS Health, a practice that has been growing at a rate of more than 40% since 2003. By connecting directly with thought leaders throughout the organization, Mr. Hill has been able to field one of the leading consulting organizations in the pharma space in a few short years. In addition, he was one of the key leaders behind the acquisition of SDG’s Life Sciences Practice by IMS Health in 2006. Traditionally a data company, moving IMS to be a leader in the area of consultancy has had its share of cultural and strategic challenges. His efforts have helped to create an arm that combines advisory services with IMS’s wealth of data. His focused efforts and tireless involvement in virtually all aspects of the company’s strategic direction are a source of energy and inspiration for those he leads. He inspires colleagues by creating a credible vision that they can believe in and in which they want to be engaged. Ray Hill sets the example for his colleagues on how to interact with clients. Current Position General Manager, IMS Health Consulting, IMS Health Place and date of Birth New Jersey; Oct. 29, 1962 Education B.S., Cornell University; MEM, Duke University On his reading list The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb Hobbies Avid master’s level rower; won U.S. Masters Rowing Championships eight times Biggest industry challenge Demonstrating the value pharmaceuticals can bring to society, and how value can be defined beyond price Person who has inspired him Michael Eckstut, the first partner he worked for at Booz Allen & Hamilton To the Moon and Back for Better Trials Lisa La Luna Current position Senior VP of Corporate Development and Implementation, ePharmaSolutions Place and date of Birth Minden, Neb.; March 28, 1965 Education B.S., University of Nebraska Hobbies Skiing, hiking, running, biking, traveling, music People who have inspired her Peter Carberry, VP of clinical operations at Genentech, for his vision and ability to implement process improvement; Lance Converse, ePS founder, for his vision, passion, dedication to the mission, and ability to conceptualize and execute meaningful solutions; her mother, Lidija Ostria Voslkis, who escaped Latvia after World War I; at 16, she led her family of eight across Europe without food or transportation, while being chased by soldiers The clinical process faces many challenges — some that are hard to change but others that can improve with the right approach. Lisa La Luna has dedicated her career to improving the clinical-research process and recognizes the need to develop site-friendly solutions to meet the increasing demands of the industry. Working hard to understand the industry’s biggest challenges and identify innovative solutions, Ms. La Luna has helped cofound three clinical services companies: one of the first ePRO companies in the mid-1990s, a leading patient recruitment company, and ePharmaSolutions. She has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for some of the most important technology solutions in the clinical trials business today: disease incidence software, Palm-based patient diaries, clinical study portals, online patient recruitment tools, and investigator relationship management solutions. She has an ability to listen to clients and create strategies that turn their visions into reality. She achieves this by working with teams to gain insight and ascertain goals and needs, and then she offers suggestions and solutions, aided by tools, systems, and technological advances, to meet those objectives. Ms. La Luna considers herself fortunate to have been in a position to put her ideas to improve the industry into action and to have a career that she enjoys. She is passionate about making a positive impact on improving how the industry functions and ultimately how that affects overall healthcare. Having started her career in the biopharmaceutical industry — with Boehringer Ingelheim, Genentech, and MedImmune — Ms. La Luna has been involved in various aspects of clinical research development and over the past 10 years has specialized in study launch, training, patient recruitment, and investigator relationship management services. She gained valuable experience from the site perspective while involved in developing and training several clinical research networks in addition to building investigator databases, and developing expertise in patient recruitment as one of the first employees at Acurian. In her current position as senior VP of corporate development and implementation at ePharmaSolutions, she has been involved in implementing innovative solutions to improve the site activation process and expedite patient enrollment in numerous programs. She envisions one of her major roles is to provide more universal investigator relationship management, nonsponsor-specific, that supports enhanced public awareness. Lisa La Luna’s passion and commitment to make a positive impact within this industry, and to ultimately affect overall healthcare , is infectious; she feels very fortunate to have a career that she truly enjoys and to be able to express her ideas and see them through to implementation. Carrie Cox A Professional Journey Proud of the industry she is in, the company she works for, and the people she works with, Carrie