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These champions of industry demonstrate their commitment to their employees, their companies, and their communities by setting high personal and corporate standards.

Mehmood Khan, M.D. Mehmood Khan, M.D.’s favorite quote is from Michelangelo: Ancora Imparo, which translates into “I am still learning,” and he continues to be inspired by the lessons he learns from the people he meets. This philosophy translates into a healthy, vital working environment that requires the input of all its employees who share not only professional milestones and achievements but interests that extend beyond the workplace. As president of Takeda Global Research & Development Center Inc., Dr. Khan reaches out to employees throughout the company and plays close heed to their feedback on making TGRD a better place to work, as well as what’s important to them off of company time. In a few short months at the helm, Dr. Khan has implemented strategic changes that better align TGRD’s strategies and goals, as well as positively influence morale. While new to the leadership role, Dr. Khan has been part of Takeda for five years and believes that he hasn’t been hired as a leader, but rather that he needs to earn that position through the respect of his colleagues. Dr. Khan prefers to study a situation before acting on it, and he maintains that transparency, within the bounds of respecting confidentiality, is key. He believes it is important to have a passion for the work at hand. Dr. Khan also supports the theory that the impact of one’s work and actions are paramount to inspiring others. Most importantly, he believes that the No. 1 priority must be the patient, and he lets this credo guide his decisions. Enthusiastic about TGRD’s ability to make a difference in the industry, he motivates his staff to share in the company’s milestones. The trick in running a successful pharmaceutical company, he believes, lies in balancing the time and personnel needed to move today’s products through the pipeline and the resources necessary for the future. At the corporate level, Dr. Khan is a strong advocate of the work TGRD does with its parent company, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., in Osaka, Japan, which is critical to continued growth in the United States and Europe. Eager to take his scientific and clinical skills into the community, Dr. Khan, who is also a practicing physician, went to Pakistan on behalf of the Human Development Foundation to help victims of the devastating 2006 earthquake. Dr. Mehmood Khan encourages the teams at TGRD to recognize the value that each person contributes, and he champions the company’s success in creating groundbreaking products. Current position President, Takeda Global Research and Development Center Inc. Place of Birth Lahore, Pakistan Education M.D., University of Liverpool Medical School, England; Fellowship in Clinical Endocrinology, the Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota On his reading list The Chrysalids by John Wyndham Family Wife Shahida, of 25 years, one daughter and two sons Hobbies Minnesota Vikings football fan, squash, cycling, earning private pilot’s license people who have inspired Him His mom, who died at a relatively young age; Professionally, he has been fortunate to have a lot of very good teachers at every stage of his career Shelley Spencer Goals, whether professional or personal, are important to Shelley Spencer and she makes it her mission to support those around her in achieving their individual missions. Ms. Spencer’s ability to foster a can-do culture, one driven by creativity and innovation, has helped her to position Total Learning Concepts Inc. (TLC) in the sales-training industry. After serving for two years as president and chief operating officer of TLC, Ms. Spencer has been promoted to president and chief operating officer of both TLC and its sister company, Arista Marketing Associates Inc. Counting herself fortunate for the career opportunities she has had, Ms. Spencer regards a previous position as VP for Bristol-Myer’s Squibb’s Asia worldwide consumer medicines division as a standout role for the impact it had on her both professionally and personally. It afforded her the opportunity to work with a close team of colleagues and map out and build consumer businesses from the ground up across Asia and Latin America. At TLC, her passion for maintaining a successful training company, built on integrity and continuous improvement, is matched only by her strong belief in giving back. Ms. Spencer serves as a volunteer, spearheading local initiatives that enrich and protect the Boston community where she lives, such as Charlestown’s Arts in Action, a program for inner city youth. The program recently provided less fortunate inner city teens with the opportunity to explore their own talents and their environment through the use of photography and mural painting. The program concluded with a gallery opening where the teens had the opportunity to display their work and be recognized for their efforts. This year, she initiated a new program at TLC that allows employees to volunteer for several days a year so that everyone can contribute to the city of Boston. Her goal is to build and expand the Arts in Action program she developed in Boston to the Philadelphia area, where she is relocating. Ms. Spencer is inspired by people who proactively reach out to others and who are willing to take a risk and help those who are less fortunate. With a zest for living life to the fullest, Ms. Spencer loves to travel, enjoying the diversity available in both the United States and abroad. She keeps a map of the world in her office, charting where she has traveled and where she has yet to go. Shelley Spencer is passionate about maintaining a successful training company, one built on integrity and continuous improvement. Current positions President and Chief Operating Officer, Total Learning Concepts and Arista Marketing Place of Birth White Plains, N.Y. Education B.S., Boston College; MBA, Pace University People who inspire her Firefighters and law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day; armed services; teachers; healthcare providers; and anyone who takes the time for others who are less fortunate or in need Bruce Kehr, M.D. Medicine Man Even though medicines are constantly improving, if patients are not adherent to their medication regimen, the best therapy in the world is of little value. Recognizing this breakdown in the healthcare delivery paradigm, Bruce Kehr, M.D., CEO of InforMedix, is transforming the lives of patients suffering from chronic medical conditions by providing them with portable technologies that improve their medication and care plan adherence, thus improving their health, reducing costs, and providing peace-of-mind to them and their loved ones. Aside from his medical experience, a major motivator for creating such solutions was his grandmother, Hilda Kehr. In the 1920s, she was a vanguard and fiercely independent, she drove her own car and had a career as a teacher. She later became a controller of a manufacturing company, and she was nationally honored for her work with the blind, including creating by hand a Braille version of a physical chemistry textbook that is now in the Library of Congress. In her later years, Hilde was repeatedly hospitalized because she was unable to manage her medications. Witnessing his grandmother’s frustration and helplessness, Dr. Kehr began a life-long goal to help patients follow their medication regimens and remain independent. Aside from the risks to patients, medication nonadherence is a $300 billion a year problem, accounting for 10% of all U.S. hospital stays and half of all nursing home admissions. One of the industry’s biggest challenges is that there is no medication adherence market in pharmaceutical companies into which its products and services can be launched and no line items in health plans’ and disease management organizations’ corporate budgets for technologies and services that can improve adherence. To overcome these barriers, Dr. Kehr and his team provide independent third-party scientific proof of the efficacy of their Med-eMonitor system, establishing partnerships with companies, academic institutions, and leading adherence scientists to spread the word. Most critically, Dr. Kehr sets the vision for the company and brings out a fierce determination in everyone at InforMedix to overcome obstacles and make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones. Dr. Kehr