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Each month, this department pays homage to memorable advertising and marketing campaigns. The highlighted executions have been identified by leading creative executives for their noteworthy use of copy, art, photography, whimsy, uniqueness, etc. — in combination or as single branding elements. Creating good healthcare advertising and marketing requires agencies to think out of the box and clients who dare to be different. PharmaVOICE is pleased to give these vanguards their due recognition. Creative Review What is it about test tubes and toddlers? For the longest time, it seemed like healthcare corporate campaigns meant a steady diet of feel-good stock imagery and messages. A refreshing exception is General Electric. As part of its larger “Imagination at Work” campaign, the company has found a meaningful brand voice,connecting GE’s healthcare innovations with the larger discoveries it sparks. By turning to the company’s DNA, the creative talent found the “sweet spot” where corporate, brand, and disease awareness meet. Nice ad, solid campaign. Mike Devlin, Executive Creative Director of CCA Advertising, admires the General Electric “Imagination at Work” campaign for its ability to deliver a meaningful brand voice. General Electric Agency: BBDO NY Client: General Electric Title: What will you remember after Alzheimer’s is long forgotten? Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars/ Bill Bruce Exec. Creative Director: Don Schneider Copywriter: Kara Goodrich Art Director: Jean Robaire Art Producer: Betsy Jablow Photographers: Staudinger & Franke

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