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on the cover Data management -Integrating across the enterprise As new technologies allow for the generation of more data, it is becoming increasingly crucial for the pharmaceutical industry to develop strategies to translate data into actionable information that can be used to drive business decisions. 8 FEATURES Dear diary: Unlocking the patient experience in real time Companies are starting to recognize the potential of electronic diaries as a way to provide better-quality data, faster time to data lock, and improved diary compliance. 20 E-xpanding sample delivery An important reconciliation must be made between the traditional methods of distributing drug samples and using e-sampling as a platform for greater marketplace penetration. 28 Nanotechnology: It’s a small world An interest in nanotechnology – the ability to work at the atomic and molecular levels – is spurring R&D investment in discovery, diagnostics, and drug delivery. 34 Distribution support systems More sophisticated products mean new and more elaborate distribution-support systems are needed to move the manufacturer closer to the patient. David Hileman of RxCrossroads discusses the changing dynamics of distribution channels and how to shorten the distance between manufacturer and patient. 42 Thomas Ebeling – A leader on a mission Thomas Ebeling, CEO of Novartis Pharma AG and head of Novartis’ pharmaceuticals worldwide, is focused on making sure Novartis is considered best in class by both doctors and patients. He is applying his experience in consumer goods to the pharma industry to make sure the company has outstanding commercial capabilities, especially in the area of marketing and sales. 46 in every issue Letter from the Editor 3 Opinions 6 PharmaCounsel John Lucas and Paul Burgess address how screening for additional drug forms can extend patent life. 54 For Art’s Sake A creative review by the experts 58 PharmaOutlet Ron Pantello talks about why the healthcare communications industry is under siege. 60 PharmaTrax Sales, marketing, and R&D trends from industry analysts 62 On The Calendar Industry events 66 What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies 70 E-Media New electronic and Web-based applications, sites, and technologies 72 Talent Pool Executive appointments and promotions 74

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