encourages a walk-through-walls attitude to achieving the vision. Dr. Bruce Kehr sets the vision that brings out a fierce determination in everyone at InforMedix to overcome obstacles and make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones. Current position Chairman and CEO, InforMedix Inc. Place of Birth Philadelphia Education B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1971; M.D., Georgetown University, 1975 On his reading list Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; The Art of War by Sun Tzu; Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore Family Wife, Barbara; daughters, Melanie and Lisa Toughest task Helping investors understand the “crossing the chasm” model for launching a discontinuous new innovation and that companies with novel technologies cannot control adoption rates in a brand new market Terrell Herring Guiding from the Heart and the Head Current positions President and CEO, inVentiv Commercial Services; Chief Operating Officer, inVentiv Health Place of Birth Westminster, S.C. Education B.S., Biology, Magna Cum Laude, The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, 1986; MBA, Pharmaceutical Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Master’s Thesis, Pacific Western University, 1996; Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Advanced Technology, Mercer University School of Engineering, 1996; Graduate Certificate in International Marketing, Duke University and London Business School, 1997 On his reading list Just about all history books, biographies, and every book ever written on Stonewall Jackson Family Wife, Katie, daughter Savannah, 8, son Caleb, 5, horse Calypso, Boxers Lola and Monty, and tea cup Chihuahua, Itty Bitty First job Disc Jockey, “The Goat Man,” WGOG/AM Station in Wallhalla, S.C. Hobbies Anything that goes fast — riding his Harley, speeding across a lake in his Cobalt boat, or zooming anywhere in his 1970 Corvette Based on lessons learned at an early age from an inspiring grandmother, Terrell Herring constantly challenges employees and colleagues to find solutions that come from both the head and the heart. Urging team members to challenge the processes and become role models to facilitate change, Mr. Herring has successfully grown inVentiv Commercial Services, inVentiv Health’s largest division. Since assuming the role of president in March 2002, he and his management team have delivered strong revenue growth and a five-fold increase in income. His business approach has resulted in multiple corporate achievements, including the setting of new performance standards for pharmaceutical outsourced services. In addition, Mr. Herring has inspired his leadership team to create innovative solutions to better meet client needs in the changing pharmaceutical environment. His leadership principles are ingrained in inVentiv Commercial’s corporate cultural beliefs, which promote ethical business processes that foster teamwork in a diverse and inclusive work environment. In 2005, Mr. Herring was appointed to the inVentiv Health board of directors and is a regular sponsor, contributor, and respected panelist at pharmaceutical industry events. Maintaining that only when trust is built is it possible to move forward personally and professionally, Mr. Herring applauds genuineness in people, which is the foundation for all relationships. It’s not only at work that Mr. Herring excels and provides guidance. He serves as a deacon at his church and this fall he will be honored by The Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. His latest achievement outside of work has been the recent publication of his first book, Marching Orders for Leadership Success: Inspired by My Hero Stonewall Jackson. With a grandmother, Mary Terrell Arve, who inspired and coached many people in her roles as teacher, insurance agent, and owner and operator of a boat marina in South Carolina, it’s clear that with Mr. Herring the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Both personally and professionally, Terry Herring operates with a consistently high level of passion and focus, regardless of the challenge. Sonja Foster Accentuating the Positive Sunny is an apt nickname for Sonja Foster. Ms. Foster always has a positive attitude that inspires those around her — colleagues and peers, members of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, and those she interacts with at the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, and the Trenton Soup Kitchen. A team player, she is one of those rare individuals who drives her team to excellence and has the ability to get her staff to buy into her forward-thinking vision without making the experience a negative one. It certainly helps that Ms. Foster loves and believes in the goals of Clinical Connexion (CCX): advance the quality of healthcare education and patient care. She approaches every day with the same excitement, humor, and work ethic as she did when she started in the business 21 years ago. She learned her customer-focused approach early on from her father, when she was taught to always verbalize appreciation for business that comes one’s way and never to be complacent. Before cofounding CCX in 1999, Ms. Foster worked for 13 years in the advertising industry and as a Pfizer sales representative. During that time, she directed the prelaunch and launch of blockbuster drugs, such as Lipitor — along with her mentor at Cline, Davis & Mann Susan Miller Viray (another 2007 PharmaVOICE 100 honoree) — and educated physicians on novel drugs such as Diflucan and Zoloft. She cultivated relationships with key opinion leaders, pioneered advocacy initiatives, identified the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, and engineered discussions around topical issues. Her sense of fun is unmistakable: she jokes, for example, that the year of the Lipitor launch was also when she began dying her hair. Launches, she says, will do that to a person. Her willingness to give back to the community has long been evident. While at Western Michigan University, she became involved with the Special Olympics. Sonja (Sunny) Foster creates an atmosphere that is focused on high performance and innovation, as well as on having fun. Current position President, Clinical Connexion (CCX) Place and year of Birth Flemington, N.J.; 1963 Education B.A., Public Relations and Journalism, Western Michigan University On her reading list Anything that isn’t a self-help book First job Sorting tomatoes and waiting on customers at Foster’s Farm Market on Long Beach Island at the age of 9 Josef von Rickenbach With his visionary leadership and an innovative business philosophy, Josef von Rickenbach has led Parexel International to become one of the top public biopharmaceutical service providers. Parexel was one of the first companies to formally define the biopharmaceutical service provider sector. Acting on his vision to make the clinical development process more effective for clients in the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical-device industries, Mr. von Rickenbach broke new ground in the early 1980s by conceiving a highly complex, multidisciplinary, and systems-oriented approach to outsourced clinical development, bringing efficiencies, speed, scalability, and standardization to the process. As the industry adopted new software and Internet-based systems, Mr. von Rickenbach saw an opportunity to further accelerate the management of clinical trials, and he expanded Parexel’s information technology offering through subsidiary Perceptive Informatics. Being an early innovator was both an opportunity as well as a challenge, but leading the charge and then remaining at the front of the pack are even bigger challenges. Mr. von Rickenbach recognizes that to innovate and maintain clients’ confidence are attributes that a company must work at every day since there is no room for mistakes. Parexel’s 25th anniversary this year was a highlight for Mr. von Rickenbach as he celebrated the hard work of the company’s employees in achieving such a significant milestone. Mr. von Rickenbach ingrains strong values into the company — integrity and ethics, client service, innovation, and teamwork. He always keeps the lines of communication open and offers clear and honest feedback. He admires professionalism and dedication in others. Integrity is paramount for Mr. von Rickenbach and he counts the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki, a set of ethical principles for clinical research, as a watershed event