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The Mentors

These outstanding individuals unselfishly give of their time and provide their insights to mentor the next generation of business leaders.

July/August 2006 PharmaVOICE 100

Kathleen Case Paddling in One Direction For Kathleen Case, directing a group of 23 professionals as her first foray into people management was one of the toughest tasks she has faced throughout her multifaceted career. In need of a concept to rally the staff toward becoming a tightly knit group of high producers, and being a visual person, Ms. Case chose the symbol of swimming ducks. She distributed a rubber duck to all staff members and at every staff meeting they would place their ducks in the pond to illustrate the concept that a paddling of ducks all swimming in the same direction generate power through unity and focus. Carrying through the theme, Ms. Case inspires her team by routinely issuing “quacks” of acknowledgement for outstanding efforts and successes. Ms. Case and her team have built a cohesive, productive business unit that realized more than 25% revenue growth for three years in a row. She believes every conversation can be life-changing — for herself and for those she encounters; she takes seriously the mission to be a good listener and a thoughtful, responsible responder. Throughout her professional and personal experiences, she has come to realize that every day presents an opportunity to make a positive impact for at least one person. Most days as executive VP at Columbia MedCom Group, she is able to contribute some personal insights that blend business principles with human nature. Looking into a person’s eyes, listening from the heart, and sharing her humanity and faith, are what define her. And rather than thinking of herself as inspirational, she just believes that she is carrying a torch to help light the way. Ms. Case uses her toolbox of leadership, mentorship, and training skills, as well as business savvy to build the next generation of confident and capable leaders, making her an invaluable resource within the ever-important field of the medical-education industry. Active as a mentor both inside and outside Columbia MedCom Group, Ms. Case has an exceptional talent for helping people to identify creative solutions, encouraging her protégés to discover alternative avenues that are truly their own. And her contributions have not gone unrecognized, having been named as a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Rising Star in 2004. Ms. Case is a true inspiration in today’s competitive pharmaceutical industry. Kathleen Case, Executive VP at Columbia MedCom Group Inc., is a visionary thinker who bestows her vast knowledge of the life sciences, business, marketing, and strategy as gifts to inspire and educate. Education B.S. in business administration, magna cum laude, from Salisbury University First job Public relations coordinator for Peninsula Regional Medical Center Career highlight The 2005 purchase of Columbia MedCom Group from its founders with three partners: Susan Torroella, Jeff Taylor, and Sonnie Kim Hobbies Practicing yoga, collecting sea glass along the Chesapeake Bay tributaries, designing and creating pillows, cooking, and entertaining Toughest task Directing a group of 23 professionals as a first foray into people management Deborah Jones King Recognized by managers, peers, and the community at large for her dedication to healthcare and to helping others, Deborah Jones King, VP of sales and marketing at Empatha Inc., inspires others to become all they can be. She is a visionary leader who excels at creating an environment where others are motivated to achieve the highest standards and are empowered to be creative and take prudent risks. Ms. King has helped many people to succeed by believing in their abilities, supporting their goals, and by motivating and innovating with true compassion for the individuals she leads. During her more than 21 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she has been a mentor to hundreds of pharmaceutical sales representatives, devoting time to individuals who are struggling and to those who are experiencing personal crises. At the same time, Ms. King is always willing to tackle the hard issues head on. She is never afraid to think outside of the box to develop a team-oriented vision that everyone can get behind and take part in. Her peers and staff describe her as a trustworthy and authentic individual, a great listener, and someone who puts others first. Ms. King has received numerous awards, including twice being given DuPont Pharmaceutical’s highest honor, the Summit Award. In addition, she was selected by the International Women’s Forum as a Leadership Foundation Fellow, through which she received specialized training and mentoring at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, Ms. King has been committed to bringing health awareness to the community and to helping others learn to manage their own health. She devotes time, both as a speaker and a volunteer, to different women’s health agencies, support