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MDchoice.com Inc. has unveiled a new marketing platform that allows hospitals, clinics, and physician groups to offer their own private label online healthcare information services. The platform offers health information ranging from uptotheminute health news to a compre hensive encyclopedia and a number of health risk assessment tools that can be customized to the needs of the participating hospital or group. Through marketing messages on the MDchoice Network,hospitals and other healthcare organizations are able to target their services locally and by illness or medical condition, reaching more than 3.5 mil lion healthfocused consumers each month. Patients searching for healthcare information ononeof the compa ny’s Websites are led to the participating hospital’s Website through a variety of tools, including geographically selected links, traditional ban ner advertising, newsletters, and integrated content information. “The link from our national portals to our visitors’ local health providers closes the loop for both our consumer visitors and health care partners,” says Ash Nashed,M.D., founder and CEO of MDchoice. Separately, the company has launched MDchoice Ad Network.The new division offers advertising sales to premiumbranded health Web sites, focusing on building close relationships with advertisers andWebsite publishers,creating custom marketing programs,such as sponsored disease centers that can be published across the entire MDchoice Ad Network. HEALTHINFO LAUNCHES Market Research and CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONTOOL InPulse, an Internet based, market research and customer satisfaction tool has been launched by HealthInfo, a division of HealthInfo Direct LLC. “InPulse is a powerful market research method that has given our clients the answers they need in a timely and convenient manner,” says Matthew Stone, president of Health Info. “ The Internet is no longer the wave of the future. For 93% of physi cians and more than 165 million Americans,the Inter net is the wave of today.” InPulse programs combine elements of direct marketing and elec tronic market research to quickly collect the opinions of customers,employees, physicians,or other healthcare professionals.HealthIn fo clients use InPulse programs for a variety of tactics, suchas to develop brand positioning,to spark creative ideas, and to analyze the opinions and characteristics of a current or target audience,to examine the accep tance of proposed tactics or creative concepts,and to evaluate customer or employee satisfaction. InPulse clients can receive realtime data results daily, tabulated data within one week after closing, and an executive summary two weeks after closing. Quovadx has launched QDXCustomerFocus 4.3, the latest version of its healthcare relationship man agement system. QDX CustomerFocus is a single source enterprise solution directed at managing the health plan’s relationship with its key constituencies: members,providers,and employer groups.QDX Cus tomerFocus documents, and routes to appropriate departments, all types of inquiries, complaints, and business processes, including the highly regulated process of appeals and grievance management, Relationship Management Solution IMPROVES HEALTH PLAN’S INTERACTIONS with Members,Providers,Employers MDchoice HealthConnections CONNECTSPOTENTIAL PATIENTSWITH APPROPRIATE PROVIDERS Ash Nashed, M.D., founder and CEO of MDchoice says patients receive information that is most relevant to them, and healthcare providers are able to reach out to their communities more costeffectively than ever before. CB Technologies Inc. and Complete Software Solutions Inc.have teamedup to provide clients with eLoader,the CSS data loading tool for Oracle Clinical, creating a seamless path to load data collected through CB’s MetaTri al electronic data capture software into Oracle Clinical. This combination of software tools shortens the cycle for data col lection and analysis during clinical trials by reducing the time it takes to transfer and map data into Oracle Clinical, a leading clinicaltrials database. CB’s MetaTrial Hybrid EDC allows for online and offline clinicaltrial data entry at investigator sites.The system functions like a Webbased system, operating online by default.However,the system allows offline data entry in case Internet access is unavailable. A synchroniza tion engine ensures that the data at the local site are synchronized automatically with the central database as soon as an Inter net connection is established. Once data are in the central database, eLoader automatically moves the data into the clinical study structure defined in Oracle Clinical.eLoader reads the MetaTrial data, maps it to the Oracle Clinical study design,and