for the industry on a journey to ensure patients’ rights in the context of clinical research. This was the first major step by the medical community to regulate itself and the catalyst for the adoption of stricter, regulated guidelines, oversight committees, review boards, and other governing bodies. He gives back through contributions to many organizations, serving on the board for the New England Healthcare Institute, the board of the Association of Clinical Research Organizations, and the executive board of directors for the Biomedical Science Careers Program. A leader in advancing the biopharmaceutical services industry, Josef von Rickenbach not only acknowledges that change is inevitable, he embraces it and guides it. An Innovative Philosophy Current position Chairman and CEO, Parexel International Corp. Place of Birth Switzerland Education B.S., Business Economics, the Lucerne School of Business, Switzerland; MBA, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration On his reading list Blink by Samuel E. Stone; Stem Cell Now by Christopher Thomas Scott Gregory Lucier When he took over the reins of Invitrogen in 2003, Greg Lucier brought his passion for excellence not just to the company’s pursuit of scientific innovation, but also to its efforts to be a good corporate citizen. Under his leadership, R&D expenditures have tripled, revenue has almost doubled, and Invitrogen has grown into a trusted supplier of consumable tools for the life-sciences industry. He encourages the company’s 4,300 employees to remember that their pursuit of cutting-edge innovation is not just about business; the goal is to improve the human condition one discovery at a time. For Mr. Lucier, a company has a responsibility not just to its customers or shareholders, but also to the community in which it operates. During his tenure, Invitrogen has developed a corporate philanthropy program focused on promoting scientific literacy and preserving the environment. The company has contributed millions of dollars in cash and products to charitable organizations, including funding the Biotechnology Institute to train and recognize the work of outstanding teachers nationwide. Invitrogen also has supported local educational initiatives, including the University of San Diego’s undergraduate summer research program and the Life Science Summer Institute. In addition, Mr. Lucier has encouraged employees to take paid time off one day each year to participate in Invitrogen’s Global Volunteer Day and to give of their time to a variety of organizations. Part of Mr. Lucier’s commitment to scientific literacy is to educate lawmakers as to the importance of research. He has recently led industrywide efforts to restore federal funding to the National Institutes of Health, whose budget has failed to keep up with inflation. He has met with congressional and local leaders on this issue, and has helped organize a grassroots campaign among Invitrogen employees to contact their elected representatives, in an effort to restore funding and reinvigorate the scientific profession. As a global industry thought leader, Greg Lucier has initiated and led Invitrogen’s commitment in corporate citizenship, an area of personal importance to him. A Good Corporate Citizen Current position Chairman and CEO, Invitrogen Corp. Education B.S., Engineering, Penn State University; MBA, Harvard Business School Place and date of birth Plainfield, N.J.; May 9, 1964 On his reading list The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris Hobbies Heli-skiing and off-road motorcycling Creating a Vision for Change Francis O’Donnell Jr., M.D. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished by following a few truths: put the interests of others first, do the right thing, and don’t sweat the small stuff. This is the philosophy by which Frank O’Donnell Jr., M.D., lives and it’s been successful. Steering Accentia Biopharmaceuticals as chairman and CEO, Dr. O’Donnell has defined a clear goal: to acquire, develop, and commercialize innovative late-stage biopharmaceutical and medical-device products that offer the potential for superior efficacy and safety. He has helped guide Accentia to its position as a globally recognized leader in the areas of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chronic rhinosinusitis, and respiratory diseases. Arguing that the current system for selecting patients and monitoring outcomes is archaic, Dr. O’Donnell urges the industry to commit to developing a better model to enhance the approval process and oversee the safety of drugs once they reach the market. A geek by nature — or at least in the eyes of his children — Dr. O’Donnell first discovered science fiction, then the life sciences. He volunteered to work one summer in a biology lab and when the professor received a grant to study genetic drift in pink salmon, he was paid to fish in southeastern Alaska. Bitten by the science bug, he entered into an accelerated B.A./M.D. program at Johns Hopkins., and as a medical student he discovered the cause of X-linked ocular albinism. Later, he was invited to join the residency program at Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute as a sophomore. He completed a one-year plastic surgery fellowship at Hopkins, and upon completing his chief residency, he became professor and chairman of ophthalmology at St Louis University. Following a nontraditional medical path, Dr. O’Donnell left academia to found Hopkins Capital Group, a private equity/venture capital entity focused on disruptive healthcare technologies. Dr. O’Donnell says raising capital in this arena by definition means going “against the wind.” Taking the harder road is something that he has done throughout his career and he maintains that although he is older now, as the Bob Seger song goes, he is still “running against the wind.” If Dr. O’Donnell were to retire from his job, the question would be which one? In addition to his role at Accentia, Dr. O’Donnell is vice-chairman of Biovest International, chairman of BioDelivery Sciences, chairman of RetinaPharma, chairman of Hopkins Asset Advisors, and managing partner of Hopkins Capital Group. As someone who bucks trends, Dr. Frank O’Donnell is committed to raising capital for technologies that some consider disruptive and that often attract skepticism. Current position Chairman and CEO, Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Place and date of Birth St. Louis; Dec. 22, 1949 Education B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 1972; M.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 1975 On his reading list Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow; Against the Gods: A History of Risk by Peter Bernstein; The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel First job Busboy at Slay’s Restaurant, St. Louis Defining moment in the industry The catastrophic success of Vioxx People who have inspired him In pharmaceuticals, Dr. Fred Eshelman and Dr. Ernest Mario; in finance industry, Eugene Grin; in education, Lawrence Biondi, S.J.; in the medical field, Arnal Patz, M.D., and Wm. Richard Green, M.D. Geoff Mackay Building on People Power People first, business second is the approach Geoff Mackay has taken to building a strong company. His methods are paying off; Mr. Mackay also was a 2006 PharmaVOICE 100 honoree. By creating an atmosphere where people want to do well and produce more than what is expected of them, Mr. Mackay has turned Organogenesis into a leader in the wound-care arena and built a great team of executives. Mr. Mackay helps guide his staff both through his actions, moving quickly to act on a problem when needed, and by posing questions that encourage critical thinking. A great listener, Mr. Mackay is easily approachable and combines an innovative approach to business with a deep-seated compassion for patients. As a leader in regenerative medicines, Mr. Mackay paints the picture of how the world will look when living, cell-based products are truly a standard of care for patients. And he recognizes that for Organogenesis to be the company to make this happen, it will be critical to constantly identify the unique skill sets that are required to succeed. Far from finding this prospect daunting, Mr. Mackay believes nothing can be more fun and satisfying than building the company’s competencies to change the practice of medicine. Already, the company has made huge inroads into defining the field, firstly, by achieving the first FDA approval of a living cell therapy, and secondly, by creating the