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What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies

GfK Group Integrates U.S. Healthcare Businesses GfK Group has consolidated its U.S. healthcare activities under GfK U.S. HealthCare Companies. This move follows GfK’s acquisition of NOP World, as well as its full acquisition of GfK V2, in which GfK previously held a 51% stake. GfK has fortified its position in the United States as a provider of information services for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical diagnostics industries. GfK V2’s services include qualitative and quantitative ad hoc research, healthcare market analysis, consulting, and support services for strategic sales and marketing. In addition to surveying the U.S. market, GfK V2 conducts international studies in Europe, Central and Latin America, and Japan. Along with GfK V2, two of NOP World’s healthcare brands are now marketed under the names GfK Market Measures and GfK Strategic Marketing Corp. GfK U.S. HealthCare is headed by Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D., CEO, who founded GfK V2 (originally V2) in 1994. Bart Weiner is president and chief operating officer, and Dan Fitzgerald is executive VP. In other company news, GfK has formed GfK Custom Research, North America. The move ensures strategic direction and growth across GfK’s custom research businesses, including GfK ARBOR, GfK CRI, GfK Schiappa, and Caribou Lake, as well as two companies that grew out of the NOP World acquisition, GfK NOP and GfK Automotive. Martin R. Lautman, Ph.D., has been named CEO of the North American group. Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D., CEO, oversees the consolidated GfK U.S. HealthCare Companies. Fleishman-Hillard Launches Healthcare Public Affairs Business The unit integrates in-depth knowledge of the complex intersection between health and public affairs with a full range of communications services. Fleishman-Hillard Inc. has launched Fleishman-Hillard Health Solutions Navigator, which offers clients one-stop access to strategic counsel, including regulatory and policy communications, reimbursement consulting, and media and government relations. The new unit also provides public-opinion research, grassroots and coalition development, corporate and cause partnerships, issue advertising, as well as large-scale, public-education programs. With headquarters in Washington, D.C., and offices in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, Fleishman-Hillard Health Solutions Navigator is led by Anne Woodbury and Sharad Mansukani, M.D., CPE, CMCE. Ms. Woodbury most recently served as the chief health advocate for the Center for Health Transformation, where she oversaw public-policy initiatives and projects designed to accelerate the center’s mission to comprehensively transform the healthcare system. Dr. Mansukani previously served as a senior adviser and medical officer at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he assisted in the Medicare reform efforts. “We are fortunate to have such an experienced and credentialed pair of professionals joining the Fleishman-Hillard family and to be able to offer their expertise in Medicare, health-information technology, pharmaceuticals, long-term care, disease management, consumer directed healthcare, and quality and patient safety to our clients through this new enterprise,” says John Graham, chairman and CEO of Fleishman-Hillard. With Fleishman-Hillard Health Solutions Navigator, Fleishman-Hillard becomes the first communications firm to integrate in-depth knowledge of the complex intersection between health and public affairs with the full range of communications services needed to motivate change and inspire action in government leaders and the American public, says John Graham, Chairman and CEO of Fleishman-Hillard Inc. ClinPhone Introduces Product Strategy Team ClinPhone Group Ltd. has introduced a product strategy team to serve as the core driving force in product-development initiatives. This team is charged with developing clinical-trial solutions, drawing on extensive knowledge of customer needs and market forces, and commercializing ClinPhone’s products and services. “The substantial investment in a team of people who are charged with identifying and implementing new product developments will ensure that the foundations are laid for future commercial success,” says Patrick Hughes, strategic business development and marketing director, and team leader. ClinPhone’s Product Strategy Team, includes: (back, left to right) Keith Wenzel, Product Manager; Nikki Dowlman, Product Manager; Michelle Kwak, Product Marketing Manager; Iain Little, Product Manager; and Graham Nicholls, Product Manager; (front, left to right) David Stein, Product Strategy Director; Patrick Hughes, Strategic Business Development and Marketing Director; and Dr. Bill Byrom, Product Strategy Director. Phoenix Group Holdings Launches AuGenix One of the hallmarks of AuGenix’s Gateway program is its up-close and personal approach to healthcare providers, says Judith Hagan, VP of Sales and Marketing, AuGenix. Phoenix Group Holdings has launched AuGenix, an audience-generation company for continuing