BEHIND THE HEALTHCARE REVOLUTION: The Changing Scene at Point of Care

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May 9, 2019

In revolutions past, there have been moments when a seemingly singular entity or action emerges spontaneously and changes the existing course of action. But more often, it is multiple factors that coincide and work in tandem to comprehensively transform an entire industry or way of life. This is precisely how advances in technology and patient demands sparked the onset of the largest healthcare revolution to date.

Like many components of the healthcare industry, there are parts of the revolution that are said to be long overdue, and laborious to correct. But healthcare today is also full of forward-thinking point of care providers who’ve adopted the technologies necessary to meet patients’ demands for convenient, cost-effective services. Care is no longer confined by the walls of a doctor’s office or hospital; it’s aiding more people in more locations than ever before.

In this white paper, we explore the evolving definition and the changing landscape of POC. We look at the impact new trends have already had in the world of healthcare and the prospective innovations that are on the horizon.

To understand more about the changing definition of Point of Care as part of the healthcare revolution, download this whitepaper.

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