Cox regards her career as a journey that keeps getting more interesting, challenging, and rewarding. As executive VP and president of global pharmaceuticals at Schering-Plough, Ms. Cox has been part of a team focused on transforming the company and creating a culture that has led to 10 consecutive quarters of growth. A seasoned industry executive, Ms. Cox has played a key role in taking quite a number of pharma companies through successful transitions. She appreciates all of the opportunities she has had, right from her first job, working after school in a pharmacy, which fueled her passion for the science of medicine. She is a role model and committed mentor of women and men who are interested in developing their potential. She sets high goals and standards, ensures her team members have the tools to be successful, and encourages them to achieve their best. She recognizes and celebrates successes, then raises the bar to encourage those she works with to strive for ever greater performance. Applauding a can-do attitude, Ms. Cox believes while skill sets can be learned and perfected a positive attitude is key to constantly learning, growing, and achieving goals. Known for building a team-oriented and collegial culture, she looks for people with a strong intellect, who are open to ideas, and who believe in collaboration and boundary-less behavior. She understands the need for and encourages work-life balance, high performance, and ethical standards among employees and makes a point of remembering personal details and cares about all of those with whom she works. Fortune magazine three times named Ms. Cox to its list of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Assocation named her Woman of the Year. In the long run, Ms. Cox maintains that no matter the issues the industry faces, the most important thing is to ensure patients have access to the medicines they need to manage their health. Carrie Cox is known for building a team-oriented and collegial culture and looks for people with a strong intellect, who are open to ideas, and who believe in collaboration. Craig DeLarge Putting “E” into Practice Enthusiastic about building a new approach to how pharmaceutical companies reach out to their customers, Craig DeLarge maintains that a significant challenge for the industry going forward will be to transition from product-centric to customer-centric marketing communications models. He regards the FDA’s approval of DTC advertising for pharmaceuticals as a defining moment. Mr. DeLarge is keen to play a role in shaping the changes that he believes are critical for pharmaceutical e-marketing and other customer-centric approaches. His next goal is to write a book on how pharma e-marketing is done from his experience as head of e-marketing at Novo Nordisk. Thriving on new challenges and opportunities, Mr. DeLarge addresses every situation using his own innate strengths. He turns obstacles into opportunities and encourages those around him to be agents for change. He believes in a strategy that embodies the ability to both teach and learn and to take ownership of solutions and implement them for success. An experienced marketer, Mr. DeLarge has some noteworthy achievements under his belt so far in his career, including contributing to the growth of CMI-Compas; teaching marketing at Philadelphia University for the past 14 years; leading a team that launched the first online advertising campaign for Tylenol in China while at J&J Worldwide Consumer Products; and regaining the No. 1 HCP-recommended position for Pepcid AC while at J&J. He continues to be excited about both career and life outside work and always looks to extend himself into new areas. A life and career coach, Mr. DeLarge takes time to teach and mentor students, colleagues, and clients. Current Position Associate Director, eMarketing, Novo Nordisk Inc. Place and date of birth Pensacola, Fla.; May 21, 1966 Education B.S., Marketing, Philadelphia University, 1988; MBA, Design Management, University of Westminster, London, 2003 On his reading list Wikinomics by Don Tapscott; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz; 50 Spiritual Classics by Tom Butler-Bowden; Wicked by Gregory Maguire Family Wife of 19 years, Cheryl; son, James Avery, daughter, Alicia First job Client Service Analyst, IMS America Hobbies Yoga, graphic novels, life/career coaching, blogging at, listening to audiobooks and Jazz and Brazilian music Cameron Durrant, M.D. The Right Stuff Those who have had the extreme good fortune of working with Cameron Durrant, M.D., for a period of time say they would follow him to the moon. He’s a dynamic, thoughtful, and charismatic individual who personifies the core philosophies found in many business, spiritual, and life perspective books. Everywhere he has worked he has helped build a vision that people believe in and has created a culture that fosters professional and personal growth. Under Dr. Durrant’s leadership, many innovative programs have been conceived and successfully implemented, changing the lives of patients. At PediaMed, a pediatric-focused company, he helped build a strong, successful specialty organization almost from the ground up. Employees at PediaMed say he created a culture similar to a big family and