The Case for a Clinical Data Strategy

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eClinical Solutions

July 9, 2019

Data from clinical trials is extremely valuable but often underutilized. This is typically the result of insufficient planning. Industry experts are frustrated knowing that stakeholders do not have sufficient access to their data, thus losing tremendous value since the data is not being fully leveraged; and regret that their organizations are not set up to take full advantage of the data so painstakingly acquired.

In today’s environment, more data than ever is being created from an expanding set of sources spanning from wearables to genomics. Many life sciences companies are looking for ways to transform their approach to become data driven organizations with Digital Health initiatives. This makes the challenge of maximizing value from data even more critical. To do so requires an organizational approach and vision around data strategy.

If you could learn one thing from the clinical data that would help you do your job better, what would it be?

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