medical education (CME) events. The new company was created in response to federal and industry guidelines that prompted pharmaceutical companies to exclude sales representatives from the audience-recruitment process for CME programs. Through its novel Gateway Audience Generation process, AuGenix enlists highly trained, field-based CME specialists to drive attendance to live CME programs. “The appearance of the well-versed CME specialist in the physician’s office brings the program to life,” says Judith Hagan, VP of sales and marketing for AuGenix. “It creates involvement in the process by allowing the healthcare provider to ask questions and to hear first-hand the benefits of attending the program. The result is increased interest and better attendance.” Crosstree and BioCorp Form Strategic Alliance Crosstree Capital Partners Inc. has forged a strategic alliance with BioCorp Securities, the corporate finance division of Technomark Consulting Services Ltd., a European life-sciences investment and consulting group. The alliance allows Crosstree to maximize European–North American mergers and acquisitions and capital-placement opportunities. BioCorp Securities gains the ability to provide clients with a comprehensive transatlantic service. The alliance centers on three major elements: mergers and acquisitions and capital placement idea generation across international borders; sharing of insights and research on the life-sciences sector; and collaboration of bankers to consistently drive client service. “With strong fundamentals in the European marketplace for proprietary and outsourced pharmaceutical services, the ability to deliver global M&A and capital placement solutions to our life-sciences clients is imperative,” says Gordon Ryerson, managing director and cofounder of Crosstree. In other company news, Crosstree has expanded its services to include principal investing capabilities in the form of flexible debt-financing solutions to life-sciences and healthcare companies on a principal basis. Investments are primarily secured, junior secured, subordinated, or securitizations of $5 million to $30 million in the form of refinancing, growth financings, leveraged and highly leveraged transactions, royalty financing, or special situations. We are excited by our partnership with Crosstree, whose specialist knowledge, reputation, and track record in the North American market will markedly enhance our ability to provide clients with a comprehensive transatlantic service, says Tony Chandler, Ph.D., Executive Chairman of Technomark Consulting Services Ltd., parent to BioCorp Securities. September 2005 PharmaVOICE M&A Activity The Actavis Group, Hafnarfirdi, Iceland, an international generic pharmaceutical company, has acquired Amide Pharmaceuticals Inc., a privately owned generic pharmaceuticals company based in Little Falls, N.J. The deal provides Actavis with a strong presence in the U.S. generic pharmaceuticals market and a platform from which to launch future products in the United States. With more than 500 products on the market, the merged company has one of the broadest portfolios in the generics sector. Actavis’ brand and product development strength and geographic coverage in Europe combined with Amide’s strategically important foothold in the U.S. market is expected to generate significant opportunities to drive revenue growth and create further value for the merged entity. For more information, visit actavis.com. i3 Research has acquired SKM Oncology, a full-service CRO and a leader in the delivery of oncology clinical trials in Germany, and its related businesses. Founded in 1995, SKM has four offices in Germany and one in Vienna, Austria. The combined i3–SKM organization provides customers with access to oncology thought leaders, as well as a solid delivery platform for services in the German market and the rest of Europe. For more information, visit i3research.com. Ventiv Health Inc., Somerset, N.J., has signed a definitive agreement to acquire inChord Communications Inc., the world’s largest independently owned global healthcare marketing and communications company based in Westerville, Ohio. The acquisition adds a comprehensive pharmaceutical advertising, branding, and marketing business to Ventiv’s top-tier sales team, planning and analytics, compliance management, clinical staffing, and data-management businesses. Under the terms of the agreement, Ventiv is purchasing inChord for $185 million in cash and stock, plus earn-out payments for exceeding specified financial targets. Blane Walter, chairman and CEO of inChord, is to become president of Ventiv’s communications division, which continues to operate under the inChord Communications brand, and joins Ventiv’s executive management team. For more information, visit ventiv.com. Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals Inc., Florence, Ky., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on women’s health and pain management, has acquired the pharmaceutical assets of aaiPharma Inc. This acquisition brings a number of currently marketed pain-management agents into Xanodyne’s portfolio, including Darvon and Darvocet. The purchase also includes three pain products that are presently in clinical development and another early-stage development product. The combined business will have pro forma 2005 revenue of about $100 million and will create a new force in the specialty pharmaceuticals sector. For more information, visit xanodyne.com. New Agency Helps Brands Connect with Consumers Unit 7, a new agency, is committed to helping marketers conduct business by creating innovative ways for brands to build connections with consumers. Formerly known as LLKFB, Unit 7’s expertise lies in the art of crafting relationships that yield proven ROI results and accountability. Combining diverse cultures, skills, and perspectives with the planning and creative firepower that are the hallmarks of traditional advertising agencies, Unit 7 offers the best thinking from the behavioral and social sciences, including linguistics, relationship psychology, anthropology, and the business world. “Agencies have placed a disproportionate amount of emphasis on the ‘marketing’ side of relationship marketing by getting caught up in the analytics, nuts and bolts, or presumed rocket-science aspects of our business,” says Loreen Babcock, chairman and CEO of Unit 7. “The culture of Unit 7 is based on collaborative invention. We help marketers build profitable relationships with their customers by applying a unique fusion of the lyrical and logical — art and science — to create perfect moments of connection at every stage of the journey. We do this by marrying the best of both worlds: database marketing and analytics with consumer insights, marketing research, and behavioral psychology.” Unit 7’s management team, includes (from left to right) Joe Cupani, Chief Creative Officer; Andy Acampora, Chief Financial Officer; Loreen Babcock, Chairman and CEO; Lita Sands, Chief Client Services Director; and Mark Klapper, Director, Planning and Consulting. United BioSource Expands Risk Management and Drug Safety Capabilities United BioSource Corp. has launched a new consulting practice focused on epidemiology and risk management as part of its strategy to build integrated capabilities to meet the growing demand from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors for evidence-based product support in the areas of product effectiveness, safety, and economic value. The new group is led by Gerald Faich, M.D., MPH, FISPE, United BioSource’s senior VP of epidemiology and risk management. He is joined by Annette Stemhagen, Dr. P.H., FISPE, who serves as VP. The group can help clients design and implement appropriate postmarketing registries, safety surveillance programs, large simplified clinical trials, and risk-management programs. We can help our clients quantify the benefits and risks associated with their products, enhance their management of product safety, and deliver scientific information to enable informed therapeutic decisions by the healthcare community, says Dr. Gerald Faich, Senior VP of Epidemiology and Risk Management for United BioSource Corp. Interactive Marketing Division Focuses on Women’s Health Vibrant Health & Life has been launched as a specialty, interactive communications division focused on creating Internet marketing solutions for women-targeted pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmeceutical, and lifestyle brands. “Our research shows that women are not getting the information they need from the Internet,” says Valerie Carroll, founder and president of Vibrant Health & Life. “By creating solutions that provide the information women are seeking and doing so in a way that is targeted to their online behaviors, we aim to increase their satisfaction level and, ultimately, their use of these Websites. As a result, the companies or brands that control these sites can increase their influence with this key audience.” The company maintains an expert advisory board with experience in women’s issues, ranging from breast cancer to nutrition to sexuality, says Valerie Carroll, Founder and President of Vibrant Health & Life. Forum Enhances Sales-Training Course MaterialThe Forum Corp. has released an enhanced version of its courseware, Strategic Prospecting, which provides sales people with the skills they need to shorten the timeline from identifying high-potential prospects and converting them to new customers. The updated offering features research-based improvements that include a five-step model for successful prospecting; updated strategies for gathering information and identifying prospects, from existing as well as new clients; activities based on real-life situations that provide hands-on practice; best practices around key elements of the prospecting process; and new models and aids that can be used on the job. “Prospecting can no longer be treated simply as a matter of dialing as many telephone numbers as one can,” says Ron Koprowski, who heads Forum’s sales training practice. “To initiate profitable customer relationships, salespeople must be able to generate qualified leads, identify the right contacts, and capture their attention. And they need to do these things in a way that differentiates the selling organization from its competition.” Lowe Healthcare Introduces Strategic Resources Group Lowe Healthcare Worldwide has