when he left as the company’s president and CEO there were many tears shed. With pragmatic and deep wisdom about life, medicine, and people, Dr. Durrant has developed and retained an exemplary reputation as an industry leader. His keen intellect, depth of knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences, business acumen, and willingness to give opportunities to others have made him a sought-after leader and one who people express a desire to work with again and again. A motivating and caring individual, Dr. Durrant takes the time to guide people through issues as small as how to better manage day-to-day tasks such as paperwork and e-mail to setting and meeting high-level goals and everything in between. He ensures he is available for people and responsive to requests, supports people to grow and develop especially in tough times, and offers a leadership style that is driven from integrity and authenticity. He finds inspiration in those around him who demonstrate creativity, humility, trustworthiness, patience, humor, and balance. Inspiring leaders kindle the fire that urges everyone to try harder, be better, and to share the vision; Dr. Durrant has achieved that while remaining humble, accessible, and maintaining his veracity. A three-time PharmaVOICE 100 honoree, Dr. Durrant helps bring out the best in everyone he meets. Everywhere he has worked Dr. Cameron Durrant has built a vision that people believe in and has created a culture that fosters professional and personal growth. Current position Worldwide VP, Virology Global Strategic Marketing, Tibotec, a Johnson & Johnson company Education M.D., Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff, 1983; Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, London, 1986; Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, London, 1987; Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Australian Academy, Melbourne, 1988; MBA, Henley Management College, Oxford, 1995 On his reading list The 8th Habit by Stephen Covey; Food and Wine; PharmaVOICE First job Clearing tables at an airport restaurant First industry job Hospital residency Career highlights Winning the 2005 Regional Entrepreneur of the Year award and entering the national finals Person who has inspired him His grandmother Time-Honored Leadership Robert Baldini Treating everyone as an equal, Bob Baldini has earned a reputation as a great and inspirational leader. During his illustrious career of more than 50 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he has demonstrated a passion for the business and unwavering leadership. Mr. Baldini has invested time in helping others succeed, and those who have been on the receiving end of his sage advice are extremely grateful. From 1998 through 2001, Mr. Baldini was Kos’ chief sales and marketing officer, a role that involved overseeing all sales and marketing functions, including sales strategies, product positioning, and marketing budgets. He was also responsible for guiding the creation of the company’s sales and marketing departments and for the product launch of Niaspan. From 1982 to 1986, Mr. Baldini served as senior VP of sales and marketing for Key Pharmaceuticals. Following its acquisition by Schering-Plough, he continued with the Key Pharmaceuticals Division of Schering-Plough until 1995, last serving as its president. His time in industry spans roles at other major and specialty companies, including Pfizer, Geigy, and Ciba-Geigy. He was personally involved in introducing more than 27 major pharmaceutical products into the marketplace as well as in the development, launch, and management of several innovative, best-selling drug delivery products, such as Nitro-Dur, K-dor, and Imdur. Today, Mr. Baldini serves on the board of directors for Esprit Pharma. He also serves on the board of regents at Seton Hall University. Currently, Mr. Baldini consults with several companies, including Oikos Ventures and serves as director of Arisaph Pharmaceuticals as well as DermWorx. He also served as a director for Ascent Pediatrics. Robert Baldini has spent decades helping others to succeed; those who have been at the receiving end of his advice are extremely grateful. Current position Position Board of Directors, Esprit Pharma Education B.S., Marketing, Seton Hall University, 1953; MBA, New York University L. Stephan Vincze Standing Tall for Ethics Achieving excellence is key to Steve Vincze’s approach to leadership. As the VP of ethics and compliance officer/privacy officer for TAP Pharmaceutical Products, he lives by the golden rule of treating people with respect, leading by example, and having fun along the way. Under Mr. Vincze’s leadership, TAP’s ethics and compliance program has been nationally recognized with multiple awards. In addition, Mr. Vincze has been invited to share “The TAP Story” with leading Fortune 500 companies, such as Boeing, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Abbott, and others. His deep expertise in compliance helps to set the tone for TAP’s program. In addition to consulting experience, Mr. Vincze was a counsel to the Committee on Government Reform, an oversight committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, and advised and assisted the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in