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on the cover Creating effective outsourcing partnerships Pharmaceutical companies are adopting a more strategic approach to the outsourcing of clinical- research services. They are now looking for research and development partners rather than outsourcing vendors. 10 FEATURES Coaching: Developing a playbook for sales rep success Managing human and financial resources can challenge sales managers. With coaching, managers can develop a top-notch sales team. 30 The medical affairs-marketing connection A changing regulatory environment is forcing better collaboration between medical affairs and marketing in pharmaceutical companies. 40 Product managers: CEO for a brand With responsibilities ranging from marketing, branding, manufacturing, clinical affairs, regulatory, and life-cycle management, product managers need to be involved with all stages of a drug’s development. 46 Systems marketing: A paradigm shift in pharmaceutical marketing strategy The opportunity for breakout returns from pharmaceutical marketing won’t come from tweaking the margins and incremental adoptions. The real shift will come from re-imagining what it means to market. John Singer, principal of Blue Spoon Consulting, addresses systems marketing and the need for a new marketing paradigm. 52 A face in the crowd: Carrying the bag with “Pat” With limited access, the average pharmaceutical sales rep is just another face in the crowd. PharmaVOICE talks with “Pat,” an anonymous sales rep with a top 10 pharma company who faces a multitude of daily challenges to get the company’s message out. 54 in every issue Letter from the Editor 3 Raise your voice: Letters 6 Opinions 8 For Art’s Sake A creative review by the experts 60 PharmaOutlet Mark Levine talks about the need for an outsourcing industry association. 61 PharmaTrax Sales, marketing, and R&D trends from industry analysts 62 On The Calendar Industry events 66 What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies 70 E-Media New electronic and Web-based applications, sites, and technologies 74 Talent Pool Executive appointments and promotions 80 Contents April 2004 Jim Ecker says managers have to put themselves in their reps’ shoes. John Hudak says pharma companies should work with the best qualified partner. “Pat” discusses the challenges sales reps face on the job.

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