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Sheila Greco Associates Reorganizes Into Three Divisions

The human-resources consulting company now offers research, recruiting, and customized competitive intelligence as well as contact lists and reports through separate business units. Sheila Greco believes her company’s evolution into separate divisions offers its clients the appropriate services that are important to them at any given time. Sheila Greco Associates LLC has reorganized into three separate operating divisions: The May Consulting Groups Inc., the firm’s core research and customized competitive intelligence business; SGRECO Associates Inc., the firm’s recruiting and staffing business; and SGA Lists LLC, the firm’s lists business. The May Consulting Group is dedicated to providing research and customized competitive-intelligence services to corporations, search, and research firms. Clients include recruiters, business-development professionals, sales professionals, analysts, competitive-intelligence professionals, and corporate librarians. SGRECO Associates has more than 10 years of experience and a candidate database in the tens of thousands to provide clients with recruiting services. SGA Lists, a provider of business intelligence lists and reports, is offering a new service line — an online marketplace covering many of the Fortune 500 to 1,000 companies, focusing on industries such as pharmaceutical/biotech, healthcare, retail, financial services, manufacturing, consumer products, and telecommunications. “The concept and success of these three groups have existed in various forms for more than 14 years, and I am pleased with our evolution into separate divisions to once again offer our clients the appropriate services that are important to them at any given time,” says Sheila Greco, president and CEO of Sheila Greco Associates. “Quality, service, and client satisfaction are still under the same trusted name — Sheila Greco Associates LLC. Now each division can continue to focus on its individual strength and specialties, while still delivering only high-quality results.” Sheila Greco Associates also has launched a new corporate Website at sheilagreco.com. Advanstar Healthcare Debuts Magazine on Women’s healthcare Advanstar Healthcare Communications has launched Modern Health for Women, a direct- to-patient publication addressing women’s health issues. The magazine has been made available in the waiting rooms of more than 24,000 obstetricians, gynecologists, and reproductive endocrinologists throughout the United States. Advanced Writing & Editorial Services Supports Pharmaceutical Marketers Advanced Writing & Editorial Services Inc. has been launched as an independent professional services firm specializing in strategic marketing, patient education, employee communications, and public affairs. Advanced Writing & Editorial Services works with pharmaceutical companies, medical publishers, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare agencies throughout the United States. The firm’s areas of expertise include strategic planning and copy development for employee publications, patient information/education materials, brochures, news releases, Web content, executive communications, presentations, marketing materials, and more. “Whether a company needs to inform employees, generate a positive public image, or promote products and services, look to Advanced Writing & Editorial Services for business communications that are on time and on target,” says Christine Cardellino, the firm’s founder and strategist/writer. Ms. Cardellino is a business writer and corporate communications specialist with more than 12 years of professional experience and nine years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing, communications, and public relations. Before launching Advanced Writing & Editorial Services, Ms. Cardellino served as director of community relations for Warminster Hospital, part of Tenet HealthSystem. “In many organizations, corporate communicators and brand managers must juggle multiple projects and priorities in a counterproductive climate of increasing workloads and shrinking staffs,” she says. “That’s when an outside resource such as Advanced Writing & Editorial Services can be of assistance. We can step right in and help with a wide range of projects and tasks at any stage in the creative process.” Considering the high cost of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a full-time staff position, using an independent writing and communications firm can be a cost-effective solution, says Christine Cardellino. October 2003 Wood Mackenzie Prepares for Expansion of U.S. Life-Sciences Business Wood Mackenzie, a strategic analysis and consulting company in the energy and life-sciences sectors, has initiated plans to expand its presence in the U.S. market. James Hall has been appointed to head the life-sciences business for Wood Mackenzie’s worldwide business and Matthew Calish has been appointed to head life-sciences consulting for North America. Mr. Hall and Mr. Calish are based in the company’s Boston office. The appointments are expected to provide the foundation for the company’s planned expansion of its Boston team. North America has been