loads the data into the Oracle Clinical database. Addi tionally,eLoader validates the incom ing MetaTrial data against the Oracle Clinical study design and definitions, identifying problems before loading. Once data are in the central database,eLoader moves data into the clinical study structure defined in Oracle Clinical. allowing the plan to easily measure, manage, and improve customer satisfaction, member retention, and customer service representative productivity. Version 4.3 includes enhanced features for improved appeals and grievance processing, improved callcenter reporting, and enhanced CSR performance. “QDX CustomerFocus is a functionalityrich product that meets specific industry needs,” says Lorine Sweeney,president and CEO of Quovadx. Partnership Creates BRIDGE FROMMETATRIAL EDCTOORACLE CLINICAL The Internet is no longer the wave of the future. For 93% of physicians and more than 165 million Americans, the Internet is the wave of today, says Matthew Stone, president of HealthInfo. Matthew Stone Emedia PharmaVOICE Aris Global LLC and Cyclone Commerce have joined forces to create a turnkey solution to submit and receive individual case safety reports to the EMEA,FDA,HealthCanada,and the MHLW. The EMEA’s recent move toward electronic docu mentation requires that all Pharmaceutical Marketing Authorization Holders implement certain standards to ensure secure, validated, and repudiated electronic communication with global regulatory authorities and trading partners.The deadline for filing electronic ICSR submissions with EMEA is January 31,2003. With E2B Gateway Solution, Aris Global’s integrat ed, turnkey solution with builtin Cyclone Inter change software, MAHswill not only meet the imme diate EMEA submission deadline, they will meet the future deadlines of the FDA, HealthCanada, and the MHLW regulatory authorities. Because the solution is totally compatible with EMEA EudraVigilance Gate way,and meets the ICH and 21 CFR Part 11 standards for electronic submissions, companies will save time and money by not having to enhance existing sys tems or build systems requiring custom code. E2B Gateway can be configured to any pharma covigilance system,enabling companies to:create E2B DTD v2.0 and v2.1 files in both SGML andXML format, reduce manpower requirements, eliminate duplicate data entry, use selfsigned certificates or certificates from all major PKI vendors,support all major protocols and data transports with no integration required, and connect to 100% of their trading partners. Companies can review ICSRs waiting transmission, initiate transmissions either individually or in batch, view successful load or loaderror destination acknowledgments, and view a log of incoming ICSRs anytime. Cyclone’s preexisting relationships include Abbott, Bayer Healthcare Division, BristolMyers Squibb,Lilly, Genentech,McKesson,Merck,and Roche. ELECTRONIC SAFETY SUBMISSIONS to be Created Through Partnership KALORAMAWEBSITE Offers LifeScience Market Intelligence Kalorama Information’s www.KaloramaInforma tion.com provides access to critical market intelli gence covering the life sciences. Built upon the same advanced search applications as the publisher’s par ent company MarketResearch.com,the new site pro vides details about each report in the Kalorama port folio and the ability to view sections of reports prior to purchase. “Kalorama’s product line is growing rapidly and we’re very excited to offer this new access point to our customers,”says Steven Heffner, acquisitions edi tor at Kalorama Information. “Customers need to gather as much information as they can about these studies before they make a purchase,so we designed the site to offer as much transparency as possible.” In addition to features designed to educate clients about Kalorama Information products, the site offers news about the latest Kalorama research findings,an Editor’s Corner with insight about the lat est lifescience trends, and links to pertinent industry events. Covering the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medicaldevice sectors, articles and editorials on Kalo ramaInformation.com offer professionals in these fields insight into the changes in their marketplaces and point them to the research reports most relevant to their needs. In a recent study that can be accessed at the new Website, Kalorama researchers found that in the $4.3 billion U.S. market for home care products, infusion products are showing the strongest growth. Although not the largest segment of the market, home infusion therapy posted 10% to 11% growth in recent years, and the study predicts that it will continue at that pace through 2006. According to the study — The U.S. Market for Home Care Products — demographic trends, cost measures, and changing patientcare practices will