Connecting the Dots: Analyzing the Power of Customer Networks

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Zephyr Health

September 26, 2017

New report: How one company increased revenue by 33% leveraging customer network relationships

Breaking the ice can be hard.

Establishing new relationships, including potential customer relationships, is easier when you get an introduction from someone in your shared network. Those common connections open the door to more personal interactions – and result in improved sales.

Hundreds of factors go into an HCP or HCO’s decision-making around your product – and most of those factors are people: peers, referring physicians, research partners, co-authors, even colleagues from medical school.

Do you know who is in your customer’s network?

In a recent survey of over 110 Life Sciences professionals, 71% agreed that understanding these complex relationships is important to their brand strategies… but only 6% of respondents use these analytics regularly.

Download this free whitepaper to learn how digital insights on customer networks and relationships can help you reach more, high-potential customers.

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