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Blue Spoon Releases Ecosystem Solution For Pharma Sales Effectiveness

Blue Spoon Consulting has released a marketing ecosystem-based solution for pharmaceutical sales effectiveness. The new design links the context, content, and process of the virtual and physical domains of pharmaceutical sales into a dynamic business system with a dense configuration of activities and knowledge. Available for download through the Blue Spoon Consulting Website, the ecosystem platform for pharmaceutical sales tightens the fit between sampling management, longitudinal prescribing data, publication planning, publicity, salesforce automation, patient advocacy groups, on-demand and service-oriented software, medical science liaisons, health information technology, care management initiatives, outcomes studies, and branded content flows around a customer. Linking the output and feedback from these previously unrelated or underused elements into a new pattern of organization offers a new scenario for value creation. The center of gravity resides in a living business system that absorbs complexity and one that competitors are unable to replicate. Its economic value is based on measuring increasing returns over time. Delivery and acquisition of marketing communications and information technology services are judged on their positional value within the ecosystem and their ability to conduct and contribute to system performance. “High degrees of contextual change in the external environment — information becoming liquid, existing everywhere in real time, a whole world of specialized assets and knowledge that make possible any operational vision — is opening a new arena for creativity and strategic logic,” says John G. Singer, principal at Blue Spoon Consulting. Opportunities for new markets and new growth can now be based on designing entirely new business concepts with systemic properties and integrated diversity across domains, says John G. Singer, Principal at Blue Spoon Consulting. Octagon Releases Updated submissions template Octagon has unveiled StartingPoint 2.2, the most recent version of its global template suite that supports global submission standards and incorporates region-specific solutions. StartingPoint 2.2 template suite facilitates rapid authoring standards across functional areas to assist efficient authoring of all components of the eCTD (electronic common technical document). The software includes instructional text from the International Conference on Harmonization guidance documents, as well as automation of frequently used authoring functions. “With the recent FDA CDER announcement regarding the withdrawal of three electronic submission guidances, eCTD submission document authoring, review, and approval processes and standards have become even more critical,” says John Lawrie, VP of process solutions at Octagon. Features of the suite include the addition of EU Content templates for Module 1, and a physician’s labeling rule button, which enables the easy generation of the compliant two-column format required by the FDA. The solution also offers a one-button feature enabling users to toggle between U.S. letter and A4 page sizes without affecting pagination, thus facilitating submission document creation processes for global companies planning to submit in EU and U.S. regions. The new release combines user-requested features with other innovative enhancements that will simplify the tedious formatting tasks associated with traditional authoring methods, says John Lawrie, VP of Process Solutions at Octagon. IMS Health Integrates Anonymized Patient-Level Data IMS Health has integrated anonymized patient-level data (APLD) across its global portfolio of information, analytics, and consulting offerings. IMS’s APLD portfolio shows the interplay of factors, such as disease and treatment patterns, compliance and persistence, physician practices, payer impact, and the cost of care over time. The integration of data across a range of industry-standard information, analytics, and consulting services gives clients an inclusive and consistent view of the market. “IMS can help the industry apply APLD to drive innovative pharmaceutical brand and portfolio strategies and ensure that the right patients receive the right therapies at the right time,” says William Nelligan, president of IMS Americas. APLD information offerings deliver key early indicators of brand performance, as well as insights into particular therapeutic areas. For example, IMS NPA Market Dynamics combines source-of-business metrics — such as switching, add-on therapies, and prescription restarts — with industry-standard prescription measures to help clients better plan, forecast, and measure brand performance. IMS NPA New to Brand improves the understanding of new prescription volume growth generated from first-time patients on a brand, filtering out continued or restarted prescriptions. IMS Disease Analyzer incorporates comprehensive longitudinal anonymized patient-level data in Europe, enabling single- and multicountry analysis of treatment dynamics over time. Disease Analyzer information is fully integrated with IMS medical claims information, allowing for regional and global treatment analysis. And IMS Xponent Prescribing Dynamics combines comprehensive treatment insights with IMS Xponent to help researchers and clients better understand treatment patterns at a territory level, driving fast response to market events and more effective physician-level messaging. Patient-centric insights are helping the industry move away from measuring consumption alone to measuring market potential and product value, says William Nelligan, President of IMS Americas. Wolters Kluwer Health Releases Content Management System Wolters Kluwer Health has launched PubFusion 2.0 as an online