formed the Strategic Resources Group (SRG) to provide event support services, including meeting management, speakers’ bureau implementation, Web and teleconference management, and attendee recruitment. SRG management and staff have extensive experience with promotional and continuing medical education (CME) programs. SRG provides clients with a full, comprehensive understanding of current ACCME, OIG, and PhRMA guidelines. The company works with all of Lowe Healthcare’s member agencies in the United States — Interlink Healthcare, Integrated, PACE, and Trio — and in the United Kingdom — Lowe Azure, Lowe Fusion, and Integrated Europe. SRG offers the full spectrum of meeting management and content development, says Sal Perreca, Chairman and CEO of Lowe Healthcare. IMS Health has a new set of strategic offerings focused on the most prevalent disease states in the early-stage pipeline to help clients understand critical market issues, enabling them to plan and execute successful commercialization strategies. The company’s offerings, including publications, online tools, customized analyses, and consulting services help biopharmaceutical companies address specific business issues and integrate commercial thinking throughout the development process. “Nearly half of the global pre-Phase III pipeline resides with early-stage firms, making it essential that these companies have every opportunity to develop and market novel therapies that will improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world,” says Bruce Boggs, president of IMS Americas. IMS Initiative Enhances early-stage commercial Strategies Wilson Learning Enhances Presentation Skills Wilson Learning Corp. has introduced Upfront: Persuasion Through Presentation. This is an intense, two-day program that teaches participants to prepare and deliver a presentation to demonstrate and reinforce the core concepts through four basic sections: groundwork, engage, develop, and close. “The program focuses heavily on application, feedback, and practice to provide real skill development,” says David Yesford, VP of solution management at Wilson Learning. “It enables participants to better prepare for key presentations, deliver key messages more effectively, and retain audience interest by optimizing natural talents and eliminating unconscious distracting behaviors.” Follow up BioCorp Securities, London, is the corporate finance division of Technomark Consulting Services Ltd., a European consultancy in drug development and outsourcing. For more information, visit technomark.com. ClinPhone Group Ltd., Princeton, N.J., is a specialist clinical technology organization working with leading global biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. For more information, visit clinphone.com. Crosstree Capital Partners Inc., Tampa, Fla., is a knowledge-based investment bank offering turnkey solutions for middle-market and aggressive-growth businesses, including venture stage, private, and public companies. For more information, visit crosstreecapital.com. Fleishman-Hillard Inc., St. Louis, a member of the Omnicom Group, is a leading global communications consultancy. For more information, visit fleishman.com. The Forum Corp., Boston, is a global organizational learning consultant with expertise in management development, sales and service performance, and implementing loyalty building customer experiences. For more information, visit forum.com. The GfK Group, Blue Bell, Pa., provides market research services via five business divisions: custom research, retail and technology, consumer tracking, media, and healthcare. For more information, visit gfk.com. IMS Health, Fairfield, Conn., offers leading-edge business intelligence products and services. For more information, visit imshealth.com. Lowe Healthcare Worldwide, New York, a unit of Lowe & Partners Worldwide and a member of the Interpublic Group of Companies, offers a full range of communications services, including advertising and promotion, public relations, medical education, and DTC and relationship marketing. For more information, visit loweworldwide.com. Phoenix Group Holdings, Warren, N.J., is a medical-education holding company and parent of Phoenix Marketing Solutions LLC. For more information, visit phoenixmsolutions.com. Unit 7, New York, part of Omnicom Group Inc., offers a new breed of relationship marketing services: connected communications and relationship advertising and branding. For more information, visit unit7.com. United BioSource Corp., Bethesda, Md., delivers evidence-based solutions to optimize the medical and commercial potential of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical-device, and diagnostic products. For more information, visit unitedbiosource.com. Vibrant Health & Life, Exton, Pa., is a full-service interactive communications company focused on targeted solutions for women’s health and lifestyle brands. For more information, visit vibranthl.com. Wilson Learning Corp., Edina, Minn., creates synergy between people and business strategy through an extensive range of world-class content, technology, and services. For more information, visit wilsonlearning.com.

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