drafting the compliance guidelines for the medical billing industry. Mr. Vincze is also a leader of a proposed research initiative on the bottom-line value of ethics, compliance, and corporate governance programs conducted in collaboration with the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (GSB) and the Ethics and the Compliance Officer Association (ECOA). He is seeking to test, through rigorous analysis, whether a culture of integrity and compliance programs yield economic value and contribute to a sustainable competitive business advantage. It is important to Mr. Vincze to win back the public’s trust and to demonstrate that the pharmaceutical industry is driven to create value by enhancing the health, safety, and well-being of patients. Mr. Vincze draws much of his inspiration from his parents, Hungarian immigrants who left the country during the revolution in 1956. It is their thirst for life, freedom, and happiness that instilled in Mr. Vincze, as well as his brother and sister, the energy, values, and perseverance to be successful and to appreciate the freedom and liberty available to them in the United States. He has served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps., where he received the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for exemplary service in the Pentagon in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Grateful for all his opportunities, Mr. Vincze is committed to giving back to all who have supported him — God, family, friends, colleagues, schools, the U.S. Marine Corps., and country. And he finds inspiration in the strength, creativity, compassion, and courage of others; in those who have artistic talent, athletic ability, intellectual curiosity, a passionate heart, a kind soul, a tough spirit, and a keen wit. Steve Vincze regards one of the biggest challenges as winning back the public’s trust and communicating that the pharmaceutical industry is driven to create value by enhancing the health, safety, and well-being of patients. Current Position VP, Ethics & Compliance Officer/Privacy Officer, TAP Pharmaceutical Products Inc. Place of Birth Boston Education A.B., History, Columbia College, Columbia University; J.D., Southern Methodist University School of Law; LL.M., with Distinction, International and Comparative Law, Georgetown University Law Center; MBA, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business On his reading list The Reagan Diaries by Ronald Reagan; The Assault on Reason by Al Gore; The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama; Leadership by Rudolph W. Giuliani; At The Center of the Storm by George Tenet; The March Up by Bing West and Major General Ray L. Smith; How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, M.D.; Plato and Platypus Walk into a Bar by Thomas Cathcart; Social Economics by Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy Hobbies Riding motorcycles and jet skis, playing the drums, swimming, sailing, bicycling, and staying fit People who have inspired him His parents, Theodore Roosevelt, Milton Friedman, Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs, and Lt. General John Satler, USMC Global Communicator Current Position Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Global Communications, Schering-Plough Corp. Place of Birth New York Education B.A., Hofstra University On her reading list The complete collection of Dr. Seuss First job Newsroom of New York Telephone Family Husband, two sons, and two dogs Rosemarie Yancosek Grace under fire and a good sense of humor are just two of the traits that make Rosemarie Yancosek an inspiration for other communications professionals. Ms. Yancosek brings a big-picture perspective to her work, while ensuring attention to detail. Known and respected for her many years of leading creative, innovative communications programs, on the pharma industry side as well as the agency side, Ms. Yancosek epitomizes the best in corporate communicators. She serves as a true change agent for a corporation that is undergoing a transformational evolution, such as Schering-Plough has experienced over the past four years. Her thorough, conscientious approach to work makes her a valued team member in helping to move the needle dramatically on enhancing the company’s reputation. Working cross-functionally, Ms.Yancosek interacts at all levels of management to ensure the company’s actions and programs are fully understood. She also serves in a voluntary capacity for internal colleague initiatives dedicated to enhancing Schering-Plough’s focus on diversity and inclusion. Collaborative, intelligent, and ethical in all her business dealings, Ms. Yancosek is clear in communicating expectations, generous with words of praise, and judicious with criticism. Her boss has complete confidence in her, while her direct reports know her to be fair and supportive. Ms. Yancosek has experienced first hand the significance of quality communications. In 1996, she attended the International Conference on HIV & AIDS in Vancouver where data on protease inhibitors changed the HIV/AIDS treatment paradigm. Having more than 500 journalists from around the world attending along with thousands of activists, patients, and healthcare professionals