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Commanders & Chiefs
Julie Adrian    Chandler Chicco Agency, inVentiv Health
PV0716_ListBysection1Mary Anderson    Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education and SCI Scientific Communications & Information
Dr. Udit Batra    MilliporeSigma, the life science business of Merck KGaA
Nancy Berg    International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
Dr. Paul Bolno    WAVE Life Sciences
Mark Bouck    TrialCard
Louis Breton    Calimmune
Tim Davis    Exco InTouch
Dr. Donald Deieso    WIRB-Copernicus Group
Lori Grant    Klick Health
Adele Gulfo    Mylan
Dr. Magali Haas    Cohen Veterans Bioscience
Steve Hamburg    Calcium
Debbie Hart    BioNJ
Dr. John Hubbard    BioClinica
Mike Kaufmann    Cardinal Health
Ken Keller    Daiichi Sankyo
Dr. Lorence Kim    Moderna Therapeutics
Joe Kuchta    Sandbox
Brian Loew    Inspire
Juan Mantelle    ProSolus
Jennifer Matthews    The Bloc
Matt McNally    Publicis Health
Dr. Clive Meanwell    The Medicines Company
Dr. Jules Mitchel    Target Health
Carolyn Morgan    precisioneffect
Dr. Brian Nightengale    Xcenda
Chris Perkin    Altasciences Clinical Research
Fred Petito    Guidemark Health
Jim Robinson    Astellas Pharma US
Julie Ross    Advanced Clinical
Shideh Sedgh Bina    Insigniam
Greg Skalicky    inVentiv Health
Lisa Stockman    inVentiv Health
Heather Torak    Evoke Health
François Torche    CluePoints
Dr. Robert Urban    Johnson & Johnson
Clareece West    MedNet Solutions
Dr. Mike Wilkinson    PPD
Andy Woolf    Bionical
Alex Zapesochny    iCardiac Technologies

Dr. Lisa Boyette    Curable
Kerrie Brady    Centrexion Therapeutics
Susan Cobian    HYC Health
Gregg Fisher    The Stem
Norm Goldfarb    MAGI
Dr. Kate Hersov    Medikidz
William King    Zephyr Health
Stephany Lapierre    tealbook
Stu Libby    Zipdrug
Dr. Jay Lichter    Avalon Ventures
Michael Marett    Confideo
Rishi Shah    ContextMedia:Health

Change Agents
Gil Bashe    Finn Partners
Deirdre BeVard    Nektar Therapeutics
Brion Brandes    Spectra BioPharma Selling Solutions
Cindy Cetani    Novartis International
Jean Chitwood    INC Research
Dr. Marianne De Backer    Johnson & Johnson
Amy Dowell    HCB Health
Brad Hardy    Kowa Pharmaceuticals America
Dr. Julian Jenkins    GlaxoSmithKline
Alison Little    KPMG
Phil Mann    MicroMass Communications
April Mulroney    Medidata Solutions
Dr.  Bill Trombetta    Saint Joseph’s University
Kilian Weiss    Veeva Systems

Researchers & Scientists
Cynthia Dukes    ICON Clinical Research
Dr. Jesús Gómez-Navarro    Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Thomas Large    Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Murray McKinnon    Janssen Research & Development
Dr. Jane Osbourn    MedImmune
Dr. Robert Willenbucher    Janssen Research & Development

Clinical Experts
Sandra Chase    Continuum Clinical
Dr. Ubavka DeNoble    PAREXEL
Amy Grahn    Horizon Pharma
Christina Hughes    Bracket
Lindy Jones    Quintiles
Craig Lipset    Pfizer
Dr. Chris Smyth    Novella Clinical
Dr. Philippe Szapary    Janssen Research & Development

Laurie Bartolomeo    Dudnyk
Dr. Edward Nathan    PulseCx
Jeff Perino    Triple Threat Communications

Victoria Noble    Shire
Jason Noto    Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Michelle Petroff    Fingerpaint

Patient Advocates
Carolyn Dumond    Myriad Genetic Laboratories
Kelli Duprey    Boehringer Ingelheim
Chemelle Evans    Snow Companies
Lise Hall    AstraZeneca
Nicole Hebbert     United BioSource Corporation (UBC)
Valerie Kobzej    Celgene
Dr. Caroline Kurtz    Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Brian Goff    Baxalta
Dr. Catherine Sohn    Sohn Health Strategies
Dr. Stuart Sowder    Pfizer

Sam Anwar    eClinical Solutions
Elisa Cascade    DrugDev
Justin Freid    CMI/Compas

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