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Expanding its offerings, inChord Communications Inc., one of the largest independent healthcare mar keting communications companies in the world, has established a new organization — Y Brand Outlook — that will offer strategic consulting and branding services. Based in New York City,Y Brand Out look is led by Vince Parry, who recently left his posi tion as chief creative officer at Sudler & Hennessey to join inChord. Y Brand Outlook pro vides marketing and brandbuilding recom mendations to clients to help them develop their businesses, primarily by conducting consensus building strategic and branding seminars and workshops.The organization also offers strategic and market analyses, as well as brand audits and devel opmental exercises. “We recognized the need to provide branding services for clients in a new way,” says Blane Walter, chairman and CEO of inChord, Columbus, Ohio. “For many companies, the process of branding has become too complicated to be effective. Lack of internal consensus and the involvement of too many vendors often leads to a brandstrategy plan that is inactionable. Y Brand Outlook is designed to simplify the process by bringing together the best branding practices in the industry and delivering them through one cohesive team.We’re thrilled that Vince Parry has chosen to lead this group as presi dent. His experience in building brands and devel oping creative strategy is unmatched.” Mr. Parry joined inChord in November after 13 years with Sudler & Hennessey, where he was instru mental in creating and directing Signature, S&H’s brand identity group.He also developed creative pro tocols and directed the integration of creative activity between all lines of S&H business. Some of his accounts includedVioxx,Rocephin,Neupogen,Lipitor, Effexor, Xenical, Nolvadex, Mirapex, Viread, Nicotrol, Accolate,Advil,Benadryl,Dove,Colgate,and Sony. “inChord has already established itself as a pace setter in the marketing industry by providing seam less integrated solutions to clients — so it makes sense that we should join forces to launch a group that will break new ground in branding strategies,” Mr. Parry says.“As Y Brand Outlook works with clients to build `bestinclass’ brands, it will draw upon the vast network of clientside marketing and creative experts at inChord to deliver the process.” In addition to his role as president ofYBrand Out look,Mr.Parry also serves as chief branding officer for inChord. In this position, he works with the inChord companies to develop branding strategies for clients and facilitates the effective use of creative resources across company lines. Y Brand Outlook is located at 1180 Avenueof the Americas. The office gives inChord, which also has locations in Doylestown, Pa., and Saratoga Springs, N.Y., an expanded presence on the East Coast. “Our headquarters will always be based in Columbus, but having an office in New York City gives us increased visibility in the healthcare industry and provides us with new resources to serve clients based on the East Coast,”Mr.Walter says. The name of the new group, Y Brand Outlook, reflects the company’s unique approach to brand ing and strategic consulting. “The company is designed to get back to the fun damentals of branding — to bring simple clarity to a process that suffers from overcomplexity,” Mr. Parry explains. “In workshops, our experts will work with client teams to create an environment where brands are seen in a whole new light. Understanding why customers think or act a certain wayhelps us solveour clients’unique marketing challenges by looking at the brand from a buying rather than selling standpoint.” inChord LAUNCHES BRAND ADVISORY GROUP with creative veteran at the helm Designed to break new ground in branding strategies,Y Brand Outlook is creating an environment in which brands are seen in a whole new light


MDS Pharma Services ANNOUNCES GLOBAL EXPANSION plans for 2002 MDS Pharma Services, a provider of innovative drugdiscovery and development solutions, has announced expansion plans for 2002 at numerous sites worldwide,designed to strengthen the compa ny’s capacity to serve as a drugdiscovery and devel opment partner. According to Doug Squires, president and CEO at MDS Pharma Services, the company is relocating to new facilities and increasing the bed capacity at three of its seven clinical pharmacology units; near ly doubling the square footage of one of its Euro pean bioanalytical facilities; building a new, three story, 24,000squarefoot facility dedicated to preclinical studies, particularly safety pharmacolo gy; and establishing a facility for central laboratory operations in Asia. The company’s global presence in latephase clinical research and central laboratory services also is growing. Mr. Squires says latephase services now will be available on four continents, including its unique capabilities in China and in its recently opened Singapore operation. “With more than 750 beds in our clinical research facilities, MDS is the largest earlyphase clinical research organization in the world,” Mr. Squires says. “Our increasedcapacity will allow us to accommodate an even greater number of clinical studies with scheduling flexibility and a rapid study startup.” Y Brand Outlook is designed to get back to the fundamentals of branding — to bring simple clarity to a process that suffers from overcomplexity. Vince Parry President, Y Brand Outlook WHAT’S new Modern Healthcare announces MAGAZINE REDESIGN Readers of Modern Healthcare will have noticed that with the January 28th issue, the magazine is sporting a new look and new format. In response to reader feedback,the new format includes enhanced healthcare business news coverage, new editorial sections, bigger and bolder graphics, and cleaner typefaces and layouts. Starting with the cover, readers will notice an enhanced emphasis on breaking news. A cleaner table of contents and staff box simplify finding spe cific information. Traditional sections