drive growth in every segment.The U.S.population is aging, cost containment measures are moving patients out of formal care settings faster, and more chronically and terminally ill patients are choosing the home as a more comfortable setting than insti tutional care.Although somehomecaremarkets are maturing, there are still many dynamic areas in which companies are maneuvering to compete more effectively. “In ambulatory aids, many competitors are offer ing specialized heavyduty products for overweight and obese patients,” Mr. Heffner says. “Invacare, for example, has created a special line of homecare equipment for the bariatric population. Other com petitors will undoubtedly follow suit with their own bariatric product extensions and products for other specialized populations.” Our integrated solution has been implemented at both large and small pharmaceutical companies. We believe the E2B Gateway Solution will become the defacto standard for electronic submissions of ICSRs, says Deepak Abbhi, CEO of Aris Global. FW Pharma Systems and Acurian are providing enhanced investigator management solutions for users of the clinicaltrials management system, Impact, by linking it with Acurian’s investigator database. Impact is a clinicaltrials management software that is designed to help pharmaceutical companies, CROs, device manufacturers, and biotechnology companies manage research activities, ranging in scale from single site to large multinational,multisite studies. “Impact has established itself as the leading CTMS, and Acurian has developed the industry’s most comprehensive database of experienced clini cal investigators,” says Paul Tebbs, business develop ment director, FW Pharma Systems. “It makes excel lent sense for us to bring the two together,providing a link that enables Impact users to augment their owndatabase of investigators by searching Acurian’s Investigator Database by specialty, prescribing behavior, trial experience, and other relevant met rics.” Impact users also will be able to see the number of patients in Acurian’s patient database of more than 4.3 million individuals that are geographically SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE Links ClinicalTrials Management System and Investigator Database proximate to selected investigator sites.These new search capabilities will be made available within FW Pharma’s customers’secure Impact trials management environment and can beused to set up potential trial units. “Access to our investigator database through Impact will pro vide sponsors with the relevant data they need to make informed decisions in regards to investigator recruitment,” says Mark Eisenach, CEO of Acurian.“By teaming with a market leader like FW Pharma Sys tems, we can quickly provide our informaticsbased approach to investigator recruitment to multi ple sponsors in an integrated, turnkey fashion.” According to Mr. Tebbs, CROs and sponsors will need ready access to highquality investigator and patient data to expedite study start up. The link between Impact and Acurian will help jumpstart the investigator enrollment process. Access to our investigator database through Impact will provide sponsors with the relevant data they need to make informed decisions in regards to investigator recruitment, says Mark Eisenach, CEO of Acurian. Deepak Abbhi Mark Eisenach Wedesigned the site to offer as much transparency as possible. Steven Heffner Emedia PharmaVOICE TheraSense Inc.and Control Diabetes Inc.have launched a comprehensive data and diabetes management program called the FreeStyle CoPilot WebBased Data Man agement System. Accessed via a secure Internet site, the program allows analysis and communication of glucose levels by healthcare providers and people with diabetes. “Customers have told us they want more useful ways of managing their increasing amounts of diabetesrelated data,” says Mark Lortz,president and CEO of TheraSense. “ This program enhances the flow and accuracy of information between people with diabetes and their healthcare providers, while still utilizing the FreeStyle blood glucose monitoring system technology.” Patients will be able to store their health information securely and upload blood glucose readings and data from TheraSense’s FreeStyle blood glucose monitor and FreeStyle Tracker Diabetes Management System, a bloodglucose monitoring system combined with the HandSpring Visor personal digital assistant. The information can then be transferred into personalized reports focusing on integrated issues of diabetes care, including glycemic control, hypertension, hyperlipidemia,and diet. Prescriber Dynamics Offers ENHANCEDPRESCRIBING INTELLIGENCE Pharmaceutical product managers can access faster, richer information about U.S. prescribing behavior to help shape more effective marketing strategies with Prescriber Dynamics, a Webbased tool available from IMS Health. The latest module in the IMS Marketing Effectiveness Suite, Prescriber Dynamics provides critical intelligence about new therapy starts, switching activity, renewals, and patient population demographics, drawing on the company’s powerful longitudinal prescription database. “IMS Prescriber Dynamics provides a true com petitive edge for marketing professionals, delivering a level of detail on prescribing activity that was not previously available,” says Bill Henderson, group director of IMS Marketing.