identified as a key growth market for the company. Wood Mackenzie has headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, and offices in London, Houston, Sydney, Tokyo, and Moscow. “We are committed to providing solutions to the life-sciences industries for a broad range of strategy and operational challenges,” says Paul Gregory, CEO of Wood Mackenzie. “At Wood Mackenzie, we define our consulting advice as simply strategy with substance. The substance is founded on rigorous commercial research and analysis together with deep industry experience. With this unique, in-depth knowledge of companies and markets, we can work together with our clients to develop strategies that are actionable.” The team at Wood Mackenzie has its sights set on expanding its presence in North America (from left to right): Matthew Calish, James Hall, and Paul Gregory. PPD Creates Integrated Portfolio of Market- Development Services PPD Inc. has launched a portfolio of integrated clinical and marketing programs for market development. Incorporating pharmaceutical and biotechnology client feedback, PPD has created a dedicated team of clinical, marketing, and health-outcomes experts to help companies with prelaunch and postmarket programs, including health outcomes, large-volume late-stage trials, medical communications, and consumerhealth education. In addition, programs help companies develop markets for new products and extend market value of existing products. “The industry is recognizing that integrating market-development programs with product development promote a stronger foundation to maximize product life cycles,” says Fred Eshelman, CEO of PPD. “Combining our expertise and experience in these areas strategically aligns us with what our clients tell us they need, and enables us to broaden our market to include marketing and product managers looking to maximize the proper use and acceptance of their products.” Applying advanced technologies and experience, the PPD market development experts combine health outcomes, such as epidemiology, psychometrics, and economics, with clinical research to measure and compare risks, benefits, economic, and quality-of-life impact of drug therapies. The resulting data help to demonstrate value of the product and provide insight on needs to optimize user acceptance upon product launch. Late-stage trials, such as Phase IIIb to Phase IV studies, produce valuable safety and efficacy data analysis and can provide information for the marketing platform. Postmarket observational studies, registries, and compliance and persistency programs optimize real-world outcomes and help enhance physician and patient proper use of the drug. Consumer-health programs provide product life extension through over-the-counter programs. Follow up Advanced Writing & Editorial Services Inc., Yardley, Pa., is an independent professional services company specializing in strategic marketing, patient education, employee communications, and public affairs. For more information, visit mysite.verizon.net/xine/advancedwritingsvcs. Advanstar Healthcare Communications, Boston, part of Advanstar Communications Inc., is a leader in the field of medical publishing and physician education. For more information, visit advanstar.com. PPD Inc., Wilmington, N.C., a global provider of discovery and development services and products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device companies, applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise, and a commitment to quality to help clients maximize the return on their R&D investments. For more information, visit ppdi.com. Sheila Greco Associates LLC, Amsterdam, N.Y., which consists of The May Consulting Group Inc., SGRECO Associates Inc., and SGA Lists LLC, is a human- resources consulting company offering research, recruiting, customized competitive intelligence, and contact lists and reports through its three divisions. For more information, visit sheilagreco.com. Wood Mackenzie, Edinburgh, Scotland, provides consultancy services and research products to the energy and life-sciences industries. For more information, visit woodmac.com. Modern Health for Women focuses on health issues that concern women of all ages. The publication offers different perspectives on treatment options; provides roadmaps for distinguishing between normal and abnormal changes of the health cycle; clarifies approaches to prevention and diagnosis; and reports on advances that may affect all women. The premiere issue, released in July, covered such topics as osteoporosis, sleep problems, seasonal allergies, urinary incontinence, and the importance of being sun savvy. A second issue is planned for the fall of 2003, and six issues are slated for 2004. “I am confident women across the country will find Modern Health for Women to contain timely, credible, and reliable information,” says Matthew J. Holland, publisher. “Getting the support from advertisers such as the Merck Manual, Adeza, Genzyme, AkPharma, and Ethicon Endo-Surgery justifies such a statement. We also believe Modern Health for Women will play an important role in opening the lines of communication between women consumers and their healthcare providers.”

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