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November 17, 2016

[November 17, 2016, New York, NY] Remedy Health Media (Remedy) is thrilled to announce inspiring and educational programming for Multiple Myeloma patients and caregivers. The purpose of this program is to educate current and prospective Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients and their supporters by shedding light on the disease and the treatments currently available. Further, it strives to educate and inform patients and caregivers about what is in the pipeline for the future, while also providing a sense of empowerment and community among those affected.

The educational program launched with Traver Hutchins, a founder of Remedy and MM patient, sharing his personal and emotional story. Traver’s story focuses on taking the mystery out of MM and provides encouragement and insight for others living with this condition. Prior to his story debut, Traver broadcasted his experiences leading up to and the recovery of undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) via a multiple part Facebook Live series with the help of Remedy and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

“Every patient, when they hear the words ‘You have Multiple Myeloma’ is thrown into a new orbit. In most cases, they have no idea what this disease is and they are in great need of support and knowledge.” said Traver Hutchins. “For me support and hope comes from research and collaboration within the top institutions working together with the pharma industry to develop new treatments.”

Traver’s full story is presented in a long-form multimedia immersive experience via Remedy’s Live Bold, Live NowTM storytelling platform. His personal story, coupled with expert MM content is designed to inspire both patients and caregivers to take action and in turn provide hope, action and better health outcomes. The program’s condition content was developed together with Remedy and the MMRF.

“We are so pleased that Remedy created a program through the eyes of a patient with the goal of bringing a deeper understanding of the disease to patients and caregivers,” said Sharon Saias, VP of Marketing and Communications at the MMRF. Traver has been a long time supporter of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and we are grateful for his devotion and passion for patients. With Remedy’s strong consumer network and their dedication to storytelling and patient empowerment, this effort supports our mission to help patients understand this disease and their treatment options.”

 The overall ambition of this initiative is to educate MM patients and caregivers about the condition through compelling content, give them a deeper understanding of the resources available to them while providing a sense of support and community.


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