first profitable business model that mass-produces living-cell therapies on demand for medical clinics around the world. Mr. Mackay is extremely proud of the fact that more than two-thirds of all patients who have received a living, cell-based product are Organogenesis patients. These accomplishments have helped to transition regenerative medicine from brilliant Petri dish-type basic research into a commercial reality that impacts patients’ lives. Once floundering in bankruptcy, Organogenesis has enjoyed 35% growth per annum under Mr. Mackay’s stewardship. His broad and deep knowledge of the international business arena has helped the company grow as well as establish relationships with clients and business partners. In June, Organogenesis announced a doubling of its employee numbers from 300 to 600. To accommodate the company’s substantial growth, the company initiated a major project to build the world’s first state-of-the-art, automated cell-therapy manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. For Mr. Mackay and his staff, announcing the major expansion side-by-side with the state’s Governor Deval Patrick was the culmination of many years of hard work. Mr. Mackay’s goal is to triple revenue of the company’s flagship product, Apligraf, over the next five years and launch multiple innovative cell-based products. The company recently opened a European head office and is eager to replicate its U.S. success abroad. Geoff Mackay combines an innovative approach to business with a deep-seated compassion for patients. Current position President and CEO, Organogenesis Inc. Place and date of Birth Montreal; April 28, 1966 Education B.A., Cert. Marketing, McGill University The qualities that inspire him The most inspiring people combine talent with emotional intelligence and strong communication skills Person Who has inspired him His mother inspired him the most in life; she was an athlete who competed at the national and international level in multiple sports for Canada, she not only infected him with a strong dose of competitive drive, but also taught him how to laugh and enjoy himself along the way Christopher Begley Steadfast in his demand for a culture built on integrity, Christopher Begley has led a business turnaround by developing an environment that encourages growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Begley directed the successful spin off of Hospira from Abbott Laboratories in 2004 and, in the process, established a world leader in specialty generic injectable pharmaceuticals and medication delivery systems. Improving safety and reducing costs are at the heart of Hospira’s business, and Mr. Begley continuously seeks out opportunities to impact these goals. For example, biogenerics offer a real opportunity to increase access to safe, effective, and more affordable medications, yet there is currently no regulatory pathway for their approval in the United States. As a board member of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, and with Hospira’s active participation in the legislative debate, Mr. Begley is seeking to change the status quo. Not surprisingly, he regards the Hatch-Waxman Act, which established an approval pathway for small-molecule generic pharmaceuticals in the mid 1980s as a turning point in the industry. His optimism and strong character are an inspiration to employees. From the start, he was determined to establish Hospira’s corporate culture on the principle of integrity, simply because doing the right thing is what healthcare is all about. To Mr. Begley’s way of thinking, there can be no success if integrity is sacrificed for achievement. This dedication to his principles has inspired and motivated all Hospira employees to honor and observe this core value. His emphasis on honesty and candor is not just inspirational, it’s also smart business. He has led Hospira from an under-invested business with declining sales and margins into a company with top- and bottom-line growth. His focus on revitalizing the business also has led to a sharp increase in research and development investments into cutting-edge, next-generation products. Mr. Begley emphasizes smart risk taking and innovation as keys to Hospira’s long-term success. He orchestrated the major acquisition of Mayne Pharma Ltd., an Australia-based specialty injectable pharmaceuticals company, to make Hospira truly global, followed closely by a major reorganization that emphasized what the company needs to do strategically to be successful long term. Though his efforts have paid off, he maintains that the separation from Abbott was complex and challenging. In a short two-year timeframe the company established independent operations and infrastructure in information technology, finance, commercial, and regulatory functions to name just a few while also continuing to run the business during the transition. An involved leader, Mr. Begley likes to interact regularly with all employees, from his executive staff to the skilled workers on the manufacturing line. His philosophy is to be direct, decisive, and open; to lead by example; and to be approachable. Most days he eats in the Hospira cafeteria and makes a point of taking the first open seat so he can talk spontaneously with employees. He relishes hearing firsthand about accomplishments and things that can be improved. He wants to be thought of as just a regular guy. Chris Begley has led a successful spin off by building an organization founded on integrity and focused on finding opportunities to improve safety and reduce costs. Current position Chairman and CEO, Hospira Inc. Place and date of Birth Chicago; April 13, 1952 Education B.A., Western Illinois University; MBA, Northern Illinois University On his reading list The Wall Street Journal; Business Week; Dan Brown novels Family Married with three children — 2 boys and 1 girl First job Newspaper route Hobbies Biking, hiking, and skiing Person Who Has inspired him David Jones, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Humana Inc., and first chairman of Hospira’s board Next on his list to accomplish Ride bicycle up Rabbit Ears Pass in Steamboat Springs, Colo. A Pillar of Integrity Bassil Dahiyat, Ph.D. Plunging into the abyss of founding a company without business experience and building it on a fairly untested technology, Bassil Dahiyat, Ph.D., has demonstrated the power of determination and hard work. Dr. Dahiyat began his career at Caltech where he worked with Dr. Stephen Mayo in the early to mid-1990s to develop a tool for protein engineering, a field that was still in its infancy. Together they proposed a challenge: to design a novel protein based on a desired shape. Since protein function is largely dictated by the shape the protein adopts, this reverse-engineering approach would provide an amino acid sequence capable of adopting the desired shape. They set out, under a significant amount of skepticism, to develop a technology that would use a host of biological, biochemical, and chemical data to predict an amino acid sequence that would take on a desired shape and function. The resulting technology, Protein Design Automation (PDA), became the foundation for Xencor’s platform. Because he was unaccustomed to the ins and outs of operating a business, Dr. Dahiyat brought together a network of advisors, from patent attorneys and corporate lawyers to investors and industry insiders, and formed the company with about $3.5 million in first-round investments. In the 10 years since the company’s inception, Dr. Dahiyat has led the team in securing more than $130 million in financing and forming eight collaborations with major industry partners, such as Eli Lilly and Genentech. The next goal is to initiate clinical development for candidates developed from Xencor’s technology, and the plan is to move the company’s lead antibody candidate for lymphoma into the clinic this year. Running the company has not been without its challenges, in particular vying for partnering dollars in a highly competitive landscape. But Dr. Dahiyat’s can-do attitude, easy rapport with others, and ability to remain flexible to the needs of business partners has meant that Xencor has emerged strong. Dr. Bassil Dahiyat is innovative, charismatic, and an inspiration to anyone who believes that thinking outside of the box can change not only how to conduct research but how to develop high-quality and effective treatments for some of the most challenging human diseases today. Current position President and CEO, Xencor Inc. Place and date of Birth