groups, and church organizations. Deborah Jones King, VP of Sales and Marketing at Empatha Inc., excels at creating an environment where others are motivated to achieve the highest standards and helping them to visualize their full potential. Guiding with Compassion Education University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Toughest task Managing challenges created by sales efforts in her current start-up organization Career highlights 10 months on executive loan to the National HIV/AIDS Fund in Washington, D.C., to focus on AIDS and its impact on African-American women Jerry Cacciotti Innovation, Integrity, and Balance As leader of SDG’s Life- Sciences Practice, Jerry Cacciotti emphasizes the need to focus on early-stage development and identification of innovative opportunities to assist pharma companies prosper in today’s environment. He is committed to continuously providing valued guidance to assist industries to capitalize on new, transformative opportunities in a constantly changing environment. Consistently encouraging his team to focus on the industry’s toughest challenges, Mr. Cacciotti has supported clients through major strategy transitions, including decisions to enter new regions or business sectors, to exit or reinvest in multibillion-dollar franchises, and to realign direction at the broadest level. Under Mr. Cacciotti’s leadership, SDG is revolutionizing the way pharma companies define and manage their assets by tailoring approaches and solutions to specific client needs. He is tireless in his coaching of other consultants, pushing them to be more creative, strategic, and helpful to SDG’s clients. Mr. Cacciotti has led engagements with clients in Japan, Europe, and North America. And before becoming a consultant, he had worked for several years in the U.S. government as a foreign policy analyst and press officer. With a deep understanding of individual drugs and therapeutic areas — with significant experience in oncology, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases — Mr. Cacciotti has contributed significantly to many fields. But it’s not only at SDG that he seeks to be innovative; through his involvement in the John Gardner Fellowship Association, Mr. Cacciotti is helping to groom a new generation of strategic thinkers who will become the driving forces in, not only the life-sciences industry, but also in the wider community. An inspirational leader and mentor, Jerry Cacciotti, Managing Director, Life Sciences Practice at Strategic Decisions Group, is a model of integrity and balance in the fast-paced world of consulting. Personal data Born Feb. 14, 1963, in Salinas, Calif. education B.A. in international relations from Stanford University and an MBA from Stanford University, GSB Hobbies Bicycling, cooking, travel On His Reading List Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne; On Beauty by Zadie Smith; Saturday by Ian McEwan; Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell; The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas L. Friedman; A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry; and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Patricia Quilty Reality Rules Being upbeat, energetic, and always trying to keep things in perspective have made Patricia Quilty a much-admired mentor and role model to people both at work and in the broader community. Aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy balance in life, Ms. Quilty, who has been a respected and successful sales professional for more than 20 years, also manages to find time for volunteer work and raising a family. Admired by her colleagues for her ethics and willingness to help others, Ms. Quilty plays a key role volunteering on behalf of Doctors of the World, a health and human rights organization that is striving to make a difference in the world, and fundraising for breast cancer research. While Ms. Quilty inspires her colleagues at the American Medical Association (AMA), as account manager for two leading professional journals — Archives of Internal Medicine and Archives of Dermatology — she draws inspiration from people who are adaptable, people who live in the moment and embrace real life. The diversity of the AMA invigorates Ms. Quilty and keeps her enthusiastic about her work. And while working across two markets, internal medicine and dermatology, presents many challenges, particularly when it comes to coordinating schedules, Ms. Quilty draws inspiration from the people she meets within the organization and in the field. Patricia Quilty, Account Manager for Archives of Internal Medicine and Archives of Dermatology, is a much-admired mentor and role model in the journal community, as well as in her broader community. Family Husband, Neil; Daughters, Kelly 16, Shannon, 15 Education B.S. from Montclair State University, N.J. Hobbies Cooking, golfing, volunteering for Doctors of the World Jackie Barnes Quality and Creativity Speak Volumes Rarely do internal communications professionals receive external recognition for their work — they are usually behind the scenes. But a