such as the cover story, week in healthcare, and special reports and features continue with new or expanded sec tions such as late news, oped, by the numbers, newsmakers, and the edge to keep readers upto date on the latest healthcare happenings. For more than 25 years, the business news weekly has been serving the industry. “Healthcare executives are busy people who don’t have a lot of time for editorial fluff,” says Chuck Lauer, publisher of Modern Healthcare. “They want straightforward stories from professional journalists who know their beats.” Quintiles Consulting’s new service helps manufacturers PREPARE FOR FDA PREAPPROVAL inspection Quintiles Consulting has taken steps to help manufacturers of medicines and medical devices meet regulatory standards in preapproval inspections with the launch of Marketready. Preapproval inspections are conducted by the Food and Drug Administra tion as a part of its regular review of all product applications, and Marketready provides guidance to manufacturers in all key milestones, including product development, process validation, and regulatory inspection. The program also helps manufacturers manage issues that may result from prior regulatory actions associated with practices in laboratory and production settings. “Delays in product launch can mean losses in revenue and market share,” says Joseph Phillips, VP of pharmaceutical services at Quintiles Consulting. “With Marketready, our experts assist manufacturers in assessing, developing, and implementing processes.This service helps assure an effective transition from R&D to commercial production.” Mr.Phillips was formerly with the FDA, where he helped develop the pre approval inspection strategy. Ron Johnson,executiveVP ofQuintilesConsulting says,“We estimate that the total current market potential for these kinds of consulting services is about $100 million. Because we see increased activity among emerging and estab lished pharmaceutical andbiotech companies,we are optimistic that the demand for these services will increase.” Joseph Phillips is helping manufacturers realize an effective transition from R&D to commercial production. Phoenix Marketing Group ACQUIRED FOR $33 MILLION by Express Scripts Express Scripts Inc., one of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in North America, has acquired the assets of Phoenix Marketing Group (Holdings) Inc. from Access Worldwide Communica tions Inc. for $33 million in cash. “We’re pleased to announce the completion of this acquisition,”says Barrett Toan,chairman and CEO of Express Scripts. “Phoenix is wellpositioned to assume a greater share of the expanding market for pharmaceutical sampling, and we are focused on leveraging the combined strengths of the two orga nizations.” Phoenix is one of the largest prescription drug sample fulfillment companies in the country, ship ping about 95 million sample units in 2001. Out source spending is growing as a percentage of phar maceutical manufacturers’ total sales and marketing expenses,and medication sampling is a key element in the prescription distribution market. Phoenix records an administrative fee for distributing sam ples to doctors based on orders received from phar maceutical sales representatives. Elsevier’s international medical news group LAUNCHESNEWPUBLICATION International Medical News Group, the medical news division of Elsevier Science, has launched Rheumatology News,its first newpublication in 30 years. According to Alan J. Imhoff, the newly appointed general manager of Morristown, N.J.based IMNG, charter sponsorships in the new publication are com pletely sold out for the rest of this year.The publication, which still has some space available, provides news, research, and indepth coverage of medical meetings worldwide.Reaching a controlled circulation of 10,000 rheumatologists and highprescribing internists, Rheumatology News— published bimonthly in 2002 — plans to go monthly in 2003. “Rheumatology is the leading category of chronic illness and physician visits for which doctors seek new information,”Mr. Imhoff says.“With the large number of new products in the pipeline, information has become a critical component in the treatment of bone and joint diseases.That’s why rheumatologists, like other medical specialists,need uptotheminute information that can help them provide relief to their patients.” In addition to Rheumatology News, IMNG publishes six other medical newspublications covering news and meetings worldwide for physicians: Family Practice News, Internal Medicine News, P ediatric News, Ob/Gyn News,Skin and Allergy News,and Clinical Psychiatry News. Its parent,Elsevier Science, is a medical and scientific publisher, with offices throughout the U.S.and Europe. Mr. Imhoff got his start at IMNG 17 years ago, then left to join other publishing ventures.He oversees all oper ations at IMNG.Mr. Imhoff rejoins IMNG from SCP/Cliggott,where hewasVP and group publisher.He was respon sible for Infections in Medicine, Drug Benefit Tr ends, The Journal of Critical Illness, and The AIDS Reader, a single sponsored journal, which he successfully relaunched as a multisponsored publication three years ago. Rheumatology News is the first new publication to be launched by Elsevier’s International Medical News Group in 30 years. 