illustrated the impact that quickly disseminating information can have on lives. During her 20-plus year career in advertising and public relations, she has mentored and coached several individuals who have grown and risen in their respective careers at many leading healthcare companies. Ms. Yancosek inspires those she works with through her calm demeanor and visionary perspective, and she provides trusted counsel to coworkers and senior management alike. With all she accomplishes it would be easy to assume she works 24/7, but she also devotes time to her family and volunteers at a local animal organization. Rosemarie Yancosek is a role model for business women and men in our industry and has extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry in many critical therapeutic areas. Robert Stirling Building Momentum Bob Stirling’s approach to leadership involves taking a positive approach to outcomes, and he continually focuses on the objective and considers it in terms of how, and by how much, to exceed that objective, rather than on the less optimistic “what if.” In so doing, this enables individuals or teams to visualize what the end will look and feel like. And he believes in celebrating and rewarding the successes, regardless of how small, all along the journey. Momentum is a powerful tool that is difficult to derail and can positively propel the people involved in a project. This approach encourages excellence in those he works with at McNeil Consumer Healthcare, where he is group product director of professional marketing. An accomplished 15-year McNeil Consumer veteran, he sets ambitious goals for himself and for his team and leads the way in finding solutions. Ultimately his goal is to create a best-in-class professional marketing organization that will create the tools and services that may enable healthcare professionals to improve the health of their patients. In turn, he looks to work with those who are open to new ideas, display intellectual curiosity, and demonstrate integrity. While his approach is an inspiration to his colleagues at McNeil, it is also a motivating force outside of the workplace. As president of the Philadelphia Chapter of Autism Speaks and as the father of a child with autism, he encourages members to step up to the organization’s various challenges, including the Walk Now for Autism event in September, by laying out targets and achievements. The objective of the organization is to drive awareness about autism in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey tri-state area. He is also passionate about fundraising to enable more research to help scientists find a cure for autism. It’s this can-do approach that has contributed to some impressive results for the organization. In 2006, the Philadelphia chapter was recognized as CAN chapter of the year, having raised $800,000 and holding more than 30 fundraising events. Respect is central for Bob Stirling, both giving and receiving; to earn that respect, it’s essential to treat others how you would want to be treated and then build the trust around empowerment. Current Position Group Product Director, Professional Marketing, McNeil Consumer Healthcare Place of Birth New York Education B.S., LeMoyne College On his reading list For One More Day by Mitch Albom Family Wife, Maureen; children Annie, 8, Patrick, 6, and Molly, 4 First job High school lacrosse coach Adele Gulfo Focusing on medical innovations, Adele Gulfo believes patients will enjoy better outcomes if their full treatments, including medicines, support optimal health and wellness. As VP of healthcare innovation and corporate strategy, Ms. Gulfo has built and leads the AstraZeneca Healthcare Innovation Center, a dedicated U.S. operation designed to drive business growth and improve the delivery and management of healthcare and to enhance the value of AstraZeneca’s medicines for the patients who need them. In crafting the center’s mission, Ms. Gulfo brought in a broad spectrum of people, including senior company leaders. The center’s goal is to improve the patient experience through earlier diagnosis, broader treatment options, improved adherence, and enhanced interventions. The center’s partners range from venture capital-backed start ups, to global giants to large research institutions to niche technology players. Ms. Gulfo draws on her training in both science and business to navigate these different worlds and structure strategic partnerships that provide value to all involved — most importantly patients. Complementing her role at the center, Ms. Gulfo also heads U.S. corporate strategy where she facilitates the creation of priorities, processes, and programs to deliver on global growth plans. Before leading the Innovation Center, Ms. Gulfo served as AstraZeneca’s VP of primary care, cardiovascular. A recognized leader in pharmaceutical marketing and brand management, Ms. Gulfo has spent more than 20 years on the cutting edge of healthcare, playing a pivotal role in the development and launch of some of the world’s top-selling drugs, including Lipitor, Crestor, and Toprol-XL. A strategic thinker, Ms. Gulfo understands the blockbuster model is not sustainable, and that the industry faces heightened regulatory hurdles, pricing pressures, and challenges