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There is a fundamental honesty and integrity in the execution that shies away from nothing. It is bold and stark and vivid, demonstrating real people confronting lifethreatening infections.The photographs are not slick or computer enhanced.They are timeless, fragile, and exquisite … and truthful. And that is rare indeed.In an industry littered with smiling patients romping through verdant valleys, it is inspiring to see creative that portrays the experience of illness with courage, hope,and dignity.After all, we admire such virtues in people,and in the work they create. Todd Neuhaus, chief creative officer at Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift, New York,says this Vfend ad uses creative originality to create brand resonanceand integrity. Every so often I come across work that distinguishes itself by much more than simply its creative spark. Rather, it uses its creative originality to accomplish something much greater than mere stopping power or interest — and that is brand resonance and integrity. The Vfend launch campaign is one example of such work. This month’s creative review was inspired by creative originality. The ad’s ability to create “real” patients and convey their emotions to the viewer is what sets this ad series apart. By departing from the typical use of smiling patients in perfect scenery, the Vfend launch series captures the reality of the condition it treats, drawing viewers in and grab bing their attention. PharmaVOICE urges everyone involved in pharmaceutical marketing to get their creative juices flowing by participating in the firstever live For Art’s Sake Forum at the Pharmaceutical Marketers Congress September 29, 2003, in Philadelphia. For more information, visit Brand: Vfend Agency:Cline Davis & Mann Inc. Client: Pfizer Debuted:November 2002 Senior art supervisor: Kerrie Moore Senior VP, group creative director, art: Debra Polkes Managing partner, creative director, art: Ralph Skorge VP, group copy supervisor: Douglas H.Tischler Senior VP, associate creative director,copy: Beth Ingersoll Managing partner, creative director, copy: Josh Prince Vfend T Todd Neuhaus Brand resonance and integrity.

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