Binghamton, N.Y.; Oct. 5, 1970 Education B.S., Biomedical Engineering, 1990, and M.S.E., Biomedical Engineering, 1992, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1997 On his reading list Execution, The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, and Charles Burck Person who has inspired him Professor Kam Leong, undergraduate advisor at Johns Hopkins University Engineering Change Ahsan Awan Transforming Commercial Applications Burning the midnight oil to help his team and company achieve bigger and better things, Ahsan Awan has quietly been building the next generation of CROs. Honored in 2006 as a PharmaVOICE 100, he continues to bring preclinical services to clinical practice and is stepping into the new frontier of clinical research management and development by leveraging discovery tools. His rise from director to VP to chief sales and strategy officer and now to CEO of Global CINRG is testament to his hard work and client focus. He is extremely motivated to help his customers and contacts in any way that he can, and he does so with the utmost honesty and integrity. His commitment to excellence and to drawing out the potential of everyone he comes into contact with inspires colleagues and clients alike. Mr. Awan seeks to innovate and inspire through his communications, and he encourages others to recognize that they are far more capable than they know. Committed to freedom, creativity, and self-expression, Mr. Awan maintains that integrity must always be central to everything, since without it nothing works. He enjoys working with those who are courageous, fearless, peaceful, powerful, charismatic, and open-minded. In addition to his achievements at Global CINRG, Mr. Awan has created two new companies this year, Clinterra, a preclinical animal and discovery science-focused venture with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and a professional athletic training and development facility that is merging new biopharma products and new device and diagnostic technologies with high-performance training and allied healthcare support. Additionally, he is set to launch another venture, a biopharma information technology company focused on preclinical data registries. Though not a scientist by training, Mr. Awan has gained widespread respect from physicians and is an internationally recognized presence on the scientific meeting circuit. He is highly sought after for his insights on proteomics, molecular diagnostics, biomarkers, stem-cell research, and global clinical development strategy. Able to understand the obstacles facing many companies, Ahsan Awan believes one of the biggest challenges is transforming clients’ operations management through the implementation of expert systems and other high-technology solutions. Current position CEO, Global CINRG Inc. Place of Birth Sacramento, Calif. Education B.S. and J.D., University of Oregon; MBA, George Washington University On his reading list The Book of Useless Information by Noel Botham Hobbies Hawaiian Hula dancing with Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Malie o Halau Kahulaliwai; communications coaching and seminar group leadership for Landmark Education; motion picture screenwriting and music video production People who have inspired him Landmark seminar, course, and team leaders and program managers: Tim Kuster, Donna Eller, Ramonita Santiago, and Stephen Burchard Anne Faulkner Schoemaker A Virtuoso Performance Current position CEO, Neuronyx Inc. Place and date of Birth Chicago; March 1, 1949 Education Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano, The Juilliard School; MBA, Finance, Drexel University Qualities that inspire her People who, despite whatever limitations they might have, persevere in their effort to accomplish something On her reading list A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis; Mozart and His Operas by David Cairns; The Solzhenitsyn Reader by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Career highlights There is only one: assuming the role of CEO of Neuronyx Inc., the biotechnology company her late husband founded in 2000 to commercialize adult bone marrow-derived cell therapy technology Person who has inspired her Her husband, Hubert J.P. Schoemaker Next on the list to accomplish Learn all 32 Beethoven piano sonatas For Anne Faulkner Schoemaker, serving as CEO for Neuronyx, a pioneer in commercializing adult bone marrow-derived cellular therapies, is not just an opportunity, it is a gift. After losing her husband, Hubert J.P. Schoemaker, founder of Neuronyx and a mentor to many throughout the industry, to brain cancer in 2006, Ms. Faulkner Schoemaker didn’t think twice about stepping into the role of CEO to carry on her husband’s vision. A Juilliard trained pianist with a business background, Ms. Faulkner Schoemaker embraced the challenge and leveraged her love for science and medicine to lead and inspire Neuronyx employees to stay on course to develop therapeutics that treat disease more efficiently and cost-effectively, ultimately transforming medicine as we know it. Ms. Faulkner Schoemaker has instilled enthusiasm and passion into those around her, striving to carry on her late husband’s dream to revolutionize therapeutics by leveraging the power of adult bone marrow-derived stem cells to repair, regenerate, and remodel tissue in acute and chronic diseases. She also draws on her background in clinical research and healthcare administration, technology licensing, management, and corporate development in both the profit and nonprofit sectors to drive the company’s goals. Among her many accomplishments before taking the helm at Neuronyx were directing the technology transfer operation, securing technology in-licensing opportunities, and managing the intellectual property portfolio for Avitech Diagnostics Inc. Before Avitech, she was director of business development at the Wistar Institute, where she formalized and increased the activities of the department, which placed Wistar among the top research institutions in the country in terms of royalty revenue earned from out-licensed technologies. She also has held positions at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she began her career. Today, Neuronyx is conducting a Phase I clinical trial for NX-CP105, a therapy for repairing damaged tissue after a heart attack. Ms. Faulkner Schoemaker’s energy and strength of purpose, combined with the unique circumstances of her undertaking the leadership role, motivate others to make their best contributions to the company. Though the commitment of taking on a dream is huge, Ms. Faulkner Schoemaker finds time for other pursuits, including volunteering for a variety of organizations. She serves on the boards of The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, WHYY Inc., and The Melmark Home, a residential and educational facility for the disabled. She also has served as an officer of the Board of Community Volunteers in Medicine, a provider of health and dental services to the working poor of Chester County, Pa. Anne Faulkner Schoemaker has continued her late husband’s dream to revolutionize medicine by serving as CEO of Neuronyx, the company he founded. Leonard Tacconi Discovering a Champion The industry is under constant attack and now more than ever it needs true champions. Len Tacconi has an unprecedented track record for steering pharma’s reputation in the right direction and remains steadfast against the strong winds of current criticism. During his extensive tenure and leadership at Merck he developed ideas, departments, and people to help improve the industry’s reputation and the public’s understanding of the value of the work pharma companies do. While at Merck, Mr. Tacconi co-authored a strategic plan on the emerging role of the consumer in healthcare, identified key trends and opportunities for the company, and led the charge on consumer acquisition and retention programs for 10 company medicines. Now as president of Discovery Health Media Enterprises, a division of Discovery Communications Inc., he has the opportunity to reach the public on a much larger scale and to build bridges between pharma and the public. His incredible past achievements and contributions and his potential in helping to break the stalemate in his new role make Mr. Tacconi an inspiration and a source of hope for industry. Len Tacconi has helped to steer pharma’s reputation in the right direction and now, at Discovery Health, he has the opportunity to reach the public on a much larger scale. Current position