to its reputation. Her door is always open to young professionals looking for guidance, and Ms. Gulfo is an active member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. A pioneer in science-based marketing, Adele Gulfo has a proven track record in establishing strategic partnerships with many of the most respected medical institutions in the world. Current position VP, Healthcare Innovation and Corporate Strategy, AstraZeneca Place of Birth East Orange, N.J. Education B.S., Biology and Chemistry, Seton Hall University; Graduate coursework in Molecular Biology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Department of Microbiology; MBA, Marketing, Fairleigh Dickinson University FamilY Husband Joseph, 10 nieces and nephews whom she seeks to spoil and challenge to be the best they can be Hobbies Fashion, fitness, and spending time at the New Jersey shore with her family Scott Ballenger Years of experience and an ability to listen, gather information, and offer recommendations has made Scott Ballenger an excellent resource to companies across the life-sciences industry, especially when it comes to patient-recruitment initiatives. Mr. Ballenger has been a tremendous contributor to the business of accelerating clinical trials and providing innovative technologies to the industry. Often the first person mentioned when it comes to finding someone to provide advice on enhancing patient recruitment for clinical trials, Mr. Ballenger has been a driving force behind contemporary practices for many years. He has been a founding team member of a number of start-up companies; contributed to three venture capital rounds, two IPOs, one turnaround, and multiple acquisitions; and has propelled two companies from early-stage to industry leader in fewer than three years. All in all, he has helped to provide outstanding, industry-class growth. In providing advice to the more than 60 pharmaceutical and biotech companies he has worked with, Mr. Ballenger draws on his extensive industry experience and well-rounded perspective of global drug development and commercialization. He has held positions of significant responsibility across the spectrum of drug-development stakeholders, including pharma, discovery, CRO, SMO, as well as media and data-driven patient recruitment service providers. He has toured the gamut of the industry, working in drug discovery, clinical development, commercial operations, and even interning in manufacturing. To round the picture of experience, Mr. Ballenger has been a volunteer in several clinical trials. As founder of the Trial Acceleration Institute, he built a critical forum for defining important strategies to accelerate clinical trials. Mr. Ballenger invests a significant amount of time in presenting his innovative ideas to groups both within pharma and in the broader healthcare community. Always able to deliver a product on time, Mr. Ballenger demonstrates innovation, knowledge, and commitment to excellence in all his business activities and in the vigor with which he approaches all challenges. Scott Ballenger is genuinely innovative, exceptionally well-informed and well-connected in the industry, and completely committed to excellence. Current Position President, Trial Acceleration Institute Inc. Place of Birth Raleigh, N.C. Education B.S., Pharmacy with Highest Honors and Distinction, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Hollingsworth Scholar, full academic scholarship On his reading list Seeing What’s Next by Clayton Christensen; The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman; In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters; China, Inc. by Ted Friedman; Managing in Times of Great Change by Peter Drucker; Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel First jobs Two paper routes, 10 lawns to mow, dozens of cars to wash First industry job Pharmaceutical sales representative, Glaxo Person who has inspired him Tom Peters’ iconoclastic borderline rants “I’m not happy unless I’m mad” and his unyielding drive for improvement inspired Mr. Ballenger almost 20 years ago when he received In Search of Excellence upon graduation from pharmacy school; most recently, Mr. Peters’ Re-Imagine was a key driver in convincing him to found the Trial Acceleration Institute The Go-To Guy It’s apparent to those who work with Sylvia McBrinn that she loves what she does. And while her passion for the business is clear, so too is her ability to connect with others and her willingness to take the time to get to know those she works with. Though strong and successful, she genuinely cares about what’s going on in the lives of her colleagues, both at work and personally. Her reports feel safe in the knowledge that they can make mistakes. Yet the high level of sensitivity Ms. McBrinn has for others doesn’t get in the way of her being effective and setting high standards, both for herself and for others. An excellent role model, Ms. McBrinn is clear about what is expected of people and demonstrates this in her own leadership by walking the talk. Her ability to articulate a vision and get people behind the vision is linked to her connection with her employees; they believe in that vision and where it is going, and will work hard to get there. Her commitment