66 A p r i l 2 0 02 PharmaVOICE WHAT’S new AARP launches first publication for OVER 50 HISPANIC COMMUNITY In one of the single largest launches in the histo ry of the Hispanic publishing industry, AARP is intro ducing Segunda Juventud— a quarterly, bilingual newspaper created specifically for Hispanics 50 years old and older. Translated as Second Youth, Segunda Juventudis being provided initially to 250,000 Hispanic AARP members in Texas, New York, California, Florida,and Puerto Rico. The circulation is slated to more than double during 2002 as the association expands its outreach to older Hispanics across the country. AARP is no stranger to the Hispanic community. The 35 millionmember service organization has worked extensively with leading Hispanic organiza tions, jointly conducting important research projects, sponsoring key community events and providing programs benefiting Hispanic community members. Segunda Juventudis being produced and dis tributed by AARP Publications, which also publishes the awardwinning Modern Maturity and My Genera tionmagazines and the awardwinning AARP Bul letin. For Segunda Juventud, AARP editors worked with editors and writers of La Opinion— the Los Angelesbased Spanishlanguage newspaper and one of the largest Spanishlanguage publishing companies in the U.S. The premier issue of Segunda Juventudincludes profiles of Hispanic community volunteers, an update on changing immigration laws, a health update on promising diabetes treat ments, and a piece on popular singersongwriter Juan Gabriel. “Segunda Juventud is dedicated to providing timely and accurate information on vital topics for this community,”says Martha Ramsey,AARP publish ing director. “The publication also will keep readers up to date on important social issues and lifestyle trends and introduce them to fascinating people who are living and loving their SecondYouth.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Census, there are currently about 5 million Hispanics older than 50 in the U.S. and that number is expected to nearly triple over the next 25 years to 14.2 million. AARP recently launched a series of television and radio advertisements designed to inform and increase awareness of AARP within the Hispanic community. Future AARP offerings will include products, ser vices, and information for Hispanics as well as bilin gual advocacy and educational materials. “We recognize that the United States is in the midst of a demographic revolution and that all orga nizations must broaden their appeal to Hispanic Americans,” says Charles Mendoza, an AARP board member.“Segunda Juventudwill play a major role by providing news and information of particular inter est to this community.” AARP,Washington,D.C., is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people 50 years old and older. For more information,visit aarp.org. EXPRESSSCRIPTS INC.,St. Louis, is one of the largest pharmacy benefit manage ment companies in North America. For more information,visit express scripts.com. THEHEALTHCARECOMPLIANCE ASSO CIATION,Philadelphia, is the only national, nonprofit organization solely dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare compliance.For more information,visit hccainfo.org. INCHORD COMMUNICATIONS INC., Columbus,Ohio, is a global group of com munication companies providing cus tomized marketing solutions with a single point of accountability. For more informa tion, visit inchord.com. INNOVEX,Parsippany,N.J., a unit of Quin tiles Transnational Corp., is a leading com mercial solutions provider and offers sales and marketing services designed to accel erate the success of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device products.For more information,visit innovex.com. INTERNATIONAL MEDICALNEWS GROUP,Morristown,N.J., is the medical news division of Elsevier Science,publish ers of medical and scientific publications and Web portals. For more information, visit imng.com. MDS PHARMA SERVICES,Montreal, Canada,offers a full spectrum of resources to meet the drugdiscovery and develop ment needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. For more infor mation,visit mdsps.com. MODERNHEALTHCARE,Chicago,pub lished by Crain Communications, is the industry’s only business newsweekly.For more information,visit modernhealth care.com. PAREXEL INTERNATIONAL,Waltham, Mass., is one of the largest contract phar maceutical outsourcing organizations in the world,providing a broad range of knowledgebased contract research,med ical marketing and consulting services to the worldwide pharmaceutical,biotech nology,and medical device industries. For more information,visit parexel.com. QUINTILES CONSULTING is a commer cialization unit of Quintiles Transnational Corp., Research Triangle Park,N.C.Quintiles Consulting provides regulatory, compli ance and validation consulting services to pharmaceutical,biotechnology, and medi cal device industries around the world.For more information,visit quintiles.com. Follow up Parexel International to PROVIDE GLOBAL BIODEVELOPMENT consulting services Parexel International Corp., one of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical outsourcing companies,now pro vides biodevelopment consulting services in support of emerging, virtual, and biotechnology firms. Through this new service offering, Parexel assists clients in formulating detailed strategies to optimize critical earlystage and advancedstage product development.In addition,by providing seniorlevel strategic perspective,this new service more effectively leverages Parexel’s global expertise, experience, and resources while maximizing value and efficiencies for fulldevelopment program lifecycles. Clients may improve the return on their nonclinical and clinical development investments by relying on Parexel’s global portfolio of services, capabilities, and expertise ranging from early drug development to clini cal/regulatory strategy and to postmarketing support. Parexel’s biodevelopment consulting team consists of worldwide regulatory, medical, and scientific experts who understand client technology, regulatory require ments, clinicaltrial design, and analysis and can create innovative strategic solutions to regulatory, clinical,and nonclinical development challenges. Parexel’s biodevelopment consulting services group includes scientific, manufacturing,chemistry manufacturing and control, regulatory, and medical expertise that adds a broad and indepth perspective on the complex issues surrounding earlystage biopharmaceutical development. “We remain dedicated to enhancing the value of biopharmaceutical projects and reducing drugdevelop ment time,” says Josef H.von Rickenbach,chairman and CEO.

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