content management system for publishers, pharmaceutical companies, and other businesses. While originally developed as a proprietary solution, the system is now being offered as a stand-alone product because of the substantial benefits it brings to content management. PubFusion 2.0 offers research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other businesses an online solution to increase the speed and quality of content creation, review, approval, and dissemination. It also allows users to manage their library of original content and supporting materials, such as advertisements, editorial art, print layout, and permission information. “Because we deliver hundreds of pages of professional content every day, we know firsthand what is needed in content-focused software solutions,” says Jeff McCaulley, president and CEO of Wolters Kluwer Health. Key product features of PubFusion 2.0 include real-time audits that can identify potential roadblocks in the production process and collaboration tools, with automatic notification and alerts to enforce production schedules. Other features include enhanced onscreen layout tools, an automated feed of publish ahead of print articles to designated Websites, improved workflow tools, and an enhanced reporting tool. PubFusion meets FDA requirements for digital signatures and meets CFR 21 requirements, and it is built on the EMC Documentum 5.3 digital asset management platform, which is certified as appropriate for regulatory submissions. Model N Launches Next-Generation Solution For Managed-Care Contracts and Rebates Management Model N has launched the industry’s first solution for managed-care contracts and rebates management, fully integrated with an inclusive revenue management suite that aligns both commercial and government contracting business processes. With new regulatory initiatives, such as the Deficit Reduction Act and a better understanding of the realities of Medicare Part D, manufacturers are now moving to implement systems that offer more flexibility and better integrate commercial and government pricing, contracts, and rebate processes. “Model N’s goal was to provide the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with a long-anticipated solution for managed care as part of a comprehensive, integrated revenue management suite,” says Sujay Jadhav, VP and life sciences general manager at Model N. The managed-care contracts and rebates application completes the suite, offering manufacturers a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive solution for administering the entire contracting-to-claims-to-cash life cycle, while providing companies with visibility, control, and regulatory compliance management. Model N’s solution makes it easier for users to set up a variety of standard commercial and Medicare programs and administer and maintain manufacturer and competitive data. The announcement of a managed-care solution enables the industry, for the first time, to assemble an infrastructure to automate the end-to-end revenue life cycle, while ensuring compliance and eliminating the risk of revenue leakage, says Sujay Jadhav, VP and Life-Sciences General Manager, Model N. Accelrys Releases Latest Version of SciTegic Pipeline Pilot Accelrys has released the sixth generation of SciTegic Pipeline Pilot, a platform for scientific discovery and development. Pipeline Pilot 6.0 features major new functionality in the areas of image analysis and bioinformatics, while enterprise enhancements make it easier to define and deploy protocols to a broader audience. Product usability of advanced functions for new users is significantly increased with the introduction of new script and SQL editors. The latest release of Pipeline Pilot enables developers to more easily create and run customized components that integrate Web services using SOAP technology. Additional tools enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate and distribute their technologies. Administrators have greater flexibility to manage access rights to the protocol and component database. Coinciding with the release of Pipeline Pilot 6.0, new and enhanced component collections are available, providing a range of tools for building diverse analysis protocols. These include a new imaging component collection that enables users to create protocols to process, analyze, and manipulate images from sources such as tissue staining, microscopy, bioluminescence, and high-content screening applications. The updated chemistry component collection includes an extensible bioisosters component for exploring potential modifications to a compound. Follow up Accelrys Inc., San Diego, delivers software and service solutions that transform discovery and development research. For more information, visit accelrys.com. Blue Spoon Consulting Group LLC, Minneapolis, is a marketing architecture consultancy focused on ecosystem-centered strategies that create and sustain growth. For more information, visit bluespoonconsulting.com. IMS Health, Fairfield, Conn., is a provider of market intelligence to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. For more information, visit imshealth.com. Model N Inc., Redwood Shores, Calif., offers revenue management solutions in an integrated suite of applications for the life-sciences industry. For more information, visit modeln.com. Octagon research solutions Inc., Wayne, Pa., offers a suite of regulatory, clinical, process, and IT solutions to the life-sciences industry for the electronic transformation of clinical R&D. For more information, visit octagonresearch.com. Wolters Kluwer Health, Conshohocken, Pa., a division of Wolters Kluwer, Amsterdam, provides information for professionals and students in medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, visit wkhealth.com.

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