President, Discovery Health Education B.S. and Masters, St. John’s University Martin Soeters Current position President, Novo Nordisk Inc. Place of birth Rotterdam, The Netherlands In his years at the helm of Novo Nordisk in North America, Martin Soeters has led the company to a period of outstanding growth and profitability — becoming the volume leader in the U.S. insulin market. Mr. Soeters has done this while still maintaining a focus on the Novo Nordisk triple bottom line: economic growth, social fairness, and environmental concern. In the midst of the growth, maintaining a small-company type culture has been a focal point for Mr. Soeters, even to the degree where employees feel they can call him by his first name and approach him with issues of importance. His monthly meetings ensure all in his affiliates are informed of the company’s progress and the imperatives requiring everyone’s focus. He does it all enthusiastically and passionately. Above all, he has been a leading advocate for patients living with diabetes as well as patients in the company’s other therapeutic areas. With Novo Nordisk being a global leader in the field of diabetes, Mr. Soeters believes the company is duty bound to offer education about the disease and to provide people with the latest information about diabetes. Under his guidance, Novo Nordisk has launched a National Changing Diabetes Program. To his staff and colleagues, Mr. Soeters makes Novo Nordisk a great place to work, and the company has been recognized as the “Best Place to Work in New Jersey” in a statewide survey. Mr. Soeters is also on the senior management board of Novo Nordisk A/S, on the board of directors at Pharmacopeia, and the board of directors of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Overseers of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston and a member of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) board. At Novo Nordisk, Martin Soeters leads the charge in the company’s actions as an advocate for patients living with diabetes. Walking the Talk Al Altomari Marketing at the Top An accomplished marketer and astute businessman, Al Altomari’s experience, insights, and strong interpersonal skills set him apart. At Barrier Therapeutics, his marketing and sales instincts are helping the company to build a reputation as an exciting specialty company in the area of dermatology. As Barrier’s chief operating officer, he is responsible for the commercialization of the company’s product portfolio and the management of all worldwide business development initiatives. He also is spearheading the development of Barrier’s sales and marketing infrastructure within the United States. He joined Barrier in 2003 after a distinguished career with Johnson & Johnson, which included serving as general manager of Ortho Neutrogena. In that role, Mr. Altomari successfully led the integration of Ortho Dermatological and Neutrogena Professional. During his time with J&J, he received numerous awards for his leadership and business contributions. He also played a key role in preparing the launch of Ortho McNeil’s contraceptive patch, Ortho Evra. Able and willing to meet challenges head on, Mr. Altomari is committed to helping companies prepare for change. He notes that the toughest task he has faced in his time in the industry, including 23 years with J&J and four years at Barrier, is building an organization from the ground up. Mr. Altomari believes that one of the most important tasks in the pharmaceutical industry is articulating and defending the value proposition of pharmaceuticals. And he is excited by new opportunities to speak about new product development initiatives within the industry. In helping his colleagues and staff at Barrier prepare for and take on challenges, Mr. Altomari sets the tone, leading by example and taking informed risks. He finds it most rewarding to work with people who are able to make complex issues clear and manageable. But it’s not only Barrier that is benefiting from Mr. Altomari’s expertise; he also sits on the board of other companies — Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Agile Therapeutics Inc. — helping them excel in their fields by providing valuable counsel and insights. Al Altomari’s enthusiasm and acumen make it possible for everyone to do their best work; he is a role model for colleagues thanks to his ability to build relationships and to act on big ideas. Current position Chief Operating Officer, Barrier Therapeutics Inc. Place of Birth Philadelphia Education B.S., Finance and Accounting, Drexel University; MBA, Rider University On his reading list Anything by Dan Brown and John Grisham Family Wife, Christine; children Alie 20, and Claire, 18 Hobbies Spending time at the beach with his family Person Who has inspired him His grandfather, an Italian immigrant Next on the list to accomplish Teaching Sandra Wrobel Global Vision Sandra Wrobel has been instrumental in bringing better management and decision processes to the pharma, biotech, and global health communities. Ms. Wrobel has built a successful consultancy by hiring innately curious staff and providing them with a safe environment for learning and giving and receiving feedback. As CEO of Applied Strategies, she helps life-sciences companies develop corporate and asset strategies and improve portfolio management and business operations. Through her consulting work in the public-health sector, Ms. Wrobel has effected change in global policy and improved decision-making frameworks and processes. Her innovative work in global vaccine demand forecasting and in the development of tools for evaluating innovative financing strategies helped lead global health policymakers to commit more than $1.5 billion for pneumococcal vaccine purchases. This work will help save the lives of millions of children in developing countries during the next 25 years. Her achievements can be attributed to a sincere drive to find solutions to challenges that others may regard as too complex. She maintains that with an hour or two of a client’s time and a white board, it is always possible to identify a methodological or process-oriented framework that leads to a credible solution. She is a role model to many, she gives credit where it is due, she will never ask her staff to do anything she is not willing to do herself, and she ensures that people always are put before the work. Ms. Wrobel draws inspiration from those who believe they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. Citing her mother as her greatest inspiration, Ms. Wrobel says her mother lobbied for a citizen services center in their family’s home town, found grant money to establish it, and then became its director. Now into retirement, her mother continues to inspire her by visiting Uganda to see gorillas in the wild and climbing 14,000 feet in Tibet, all while in her 70s. Ms. Wrobel is seeking to create financial security through a few side business ventures so she can more broadly devote herself to addressing global health challenges and making even larger commitments to the causes that are important to her. Sandra Wrobel’s achievements in industry and in global health can be attributed to her drive to find solutions to challenges that others may describe as too complex to solve. Current position President and CEO, Applied Strategies Consulting Inc. Place and date of Birth Chicago; June 5, 1959 Education B.S., Chemical & Petroleum Refining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1982; MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 1987 On her reading list Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder Family Partner, Robbie; children, Matthew, 9, and Jeffrey, 6 First job Elevator operator in apartment building on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive Jean-Francois Dehecq Sheer Determination To build a pharmaceutical giant from scratch while maintaining a social conscience is quite a legacy. Through smart planning and staying the course, Jean-Francois Dehecq has turned Sanofi-Aventis from a small French company into the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Not only is the company’s global position a major achievement but Sanofi-Aventis also boasts a healthy product portfolio and a deep and rich pipeline. For colleagues at the company, he is an example of the positive difference one person can make for the 100,000 people who work for him across the world and for society in general. His rise to chairman of Sanofi-Aventis is also testament to his focus and