commitment to quality and a creative approach to her craft have made Jackie Barnes an inspiration to her colleagues and earned her a spot on this year’s PharmaVOICE 100 list. Always on the look out for engaging ways to tell stories about the important work being conducted by Pfizer’s scientists in the lab and in the community, Ms. Barnes, senior advisor, colleague communications and patient perspective programs, embraces a variety of communication tools — from thought-provoking articles to visual resources, such as photography. Ms. Barnes’ approach is to place the emphasis firmly on empathetic communication — relating peoples’ experiences from their own frames of reference. She believes when people feel understood and their needs are met they can reach their greater potential. Described as an inspiration to scientists and “the heart of the organization,” Ms. Barnes strives to help people consider different perspectives and appreciate the needs of patients. A caring communicator whose biggest industry concern is getting the right medicines to the people who need them, Ms. Barnes is deeply appreciative of her colleagues’ respect and recognition of her skills. Even before entering the healthcare field, the quality of her work was clear, and during her career as a news producer, her newscast on astronaut John Glenn’s return to space received a local Emmy award. Jackie Barnes, MSW, Senior Advisor, Colleague Communications and Patient Perspective Programs, at Pfizer Inc., leads a team of writers who communicate the work of Pfizer’s R&D efforts to more than 1,100 employees at the St. Louis’ laboratories. Personal data Born Sept. 12, 1970, in Rochester, N.Y. Education B.A. in mass communications from St. John Fisher College, E. Rochester, N.Y.; and an MSW in social work from Washington University, St. Louis Career Highlight Local Emmy for producing a newscast on astronaut John Glenn’s return to space Hobbies Dancing, listening to 80s music, digital photography Biggest industry challenge Getting the right medicines to people who need them Kevin Kruse Teaching by Example Personal data Born May 2, 1967, in Redondo Beach, Calif. Education B.A. from Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N.J. Toughest Task Getting the industry to understand that there is a difference between “information” and “instruction” On His Reading List Books by Verne Harnish, Jim Collins, Andy Grove, and Tom Peters, as well as blogs Regardless of the setting — at work, in the industry, at home, or in the community — Kevin Kruse inspires those around him through enthusiasm, an unwavering focus, a deep respect for others, and a keen concern for each employee’s individual aspirations. Mr. Kruse gives everyone paramount respect, whether he has known them for 10 years or 10 minutes. Yet with uncommon modesty, Mr. Kruse does not believe inspirational is a word that describes him. Rather, his aim is to set goals that stretch everyone at Axiom Professional Health Learning and to exceed clients’ expectations. Described by colleagues as the essence of hard work and achievement, as president Mr. Kruse manages a flourishing company with confidence and poise while taking time to give back to his community. He volunteers his time to local politics, provides the e-learning community with invaluable resources, and is regarded as a thought leader in the industry. And he balances all of these activities with a devoted focus on his family. Presenting an innovative approach to medical education and training, Mr. Kruse offers a nontraditional work environment. He motivates his employees to succeed, fosters an environment that thrives on communication and transparency, and encourages a sense of family in the workplace. Mr. Kruse is committed to raising the profile of sales training and getting the industry to understand the difference between “information” and “instruction.” For Mr. Kruse, the biggest challenge has always been to convince decision makers that sales training matters as much as marketing. He maintains that as the industry downsizes its salesforces, the need for career trainers and instructional designers to provide sales representatives with advanced knowledge and skills will be all the more critical if reps are to achieve their potential of becoming the physician’s best source of information. Mr. Kruse looks for innovative ways to encourage the industry to adopt an evidence-based training approach to the design of pharmaceutical sales-training programs. He maintains that most people don’t realize that 75% of training programs today don’t even use simple, but proven adult-learning techniques, such as mnemonics, analogies, or embedded activities. And even though more advanced techniques are uncovered all the time in cognitive psychology research, few ever make it out of the lab and into training programs. Kevin Kruse, President of Axiom Professional Health Learning, a division of Axis Healthcare Communications, manages a flourishing company with confidence and poise while taking time to give back to his community.

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