and concern extends beyond Vernalis to the industry at large, and she worries about the negative perceptions held by the public around the cost of medicines. In particular, she is concerned about how pressure to lower drug prices will impact innovation and ultimately how that will hurt consumers going forward. Her industry experience, including 20-plus years in the industry, and know-how also lend credibility to her leadership. Ms. McBrinn started as a sales representative in the former Upjohn Company and worked her way up to head marketing for a major product at Pharmacia, and later she was head of sales and marketing at Andrx. As the first U.S. employee for Vernalis, where she is senior VP, U.S. operations, she was charged with building a U.S. organization from scratch within seven months. She had to hire a full team, including sales, marketing, HR, finance, and sales operations, as well as find an office site, set up the office, implement benefits programs, and establish policies and processes. She also worked with the business development team to identify and in-license a product that was already on the market, Apokyn. Looking back, Ms. McBrinn is amazed and proud of everything she and the team accomplished to get the company up to speed. Sylvia McBrinn is able to articulate a vision and get people behind that vision and working hard to see it through to a successful conclusion. Sylvia McBrinn Creating a Clear Connection Current Position Senior VP, U.S. Operations, Vernalis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Place of Birth Northampton, Pa. Education B.S., Biology, DeSales University; MBA, Marketing, Widener University On her reading list The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini; Guide to Turkey; Wall Street Journal First job Hospital volunteer at the age of 14 First industry job Pharmaceutical sales rep Hobbies Travel, food and wine Passionate about Patient Access A willingness to acknowledge what he doesn’t know, to dig in and “get dirty” when tackling complex issues, and to maintain a sense of humor through it all have won Peter DiBiaso the respect of colleagues and partners throughout the industry. Mr. DiBiaso has a passion for improving patient access to clinical-trial opportunities, and he has an unwavering focus on championing the patient perspective and Pfizer’s relationship with investigators and sites as part of the clinical-planning process. As a director of worldwide development operations for Pfizer Global Research & Development, Mr. DiBiaso has led efforts to enhance the processes involved in conducting clinical trials, including recruitment and retention, site selection, and the implementation of tools and procedures. Forward-thinking with regard to clinical-trial diversity, Mr. DiBiaso has been a science and policy liaison for the company. With a wealth of experience spanning many levels of healthcare — pharmaceutical, IT, agency, healthcare coverage, and public health — Mr. DiBiaso understands the many ingredients that go into ensuring optimum outcomes. At the agency level, he spent more than three years with BBK Healthcare Inc., serving as a client communications and marketing leader. In addition to providing advertising, branding, and PR guidance, Mr. DiBiaso helped clients to develop and customize strategic outreach programs. His broad work experience is rounded out with his many other contributions to healthcare, including supporting the White House Task Force on National Health Care Reform, a founding board member for the Disease Management Association of America, and a keynote speaker for the 2007 Association of Clinical Research Professionals conference. He strives to ensure productivity in clinical outcomes and notes one of the biggest obstacles that the industry must overcome is the continued risk of commoditization of clinical research. Recognizing that success requires both hard work and gumption, Mr. DiBiaso admires those who display intelligence, passion, and good communications skills, combined with a small dose of arrogance and a healthy dose of fearless leadership. Peter DiBiaso generously gives his time and talents to improve patient access to trials, and ultimately to the greater good of the industry. Peter DiBiaso Current Position Director, Worldwide Development Operations, Pfizer Global Research & Development Place of Birth Melrose, Mass. Education Master’s Health Services Administration, The George Washington University Hobbies Competitive triathlete, sailing, coaching his children’s soccer and baseball teams Toughest task Maintaining a healthy life/work balance Next on his list to accomplish Finishing a marathon in under 3:10 (current personal best: 3:15) Barbara Deptula Current Position Executive VP, Business Development, Shire Pharmaceuticals Place of Birth New Britain, Conn. Education B.S., Pharmacy, University of Connecticut; MBA, Finance, University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business On her reading list The Secret by Rhonda Byrne; the manuscript for Zenobia, A Curious Book of Business, planned for release in late 2007 that tells the tale of triumph over yes-men, cynics, hedgers, and other corporate killjoys First job Hospital pharmacist Hobbies Golf, traveling for fun, not work person