determination. A former math teacher, Mr. Dehecq was a trainee scientific researcher in the French Army’s Nuclear Propulsion Department, and he served in a number of government jobs, as well as in the gas industry before becoming managing director of Sanofi when the company was created in 1973. In driving the company’s growth, he also maintains a focus on values, including performance, audacity, courage, creativity, solidarity, and respect for individuals and local cultures. Jean-Francois Dehecq has turned Sanofi-Aventis from a small French company into the third-largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Current position Chairman, Sanofi-Aventis Place and date of Birth Nantes, France; Jan. 1, 1940 Education Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers With a passion for health, Nancy Mensch Turett has led the development of pioneering health communications practices and approaches that help clients address a wide range of issues, including chronic disease prevention, infectious disease pandemics, disease destigmatization, health and science literacy and responsibility, and access to medicines. As global president for health at Edelman, leader for global citizenship, chair for Edelman’s Canada and Latin America regions, and a member of the agency’s executive committee, Ms. Turett demonstrates her passion and pioneer spirit — forging holistic approaches to business challenges and to tackling complex issues in personal health empowerment, the aging society, and global public health. To spark solutions, she offers connections and ideas that are different, sometimes seemingly impossible, but ones that get people to break out and think big. Under her leadership, Edelman now has 400 health communications specialists around the world, with practices in prescription health, consumer health, health policy and public affairs, corporate health, public health, and life sciences, and a med ed firm BioScience Communications. She is a trusted counselor to healthcare corporations, advocacy organizations, life-sciences firms, providers, universities, consumer products companies, Internet companies, NGOs, and trade associations. Her contributions to the field of pharmaceutical marketing and communications led to her being the first PR professional to be inducted into the Hall of PhAME (Pharmaceutical Advertising and Marketing Excellence). Ms. Turett serves on boards and provides extensive pro bono consulting to several organizations focused on public heath, health advocacy, and biomedical advances. She is committed to helping pharmaceutical partners embrace and retool for a new environment in which health stakeholders — lay and expert — demand transparency, question profits, and want to cocreate business strategies. In keeping with the company’s culture of citizenship, Ms. Turett has led Edelman’s global commitment to give back to communities. In 2005, she steered Edelman’s pro bono program in the fight against HIV/AIDS; in 2006, she led a worldwide pro bono program for universal education for girls; and this year, Ms. Turett is leading Edelman’s global pro bono commitment to both youth education and the global pandemics HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria. Doing the right thing is not only ethical but, according to Ms. Turett, a business imperative that when done well not only protects but builds brands. Current position Global President, Health, Edelman Place of Birth New York Education B.A., Psychology, Princeton University, with six months at Universite de Paris; graduate studies in psychology at University of Virginia On her reading list The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Harvard Business Review, and People Hobbies Music — listening, collecting, singing, learning, sharing, dancing, and even working out to it Toughest task Allocating and planning her time smartly to ensure that the important things in work, home, and community are prioritized Person who has inspired Her Her husband Glenn whose work in advanced tertiary and primary infectious diseases keeps her in touch with the real-life practice of medicine Nancy Mensch Turett Christopher Gallen, M.D., Ph.D. Rising to Meet All Challenges Investing time and effort into developing people and advancing clinical research, Christopher Gallen, M.D., Ph.D., is one of the most passionate and articulate thought leaders in the industry. Dr. Gallen has exemplified the spirit of “why not?” when addressing industry paradigms. He has made it his goal to constantly strive to improve the process of bringing new medications to market. Dr. Gallen has an extensive track record in clinical development and has been instrumental in developing and registering several now commercialized drugs. During his career, he has been involved in pivotal change management at a number of pharmaceutical companies where he has re-engineered clinical development systems to increase performance, profitability, and accountability. He helped Biomagnetic Technologies find indications and provided scientific support for its IPO; he started Premier Research Worldwide, a CRO within the context of a small ECG central laboratory and helped it to become a successful business; and he helped reinvigorate operations at Pharmacia and built a productive CNS group with multiple global product registrations. Dr. Gallen dares to be different and is willing to challenge the conventions of pharma to bring forth a more efficient pharmaceutical model. While at Quintiles running a large trial program involving vast amounts of data, Dr. Gallen drew on statistical and data analytic tools from earlier in his career to analyze trial outcomes. This was a seminal moment; he realized that this was a unique approach and that what he had to offer intellectually and scientifically would help to improve the quality of pharmaceutical research. One of his most challenging tasks was re-engineering Wyeth Clinical. He fundamentally changed a well-established organization from the basic processes, SOPs, and technologies to the organizational structure and the philosophy and systems for outsourcing in a radically different way. Today at Neuromed, he is building a company from the base up, bringing in key talent across all divisions and forming strong partnerships and forging in-licensing opportunities. In acknowledging his accomplishments, Dr. Gallen credits the talents of strong teams and individuals he has worked with — from scientists, to clinical researchers, to department heads and senior executives. The complexity and multidimensional nature of the industry means it is important to have energy and drive, an ability to overcome setbacks, a relentless focus on the goal, and a dedication to integrity and to accept only transparent communications. Moreover, the need for a team approach means everyone must produce quality work that others can rely on. These are qualities Dr. Gallen looks for in the teams he assembles. In doing so, he creates an environment that encourages a focused, innovative, and forthright approach to drug development. With an eye on the future, Dr. Gallen’s goal is to build the first great pharmaceutical company of the 21st century — one that would be to pharma what Apple Computer and Sony are to the electronics industry. To achieve this goal, Dr. Gallen is striving to ensure close collaboration with academics worldwide and integrating sophisticated internal processes with technology to empower employees to make informed decisions. He is creating a corporate structure where information is transparent and decisions are focused on facts and logic, not position or politics, and where the focus is on product excellence. Dr. Christopher Gallen dares to be different and is willing to challenge the conventions of pharma to bring forth a more efficient pharmaceutical model. Current position CEO and President, Neuromed Pharmaceuticals Place of Birth Philadelphia Education B.A., philosophy, University of Florida, 1973; M.D., Emory University School of Medicine, 1980; Ph.D., Biochemistry, Emory University School of Medicine, 1981; Psychiatry residency, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1984; Neurology residency, University of California, San Diego, 1987 On his reading list Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras; The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker; Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Person who has inspired him Dr. Floyd Bloom, a neuroscientist at The Scripps Research Institute, who embodied integrity, intelligence, passion, and