A more patient-friendly way to slice the pie: How data-driven solutions can ensure patients benefit from drug discounts

Sponsored by: Kalderos

Micah Litow, President and COO, Kalderos
Bill Born, VP, Manufacturer Strategy, Kalderos

Tuesday - March 16, 2021 / 1:00pm ET
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Drug manufacturers, providers, payers and other stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain are feeling the pressure of a highly charged political landscape. Despite increased policy focus on the cost of drugs, patients continue to suffer the impacts of unaffordable drugs. Well-intended drug discount policies have failed to cut back on the hidden costs in the supply chain, harming the patients that healthcare is meant to serve.

Learn how decades of well-meaning policy decisions have come with unintended consequences, creating systemic inefficiencies and excess costs that now impact patients at the pharmacy counter. However, tech solutions that promote transparency can help turn the tide, and ultimately create a direct and measurable impact that enables healthcare to work as it should for patients.

Key takeaways from this event include:

● Pressures facing drug manufacturers in the pharmaceutical supply chain
● The impact of intermediaries
● The unintended consequences that impact patients
● What the data tells us will happen in 2021


About the Sponsors

Kalderos created the world’s first Drug Discount Management platform, which uses sophisticated models and machine learning to resolve noncompliance in drug discount programs through its 340B Pay and Discount Monitoring solutions. Based in Chicago, Kalderos was founded in 2016 by a team dedicated to reducing inefficiencies in the U.S. healthcare system, empowering everyone to focus on the health of people.

For more information please visit www.kalderos.com.

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