who has inspired her Her earliest mentor was the local corner pharmacist in her hometown, who welcomed her and encouraged her to pursue a career in pharmacy Every day, Barbara Deptula arrives at work with a level of energy and excitement that is truly contagious. One of the elite, Ms. Deptula is one of only 9% of businesswomen in the United States who is responsible for profit and loss, and she is part of an even smaller percentage of women in the executive suite of the pharmaceutical industry. Ms. Deptula is the whole package, with an uncanny instinct for business development and for people, along with an enduring can-do attitude. She has the ability to identify what products and business deals to pursue and then negotiates and closes the deals that build value for the company. A capable and savvy dealmaker, Ms. Deptula has been responsible for many of Shire’s acquisitions. She was the chief architect of the company’s $1.6 billion acquisition of TKT, now Shire HGT, and she was a key player in the recent $2.6 billion acquisition of New River Pharmaceuticals. More recently, Ms. Deptula’s team furthered Shire’s position in biologics with its in-license of Justiva, an experimental agent for scarring and wound healing. Her efforts have led to Shire being named 2005 Life Sciences Company of the Year by the Eastern Technology Council and being named to the Deloitte Greater Philadelphia Technology Fast 50 in 2006. A sought-after public speaker, Ms. Deptula has presented at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania BIO, and to the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, among others. Recently, she was named one of Pennsylvania’s 50 Best Women in Business. She has incredible insights into what the industry needs to do to lift its game. Faced with generic competition and pricing pressures, she believes the industry can no longer sustain itself by developing third and fourth generation versions of its blockbuster drugs. Instead, it must address in a creative, dynamic, and thoughtful way the challenges that an aging population faces, among which are many health issues with no or very limited treatment alternatives. And she is eager for an opportunity to take on the challenge of building a new pharmaceutical company from an early-stage start up. Despite her high profile and busy schedule, Ms. Deptula remains approachable, and she is always willing to help those she leads to tackle problems. She treats everyone with courtesy and respect, bringing out the best in her reports and encouraging their development. She empowers yet guides her colleagues to act independently while helping them understand the need to work as a team and strive for the same goal. She also finds time to devote to the less privileged, offering support to St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children (SCFC). She has led several innovative health programs that focus on care, outreach, research, and education. In addition to giving personally to the organization, she has helped SCFC to raise thousands of dollars in sponsorships and grant awards. Barbara Deptula is the whole package — a savvy dealmaker, inspiring leader, sought-after public speaker, mentor, and committed volunteer. Contagious Excitement Timothy Poole, Pharm.D. True to Priorities Whatever the task or project assignment, Timothy Poole, Pharm.D., always maintains strong values and a commitment to improving patient care. The way he approaches his work, his interactions, and the management of his staff shows that having a positive outcome for patients is always top of mind. In his daily work operating out of Pfizer’s Atlanta office, Dr. Poole is responsible for the day-to-day management of consultant operations of the Clinical Education Team in the Southeast region. The job requires integrating direction from Pfizer headquarters with the merging of clinical and business-related strategic planning within the Southeast while also participating in projects involving Pfizer’s nationwide CEC team. Dr. Poole has worked in many areas of continuing education, including acting as a clinical education coordinator (CEC), being part of CEC management at a national level, and is currently the national director of Institutional Clinical Education Managers. His presence impacts a large team of project-based clinical pharmacists who interface with academic facilities, managed care accounts, and healthcare practitioner groups across the country. His experience and creativity provide a role model for other pharma employees and validate the sentiment that keeping the patient perspective as the first priority is really what counts. He is a three-time winner of Pfizer’s Vice President’s Management Cabinet Award and two-time winner of the Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists’ Industry Relations Award. Dr. Timothy Poole has the rare ability to demonstrate strong values and commitments to improving patient care, regardless of the current task or project assignment. Current Position National Director, Institutional Clinical Education Manager, Pfizer Education B.S., Chemistry, Maryville College, 1980; Doctor of Pharmacy, cum laude, Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy

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