“For example, by breaking down `new prescription’ activity into its component parts — renewals, new therapy starts, and switches — marketers get a muchmorepowerful indicator of what’s happening with their product and their ther apeutic category,enabling them to more rapidly pin point opportunities and focus their strategies.” Prescriber Dynamics tracks information national ly, regionally, and by doctor specialty, with breakouts of patient populations by age and gender. Data are presented in a weekly format, and the service includes collaboration features that enable market intelligence to be easily shared online with users throughout the world. PatentedVisual Analysis Technology EXTENDSTHE DATAANALYSISPROCESS A recently issued patent may change the way the bioinformatics industry pre sents data. illumitek Inc. has been granted a U.S. patent for a technology that enables the most advanced information dis covery software possible. The patent covers any technological process that combines graph algebra,with geometryandaes thetic components,which auto matically produce computer generated displays of data. “illumitek advances data analysis technologies and finally allows end users to visually retrieve and interact with information,”says Tony Crescenzo, CEO of illumitek. illumitek’s 100% Javabased software platform, nViZn, enables customers to build statistical analysis and visualization applications, which were too time consuming and costly to create until now. nViZn advances the analysis process by offering sophisticat ed analytics and statistics,robust user interactivity,and capabilities to build and render any visual necessary. RxHub has released Interface Specifications Ver sion 1.0, which is designed to make the electronic prescribing process safer and more efficient. The standards were established in open workshops attended by industry leaders representing pharma cies, pharmacy benefit managers, and pointofcare technology providers. The first draft of the specifications originated at a RxHubsponsored work group in St. Paul, Minn., in March 2002. The final Version 1.0 specifications are based on the input of industry leaders who took part in two open comment workshops organized by RxHub and held in Washington in April and Chicago in May. The initial work group reconvened in June to incorporate the suggestions received during the lat est open comment period into the final Version 1.0 specifications. “Our goal was to make the process of establish RxHub Releases First Version of Industry Specifications for ELECTRONIC PRESCRIPTION CREATION ANDDELIVERY TheraSense Launches WEBBASEDDIABETES DATAMANAGEMENT PROGRAM illumitek allows end users to visually retrieve and interact with information. Tony Crescenzo Capturing clinicaltrial data has been simplified with the launch of Araccel’s ASFlash. The product’s main function is elec tronic data collection and its main tar get is Phase IV clinical trials, however, it is appropriate for any phase. ASFlash permits the user to enter data and view reports from nearly any device, browser,or platform. Araccel fused more than 10 years of clinicaltrial expertise and an understanding of its client’s needs to create a product of simplicity and design. ASFlash works on any computer with an Internet connection and any browser, and is ideal for large volume trials. The datacollection tool simplifies patient administration and its automated data capture maxi mizes critical research assets, enhances data integrity, and analysis, and reduces drugdevelopment time. ASFlash is scalable, flexible, and highly configurable and fully integrated into the company’s clinical datamanage ment product,ASPlatform. The company guarantees a four week deployment from time of final spec signoff, one of the fastest deliveries in the industry. ASFlash simplifies clinicaltrial data capturing and targets Phase IV trials. ing standards and specifications for electronic pre scribing as open and inclusive as possible, and we are extremely pleased with the extent of industry participation in the workshops,”says RxHub CEO Jim Bradley.