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I remember the first time I saw this ad whilst still working in Sydney. It caused plenty of discussion. Great work connects, and does it quickly. I wish I’d done this one. Having been in healthcare for plenty of years, I’ve seen my share of dissection, so let’s take a crack at pulling this ad apart to see how it works. What makes the headline strong is that it’s based on an obvious insight — that often the Group,a fullservice healthcare advertising agency located in New York,says this ad cuts through the fat to quickly communicate the message in a fresh and interesting way.
Client: Bayer
Debuted:February 1999
Agency:CWFS McCann (North Sydney/Australia) (Now McCann Healthcare)
Art Director: Janet Patruno
Copy:Stephen Sparke
Lipobay people who need medication are the ones who don’t want it. It’s the kind of headline that writes itself. The big fellow sitting on the edge of the pool, has the impact mostly missing from the ton nage of quality of life stock images we seem to be currently wedded to. The simple layout allows typography to be used with great effect. In fact, the only fat in this ad is in the visual. It was no surprise to see it listed amongst the Rx Club 1999 gold medal winners.Bloody good. RobRogers,chief creative officer,Grey Healthcare Rob Rogers Great work connects, and does it quickly. For Art’s Sake In the March 2002 issue of PharmaVOICE,we inadvertently deleted the teaser page of the Lo/Ovral campaign,which was submitted by Rich Norman,Adient’s chief creative officer. William Douglas McAdam’s creative team took a creative risk: presenting a “blank”teaser page to open the ad.The stark teaser page then led to a twopage spread, touting the key benefit of WyethAyerst’s oral contraceptive — an almost invisible and “nearspotles record”of breakthrough bleeding. Our apologies to Mr.Norman and to the William Douglas McAdam’s creative team for “not” drawing a blank. Oops! We drew a blank his clever and impactful ad, created by the Australian adver tising agency, CWFS, moves away from the standard “sliceof life” photography of many of today’s ads. Because the agency used such a powerful image, the accompanying copy was simple and to the point. This teaser ad for Bayer’s cholesterol treatment, Lipobay, also was an award winner, garnering a Gold Medal from the Rx Club in 1999. The Rx Club, which is based in New York, selects winners based on creative aspects of pharmaceutical product advertising and promotion. T

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