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Creative review

Each month, this department pays homage to memorable advertising and marketing campaigns. The highlighted executions have been identified by leading creative executives for their noteworthy use of copy, art, photography, whimsy, uniqueness, etc. — in combination or as single branding elements. Creating good healthcare advertising and marketing requires agencies to think out of the box and clients who dare to be different. PharmaVOICE is pleased to give these vanguards their due recognition. January 2006 Nursing’s Future Bravo to Johnson & Johnson for recognizing the unsung heroes in nursing through this recent campaign. Doctors tend to get all of the glory and recognition, but through its Campaign for Nursing’s Future, J&J pays homage to the men and women who support our doctors and help improve — and often save — our lives. The advertisements feature real-life nurses, not models, with quotes describing their commitment to the field, such as “I thrive on pressure. Today I cheated death.” The images are surrounded by a blurred halo-like cloud with the challenging tag line, “Join the Ones Who Dare to Care.” This is an admirable attempt by J&J to address the most severe shortage of nurses in U.S. history. Currently, the half million deficit in registered nurses and educators entering the field is threatening the future quality of healthcare services. As part of an integrated marketing campaign that includes an educational Website ( and alliances with leading nursing organizations, J&J is making an admirable attempt to improve the image of this critical profession and inspire a new wave of dedicated nurses. Kudos to J&J. Steve R. Schonberg, Account Executive at Cone Inc., Boston, a brand strategy and communications agency, applauds the campaign that DeVito Fitterman developed for Johnson & Johnson, which recognizes the healthcare industry’s unsung heroes — nurses. Corporate Campaign: Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future Client: Johnson & Johnson Debut: February 2002 Agency: DeVito Fitterman Art: Chris DeVito Copy: Ryan Cote Improving the image of this critical profession Steve Schonberg

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