“As a result,we can be confident that this first version of the specifications fairly represents the per spectives and interests of all the key groups involved.” More than 50 industry representatives attended the two open comment workshops. Participants in the open comment workshops represented all facets of the prescribing industry including pharma cies, pharmacy benefit managers,pointofcare ven dors, pharmacy technology vendors, pharmaceuti cal companies, and system integrators. Work group participants included companies such as Medix Resources, MEDeMORPHUS Healthcare Solutions, Wellpoint, Allscripts, Fairview Pharmacy Services, MedVantx,and Total eMed. ARACCEL LAUNCHES HTML Clinical Data Collection and Reporting System Patients can upload glucose readings, using FreeStyle Tracker Diabetes Manage ment System, to a Webbased datamanagement system. Emedia 71 PharmaVOICE S e p t e mb e r 2 0 02 URAChas awarded HealthWebsite Accreditation to HealthAtoZ for its online health portal HealthAtoZ.com. The portal combines the latest health information with conditionspecific interactive tools and trackers to help people lead healthier lives. The health Website standards of URAC,a nonprofit healthcare accrediting body, cover a number of issues, including health content editorial process, disclosure of financial relationships, linking to other Websites, priva cy and security, and mechanisms for consumer complaints.The standards also contain requirements to assure that organizations have adequate internal processes and structure to monitor and maintain Website quality over time. “URAC holds applicants to high standards,showing who people can trust for their online health needs,”says Raj Lakhanpal,M.D.,president and CEO of HealthAtoZ.“URAC went over us with a finetooth comb, finding that HealthAtoZ provides trustworthy health information and management programs.” HealthAtoZ maintains two public sites:www.HealthAtoZ.com for healthcare consumers, and www.Med Connect.com for healthcare professionals. Both sites are living laboratories for the development of innovative disease management and health promotion programs. Separately, the URAC has launched a new logo and redesigned its Website,www.urac.org. The changes are an effort to promote brand recognition for consumers and make it easier for consumers and other stakeholders to find the information they need about health quality. “With a shift over to the newWebsite and logo,we hope to increase awareness of URAC and our mission,” says Garry Carneal,URAC president and CEO.“We are proud to display our new logo as a symbol of high stan dards for quality healthcare.” The electronic common technical document is an impending requirement and the future of esub missions.Lifesciences professionals can access tools and knowledge related to eCTD through two free resources: eCTD Assistant 1.0 and aboutctd.com. eCTDAssistant1.0 is free software that provides an easytouse, wizardlike interface that automatically generates XML from eCTDready file structures. It sup ports all currently available eCTD specifications and can provide direct document management system integration, which means nontechnical publishers can immediately become productive because they do not have to make changes to existing content. Free Resources PROVIDE ELECTRONIC COMMONTECHNICALDOCUMENT INFORMATION Criterium’s development and application of Study Control enables clinical study data to be gath ered and integrated from a variety of accepted sources. The computer application allows for storage, review, updating, distribution, and reporting of all clini caltrial data andoffers medical clients a thoroughly compliant regulatory environment. “We can now receive data from several source modes, and standard ize it into a consistent database,” says Greg Bailey, systems manager at Cri terium.“Formerly, the process of inte grating data from paper, fax, online, and interactive voice response telephone sources in one single study would slow down the updates to the client during trials. Today, with Study Control,our clients are getting realtime updates of their clinical trial information.” Study Control reporting data is available to clients 24 hours aday,7 days a week.Criterium provides a platform that is customized for the clients’existing computer hard ware and software; and is optimized for all Internet and Microsoft Windows applications. Criterium’s virtual private network assures secure transmission and data deployment to all sites involved in a given study. Study Controlversion 2.6 is the result of more than 11 years of inten sive “hands on” experience by Criteri um in all aspects of managing clinical trials.It also inte grates the areas of traditional project management and monitoring services by Criterium personnel. Study Control reporting is available to clients 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Aboutctd.com is a free Website created