Using EMR RWE to Improve Clinical Research and Patient Enrollment

Sponsored by: Inteliquet

Peter Malamis, SVP, Life Sciences
Ranesh Phillips, Director, Life Sciences Services
Sarah Maguire, Clinical Science Liaison

Wednesday - September 23, 2020 / 1:00PM ET
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The promise of EMR/EHR data is receiving increased attention as clinical researchers and patients continue a decade’s long mission to more effectively and rapidly enroll patients on clinical trials; bring new treatment options to market; and improve clinical trial cycle time. Despite vast quantities of available data, its dispersion among dissimilar systems and providers, as well as privacy regulations, means many electronic data solutions also come with challenges. In this presentation, we review how a powerful combination of proprietary technology; EMR/EHR and related data; and expert support of clinical research sites in the Inteliquet consortium can accelerate patient enrollment. This consortium contributes data on millions of lives spanning multiple settings of care across the U.S. Through a case study, we demonstrate how the Inteliquet method of integrated analytic services and tools can yield dramatically improved results for clinical trial forecasting and enrollment expectations.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

• Even with today’s advancements, data-driven clinical trials via electronic data solutions still have unique challenges.
• Accurate patient volume forecasting and RWE analytics can set realistic, and even better than expected, enrollment expectations.
• With the use of the right technology and services to aggregate and normalize EMR and related healthcare data, Inteliquet consortium sites have proven to accelerate patient enrollment.

About the Sponsors

Inteliquet is a leading provider of technology, insights and expertise for clinical research, patient treatment, and translational medicine strategies. Our proprietary platform securely, accurately, and quickly aggregates and analyzes healthcare data, helping to ensure clinical trials are designed more effectively, patients are matched to trials more rapidly and patient-care decisions are made using real-world evidence. Our team is passionate about ensuring every patient — regardless of race, geography, age, sex, economic status, or stage of disease — has access to promising therapies as soon as they become available to help improve the care they receive.

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