drive and put it together in a package that was warm, humane, witty, and insightful; he was a leader who did not let his own ego get in the way of inspiring and nurturing his subordinates Driving Dynamic Developments Kirk Gallion Current position President and Cofounder, Octagon Research Solutions Inc. Place of Birth Cumberland, Md. Education B.S., Physics and Math, Frostburg State University On his reading list Inside Delta Force by Eric Haney; Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner; Core PHP Programming by Leon Atkinson Defining moment in the industry The January 1999 FDA guidance on providing regulatory submissions in electronic formats, which signaled a compelling reason to transform from paper-centric to electronic processes Person who has inspired him Abraham Lincoln The zero-defect mentality that is pervasive throughout Octagon Research Solutions’ technologies and products is a testament to the innovative leadership and high standards set by the company’s president and cofounder, Kirk Gallion. Mr. Gallion is committed to the development of new and enhanced technologies and services to assist the life-sciences industry in improving clinical R&D processes. He has invested a great deal of energy into overcoming the industry’s inertia as well as its dread of change, especially in areas where technology can do the most good. In doing, so Mr. Gallion and his team have helped to shift industry reticence and lead the market toward a more process-centric view of clinical research and development. Enacting this change requires Mr. Gallion to rethink traditional approaches to long-standing problems, develop innovative solutions that address evolving industry requirements, and incorporate deep domain knowledge. It also requires drawing people’s attention to the existing problems and making them dissatisfied with the status quo. His knack for problem solving and his industry insights have developed from his years of experience in the industry, including time as a consultant for Anderson Consulting before cofounding Octagon. His leadership and team-building capabilities also were in evidence while serving as a captain in the United States Army, where he was responsible for the production of a facility that employed 160 personnel under a $1.2 million budget. During his tenure, he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and two Army Achievement medals, in addition to being rated the best of 68 junior officers in the command. Mr. Gallion is deeply committed to the development of strong industry leaders within his organization. In his current role, he has wisely combined his innate leadership skills and love of technology to create an entrepreneurial environment where innovation is not only encouraged, but expected. He seeks people with unwavering integrity, fidelity to the team and organization, candor, and competence. Leading from the front, Kirk Gallion is committed to developing innovative solutions that address evolving industry requirements. Larry Downey People’s Advocate Current position President and CEO, Teva Neuroscience Education B.S., Business Administration, University of Missouri; MBA, University of Missouri-Kansas City As a president and CEO of Teva Neuroscience, Larry Downey is a quiet leader whose style invites followership and commitment, and generates a sense of purpose for his organization. He encourages his associates to focus on the patient and to do what’s right for them, knowing that as a result the business will follow. He advocates for his staff with the global corporate office of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and reaches a balance between his concern for those who work for him and the bottom line. Under Mr. Downey’s leadership, Teva Neuroscience has grown exponentially since it began in 1995. Since that time, the company’s vision has remained steadfast: to be a leader in neurology through the quality of its people, the quality of its products, and focus on the patient. Following success in the area of multiple sclerosis with Copaxone, the company launched Azilect, a promising treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Mr. Downey maintains the company’s success relies greatly on its associates and people, who represent the true spirit of Teva Neuroscience, and who bring the vision to life every day through their remarkable work. He speaks highly of the tremendous knowledge and experience of his people, who are all striving toward the same goal: to improve the lives of people with these neurological diseases. They also champion the company’s philosophy to “pay it forward” through individual and organizational philanthropic efforts. Mr. Downey’s successful career in pharmaceuticals dates back 30 years, beginning with Marion Laboratories in 1977, where he served in several senior positions there and at successor companies — Marion Merrell Dow, Hoechst Marion Roussel, and Aventis. This experience included roles in finance, marketing, and business management, specializing in partnerships and strategic marketing programs. Under Mr. Downey’s leadership, Teva Neuroscience has not only become known as one of the best places to work in the communities where it operates, but also as he states, “the place where the best people choose to work.” Larry Downey’s leadership skills and business acumen have developed over a distinguished career in the industry of about 30 years. Nigel Page Lessons Learned Current position President, i3 Research Place and date of Birth Kingswinford, United Kingdom; Jan. 23, 1961 First job Cardiovascular Product Specialist On his reading list Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen Covey; The novels of Émile Zola; Wainwright Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells by A. Wainwright; First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman Hobbies Church organist and pianist; black and white photography Each experience and opportunity in life brings valuable, career-defining lessons. From his first job as a medical sales representative, Nigel Page gleaned some critical teachings about the industry, customers, and himself, which guide him to this day. He learned that he is self-motivated, that it’s vitally important to listen to customers and colleagues, and that what he liked most about the industry was that it advanced healthcare. Forgoing the opportunity of a career in music (he is a classically trained church organist), Mr. Page realized many successful people as well as leaders in the industry started out in sales, “carrying the bag.” Working as a sales rep gave Mr. Page an opportunity to witness first hand the value of products the industry creates and produces. At the time he was selling cardiovascular IV products, which frequently required his presence in intensive care units. One experience from those days stays with him today — a man was admitted in a critical condition with heart failure, and within half an hour of being administered the treatment, the patient was sitting up in bed having a lively discussion with the nursing staff. As president of i3 Research, Mr. Page continues to hone his management and leadership skills, learning from role models, among other things, the importance of bringing together people, processes, and technology to improve productivity. As a leader, Mr. Page is clear about the business imperatives of a fast-moving company, and has created an environment where people know what’s expected of them and where and how they fit in the bigger picture. Simultaneously he treats his employees with respect and consideration, maintaining great things can be achieved without ever sacrificing such basic human tenets as civility, honesty, and integrity. Recognizing that the company’s success depends on the commitment of smart individuals, Mr. Page creates an environment where people can excel. The result is a company that is enjoying increasing profitability and global expansion; this is a quite different situation from the one he inherited four years ago. Mr. Page is motivated by individuals who have clarity of vision and a determination to pursue what they believe to be right, as well as a genuine concern for the well-being of others. And he is inspired by those who leave a lasting legacy as a result of their insights, inventions, and works. Nigel Page treats his employees with respect and consideration and maintains that great things can be achieved without ever sacrificing such basic human tenets as civility, honesty, and integrity.

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