by Liquent to help the lifesciences industry under stand the implications of the eCTD. The goal of the site is to centralize eCTDrelated information so lifesciences professionals can more efficiently prepare themselves for future electronic regulatory requirements. The Website contains a directory of downloads and critical links,conferences and meetings informa tion, solution providers, and online discussion. Liquent acts as the site sponsor and content manager,but the Website is an open eCTD resource center. CLINICALTRIAL DATA EASILY ORGANIZED with Study Control Initiatives Introduced to REDUCE ADMINISTRATIVE BURDENS for Physicians The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare is introducing two national initiatives to reduce administrative burdens for physicians and other providers: Formulary Data Source and SingleApplication Creden tialing. Formulary DataSource is a Web based tool that makes it easy for physi cians to ensure that the medicines they prescribe are on the formulary of their patients’ health plans. The free Website allows physicians to access prescription drug informa tion for their patients from a single database, electronically sourced direct ly from participating health plans and networks. A physician can select the patient’s health plan or network, enter a phar maceutical product’s generic or brand name,and instantly see if the medicine is on the formulary. In addition, the Website lists any restrictions on the use of the medicine, such as quantity limits or age limits, and indicates if the drug is part of a step therapy or requires preauthorization. Physicians can view the entire formulary,or select by organ system or therapeutic class to view all of the covered drugs in a particular category. If a partic ular medicine is not preferred on a patient’s health care or managedcare formulary, physicians can search the database to identify alternative medica tions in the same therapeutic class as possible sub stitutes. The second program,SingleApplication Creden tialing, allows physicians and other healthcare providers to submit electronically a single applica tion that satisfies the credentialing requirements of nearly 30 of the country’s leading health plans and networks. Each healthcare organization that a physician contracts with requires doctors to complete and periodically update a separate,extensive application to participate in their networks. This free SingleApplication Credentialing ser vice simplifies this process by allowing physicians and other providers to submit one application — either online or via fax — that satisfies the creden tialing requirements of all CAQH member health plans and networks. Healthcare organizations that are not CAQH members also are encouraged to accept the appli cation for their credentialing process. The information collected on the application is electronically compiled and maintained by CAQH in a secure database made available only to the health care organizations specifically authorized by the physician. Two national initiatives to reduce administrative burdens for physicians and other providers . Formulary DataSource . Single Application Credentialing HEALTHATOZ EARNS URACWebsite ACCREDITATION Emedia 72 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 2 PharmaVOICE Proscrape Tool Enhances SALESFORCE EFFICIENCY Proscape Technologies has launched a new ver sion of its marketing and sales effectiveness solution. MSE technologybased solutions bridge the discon nect between sales and marketing, elevating the effectiveness of all selling efforts throughout the organization. Version 4.4 of the Webbased product suite provides companies with offline functionality, new tablet compatibility for sales field access, and enhanced management report abilities. In 1999, Proscape Technologies introduced the industry’s first MSE solution to offer an online informa tion hub that streamlines and integrates marketing and sales content from disparate locations across the enterprise, supporting realtime information exchangeand fostering factbased,customerfocused relationships. The updated Webbased and seamlessly inte grated MSE solution is comprised of six modular components — content repository, encyclopedia, presentation,promotion,datamanager,and datatrak. Users can access crucial marketing and sales infor mation anytime from anywhere. In addition, any handheld tablet that runs Windows can run Proscape’s MSE solution. Sales reps, executives, cus tomer service representatives — anyone working in the field — can leverage wireless tablets to create presentations onthefly and access uptothe minute sales, marketing, prospect, and competitive information necessary to close a sale. Thomson Physicians World Relaunches CORPORATEWEBSITE ThomsonPhysiciansWorld has redesigned its cor porate Website, under the company’s new domain name,www.PhysiciansWorld.com. In keeping with the company’s corporate umbrella theme, “Unleash the Power of Medical Education,”the site features easyto navigate material on Thomson Physicians World’s background,services,staff,and career opportunities,as well as links to Thomson Physicians World division Websites and other Thomson Corp.companies. The Website project was spearheaded by Strate gic Solutions Group, an inhouse team of technology strategists who work with clients to maximize the impact of traditional medical education programs through the use of Internet and allied new media tools. The design was carried out by eMedMedia, a Thomson division based in the U.K. “Our site relaunch reflects Thomson Physicians World’s commitment to being the leader in innovative programs and services to help physicians, clients, and educational grantors capitalize on the benefits offered by new media: dynamic formats, a high degree of interactivity, and enhanced efficiency,” says Kevan Chambers,general manager of Strategic Solutions. ACURIAN INC.,Horsham,Pa.,provides clinicaltrial patient and investigator recruitment solutions. For more information,visit acurian.com. ARACCEL,Horsham,Pa.,provides eclinical solutions that capture,maintain,analyze, distribute,manage,and report clinicaltrial data.For more information,visit araccel.com. ARISGLOBAL LLC,Stamford,Conn., develops software solutions that accelerate the drug development life cycle and assure global regulatory compliance.For more information,visit arisglobal.com. CBTECHNOLOGIES INC.,Exton,Pa., develops and delivers technology tools and services for lifesciences companies.For more information,visit cbtech.com. COMPLETE SOFTWARESOLUTIONS INC., San Francisco, is a technical consulting firm offering implementation,validation,train ing services, and specialized software.The company was recently acquired by PPD Inc. For more information,visit csscomp.com. CONTROLDIABETES INC.,St. Louis, Mo., is a technology services company that simplifies diabetes management.For more information,visit icontroldiabetes.com. COUNCIL FORAFFORDABLEQUALITY HEALTHCARE,Washington,D.C., is a non profit alliance of health plans and networks. For more information,visit caqh.com. CRITERIUM INC., Saratoga Springs,N.Y., provides regulatory,technology,and professional services clinical trials. For more information,visit criteriumusa.com. CYCLONECOMMERCE,Scottsdale,Ariz., provides community management solutions. For more information,visit cyclonecommerce.com. FWPHARMASYSTEMS LTD., Birmingham, U.K.,provides business solutions to the clinicalresearch sector.U.S.offices are located in Malvern,Pa.,and San Mateo,Calif. For more information,visit fwpharma.com. HEALTHATOZ,Cranbury,N.J.,provides customized Webbased solutions.For more information,visit healthatoz.com. HEALTHINFO,Schaumburg, Ill., a division of HealthInfo Direct LLC,specializes in coordinated communication programs.For more information,visithealthinfodirect.com. ILLUMITEK INC., Herndon,Va.,provides integrated analysis and visualization software technologies for data exploration and knowledge discovery. For more information,visit illumitek.com. IMSHEALTH,Fairfield,Conn., is a provider of information solutions to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. For more information,visit imshealth.com. KALORAMA INFORMATION LLC,New York,supplies market research for the life sciences industry. For more information, visit kaloramainformation.com. LIQUENT INC.,Fort Washington,Pa., provides content assembly,publishing, regulatory,and intellectual property information solutions.For more information, visit liquent.com. MDCHOICE.COM INC., Somerville,N.J., is an Internet healthcare information and advertising network.For more information,visit mdchoice.com. PROSCAPETECHNOLOGIES,Fort Washington,Pa., is a provider of marketing and sales effectiveness solutions.For more information,visit proscape.com. QUOVADX INC., Englewood,Colo., provides an endtoend business infrastruc ture and integration software suite.For more information,visit quovadx.com. RXHUBLLC,St.Paul,Minn., focuses on accelerating and facilitating the universal adoption of electronic prescribing.For more information,visit rxhub.net. THERASENSE INC., Alameda,Calif., develops,manufactures,and sells glucose monitoring systems.For more information, visit therasense.com. THOMSONPHYSICIANSWORLD, Secaucus,N.J., provides medical education and communications programs for physi cians andallied healthcare professionals.For more information,visit physiciansworld.com. URAC,Washington,D.C., is a nonprofit organization that establishes standards for the healthcare industry.For more information,visit urac.org. Follow up

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